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AMC's product offerings include Microwave Components, Antennas, Pedestal Systems and Integrated SubAssemblies. Our historical product database is extensive and includes designs for many variations of our product lines. Please peruse our product offerings and associated data sheets.

If you cannot find an existing design that will fill your needs, Atlantic Microwave's Engineering Department stands ready to produce custom designs to your specifications. Contact us today for detailed information about how AMC can satisfy your requirements.

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Atlantic Microwave offers a complete line of antenna products. Whether you have a custom requirement or an off-the-shelf solution, AMC has the support you need.

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Antenna Sub-System Solutions Data Links Intelligence Gathering & Simulators Tactical & Strategic Communications Radar & Tracking

Antenna Sub-System Solutions

Atlantic Microwave is uniquely positioned to provide the most complete solution for your antenna system requirements. The "Atlantic Network" covers virtually every critical component located between the transmitter/receiver and the radiating aperture.


Data Links

Atlantic Microwave provides strategic and tactical data link antenna systems for military operations on multiple platforms throughout the world. Supplying antennas for such high-performance applications requires superior design and manufacturing experience coupled with a keen understanding of end user needs. As our customers can attest, Atlantic Microwave has all of these attributes and more.

Atlantic has developed a family of data link antennas used in real-time relay of information for reconnaissance and surveillance purposes, such as quickdeploy man portable terminals, multifunction shipboard systems and highmobility trailer mounted surface terminals.

Our Tactical Interoperable Common Data Link (TIGDL) antenna is a highly mobile interoperable Common Data Link (CDL) surface terminal which satisfies the CDL Class I specification for full waveform support of both CDL Command and Return Link data rates.

SAT1701-S. SAT1703. SAT1706. SAT1710. SAT1722-S. SAT1702-S. SAT1705-S. SAT1709-S SAT1711.


Intelligence Gathering & Simulators

Time and again, Atlantic has successfully demonstrated its ability to supply the most demanding threat simulators as well as reconnaissance, surveillance and calibration antennas for intelligence gathering.

Our products cover a wide range of configurations and uses such as small lightweight man-transportable units, rugged high-power HMMWV mounted systems and large multi-band/multisignal fixed site installations.

EMM303. EMM304.


Tactical & Strategic Communications

Whether you need compact antennas for man-pack tactical communications or larger units for higher data rate mobile or fixed ground terminals, Atlantic has proven to be the industry's most innovative and dependable source.

Atlantic Microwave has developed an extensive range of tactical and strategic communication antennas to support a variety of applications such as tactical VHF for light infantry and military operations, ground and shipboard MW and MMW SATCOM communications, and strategic HF, VHF and UHF communications.

One of Atlantic's most recognized products has been the COM201 multifunction antenna, selected as the "antenna of choice" by the U.S. Military and others.

COM201B. COM228. COM209. COM231


Radar & Tracking

Atlantic provides a wide range of Radar and Tracking Antennas as well as custom integrated front-end assemblies. Our radar and tracking products have been configured in a variety of ways such as full, triple-channel mono pulse feed/reflector systems, pseudo-mono pulse assemblies, multi-mode/multipolarization feeds, power distribution and combining networks, wide-band systems and beamformers/arrays

Atlantic has supplied full-up mono pulse tracking antenna systems in support NASA's Flight Test Center Operations and China Lake's Missile Test Range Center. Atlantic was also a major contributor to the successful deployment of the Cobra Gemini missile detection/early warning system, codeveloped with MIT/Lincoln Labs.

RAD1601. RAD1604.


Microwave products
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Filters / Diplexers Circulators / Isolators Couplers Polarizers / Orthomode Junctions Windows / Loads Arc Detectors Integrated Assemblies


Feed Assemblies / Comparators Waveguide Castings

Microwave products
Filters / Diplexers

Atlantic's Microwave RF filters offer rugged construction and can meet your high power requirements. Whether your frequency band of interest is 2 GHz or 40 GHz, our varied product selection has you covered for bandpass, bandstop, highpass, and lowpass (absorptive or reflective) filters as well as coaxial harmonic filters and lowpass megawatt pulsed harmonic filters.

