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									AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2009 St. Paul’s Lutheran Church 12 East Wisconsin Avenue Tomahawk, WI 54487 453-5391

I wanted to take this opportunity to update the congregation on our progress with Church Revitalization prescriptions. The “Visioning Taskforce” and “Communication Taskforce” are in place and working on their respective prescriptions. The Communication Task Force in relation to Prescription #4 met in June and looked at the current state of St. Paul’s communication systems. The next step was to study several other congregations and look at a future state of improved communication systems. One of the goals was to have a church website up and running by October 1, 2009. I am pleased to say St. Paul’s now has a website and I encourage you to check it out and watch it evolve. Thanks to Susan Garrison, Sue Hawkins, Wendy Israel, and Lisa Krueger we are up and running. AWESOME WORK! The Visioning Task Force in relation to Prescription #2 met in July and reviewed the guidelines provided by North Wisconsin District. The first task will be to meet with key leaders of the community: Mayor, Police Chief, School Superintendent, School Principals, Hospital Administrators/Medical Leaders. The task force members were assigned to the key leaders of the community and will conduct interviews and report back at the next scheduled meeting in August. The next step will be to conduct a community survey that will require more people and planning. We will continue to move forward in our efforts to become an Outward-Focused church in our community. Please continue to pray and help in any way to make this a reality.





Telephone Numbers
If you have disconnected your land line telephone number and are using your cell phone number only – please call the church office with your cell number. 453.5391. Thank You! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Dale Ernst

Crossways! Bible Study
A final decision for the start-up date will be made in a few weeks. If you are considering taking Crossways, please stand by for an announcement of when class will begin.

ST. PAUL’S LUTHERAN CHURCH † PAGE AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2009 ________________________________________________________________________________________

Crossways! Bible Study
A comprehensive two-year Bible Study entitled Crossways will be offered again this fall. All participants must pre-register for this course. The entire cost of materials (which must be pre-ordered) is $60.00. The Board of Education will absorb half the cost, leaving a $30.00 registration fee per family. A family may share the materials. However, if husband and wife each want their own student guide and workbook, the family will be responsible for the entire $60.00 of the second set of materials. Materials will be distributed quarterly over the two-year period to all active participants in the Bible study. Weekly reading assignments from Scripture and the workbook will need to be completed before each session. To work “hand-in-hand” with our current Personal Growth Bible Study, all Personal Growth readings for the next two years will help keep the participant current with the Crossways assignments. In effect, this means all Crossway participants will be Personal Growth participants. Crossways will meet on Monday evenings at 6:00 p.m. Sessions will meet weekly, with the exception of a Thanksgiving/hunting season break, and a Christmas holiday break. The deadline for registration will be Sunday, September 13. If there is a financial burden where the $30.00 cost is a burden, arrangements will be made and the entire cost will be covered. Crossways is a very comprehensive overview of the entire Bible, which not only examines each Book of the Bible, but traces the major themes of the Bible from beginning to end. The student’s workbook is a colorillustrated book, easy-to-use format. The weekly presentations are in an accompanying PowerPoint. The offering of this Bible Study is a major undertaking, which will not be offered again for some time. Prayerfully consider participating in the 60-unit study over the next two years.

A final decision for the start-up date will be made in a few weeks. If you are considering taking Crossways, please standby for announcement of when class will begin.

Personal Growth enters its fifth year this fall. Our enrollment has grown from the first year of twenty, to our fourth year of 130. Personal Growth involves daily Bible reading, which takes about fifteen minutes. This is to be followed with fifteen minutes of prayer. A reading guideline and a prayer guideline give direction in each category. Monthly participation in our hour session is required, as questions from the assigned reading are discussed and answered. Finally, each participant is to become an active recruiter for the next year of Personal Growth. This has been a dynamically successful experience for our participants and we look forward to incorporation additional members in the new year beginning this fall. The start-up cost for each new member is $10.00. The renewal cost for current members is $5.00. This is to cover the cost of materials. Costs are waived where financial need exists.

