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Name Freshwater Angelfish Arapaima Arowana Barbel Steed Bitterling Black Bass Blue Gill Carp Catfish Char Cherry Salmon Crawfish Crucian Carp Dace Dorado Eel Freshwater Goby Frog Gar Giant Snakehead Goldfish Guppy Killifish King Salmon Koi Loach Neon Tetra Pale Chub Pike Piranha Pond Smelt Popeyed Goldfish Rainbow Trout Salmon Stringfish Sweetfish Yellow Perch Saltwater Barred Knifejaw Blue Marlin Butterfly Fish Clownfish Coelacanth Dab Football Fish Hammerhead Shark Horse Mackerel Jelly Fish Price 3000 10000 10000 200 900 300 120 300 800 3800 1000 250 120 200 15000 2000 300 120 6000 5500 1300 1300 300 1800 2000 300 500 200 1800 2500 300 1300 800 700 15000 900 240 Season May-Oct Jul-Sep Jun-Sep Nov-Feb 10a-1p May-Oct Mar-Jun, Sep-Nov Mar-Jun, Sep-Nov Apr-Sep River pond At waterfall Early morning and evening Holding pond Notes Caught? Donated? 4p-9a 4p-9a

Jun-Sep Jun-Sep Apr-Aug Jun-Sep Jul-Aug Apr-Nov Apr-Aug Sep Mar-May Apr-Nov Sep-Dec Jun-Sep Dec-Feb Mar-Jun, Sep-Nov Sep Dec-Feb Jul-Sep Oct-Mar, Nov-Feb


Holding pond, makes noise River pond, 9a-4p Near river pond, 9a-4p

Holding pond 4p-9a

9a-4p 4a-9p

5000 10000 1000 650 15000 300 2500 8000 150 100

Mar-Nov Jul-Sep Apr-Sep Apr-Sep Must be raining or snowing Oct-Apr Nov-Mar Jun-Sep August

Large shadow w/ fin, 4p-9a

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Lobster Moray Eel Napoleon Fish Ocean Sunfish Octopus Olive Flounder Puffer Fish Ray Red Snapper Sea Bass Sea Butterfly Seahorse Shark Squid Surgeonfish Tuna Zebra Turkeyfish 2500 2000 10000 4000 500 800 240 3000 3000 160 1000 1100 15000 400 1000 7000 400 Nov-Feb Aug-Oct Jul-Aug Apr-Sep Sep-Jan, Mar-Jul Jul-Sep Aug-Nov

4a-9p Large shadow w/ fin


Dec-Feb Apr-Nov Jun-Sept Dec-Aug Apr-Sep Nov-Mar Apr-Nov

Large shadow w/ fin, 4p-9a

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Name Flyers (General) Banded Dragonfly Darner Dragonfly Firefly Giant Petaltail Mosquito Moth Red Dragonfly Coconut Trees Atlas Beetle Cyclommatus Golden Stag Goliath Beetle Elephant Beetle Hercules Beetle Flowers Agrias Butterfly Birdwing Common Butterfly Emperor Honeybee Ladybug Mantis Monarch Orchid Mantis Peacock Butterfly Raja Brooke Snail Tiger Butterfly Yellow Butterfly Ground Ant Bell Cricket Cricket Dung Beetle Fly Grasshopper Long Locust Migratory Locust Mole Cricket Scorpion Tarantula Walking Leaf Water Diving Beetle Pondskater Price 4500 200 300 8000 130 60 80 Season Jul-Aug Jun-Aug June Aug-Oct Jun-Sep May-Sep Sep-Oct Notes Caught? Donated? 8a-5p Usually near water 4p-7p Evening, near lights

8000 8000 12000 6000 8000 12000

Jun-Aug Jul-Aug Jul-Aug Jun-Aug Jul-Aug Jul-Aug

At night, after 7pm 7p-8a 11p-4a, 8a-4p At night, after 7pm At night, after 7pm At night, after 7pm

3000 3000 90 2500 100 200 430 140 2400 220 2500 250 160 90

Jun-Sep Jun-Sep Mar-Sep Jun-Sep Mar-Aug Mar-Jun, Oct Aug-Nov Sep-Nov Sep-Nov Mar-Sep May-Jul Apr-Sep Mar-Sep Mar-Sep

White flowers Blue, black or purple flowers Fast, 8a-7p Red or pink flowers

80 430 130 600 60 160 200 600 280 8000 8000

Sep-Oct Sep-Nov Dec-Feb Jul-Sep Aug-Nov Aug-Nov Nov-May Jul-Sep Jun-Aug

On rotting turnips 5p-9a 5p-9a Pushing around snowballs On trash 8a-5p (only 4p-5p in July)

Undergound, makes noise Will attack if net is equipped Will attack if net is equipped Looks like furniture leaf

800 130

May-Sep Jun-Sep

8a-5p, Catch while surfaced

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Rocks Centipede Pill Bug On Neighbors Flea Trees Bagworm Bee Brown Cicada Dynastid Beetle Evening Cicada Fruit Beetle Giant Beetle Jewel Beetle Lantern Fly Longhorn Beetle Miyama Stag Oak Silk Moth Rainbow Stag Robust Cicada Saw Stag Beetle Scarab Beetle Spider Walker Cicada Walkingstick Violin Beetle

250 250




300 5000 200 1350 550 100 10000 2400 1800 260 1000 1200 10000 300 2000 6000 300 400 600 260

Jan-Feb Jul-Aug Jul-Aug Jul-Aug Jul-Sep Jul-Aug Jul-Aug Jun-Sep Jun-Aug Jul-Aug Jun-Sep Jun-Sep Jul-Aug Jul-Aug Jul-Aug Mar-Nov Jul-Sep Jul-Nov Jun, Sep-Nov

Hangs from trees when shaken Attacks when shaken from a tree

11p-8a 8a-5p Night On tree stumps Scares easily 4p-9a

5p-6a Hangs from trees when shaken Makes noise 4a-8a, 5p-7p (all day after Sep) On stumps, 4a-5p

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