Our diplexers operate at high power and offer low passband loss and high signal isolation. Their rugged construction can stand up to the most demanding conditions. Used with our filters to provide the necessary isolation between signals and to give low passband loss and improved operational reliability, Atlantic's diplexers can, in some instances, accommodate high power multiplexing of RF signals

Band pass Filters. Bandstop Filters. Coaxial Harmonic Filters. Diplexers. Highpass Filters. Low pass CW Harmonic Filters,Absorptive. Lowpass CW Harmonic Filters,Reflective. Lowpass Megawatt Pulsed Harmonic Filters

Microwave products
Circulators / Isolators

Atlantic Microwave has achieved a strong capability in developing and manufacturing isolators and circulators. All of our designs are rated conservatively to insure the utmost in reliability and successful system performance.
We focus on high power waveguide devices. Modifications of existing models or completely new designs can be supplied within a short time. Our products routinely meet severe operating

Depending on incident power and load mismatch, models can be supplied in either air or liquid-cooled versions. We offer designs that can handle kilowatts of average power under short-circuit load conditions Types and orientation of waveguide ports can be modified to meet special system requirements.

Atlantic's years of experience, together with the continuous utilization of new knowledge as it becomes available, enables the system user to turn to Atlantic with confidence for new high power devices.


Microwave products

Atlantic Microwave designs and manufactures a variety of specialized couplers in waveguide sizes 1 - 50 GHz, mostly for high power applications. These couplers have been used in advanced military and commercial radar and communication systems, as well as several vacuum condition scientific linear accelerator applications.

Emphasis has been placed on primaryline high-power transmission with the secondary arms(s) adapted for either coaxial or waveguide fittings. Single or multiple couplers can be supplied in copper or aluminum alloy. Our designs are unique for uniformity of coupling over their specified frequency range. High directivity in both forward and reverse arms is a standard feature.

Coupler designs which combine various characteristics of standard models can be easily modified to meet new system requirements. We also offer cast waveguide couplers in both sidewall and topwall configurations in all waveguide sizes.

Couplers. Cast Waveguide Couplers.


Microwave products
Polarizers / Orthomode Junctions

Atlantic Microwave's hybrid polarizers are reciprocal devices that can convert circular polarization to linear and can separate left-hand from right-hand polarization. Typical isolation is 25 dB, insertion loss is 0.05 dB, VSWR is 1.15:1 and elipticity is 0.5 dB.

Our orthomode junctions are normally usedas an antenna feed component because of its ability to receive and separate two cross-polarized signals. It is also used in systems that require switchable polarization or when it is necessary to use a common feed for both transmission and reception.
These low loss, temperature stable polarizers and orthomode junctions are capable of handling high power levels and are available in either aluminum or

Hybrid Polarizers. Orthomode Junctions


Microwave products
Windows / Loads

Atlantic's high power microwave windows utilize high quality materials made of beryllium or aluminum ceramics as well as Teflon or fiber materials, depending on the application. All of Atlantic's high power microwave windows are mode free, low VSWR devices which have proven their reliability in many systems. Many of these windows are designed to operate without liquid cooling at the lower average power levels.

AMC's waterloads offer high average power handling, low VSWR and rugged construction designed for severe environmental conditions. These loads utilize a ceramic block window as a dielectric step transformer to match the impedance of the water to that of the waveguide. These miniature loads have very high power capability. However, bandwidths are limited to 12 to 16 percent and the inlet coolant temperature range is approx 40°C. Typically, loads are designed for water

Atlantic also offers dry loads which are manufactured by either welding the waveguide around the RF attenuator or by high temperature bonding the into finned or unfinned sections of waveguide. Extensive engineering effort goes into the design of Atlantic's dry loads to ensure an even loss distribution over the length of the load, thus eliminating hot spots and prolonging the life of the component.

Dry Loads Air Cooled. High-Power Waveguide Windows. Waterloads-High Power Miniature Ceramic Bolock Type. Waterloads-High Power Cowxial. Waterloads-Telflon Anntena Type.

