Govt. of Madhya Pradesh of Madhya Pradesh of Madhya Pradesh by babbian


									Govt. of Madhya Pradesh Narmada Valley Development Authority Bhopal
                Applications are invited for the following posts on the basis of contract appointment for the work of catchment area
 development and catchment area treatment/Compensatory a forestation for the projects completed / project under completion also to
 form PIM cell. For selection name of post, No's of post, required qualification etc mentioned in statement below.
 Interested person may apply giving required information completely typed along with true copies of certificates as mentioned in the
 Statement. The application may be submitted in personally or may be sent by post to reach the address given below on or before the
 last date mentioned.
 For projects of NVDA, catchment area treatment (CAT) & compensatory forestation (CA) cell in NVDA.(Contract service basis)

                                      Monthly                                                             Total              Reserved       Name of post           Emoluments
                                                      Qualification                    Experience                 General
                                                                                                          post               SC    ST
                                                 M.B.A. (Rural              5 Years Experience in Rural
     1    Project Co -ordinator   30000
                                                 Development)               Development Project Work
                                                                                                            1        1       -            -
                                                 MSc. (Forestry)            3 year experience in forest
          Project Manager
                                  25000                                     management & horticulture       1        1       -            -

For (completed / under execution irrigation project of N.V.D.A.) command area development (formation of joint
venture) cell (PIM cell) appointment on contract basis.
                                                                                                                  Tot     Reserved
                            Monthly                                                                                   Ge
                                                                                                    Candidate      al            O      Name of post      Emolum         Qualification                  Experience                                  ne      S
                             ents                                                                    Profile      pos ral  SC
                                                                                                                   t             C
                                      PG with minimum 60%          3 years experience in Selection of crop,
                                      marks in Agriculture         Agriculture Development &
                                      Engg.(soil & water           Command Area          management, co-
         Task                                                      Development Programme operative
                                      conservation )
 1       Agriculture        25000                                                                                    1   1       -    -       -
         (For Head
                                                                                         having knowledge
                                                                                         of better
                           PG with minimum 60%      3 years experience in       Selection of crop,
                           marks in Agriculture     Agriculture Development &   crop
                           Engg. (soil & water      Command Development         management, co-
    Task Manager           conservation)/ 45%       Programme                   operative
    Agriculture            marks in above subject                               irrigation
2                  20000                                                                             6   3   1   1 1
    (For Field             for SC and ST                                        management
    Posting)               Candidate.                                           having knowledge
                                                                                of better
                           PG in Social work with   Rural development           In the rural
                           minimum of 60% marks     works/ Social               development
    Task                                            development/ Rural          works &
    Manager                                         livelihood                  command area
    Community                                                                   development
3   Organization   25000                                                        works having         1   1   -   -   -
    livelihood                                                                  under standing &
    (For Head                                                                   efficiency in
    Quarter)                                                                    social
                                                                                organization &
                                                                                rural. Livelihood
                           PG in Social work with   Rural development           In the rural
                           minimum of 60%           works/ Social               development
                           marks) or MBA in Rural   development/ Rural          works &
                           Development planning,    livelihood                  command area
                           Rural Production &                                   development
                           livelihoods, Rural                                   works having
    Task Manager
                           Infrastructure &                                     under standing &
                           development Project                                  efficiency in
4                  20000   Rural Economy, Rural                                 social               3   -   1   1 1
                           society Rural                                        organization &
    (For Field
                           development                                          Rural. Livelihood
                           Development in Rural
                           Area's./ 45% marks in
                           above subject for SC
                           and ST Candidate.
                                      Minimum 55% marks in       Minimum 3 Years               Minimum 3 Years
                                      MCA/B.E. Computer/         experience of similar         experience    in
                                      I.T. Preference to MBA     nature work.                  Data
         IT Co-
   5                        25000     in above subject.                                        management,          1    1    -   - -
                                                                                               networking, web
                                                                                               maintenance and

          Regarding above mentioned posts detailed information, format of application form is available on NVDA website

(1) The main responsibilities of all the above posts shall be to prepare the project plan of the allotted project, to get execution of the
project with the co-operation of the villagers. Also the project evaluation watch, on progress, planning etc.
(2) Female candidate can also apply for the post.
(3) M.P. govt have the rights to change the number of post published / amendment in conditions.
(4) Applicant may ensure him self / her self, regarding qualification /experience. Attested photo copies by gazetted officer/notary of
certificates are to be enclosed compulsorily.
(5) Applicants who submitting application on the basis of equivalent qualification is required to submit certificates of the competent
authority of the university concerned in this regard.