ST. PAUL’S LUTHERAN CHURCH † PAGE AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2009 ________________________________________________________________________________________ This year Personal Growth readings will cover the first half of the Bible, basically two-thirds of the Old Testament. Next year the second half of the Bible will be covered, which will be the final third of the Old Testament and the entire New Testament. All monthly group sessions will be scheduled in advance for the entire year. Sessions will be held twice a month on Sunday and on one Tuesday afternoon. While late registrations are possible, we would ask that enrollment intentions be expressed to the church office by September 20. A starting date for this class will is yet to be determined. Discover the exciting difference God will make in your life as you relate to Him through word and prayer on a daily basis.

Board of Parish Fellowship
The Board of Parish Fellowship gives us the opportunity to again snack, after our morning worship service. Plan to attend June family of all ages. Directors, take notice of the date you are August 2 – Public Relations 9 – Christ Care Tom Bauman 16 – Church Properties 23 – Lay Ministry 30 – Social have fellowship – with beverage and through August. Invite friends and scheduled.

Thank you everybody for participating!!! The Board of Parish Fellowship

A HUGE Thank You to all who helped with the Brat Stand on July 4 !!! We especially thank Dale and Darrin Ernst, Sandy Hanson and her daughter Kathy for the use of their grills and for grilling. Paul and Tammy Jaecks for deep frying and bringing us a new and unique hot selling food item: deep fried Oreo cookies! Thanks to Elaine Viegut for all her help in attaining matching funds from Thrivent.

ST. PAUL’S LUTHERAN CHURCH † PAGE AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2009 ________________________________________________________________________________________

This year we also had some of our youth, including Deonna Schlinsog, SamJaecks, Heidi Massa and Cassie Wyles distributing freeze pops to parade goers. Their message was “God's Love is Cool” and the treat was quite refreshing on the warm day! Again, Many Thanks to All from The Board of Youth

Board of Evangelism
You Are What You Eat! CHARGE Behold, the Body of Christ! And you are the Body of Christ! Come, eat what you are! Then go forth to become what you eat! What powerful words! The first time we used those words during communion, I was awestruck. In short order, this charge brings such meaning to what we need to be all about. Take the first line: It reminds us to always the magnificence of Christ and what He has to offer! It also reminds us that we need to rejoice in his presence in our lives and realize that He is always among us. While the first line is amazing and exciting, the next line brings pure exhilaration to our lives to realize that we are part of a union with Christ that will remain forever! It states that you are one with Christ through faith and that it is reflected in all that you do. The next line brings with it a lasting invitation to consume the Body of Christ so that it can nurture your faith and love, not only in communion, but in all aspects of your life, whether it be bible study, independent reading of the bible and devotions, or attending church on Sunday. All of these experiences give you the energy to take what you know and move forward with the fourth line. We all need to take Christ’s nurturing and share it with others. It does our faith and the faith of others no good if we are not willing to share the great gift that Christ has given to us. Become what you are and that is the Body of Christ! As we begin to move forward with our church revitalization, take this opportunity to bring others to faith in Him so that they too can become the Body of Christ. Don’t hide the precious gift in the closet or have it adorn your shelf; rather, embrace it and share it with others and watch in amazement as they come to know the saving grace of Christ. Take charge and become what you eat! The Body of Christ! We would like to welcome two new families who have become the body of St Paul’s. Join the Board of Evangelism in welcoming Nancy Smith and Deb and Doug Lueth. May our church family help to enrich their faith in Christ! God’s peace! Shirley Derleth

ST. PAUL’S LUTHERAN CHURCH † PAGE AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2009 ________________________________________________________________________________________

St. Paul now has a website up and running! Please visit our site at:

Our site is still a work in progress, as some of the links on the front page are not live at this time. Also, it may take up to a month for the search engines to recognize our site. The more hits we get on our site, the better chance our site will start to be found via search engines. You will have to type in our web address in the address bar of your web browser and press enter. We are somewhat limited to what we can put on our site due to the templates available, but I welcome any input and information that our members would like to see. Please email Susan Garrison at or call me at home 453-3877 with any news, links, topics, etc… you would like on the website. I am learning as I go, so please be patient with information being added!

