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					Kayak & Yoga Workshop
Water and Body Awareness Workshop
Indulge yourself in two complimentary forms of fitness in the natural environment for a renewed healthy lifestyle !

Coordinate your group of 6-12 friends and we’ll reserve your workshop May - October

Karen Francoeur of Castine Kayak Adventures and Nancy Watson of The Manor Inn have blended their expertise to develop the Kayak + Yoga workshop. This workshop is a complimentary blending of proper technique both in kayaking and yoga. Proper technique is the key to effectiveness and positive results in all actions. Karen and Nancy have joined forces to bring you a well rounded experience allowing you to enjoy a beautiful part of Maine while staying in the comfort of an upscale historic inn, dine on classic entries at both the inn and in town, and ply through the waters of Castine by kayak viewing the area from an entirely different perspective, enhancing the entire experience with daily yoga instruction.

.....The Kayaking component.....
Karen Francoeur Owner and Operator of Castine Kayak Adventures since 1998, is a Master Maine Sea Kayak Guide and American Canoe Association Instructor. Karen blends her sense of excitement and knowledge about the natural environment with professional technique instruction with attention to details to enhance your endurance and understanding of safe, enjoyable kayaking. Sea Kayaking – is a sport that can be adopted as a lifelong activity that develops overall body fitness (yes! even your legs!) with proper technique, while enjoying the natural environment. It can be done intensely or at a relaxed pace. Proper technique is the focus at Castine Kayak Adventures, because everyone deserves a good paddle and technique is the key. Check out our website at The blending of the Kayak & Yoga experience will merge the benefits of kayaking with yoga. Both will focus on proper technique of muscle and body placement for efficiency. We will also

be focusing on the importance and (ease) that stretching can bring to the physical and mental aspects of kayaking. We will be practicing yoga positions during our kayak journeys. Prior kayaking experience is not necessary to attend this workshop. However the classes will take into account the kayaking experience of the group to all levels.

......The Yoga experience......
Nancy Watson—A certified Iyengar teacher since 1994, Nancy has been teaching for about 13 years. Having visited India twice to study with the Iyengars, she continues to study with senior teachers attending workshops each year. She teaches the asanas, giving descriptive ways to do and experience the poses. Iyengar yoga is set apart from the rest in the method of teaching. Teachers are trained in the tradition, which Mr. B.K.S. Iyengar established: teaching correct alignment, using props when necessary, sequencing the poses for best experience and giving corrections to students. No other ―style‖ does this. The emphasis of the Kayak + Yoga workshop will be to awaken the mind and body with asana work that will prepare the attendee for the physical and mental aspects of kayaking as well as to set the tone of awareness which heightens the experience of the natural beauty that surrounds one in nature. No former yoga experience is necessary to attend this workshop. However the classes will take into account the yoga experience of the group, including all levels.

The Accommodations
Lodging: The Manor Inn is a country inn on about five acres of land. It was originally built as a summer cottage for a wealthy family from Boston and has served as accommodations for summer guests since the 1930’s. With 14 bedrooms, all with a private bath, a restaurant, a pub and a conference area, it has become a full service inn. A wooded conservancy just behind with turn-of-the century carriage trails make it an easy walk or hike. To obtain more information about The Manor Inn, please log on to the web site: Food: All meals for the workshop are provided in the package. We have included other eating establishments and time for you to enjoy our town. The Manor offers organically grown produce from local farmers and products that are grown or made in Maine. Although our menus will have vegetarian and non-vegetarian selections, we will accommodate all dietary needs. Please indicate on the registration form any dietary needs you have.

Kayak & Yoga
Workshop Schedule Monday Tuesday 6:00pm -7:00pm -Orientation/with light menu

7:30- 8:30am -Yoga 8:30 -9:30am -Breakfast 10:00 -4pm -Kayaking (lunch on island) (Intro with Rescue techniques) 6:00 – 8:00pm -Manor Inn Weekly Buffet (a chance to mingle with the locals) 8:30 – 10:00 am -Yoga 10:00 - 11:00 am -Breakfast 11:30 - 2:00 pm -Kayak adventure (Edging and leaning/working with the tides) 2:00 pm -Lunch in Town at local eateries 6:15 – 7:30 pm -Dine at Dennett’s Wharf Restaurant overlooking the Harbor 7:30 - 9:00pm -Sunset Kayak Excursion



8:00am -9:00 am -Yoga 9:00 – 10:00am -Breakfast 11:00 -5:00pm -Kayak excursion (daylong excursion working with wind, weather, tide and your ability.) 6:30pm -Workshop Wrap-up/w pre-dinner social 7:15pm -Dinner (from Manor Inn Menu) ________________________________________________________________________ If you are still in town on Friday morning you can choose to continue your water and body awareness by joining regularly scheduled activities with Castine Kayak or Nancy Watson’s Yoga classes Friday Included in Lodging fee: @ 8:00 – 10:00am Breakfast Optional Activities on Friday: (not included in package) 8:30am -10:00am Yoga or 9:00am -12:00pm Kayaking 1:00pm -4:00pm Kayaking 7:30pm-9:30pm Phosphorescent Kayaking Paddle

Signups for Annual Castine Gulf of Maine Kayak Symposium begin Friday afternoon! Inquire for more info

Kayak & Yoga Workshop Registration form:
Please complete form and enclose with payment Name Street Address City State and Postal Code Telephone number Additional telephone # Email

How much kayaking experience have you had? Have you practiced kayak self rescue procedures? What would you like to gain most from this kayak workshop?

Do you currently study yoga? If so, what style? How long?

Cuisine Preferences
Do you have special dietary

requests? Are you vegetarian? If so, are you vegan?

Kayak & Yoga Workshop
All-Inclusive Package Fees:
Includes lodging, breakfast, lunch, dinner, Yoga lessons, and all Kayaking, Monday night through Friday breakfast, (taxes and tips inclusive)
A 50% deposit is required with reservation (fully refundable in the event of cancellation by Castine Kayak and the Manor Inn or cancellation by participant by June 1, 2004. Credit processing fees will be charged.)

A 50% deposit (refundable in the event of cancellation will be required to reserve. Single Room Single Occupancy Double Room with single beds Double Room with Queen or King Bed Shared Occupancy

Paid in Full by June 1

Registration after June 1



$899 (shared Occupancy) $899



Please include check with registration form; Payable to : The Manor Inn Mail to: The Manor Inn PO Box 873 Castine, Maine 04421 Or Registration by phone (207) 326-4861 More Questions?????: Contact Karen Francoeur of Castine Kayak at (207) 866-3506 Or Nancy Watson of the Manor Inn at (207) 326-4861