          General Conditions

          1.    Age Limit: - For all the candidates on 01 Jan 08 the minimum age should be 18 years & the maximum 40 years.

          2.    Relaxation in Minimum Marks obtained: - For candidates of SC. & ST. the relaxation shell be of 10% and this will be
                applicable as per the rules of M.P. Govt.

          3.    Services of the appointed candidate can be terminated by giving one month notice or one month salary amount, by either

          4.    Normally the water catchment area management project's time limit for completion is five years. Hence for the above
                posts initially the appointment will be given for a period of one year. After the expiry of initial time limit it can be
                extended depending on efficiency of the person. Services of the excellent working persons can be continued in the
                projects sanctioned in future. Thus there is no any maximum time limit for the above mentioned posts.
5.    The selected persons on the contract service basis shall be governed by the M.P. Civil Services & Conduct rules 1965 with
      amendment done by govt time to time. Orders issued by state govt shall also be applicable & binding on the selected

6.    Persons who receives the appointment letter will have to execute an agreement with the appointing authority on the non
      judicial stamp of rupees fifty only on his own cost. According to agreement, person have to give the guarantee that if he
      will leave his services before the expiry of time period then he will deposit the amount mentioned in the bond by govt.
7.    Selected person shall not be entitled for any pension facilities or bonus etc.

8.    Post for SC/ST/OBC are reserved for the persons of M.P only. Persons who are in reserved category of other states shall be
      considered in general category

9.    Other service conditions shall be as mentioned in appointment letter, In case of any disputes decision of NVDA will be

10.   In the complete procedure of selection, NVDA and the consultant have the right to reject any application with out
      assigning any reason.

11.   The mentioned qualification and experience is minimum. If the No. of applications will be more than the proportion of
      available post, then it will not be possible to call for interview all the applicants.

12.   After the scrutiny of application forms, persons who will be found suitable for interview, they only will be informed.
      Persons not found suitable for interview shall not be informed.

13.   It is essential to enclose the attested photo copies by gazetted officer/notary of certificates in support of qualifications,
      Domicile Certificate. Caste Certificate, Experience Certificate what so ever is applicable. The originals are to be brought
      by candidates at the time of interview for verification otherwise the application shall be cancelled then and there.

14.   Persons who wish to apply for more then one post are required to apply separately for each post.

15.   Applications found incomplete or having incomplete information/ wrong information / incomplete certificates are likely to
      be rejected and will be cancelled.

16.   Govt. or the consultant shall not be responsible for the delay in receiving application form, misplace, tear off or any other
      damages or for any conditions created by such incidents there off.

Address for sending the application form
Krishna Techno Consultant Pvt. Ltd
137, Zone II M.P. Nagar BHOPAL M.P.
Phone No. 0755.428147 Fax. 0755-4246045
E mail-
                                                                     Application Format

1.       Code and Name of Applied post.___________________________
2.       Full name of the applicant. _____________________________
3.       Name of father/husband. _______________________________
                                                                                                                      passport size
4.       Date of birth._________________________________________                                                      photo graph
5.       Category of cast : SC/ST/OBC (enclose the copy of certificate).______________
6.       Correspondence address, pin code, phone no, mobile no, male ID.___________
7.       Permanent Address._________________________________
8.       Gender - Male/Female._______________________________
9.       Marital status - married / Single._____________________
10.      For married women’s candidate - widows/divorce (with documentary proof)._______
11.      Domicile of M.P. (enclosed copy of certificate)._______________
12.      Qualification For the post required / marks and Experience: . Qualification ____________
13.      Educational Qualification- From 12Th onwards.
                       Year of
Exam/Degree                                School/College            Board/University          Subjects   %Marks          Davison
12th Class


Post Graduation

Any other

14. Information Regarding Experience:-

     Name of Institution                 Post                From -        To          Last pay drawn         Field of experience
15. Name of person, address, telephone no. who is not in relation with the applicant
Name.            __________________________
Address .          __________________________
Telephone No.      __________________________
Mobile No.          _________________________
Pin Code No.       __________________________

16. Have you apply for any other post also under this advertisement - If yes then give the information.

I here by declare that the information’s given in the application form are true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that knowingly or unknowingly the information given
by me if found untrue then my application form is likely to be cancelled and necessary action will be taken on by the Govt. against me, and my selection may be cancelled by
the govt with out assigning any reason .