Microwave products
Arc Detectors

Atlantic Microwave's 8480 and 8486 series of arc sensors are solid state electro-optical devices which detect infrared and visible arcs in high power microwave waveguides. In addition to the optical sensor, the 8480 series also has a voltage trip port which can be connected to a diode detector monitoring reflected power.

The arc sensor normally mounts between the output flange of the microwave source and the waveguide transmission line in a swept 90 degree E-plane bend. Other configurations are available on special order. Models are available in all stand waveguide sizes from WR-650 to WR-28. Our standard arc sensor includes a built in test lamp for checking the optical back detector and the latching circuitry.

Microwave products
Integrated Assemblies

In general, communications systems should operate at the widest possible bandwidth consistent with the highest efficiency. Significant improvements in bandwidth and efficiency are seen when the VSWR and the losses between the RF source and antenna are reduced.

Integration of microwave components allows for minimum VSWR in-band and out-of-band, as well as minimum losses. This can in turn maximize the RF tube performance (including life) and minimize component interaction while minimizing weight, size and cost at the same time. Contact us today to discuss your design goals. We can help!



Microwave products
Feed Assemblies/Comparators

Atlantic Microwave's customer specified Dual Mode Feeds are available in operating frequencies from S-Band through Ka-Band. AMC's feeds provide separate Sum and Difference illumination functions having precise coupling values which are flat over the operating band. Our diverse design archive includes corporate and series feeds, dual mode feeds, power divider/combiners and a complete selection of feed components to support our design efforts.

AMC has designs and manufactures high power monopulse comparators from L-Band to Millimeter Wave. Simple designs have a Sum and 2 Difference channels, while more complex designs may allow switching between linear and circular polarization.



Microwave products
Waveguide Castings

Atlantic Microwave offers cast waveguide couplers in both sidewall and topwall configurations. Our couplers are commonly used to simplify packaging in a variety of components, including diplexers, monopulse comparators, power dividers and balanced mixers. These couplers are produced in rugged single piece cast construction and are available in all waveguide sizes.

Atlantic also offers a complete line of cast waveguide bends and adapters. AMC's cast products are available in aluminum or copper alloy and are capable of handling high power levels.

Cast Waveguide Adapters. Cast Waveguide Bends. Cast Waveguide Couplers


Positioning Systems
Atlantic's newest operation, Atlantic Positioning Systems in Clearwater, FL develops and manufactures direct drive positioners used primarily for high speed optical sensor tracking applications.

WORLD LEADER IN STABILIZED GIMBALS AND CONTROLS FOR ELECTRO-OPTICAL,C3I AND RADAR MARKETS Atlantic Positioning Systems (formerly Xybion Sensor Positioning Systems) is a world leader in design and manufacture of high accuracy, highly reliable, modular stabilized gimbals and controls that support the military Electro-Optical, C3I, and radar markets.

Our systems are ideally suited for pointing optical sensors, lasers, radars, and communications antennas and are designed for ground stabilization, shipboard stabilization and airborne stabilization applications.

Positioning Systems
• • • • Positioners Controls Optional features Integrated Systems


The SPS-500 Series positioners were designed to fill the gap between lowcost, inaccurate, pan/tilt devices and custom-designed positioners. The SPS500 is easily man-portable and supports payloads up to 75 pounds


The SPS-1000 Series positioners are ideal for supporting multi-sensor payloads with long focal length lens, and supports payloads up to 150 pounds. The SPS-1000 is transportable and is ideal for Homeland Security / Force Protection applications.


The SPS-2000 Series positioners are Atlantic's mid-range Precision Positioner, and is capable of being used as a light-weight range tracking mount. The SPS-2000 supports payloads up to 400 pounds.


The SPS-4000 is a heavy-duty, large payload positioner designed for shipboard and land-based applications. It provides a rugged and reliable means of accurately positioning payloads such as CCD cameras, IR devices, antennas, lasers weighing up to 800 pounds

Atlantic's product line consists of the SPS-500, SPS-1000, SPS-2000 and SPS-4000 series positioners, which vary primarily in size and torque capability. The design and construction techniques are largely similar and constitute a rugged COTS design suitable for land, marine, and airborne gimbal applications.

