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					Tom Middleton

Pioneering electronic composer, producer, DJ, remixer, music curator, and
festival favourite, has shared the stage with the likes of Duran Duran, Lady Gaga,
Snoop Dog, Busta Rhymes and Mark Ronson. A major label 'Go To Remixer' and
recently appointed Sound Architect and Music Director for Yotel's flagship Hotel
in Times Square. Involved in many major brand and product launch initiatives in
DJ, curator, music director roles. An expert in the areas of pro audio hardware,
software and DJ equipment who's opinion is sought in the design and
development of new products. And as a pro audio product design consultant, his
influence can be found in almost every DJ booth on earth.

You see, Tom isn't just a DJ. He's a scientist; a meticulous technician with a thirst
for all musical forms from bass to breakbeats, beatles to baroque.
Researching each and every project with passion, Tom approaches every
venture, from productions and remixes to compilations and sound design
installations with the attention to detail that's usually reserved for the likes of
architects, surgeons, engineers and head chef's. His mix CDs such as 'The Sound
Of The Cosmos', '3D' and 'The Trip 1 & 2' show true precision and forethought
with Tom spending days of preparation studying the structure and key of each
track and how they relate to each other. Ultimately, everything that Tom touches
has emotional integrity, conveying deep meaning through sound, embellishing
feeling for a truly universal connection.

Many believe he was born with these razor sharp skills. Classically trained in
piano and cello Tom understood music's essential rudiments and theory long
before he could grow those iconic whiskers on his chin. It's this adept
understanding of the true technicalities of music – how it works, how
arrangements compliment each other and how you can convey the strongest
message – that's helped him carve a unique career that's spanned from his deep
space masterpieces with Mark Pritchard as Global Communication and Jedi
Knights to the breathtaking debut album 'Life Tracks', a homage to ambient and
soundtrack music. To this day he refuses to sample other people's music,
preferring instead to create his own sounds using a virtual orchestra and studio
session band he’s programmed, and performs every instrument himself.

He's flirted with chart success with the 2002 club smash 'Take Me With You',
hosted his own Radio show on Kiss FM pre-empting the Bass and Post Dubstep
sound of 2012 by a decade, been resident at Ibiza's most super of superclubs
Manumission and tutored the winning DJ Ryan Shaw in ITV's cult DJ challenge
The Joy Of Decks. As a DJ he's performed in almost every corner of the globe to
crowds as large as 150,000. With his trademark widescreen musical repertoire,
he's spent years championing styles long before they were the norm, brokering
the Aphex Twin's first record deal, signing Matthew Herbert's debut
Wishmountain EP's, helping Ulrich Schnauss develop his career and hosting Hot
Chip and Mylo's festival debut appearances.
Tom is setting up a new imprint; Sound Of The Cosmos, to showcase the new
generation of Deep, Cinematic, Electronica and Bass music talent along with Joe
Muggs and Richie Rundle.
Expect new releases and curated events from Q2 2012.

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