Town/ city

List of Enclosures

Attested True Photo copies of the following are to be enclosed with the application form.
1. Mark sheet High School
2. Mark sheet Higher Secondary
3. Mark sheet of Graduation
4. Mark sheet of Post Graduation
5. Caste certificate (if required)
6. Additional qualification/ certificates
7. Domicile certificate
8. Experience Certificates
9. Certificate of windows (if required)
                            e/; izns'k 'kklu] ueZnk ?kkVh fodkl izkf/kdj.k
                  s                                                                                     a             a
          e/; izn'k 'kklu] ueZnk ?kkVh fodkl izkf/kdj.k ds varxZr ifj;kstukvksa ds dk;Z {ks= esa ^^dSpesV ,fj;k VªhVesV ¼CAT½ rFkk daiulsVjh ,QkjsLVs'ku ¼CA½**
          rFkk fufeZr@fuekZ.kk/khu flapkbZ ifj;kstukvksa ds dekaM {ks= fodkl ¼CAD½ ds fy, lgHkkfxrk] flpkbZa izc/ku ¼PIM½ izdks"B ds fy, lafonk fu;qfDr;ksa gsrq
          fuEukafdr fjDr inksa ij lafonk ds vk/kkj ij iwfrZ fd;s tkus gsrq vkosnu vkeaf=r fd;s tkrs gSA fu;qfDr gsrq inuke] inksa dh la[;k] 'kSf{kf.kd ;ksX;rk
          vkfn vkxs fn;k x;k gSA bPNqd mEehnokj viuk vkosnu i= rFkk vius laca/k esa lEiw.kZ tkudkjh Vkbi djkdj l{ke izkf/kdkjh }kjk tkjh rFkk ekaxs x;s
          izek.k i=ksa dh lR;kfir izfrfyfi;ksa ds lkFk fu/kkZfjr vafre frfFk rd O;fDrxr :i ls vFkok Mkd ls fn;s x;s irs ij izf"kr djs%a &
                                                                  a              a
           ueZnk ?kkVh fodkl dh ifj;kstukvksa dk dk;Z {ks= ^^dspesUV ,fj;k VªhVesV (CAT) rFkk daiulsVjh ,QkjsLVs'ku (CA) izdks"B ds fy,
                                                             lafonk fu;qfDr;ksa dk fooj.k**
l- Ø -        in uke              ekfld                 ;ksX;rk                                        vuqHko                                dqy vukjf{kr    vkjf{kr
                                  ekuns;                                                                                                     in                      tk-
                                                                                                                                                          v-tk-- v-t-tk-
  1         ifj;kstuk                          ,e-ch-,- ¼xzkeh.k fodkl½                                               a
                                                                              xzkeh.k fodkl dk;ksZ dh vk;kstuk ,oa izc/ku dk 5               1       1        &       &
            leUo;d                                                            o"kZ dk vuqHko
  2                   a
         ifj;kstuk izc/kd                        ,e-,l-lh- ¼okfudh½                   a
                                                                              ou izc/ku ,oa okfudh dk;ksZ dk 3 o"kZ dk vuqHko                1       1        &       &