Some of the key features found in each positioner series includes direct drive brushless motor and resolvers to achieve a virtually no-wear design configuration resulting in a high reliability, quiet/low noise operation and low life cycle cost product. The only wear item, the bearings, are dual preloaded angular contact bearings designed to last the life of the product.

The modular construction allows Atlantic to configure the positioners for a variety of payloads including variable width yoke configurations and T-Bar designs, special configurations, and 3-axis gimbal systems.

The resulting designs are sufficiently flexible to allow the systems to be tailored for high dynamics applications (over 1200°/sec and 1200°/sec2 have been achieved), high stiffness for wide rate and positioner loop bandwidths, and allows adaptation of a wide variety of payload configurations with through pedestal cabling for remote control of the payload sensors .

Other features of the SPS product line include all aluminum construction to achieve a lightweight yet stiff product, the mechanical pieces are anodized and painted with a rugged, weather resistant powder coat epoxy paint, the hardware, except in high load bearing areas, are stainless steel, and all steel parts, including hardware, are nickel plated.

The positioner's standard features include cushioned end stops, mechanical stow locks, cable wrap, software settable limit switches, safety switch and MS connectors. The design, including the bearings, is designed for a minimum 20year life.

A summary of Key Advantages of the SPS series positioners:
/ Adaptive Design  Lightweight - High Payload Capacity  High Resolution and Accuracy  Digital Control / Analog Tuning  MIL Spec Design / COTS Availability  Designed for Stabilized Applications
 Modular

 High

Reliability / Brushless Design  Low LRU Count / Low MTTR  Numerous Options Available  Temperature, EMI, Water Tightness Tested


SPS-2702 Servo Amplifier Unit(P.D.F)

The Model 2702 Servo Amplifier Unit contains the power control, power supplies and servo amplifiers to drive the pedestal.

SPS-2820 System Digital Control Unit(P.D.F)

The Model 2820 System Digital Control Unit's (SDC) function is to provide mode control selection, position loop closure and interface to the customer's electronics

SPS-910 Joystick(P.D.F)

The joystick is a two-axis feedback device for manually steering azimuth and elevation axes to a desired position.

Atlantic's control systems offer a multilevel approach to the control process. The Model SPS-2702 Servo Amplifier Unit (SAU), provides a complete positioning system with both rate and position loop closure. The SAU has both analog and digital interfaces for control and communication, with the primary input is an RS-422/232 Serial I/O for command and control with a parallel 32

Additional serial ports are available for payload C3. Analog inputs include provisions for joystick, video tracker, or other analog sources. A higher level of control implements usage of the Model SPS-2820 System Digital Control Unit (SDC). This is essentially the system processor in VME format, which allows human interface with a touch screen EL control panel and a multi-menu control architecture.

The SDC allows expansion and interface with five spare 6U VME slots and use of the Industrial Pack interface concept. Consequently, the entire system is very modular, tailorable and expandable. The final option is the purchase of a Windows based software package for implementation of the C3 functions on the customer's PC. A Host Interface Specification is available in .pdf format upon request.

Optional Features
There are many options available to the user for both operational performance and system integration. These include:
Continuous Travel (Sliprings) Failsafe Brakes

Load Platforms

Leveling Systems Mobilization (on trailer or skid)

Boresight Scopes
Sensor Controls

Remote Stow Pins
Transportable Bases

Pedestal Risers Joysticks

Stabilization (Gyro)

Optional Features
There are numerous firmware modules for additional modes of operation, including: Error Correction - cancels errors related to positional information
Coordinate Conversion - provides conversion of pointing angle between coordinate systems or translates between pointing positions from an axis

Scan Mode - provides a pattern scan (raster or a spiral) of a given area.

Point and Dwell Mode - positions payload to pre-determined positions based on a time factor. Designate Mode - positions payload to a given position based on command from a remote input (may also require coordinate conversion module).

Learn Mode - system stores data for repetitive tracks and repeats on command. Ephemeris Tracking - tracking satellites with pre-programmed tracking data.

