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									                                             ADMISSION NOTIFICATION
Central Universities' Common Entrance Test (CUCET) - 2013 (
   Admission to Integrated, Under-Graduate, Post-Graduate and Research Programmes in 10 Central Universities’
        Central Universities of Bihar, Gujarat, Jammu, Jharkhand, Kashmir, Kerala, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu
                                         Central University of Bihar (
M.A.                 Development Studies; Economics; English;         M. Sc.              Bioinformatics;     Biotechnology;  Computer
                     Hindi; Communication & Media Studies;                                Science; Environmental Science; Life Science;
                     Political Science & International Relations;                         Mathematics; Statistics
                     Psychology; Sociology                            M. Tech.            Computer Science
Integrated Law*      B. A. LLB; B. Sc. LLB                            Dual Degree         B. A. B. Ed.; B. Sc. B. Ed.
(05 yrs)                                                              (04 yrs)*
                                           Central University of Gujarat (
Integrated M.A.*     Chinese Language and Culture;         German     M.A.                English; Politics and International Relations;
(05 yrs)             Studies; Social Management                                           Social Sciences
M.L.I.Sc.            M.L.I.Sc. (Library and Information Science) M. Sc.            Chemical Sciences; Industrial Chemistry; Life
M. Ed.               M.Ed. (Master of Education)                                   Sciences
Integrated           Chemical Sciences; Comparative Literature; Diaspora Studies; Economics; Environment and Sustainable
M. Phil. -           Development; Gandhian Thought and Peace Studies; Hindi Language and Literature; International Politics and
Ph. D.               Governance; Life Sciences; Nano Sciences; Science Society and Development; Security Studies; Society and
                     Development; Cyber Security
                                       Central University of Jammu (
M.A.                 Economics; English & Comparative Literature   M. A. / M. Sc.       Applied Mathematics
M. Sc.               Computer Science; Environmental Sciences      M. Ed.               M.Ed. (Course duration - 1 Year)
MBA                  Tourism & Travel Management; Human Resource Management
Integrated           Economics; Education; Mathematics; National Security Studies; Public Policy & Public Administration; Tourism and
M. Phil. - Ph. D.    Travel Management; Human Resource Management; English
                                         Central University of Jharkhand (
Integrated           B.A. B. Ed.; B.Sc. B. Ed.                        Integrated          Business Administration
B.A./B.Sc.                                                            B.B.A/M.B.A*
B. Ed.*                                                               (05 yrs)
(04 yrs)                                                              Integrated          Water Engineering & Management; Energy
                                                                      B.Tech./ M.Tech.*   Engineering; Nanotechnology; Geoinformatics
                                                                      (05 yrs)
Integrated   B.A./   English Studies; Far East Languages (Chinese;    Integrated B.Sc.    Applied Physics; Applied Chemistry; Applied
M.A.*                Korean & Tibetan Languages); Indigenous          /M.Sc.*             Mathematics; Environmental Science; Life
(05 yrs)             Culture Studies; International Relations; Mass   (05 yrs)            Sciences
                                                                      MBA                 Business Administration (Lateral Entry)
Bachelor's           Music                                            M. Tech.            Computer Science (Mobile Computing)
M.A.                 Human Rights & Conflict Management; M. Sc.                          Applied Physics (Lateral Entry); Applied
                     Indigenous Culture Studies (Lateral Entry);                         Chemistry (Lateral Entry); Applied Mathematics
                     Mass Communication (Lateral Entry); Tribal &                        (Lateral Entry); Geoinformatics; Life Sciences
                     Customary Law; Tribal Folklore; Language &                          (Lateral Entry)
                     Literature; English Studies (Lateral Entry);
                     Tribal Law and Governance
Ph. D                Applied Physics; Applied Chemistry; Applied Maths; Life Sciences; Mass Communication; Indigenous Culture Studies;
                     English Studies; Business Administration; Nanotechnology; Water Engineering & Management; Energy Engineering;
                     Land Resource Management; Human Rights & Conflict Management; Humanities & Social Sciences
                                      Central University of Kashmir (
M. A.                Convergent Journalism; Economics; Education;     M. A. / M. Sc.      M.A./ M.Sc. Mathematics
                     English; Politics (International relations);     M. Sc.              Information Technology
                     Tourism Management; Urdu                         Integrated Law*     Integrated B.A. LLB
                                                                       (05 yrs)
                                        Central University of Kerala (
M. A.                Economics; English & Comparative Literature;     M. Sc.              Animal Science; Biochemistry and Molecular
                     Hindi & Comparative Literature; International                        Biology;  Chemistry;    Genomic     Science;
                     Relations & Political Science; Linguistics and                       Mathematics;   Physics;    Plant    Science;