Happy Birthday and God’s Blessings to You!!!
August September 1 – Amelia Beiler 18 – Wayne Bruesewitz 1 – Judy Teal 13 – Nathan Blaubach 2 – Lori Davis Roman Derleth 3 – Nichole Callahan 14 – Louann Beiler 3 – Wanda Orcutt Dennis Thompson 4 – Marv Callahan Sara Dahl 5 – Donald Hoff 20 – Roger Monti Marsha Madlung 15 – Travis Babcock 7 – Karen Schoenherr Lorraine Toede 5 – Melanie Hansen 16 – Dawn Evanson 8 – Randy Krueger 23 – Brittany Blaubach 6 – Christina Metzger Marion Peil 9 – Colleen Yirsa Dylan Duplayee Samantha Jaecks 17 – Brandon Hafeman David Campbell 26 – Robert Herzberg 7 – Mary Callahan Melissa Hafeman 10 – Steven Miklas 27 – Bill Davis Larry Peil 18 – Robert Isaacson Ron Volz 28 – Loralee Isaacson 8 – Erik Barttelt 21 – Tonya Grubbs 14 – Barbara McMullin-Blair Gary Zarwell Paul Venzke Kathy Rankin 15 – Mitch Hawkins 29 – Tara Austin 9 – Helen Beiler 22 – Vance Grubbs, Jr. Sarah Kozikowski Dorothy Hanse Charles Ortleib Evelyn Waldinger 16 – Sue Callahan Orville Hanse 10 – Courtney Ernst 26 – Barbara Sievert Kevin Hanse Mark Loka Erin Lemke Alice Pockat Kim Hanse Karen Pretzel 11 – Julaine Leverance Lillian Dornbrack Jared Hansen 30 – Jeremiah Johnson David Ramthun 27 – Angie Stevenson Brian Pehlke Doyle Klade, Sr. James Sauer 28 – Bernice Weizenicker 17 – Sharyn Schlising Margaret Sloan _______________________________________________________________________________________

We are looking for a few people who are willing to use their cooking skills in service to confirmation and puppeteer families. The service team would be responsible for planning, serving and clean up of a simple meal. This meal will be served during the school year at 5:30 each Wednesday evening.

ST. PAUL’S LUTHERAN CHURCH † PAGE AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2009 ________________________________________________________________________________________ We would like to provide this meal here at St. Paul's and need your help in making this happen. If you would like to be on this service team or have questions, please contact Lisa as soon as possible. Parents involved in the puppet ministry and confirmation need not apply to help as we would like this to be available to them as a convenient way to meet the meal needs of their family on a busy evening. We would love to have this in place when confirmation starts in September. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

_____________________________________________________ Sunday School

Get Ready! St Paul Sunday School will begin on Sunday, September 15th, 2009 10:15 am -11:15 am. All children 3 years old through 6th grade (members and non-members) are invited to attend! We have something new this year with our curriculum. We are excited to introduce our new “Faith at Home” program! This program is taken from the Faith Inkubators Curriculum and will coincide with the new direction of our church in focusing on sharing the love of Jesus, not only in Sunday school and Confirmation, but also with others in the community and your family at home. There are so many new and exciting concepts to tell you about, we are inviting and encouraging each and every parent to attend the first day of Sunday School on September 15th with their children to learn about our program. If you are not able to attend, please see if a Grandparent could attend for you. Let’s see how the Faith 5 works! How will we do our “5 minutes and 5 steps”? What are our Highs and Lows? How do we include our family and the other people in our community in our prayers and blessings? Lisa Krueger will be our guide in teaching us about these things. See you kids and your Moms and Dads on the 15th @ 10:15 am. If you have any questions, please call St. Paul at 453-5391 and ask for Lisa. *News at St. Paul: Our church has a new website: Please visit our site often to see updated information on upcoming events and activities. This website is a work in progress, please be patient as some of the links are not yet live. Serving Jesus, Susan Susan Garrison Sunday School Superintendent