          ueZnk ?kkVh fodkl izkf/kdj.k ds varxZr fufeZr@fuekZ.kk/khu flapkbZ ifj;kstukvksa ds dekaM {ks= fodkl ¼CAD½ ds fy, lgHkkfxrk]
          flpkbZa izc/ku ¼PIM½ izdks"B ds fy, lafonk fu;qfDr;ksa dk fooj.k
l- Ø -     in uke        ekfld                     ;ksX;rk                             vuqHko                                    s kby
                                                                                                                  vH;kFkhZ dh izkQkby            dqy vukj    vkjf{kr
                         ekuns;                                                                                                                  in  f{kr v- v-t- v-
                                                                                                                                                          tk- tk-
                                                                                                                                                          tk- tk-      fi-
  1      VkWLd esutj s                 d`f"k vfHk;kaf=dh (Soil & water    d`f"k foLrkj dk;ksZ rFkk deku                          a
                                                                                                            Qly p;u] Qly izc/ku dk
             ¼d`f"k½                conservation)a ls lEcaf/kr fo"k; ij    {ks= fodkl dk;ZØeksa lac/kh  a   Kku] lgHkkfxrk flapkbZ izca/ku
          ¼eq[;ky;       25000                                             dk;ksZ dk U;wure 3 o"kZ dk       dk Kku rFkk csgrj d`f"k              1    1   -       -       -
                                    U;wure 60% vadksa ds lkFk LukrdksRrj
              gsrq½                                    mikf/kA                            vuqHko            mRiknu ds fodYiksa dk Kku
  2                                    d`f"k vfHk;kaf=dh (Soil & water          d`f"k foLrkj dk;ksZ rFkk                         a
                                                                                                            Qly p;u] Qly izc/ku dk
         VkWLd esutj s              conservation)a ls lEcaf/kr fo"k; ij dek.M {ks= fodkl dk;ksZØeksa        Kku] lgHkkfxrk flapkbZ izca/ku
             ¼d`f"k½     20000      U;wure 60% vadksa ds lkFk LukrdksRrj lac/kh dk;ksZ dk U;wure 3 o"kZ
                                                                              a                             dk Kku rFkk csgrj d`f"k
                                                                                                                                                 6    3   1       1       1
                                     mikf/kA vuqlfpr tkfr ,oa tutkfr                             w
                                                                           dk vuqHkoA vuqlfpr tkfr          mRiknu ds fodYiksa dk Kku
          ¼QhYM gsrq½                                                      ,oa tutkfr gsrq U;wure 1
                                     gsrq lacf/kr fo"k; esa U;wure 45% ds
                                             lkFk LukrdksRrj mikf/kA                 o"kZ dk vuqHkoA
3   VkWLd esutjs            lekt dk;Z esa U;wure 60% vadksa ds            xzkeh.k fodkl            xzkeh.k fodkl dk;ksZ rFkk
     ¼lkeqnkf;d                 lkFk LukrdksRrj mikf/kA                  dk;ksZ@lkeqnkf;d          dek.M {ks= fodkl dk;ksZa esa
     laxBu ,oa                                                     laxBu@xzkeh.k vkthfodk ds       lkeqnkf;d laxBu] xzkeh.k
     vkthfodk½     25000                                            lac/k esa U;qure 3 o"kksZ dk
                                                                       a                           vkthfodk ds fofo/k igyqvksa     1   1   -       -   -
      ¼eq[;ky;                                                                 vuqHko              dh le> o n{krk
4                           lekt dk;Z esa U;wure 60% vadksa ds            xzkeh.k fodkl            xzkeh.k fodkl dk;ksZ rFkk
                            lkFk LukrdksRrj mikf/k vFkok ,ech,           dk;ksZ@lkeqnkf;d          deku {ks= fodkl dk;ksZa esa
    VkWLd esutjs             ¼Rural Development planning,          laxBu@xzkeh.k vkthfodk ds       lkeqnkf;d laxBu] xzkeh.k
     ¼lkeqnkf;d             Rural Production & livelihoods,            a
                                                                    lac/k esa U;qure 3 o"kksZ dk   vkthfodk ds fofo/k igyqvksa
     laxBu ,oa                  Rural Infrastructure &                            w
                                                                    vuqHko vuqlfpr tkfr ,oa        dh le> o n{krk
      vthfodk½                development Project Rural             tutkfr gsrq U;wure 1 o"kZ
    ¼QhYM jpuk     20000     Economy, Rural society Rural                    dk vuqHkoA                                            3   -   1   1       1
         gsrq½                development participatory
                             Development in Rural Area's)
                               vuqlfpr tkfr ,oa tutkfr gsrq
                            lacf/kr fo"k; esa U;wure 45% ds lkFk
                                      LukrdksRrj mikf/kA