Auto track - closure of a position loop around a digital video tracker for closed loop automatic tracking.

Integrated Systems
Atlantic Sensor Positioning Systems provides turnkey positioning systems for a wide range of applications. The precision, architecture, portability and large payload capacity make Atlantic's products ideal to implement long range electro-optical surveillance, laser beam director, laser ranging and tracking, and laser communications systems.

The power and flexibility of the control systems allow ready configuration and control of these systems.

Integrated Systems
Homeland Security / Force Protection

Atlantic provides fully integrated turnkey positioning systems to support an array of homeland security applications: a) Multi-Sensor Surveillance b) Long Range Surveillance c) Remote Monitoring/Sensing d) Border and Coastal Surveillance e) Covert and Portable Surveillance

Integrated Systems
Multi Sensor Surveillance

•Firmware Tailored Controls •NEMA / EIA Configuration

•Data Processing / Video Annotation
•Thru System Sensor Control

•Remote Operator Control
•Touch screen EL Menu

•VME Expansion

•Auto Video Tracking •Flexible Interface to Host / Subsystems

•Tailored Sensor Systems
•Precision / Stabilized Gimbal

•LRF for Single Station / TSPI Solution
•All Weather Hardware

•Multiple Designs for Varying Payloads

•Lightweight / Portable •Hi Rel / Low MTTR •Low Drift Algorithm

Typical Specification for Multi-Sensor Surveillance Systems


Thermal Imaging System: 256 x 256 FPA 3 - 5 micron (8 - 12 option) NFOV: 2° x 2° WFOV: 8° x 8° RS-170, IVP-P, 75ω MRT: 50 m K-32° C to +55° C

Video Sensors: ICCD or Color CCD Lens 300 m to 1,400 mm zoom 756 x 484 Pixels GEN III, OMNI IV Intensifier 12 Orders of Magnitude, Dynamic Range -20° C to +55° C

Eye-Safe Laser Rangefinder: Range: 10 Km - 25 Km Accuracy: ±2 m Frequency: 1 PPS Beamwidth: 0.5 to 1 mrad Hermetically Sealed -20° C to +55° C

Tracking System: Resolution: 15 mrad Accuracy: 50 mrad Dynamics: 90°/sec & 90°/sec2 Travel: AZ ±180° (Continuous - Option) EL -15° to +185° Modes: Manual, Autotrack, Scan, Joystick Weight: 80 lb. without payload -20° C to +55° C

Integrated Systems
Laser Applications General: By virtue of the precision design of APS' positioners and controls, our products make ideal platforms for laser applications as depicted by the applications shown.

APS' products, the SPS-500, SPS-1000, SPS-2000 and SPS-4000 cover a wide range of payloads from 5 to 1,000 lbs. to include portable, fixed, mobile and airborne platforms. These are just a few of the applications

Laser Ranging and Tracking: APS' Aircraft Landing and Recovery System use a high-power, high-pulse, OPM shifted Eye-Safe Laser Rangefinder (ESLRF) to provide tracking, space, time and position information (TSPI) for covert recovery of aircraft on carriers.

The system automatically acquires, tracks and generates TSPI data at ranges to 10 to 20 km. Boresight accuracy is to better than 200 mrad. The ALRS System is shipboard stabilized system.

High Power Beam Director:
Although this HPB Director looks different, it is in-fact made from standard SPS-1000 and SPS-4000 modules. It directs a 1.064 um beam at 1,200 watt continuous wave beam on precise spots on ordinance to safely destroy the devices in contaminated zones.

This also requires precision pointing with less than 20 mrad jitter to concentrate the energy on target. The system is tailored for armor protection of optics and positioner and used a pressurized hermetically sealed cavity to prevent contamination in the optics path.

Laser Communication System: APS provides the Positioner of multiple beam laser communication link for communication with the Airborne Command Post. The system is fielded by AstroTerra Corporation, using APS' SPS-4000 positioner mounted on a mobile trailer.

The system maintains a 10 arcsec lineof-sight (LOS) while communicating over 16 individual laser links.