ST. PAUL’S LUTHERAN CHURCH † PAGE AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2009 ________________________________________________________________________________________

Exciting Changes in the Sunday School Area Your Help is Needed ! We are excited about the new curriculum that will be used in the Sunday School area. With this new format we will need a few people to help in various areas. If you would like to help on a regular basis or even occasionally, please talk to Lisa as soon as possible. Planning for our new Sunday School year has begun and we would like to include you in the excitement. We can fit the time you have available to the jobs that need your serving hands that lead our children in their faith walk with Jesus. Please prayerfully consider this opportunity.
Every Kid To Camp
I would like to put together two unique gift baskets from the St. Paul Congregation. These baskets will be given to the “Every Kid To Camp” Auction that will be held on Saturday, September 12th in Wausau. (See invitation below) The “Every Kid To Camp” ministry offers a free week at Camp Luther to children in grades three—eight who have never had this awesome camping experience. Camp Luther is a great place for a child’s faith in God to grow, meet new friends and have fun. You can help with a monetary donation. These donations will be used to purchase a couple baskets and supplies to fill them. Envelopes marked for the donation are in the narthex and can be dropped off in the offering or at the office. Please have your donations in by the end of August so baskets can be made up and ready to be auctioned off. All money raised will be used for camperships that enable children to attend camp for free. Thanks for your help in sharing God’s love to children. Blessings,

Lisa Krueger
“Every Kid to Camp” Auction – You’re Invited
Please join us for an evening of food, fun and fellowship at the 1st annual “Bids-for Kids” auction that will benefit the “Every Kid to Camp” ministry. All monies raised will be used to send 3 rd through 8th grade kids to a week of summer camp at Camp Luther for free. These are kids who have never experienced a week of summer camp at Camp Luther before. Our purpose is to help kids build a stronger foundation of faith in Jesus Christ. This event will be held at the Rose Garden in Wausau on Saturday, September 12, 2009. Cost to attend will be $25.00 per person (includes dinner). There will be a silent auction, live auction, a short presentation of the “Every Kid to Camp” ministry and an opportunity for you to make an investment in kids (no minimum/no maximum). If you have a silent or live action item you would like to donate, please call Lee Belmas (800-333-2421, ext. 16, by August 31st).

ST. PAUL’S LUTHERAN CHURCH † PAGE AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2009 ________________________________________________________________________________________
Use the registration form below to register. Take your friends along to join the fun. A table of eight is $200. If you have questions, please call Lee Belmas. Space is limited to 250 people. Bids-for-Kids Registration Form Name____________________________________Address__________________________________ City _________________________State_____Zip_________Phone (_____)________-___________ E-mail address: ____________________________________________________________________ _______ Number attending @ $25 each _______ I would like to be a NEW Partner in Ministry (Thrivent will give Camp Luther $35,000 if we get 1,000 new investors who invest at least $100 by the end of 2009. A new investor is anyone who hasn’t invested in Camp Luther in the last five years.) _______ I am unable to attend. Enclosed is a gift of $___________ to help send kids to Camp Luther for a week of summer camp for FREE. _______ Check here if you are a Thrivent member. We’ll send you a Thrivent Giving Plus form. Thrivent will give $1 for every $2 you invest.

_______Total amount enclosed. Mail to: North Wisconsin District LCMS . PO Box 8064 .Wausau, WI 54402 Others guests attending: Name



Phone/e-mail address

__________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________

P. I. C. S. NEWS
(Puppets in Christ’s Salvation) We would like to remind everyone that we are looking for more puppeteers our next season. We will kick off on August 31 at 6 pm for an informational meeting and sign up. This is a mandatory meeting for parents and puppeteers. We are looking for youth age 9 and up, and up, and up! (That translates to adults that are young at heart too!) We have places for those who have an interest.