5                             w
                           U;wure 55% vadksa ds esa ,elh,-@ch-bZ    U;wure rhu o"kZ dk leku        leku dk;Z dk 3 o"kZ dk
      vkbZ]Vh-             dEI;wVj@vkbZ-Vh- ,ech, dks izkFkfedrk         dk;Z dk vuqHkoA           vuqHko gksuk vko';d gSA vkbZ-
                   25000                                                                           Vh- ,ech, dks izkFkfedrk nh
                                                                                                                                   1   1   -       -   -
                                        nh tk,xhA

     mijksDr inksa ds laca/k esa foLr`r tkudkjh ,oa vkosnu i= dk izk:i izkf/kdj.k dh osclkbZV             ij miyC/k gSA
         1- mijksDr lHkh inksa dk eq[; mRrjnkf;Ro&vkoafVr ifj;kstuk dh dk;Z ;kstuk rS;kj djuk] bl dk;Z ;kstuk dk xzkeh.kksa dh lgHkkfxrk ls
            fØ;kUo;u djkuk bR;kfn gksxkA lkFk gh dk;Z ;kstuk dh vk;kstuk] dk;kZUo;] izxfr dk vuqJo.k rFkk ewY;kadu vkfn dk;Z Hkh laikfnr fd;k
            tkuk gksxkA
         2- efgyk vH;kFkhZ e/; izn'k 'kklu ds fu;ekuqlkj mlh oxZ esa iq#"kksa ds fy;s vkjf{kr inksa ds fy;s vkosnu dj ldrh gSA
         3- e/; izn'k 'kklu dks vko';drk ds vuqlkj foKkfir inksa dh la[;k vFkok vU; fu/kkZfjr fu;qfDr dh 'krksZa esa ;Fkksfpr la'kks/ku djus dk vf/kdkj
         4- vkosnd vkosnu djus ls iwoZ ;g lqfuf'pr dj ysa fd og ekWxh xbZ 'kSf{k.kd ;ksX;rk ,oa vuqHko j[krs gSaA l{ke izkf/kdkjh }kjk tkjh izek.k i=ksa
            dh jktif=r vf/kdkjh@uksVjh }kjk lR;kfir izfrfyfi;ka layXu djuk vfuok;Z gSA
         5- tks vkosnd led{k ;ksX;rk ds vk/kkj ij viuk vkosnu izLrqr djuk pkgrs gSa] mUgsa bl laca/k esa fo'ofo|ky; ds l{ke vf/kdkjh }kjk tkjh fd;k
            x;k izek.k i= layXu djuk vfuok;Z gSA
                                                                 lkekU; 'krsZa
1- vk;q lhek % leLr mEehnokjksa dh U;wure vk;q 01 tuojh 2008 dks 18 o"kZ rFkk vf/kdre vk;q 40 o"kZ gksuk pkfg,A fofHkUu vkjf{kr
            a                        s
    oxksZ@efgykvksa ds fy, e/; izn'k 'kklu }kjk vk;q lhek esa nh xbZ NwV izpfyr fu;ekuqlkj ykxw gksxhA
                                          w                  w
2- U;wure vgZrk vadks esa NwV % vuqlfpr tkfr ,oa vuqlfpr tutkfr ds vH;fFkZ;ksa dks U;wure vgZrk vadks esa 10% dh NwV nh tk;sxh ,oa e/;
    izn'k 'kklu ds fu;ekuqlkj ykxw gksxhA
3- fu;qfDr izkIr vH;FkhZ dh lsok,a fdlh Hkh ,d i{k }kjk vkSj fdlh Hkh le; 01 ekg dh iwoZ lwpuk vFkok 01 ekg dk ekuns; Hkqxrku djus ij
    lekIr dh tk ldrh gSA
                                            a                                           a
4- lkekU; rkSj ij ty xzg.k {ks= izc/ku ifj;kstuk;sa ikWp o"kZ dh vof/k dh gksrh gSA vr% mijksDrkuqlkj inksa ij izkjaHk esa ;|fi 1 o"kZ dh dk;Z
    vof/k ds fy, gh fu;qfDr nh tk;sxh] ijUrq ;s vof/k lekIr gksus ij fu;qDr O;fDr dh dk;Z dq'kyrk ds vk/kkj ij mls iqu% c<+k;k Hkh tk ldrk