                     Language Technology; Social Work (M.S.W.)                            Computer Science; Environmental Science

M. Ed. (subject to   English Education; Science Education; Mathematics Education; Social Science Education
approval     from
                                               Central University of Orissa (
 M. Sc.             Biodiversity & Conservation of               Natural    M. A.              Economics, English, Journalism      &   Mass
                    Resources                                                                  Communication, Oriya, Sociology
 M. A. / M. Sc.     Anthropology                                            B. Ed.             Teachers Education
 Integrated M. Sc.* Mathematics                                             M. Ed.             Educational Technology
 (05 yrs)
 Ph. D              Anthropology,    Journalism     &              Mass     M. Phil.           Anthropology,   Journalism      &       Mass
                    Communication, Oriya, Sociology                                            Communication, Oriya, Sociology
                                               Central University of Punjab (
 M. A.                  Comparative       Literature;     Development       M. Sc.             Biosciences; Environmental  Science   &
                        Economics; International Studies                                       Technology; Chemical Sciences (Medicinal
 M. Pharm.              Pharmaceutical        Sciences       (Medicinal                        Chemistry)
                        Chemistry);     Pharmaceutical        Sciences
                                                                            M. Tech.           Computer Science & Technology
                        (Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry)
 Integrated       M.    Biosciences;      Comparative        Literature;    Integrated         Pharmaceutical      Sciences        (Medicinal
 Phil. -Ph. D.          Development      Economics;      Environmental      M. Pharm.-Ph. D.   Chemistry)
                        Science & Technology; South and Central             LL.M.              Environmental Law
                        Asian Studies
                                            Central University of Rajasthan (
 Integrated       M.    Biochemistry;       Biotechnology;       Computer   Integrated         Chemistry; Economics; Mathematics; Physics
 Sc.* (05 yrs)          Science; Environmental Science; Microbiology;       M. Sc. B. Ed. *
                        Statistics                                          (06 yrs)
 M. A.                  Culture & Media Studies; Economics; English;        M. Sc.             Biochemistry;   Biotechnology;    Chemistry;
                        Hindi; Public Policy, Law & Governance; Social                         Environmental Science; Microbiology; Physics;
                        Work                                                                   Computer Science
 M. Sc. / M. A.         Statistics (Specialization in Actuarial Science)
 M. Arch.               M. Arch.                                            M. Tech.           Computer Science & Engineering
 MBA                   Business Administration                         M. Com.               M.Com
 M. Sc. Tech.           Mathematics                                    M. Pharm.             Pharmaceutical Chemistry
 Ph. D                  Architecture; Biochemistry; Biotechnology; Chemistry; Commerce; Computer Science; Computer Science &
                        Engineering; Culture and Media Studies; Economics; English; Environmental Science; Hindi; Management;
                        Mathematics; Microbiology; Pharmacy; Physics; Public Policy, Law and Governance; Social Work; Statistics
                                            Central University of Tamil Nadu (
 Ph. D                  English; Chemistry**; Physics**                     M. Sc.             Applied    Quantitative Finance;   Actuarial
 Integrated B. A. /     B.A./B.Sc. B. Ed. **                                                   Economics;     Environmental     Economics;
 B. Sc. B. Ed* (04                                                                             Financial Economics; General Economics
 Integrated             Chemistry;   Economics;        Life    Sciences;    M. A.             Classical Tamil; English Studies; Media and
 M. Sc.*                Mathematics; Physics                                                  Communication**; Social Work in Mental
 *Admission after 12 Standard.                   ** Programme provisionally proposed from the year 2013-14
     For Course Details, Qualification, Eligibility Criteria, Intake, Examination Centres, Fee & other details, visit our
       common website: or the websites of concerned Universities or CALL – 18603450112
                                                              Important Dates
Activation of online application form for all programs                                  15-Mar-13       CUCET- 2013 TEST DATES
Availability of offline application forms on CUCET & Participating Univ.’s website      15-Mar-13  Programme        On-line    Offline
Last date availability & submission of offline application forms (UG & Integrated)      30-Apr-13 UG & Integrated 18-19 May13 19 May13
Deactivation of online application form (UG & Integrated)                               30-Apr-13
Admit card download available to the applicants (UG & Integrated)                       15-May-13 Post Graduate 15-16 Jun13 16 Jun 13
Last date for availability & submission of offline application {PG& Research Prog (RP)} 30-May-13
Date for deactivation of online application form (PG&RP)                                30-May-13   Research       14 July 13 14 July 13
Admit card download available to the applicants (PG&RP)                                 13-Jun-13

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