ST. PAUL’S LUTHERAN CHURCH † PAGE AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2009 ________________________________________________________________________________________ Please contact Lisa if you are planning to join, or if you have any questions. Also, could you let her know as soon as possible? The leaders will be meeting throughout the summer to get ahead by having our music picked out and planned and some props made for the up-coming year. That will go much better, if we have an idea on the number of puppeteers we will be working with. It can be a lot of work, but it is a wonderful, awesome way to spread God’s Word! ________________________________________________________________________________________

It’s That Time Again … Puppeteers’ Annual RUMMAGE SALE
Please remember the puppeteers when you go through your basements, closets and garages this summer and find items you no longer need. We will be holding our annual rummage sale Friday, August 28 from 9:00-5:00 and Saturday 9:00 -1:00 p.m. Items may be dropped off in the church basement the week before the sale and the week of the sale; please have items here before Wednesday as we will be setting up on Wednesday the 26th and Thursday the 27th. We ask that no TVs or computer monitors be dropped off for the sale. Money from this sale goes to the puppet ministry and is used for needed items that help us share God’s love creatively. We greatly appreciate the support we receive from our church family. Questions may be directed to Lorna Eskola who is organizing the sale or Lisa. _______________________________________________________________________________

High School Youth Servant Event
“Serving Hands” Rockford, IL
Five Youth and two adults ventured to Mount Olive Lutheran Church in Rockford IL, June 12 - 17 (the hottest week of the year) to participate in various service projects. We really felt this servant event was meant for our group from St. Paul’s. The week turned out to be just what God planned for us. We learned so much about serving and also about being an “Outreach Congregation”. David Nelson, the Full Time Youth Ministry DCE at Mount Olive was the event coordinator. We met up with another youth group from Kalamazoo, Michigan, along with youth from Mount Olive. We camped out together at the church for the week with their church ladies providing our meals. We did get to head down to a school for showers each day. That was an experience in itself. Each day we had morning and evening devotions, songs and Bible studies to prepare us for our purpose that week. One night our devotional time concluded with washing each other’s feet followed by a communion service.

ST. PAUL’S LUTHERAN CHURCH † PAGE AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2009 ________________________________________________________________________________________ Dr. Bill Cullen led up the service projects. Bill was a Professor at Concordia College, River Forest prior to taking a call to Mount Olive as full time Director of Outreach and Missions. He taught us about how to talk to people that are at different levels in their faith or those that have no faith at all. Then, the group split up and we started the work that we were down there to do: going out to canvas assigned neighborhoods, putting out flyers about the Carpenter’s Place in order to collect for their ministry. Later in the week, we went back to collect essential items and deliver them to the Carpenter’s Place. We learned about the services and ministry they provide for the homeless. We also cleaned, painted and generally spruced up Zion Baptist Church in downtown Rockford. It is a vital ministry in Rockford that provides positive, faith-based opportunities for at-risk youth. Another challenge for our youth was that they were given three survey questions to ask community members. We then went to various neighborhoods to knock on doors and talk to people about what they would like to see the church doing in their community. The youth went in teams of two and did an awesome job! We had the opportunity to see the responses to the 90 surveys that were completed. In the middle of the week, we had a break that allowed us to spend some time at Magic Waters Water Park. With temps reaching 100 plus degrees, it was a welcome and refreshing activity! The week concluded with quite the bonus for us. We set up and provided all the stagehands and behind the scenes work for a newly formed musical group called Audio Talks. Two lead singers from the band Audio Adrenaline make up the group. This was especially cool since Audio Adrenaline won two Grammys, multiple Dove awards, and 18 number one singles when they were together. The Audio Talks concert was inspiring in both the music and the message. We had the opportunity to eat supper with them, as well as working together to set up for the concert. There is so much to share about our experience that could never be put in writing. Faith was strengthened, friendships were built, and we saw Jesus working in and through each other throughout the week. We plan to put together a slide show presentation to show the congregation more about our experiences in Rockford. We were amazed at the response of our congregation as we prepared for this event. We filled the back of our pick up truck with supplies for the Carpenter’s Place. Thank you for all who contributed to this ministry and to our group to make this opportunity possible!

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