Integrated Systems
Electro-Optical Surveillance Applications General: The resolution, sensitivity and accuracy are the key features of an effective longrange electrical-optical surveillance system. APS integrates our precision positioners with our flexible software configurable controls and video, IR and laser sensors to provide

Force Protection against Insurgency, AntiTerrorism and domestic acts of violence. APS' basic products are integrated into small man-portable and large fixed or Air/Land/Sea mobile platforms for a wide variety of payloads. The following are just a few of the applications:

Domestic Portable Surveillance: APS has produced portable and fixed site long-range surveillance systems for the FBI and Navy for domestic and coastal surveillance. With focal length lens in the range of 3,000 to 6,000mm, the system images identifying features at ranges to 10 Km.

Addition of intensified cameras, IR imagers and rangefinders can extend these systems to day/night operation.

Anti-Terrorism Surveillance: APS covert surveillance systems are suitable for protection of high value assets against terrorist activity. Systems like that shown below are used for surveillance at airports, Government facilities, military installations and large commercial facilities. The systems are tailored for the application and are hardened for all weather operation.

Installed at remote and large standoff distances, the devices are difficult to access and prevent compromise of operation.

Shipboard Surveillance: The Naval System shown below is used for covert surveillance on the high seas, as well as, coastal applications. The system consists of the stabilized director, an SPS-2000, with sensitive state-of-theart InSb (3 - 5m) Thermal Camera, highpulse rate eye-safe laser for ranging and tracking of fast moving targets and longrange video (day and/or night) camera.

Significantly, the same system was used in a P-3 application for stabilized airborne surveillance.

Integrated Systems
RF Applications

Atlantic's precision direct-drive positioners are ideal for high power, millimeter wave applications. Precision LOS stabilization can be applied for operation in ground, shipboard, and airborne environments. Atlantic can supply COTS solutions with integrated antennas, RF rotary joints, and


Ballistic Missile Airborne Defense Tactical Data Communications Links Links

Integrated Systems
Operation On-The-Move APS' stabilized positioners provide rugged COTS platforms for surveillance, beam direction and communications for tactical vehicles. APS uses off-the-shelf sensors and integrates the sensors with APS MILquality, proprietary gimbals for stabilized LOS Operation On-The-Move.

HMMVW mounted laser mine neutralizatio n system

laser mine neutralizati on system close-up

Airborne surveillance/tr acking system

Integrated Systems
Typical Sensors SPS series positioners support a variety of EO sensors including CCD cameras, long focal length lens, ELSRF, and TIS.

ISG-750 Intensified CCD

Pelco Housing with Day/Night Camera

Long Focal Length Lens



ELSRF Low-Rate

Atlantic Microwave's products have supported applications in the military, communications, scientific and aerospace markets.

Our Antenna products, Microwave Components and Positioning Systems provide integrated sub-system solutions for all microwave system components between the transmitter and receiver, including antennas, positioning systems, Filters, Isolators, Loads, Couplers, Circulators, Windows, Arc Detectors, Duplexers, Feed Assemblies, Ortho Modes and more


Atlantic has proudly supported programs such as:









Repair & Refurbishment Center
Microwave components, subsystems, antennas, pedestals and positioning equipment are frequently subjected to severe environmental, mechanical and thermal stresses during normal operation. Mobile systems are especially susceptible to damage from field deployment stresses, such as airdrops and combat operations.

Atlantic Microwave offers a practical, affordable solution to the effects of time and use in the form of a comprehensive repair, rebuilt and refurbishment center.

AMC Repair Brochure(P.D.F.)

AMC's Repair and Refurbishment Product Group is a dedicated ISO9001 registered production facility with bonded inventory storage. Our capabilities include mechanical and electrical engineering support, CNC machining, assembly, painting, modeling, electronic testing, environmental testing, high power testing, and quality control.

Backed by Atlantic's world-renowned microwave engineering team, our skilled and experienced repair staff can handle all of your microwave repair and refurbishment requirements for microwave components and subsystems, antennas, pedestals and positioning equipment. Whether you need us to service a single item or a high volume order, we're fully prepared to answer your call.