    gSA mRre dk;Z djus okys vH;fFkZ;ksa dh lsok;sa Hkfo"; esa Lohd`r gksus okyh ubZ ifj;kstukvksa esa Hkh lrr~ :i ls yh tk ldsxhA bl izdkj mDr
    inksa gsrq dk;Z vof/k dh dksbZ dqy vf/kdre fu/kkZfjr lhek ugha gSA
5- bu fu;eksa ds v/khu lafonk ij dksbZ Hkh fu;qfDr izkIr vH;FkhZ e/; izns'k flfoy lsok ¼vkpj.k½ fu;e] 1965 vkSj muesa le;&le; ij fd;s x;s
                                                                    a           s
    v|ru la'kks/kuksa }kjk 'kkflr gksxk rFkk lafonk fu;qfDr ds lac/k esa e/; izn'k 'kklu }kjk le;&le; ij tkjh vkns'k Hkh ykxw@ca/kudkjh gksxA  a s
6- fu;qfDr izkIr vH;FkhZ dks fu;qfDr vkns'k izkIr gksus ds rRdky i'pkr~ fu;qfDr izkf/kdkjh ds lkFk Lo;a ds O;; ij :- 50-00 ds ukWu T;wfMf'k;y
    LVkEi ij ,d djkj fu"ikfnr djuk gksxkA blds lkFk gh] mls ,d ck.M Hkh 'kklu dks miyC/k djkuk gksxk] ftlds vuqlkj mls 'kklu dks ;g
    xkjUVh nsuk gksxh fd ;fn og lafonk fu;qfDr dh vof/k lekIr gksus ds iwoZ mlds in ls R;kxi= nsrk gS] rks mls 'kklu }kjk fu/kkZfjr ck.M dh
    jkf'k tek djuh gksxhA
                                                                  a        a
7- fu;qfDr izkIr vH;FkhZ mldh lafonk dkykof/k ds fy, fdUgha is'ku lac/kh lqfo/kkvksa vFkok cksul bR;kfn dk gdnkj ugha gksxkA
              w            w
8- vuqlfpr tkfr] vuqlfpr tutkfr ,oa fiNM+k oxZ ds fy;s vkjf{kr in dsoy e-iz- ds ewy fuoklh ds fy;s vkjf{kr gSaA vU; jkT;ksa ds vkjf{kr
    vkosndksa dk vkosnu lkekU; oxZ esa ekuk tk;sxkA
9- vU; lsok 'krsZa ,slh gksxh] tSlh fd fu;qfDr vkns'k esa fofufnZ"V dh tk;saA fookn dh fLFkfr esa ueZnk ?kkVh fodkl izkf/kdj.k] Hkksiky dk fu.kZ;
    vafre gksxkA
10- lai.kZ p;u izfØ;k ds nkSjku ueZnk ?kkVh fodkl izkf/kdj.k ,oa HkrhZ ds fy;s izkf/kd`r laLFkk dks vf/kdkj gksxk fd og fdlh Hkh vkosnu dks fcuk
    dksbZ dkj.k crk, fujLr dj ldrh gSA
11- mDr mYysf[kr fu/kkZfjr vko';d 'kS{kf.kd ;ksX;rk ,oa vuqHko U;wure gS vkSj ;fn bu foKkfir inksa dh la[;k ds vuqikr esa vkosnu i=ksa dh
    la[;k vf/kd gksrh gS] rks ,slh ifjfLFkfr esa 'kklu@izkf/kd`r laLFkk ds fy;s lHkh vkosndksa dks lk{kkRdkj ds fy;s cqykuk vko';d ugha gksxkA
12- izkIr vkosnu i=ksa dh tkWp&iM+rky ds i'pkr~ ftu mEehnokjksa dks lk{kkRdkj ds fy;s ;ksX; ik;k tk;sxk] dsoy mUgsa gh bl laca/k esa lwfpr fd;k
    tk;sxkA ftu mEehnokjksa ds ukeksa ij fopkj ugha fd;k tk;sxk] mUgsa bl lac/k esa vyx ls dksbZ lwpuk ugha nh tk;sxhA
13- fu/kkZfjr vkosnu i= esa l{ke izkf/kdkjh }kjk tkjh fd;s x;s 'kS{kf.kd ;ksX;rk izek.k i=] ewy fuoklh izek.k i=] tkfr izek.k i=] fu%'kDrrk izek.k
                        a               a
    i= ,oa vuqHko lac/kh leLr nLrkostksa dh jktif=r vf/kdkjh@uksVjh }kjk lR;kfir QksVksdkih ¼tks ykxw gksa½ layXu djuk vko';d gSA lk{kkRdkj
    ds le; mDr nLrkostkas dh ewy izfr lkFk esa ykuk vko';d gSA fdlh Hkh nLrkost dh ewy izfr lkFk esa u ykus ij vkosnu mlh le; fujLr
    fd;k tk;sxkA
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    8 vuqHko izek.k i=
    9 fo/kok gksus dk izek.k i=

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