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					Western Michigan                                                      Minutes 05 October 2005
Society for Industrial Heritage

                                  Board Meeting Minutes
                       Western Michigan Society for Industrial Heritage
                                      October 5, 2005
                                         6:00 P.M.
                                Coopersville Farm Musuem

1. The meeting was called to order at 6:06 P.M. by President Ed Hanenburg

2. Roll call
Present: Ed Hanenburg, Philip Cok, Carl Sinke, Russ Osterhart, & Cindy Timmmerman
(satisfies the by-laws quota of 5.

3. Minutes of April 27, 2005
Minutes were reviewed. Motion made (Sinke) seconded (Osterhart) and approved to accept
minutes as presented.

4. Minutes of July 13, 2005
Minutes were reviewed. Motion made (Bowman) seconded (Timmerman) and approved to
accept minutes as presented.

5. Treasurer’s Report was presented.
Year-to-date Balance sheet was presented. Current balance in Money Market account is
10,871.25. Fixed assets of $1150.00 reflect the value of Hopper Car ($650) & table saw

Year-to-Date Income/Expense sheet was also distributed. This report shows total Y-T-D
donations at $5,175, Membership dues received of $240, and interest income of $62.54 for
total income of $5,727.54. Expenses total $154.85 and include postage expenses of $74.85,
dues and subscriptions of $60 and corporate license fee of $20. Net total income is
$5,572.69. Treasurer Cok presented a report of all checks written from July 17 through
October 5, 2005 in support of the reported expenditures.

Motion made (Timmerman) seconded (Osterhart) and approved to accept treasurer’s
report as presented.

7. Membership
   2004 Membership was 13. 2005 membership stands at 11. Secretary Cok presented the
   lifetime individual membership application of William Porteous.

Motion made (Cok) seconded (Osterhart) and approved to accept the membership of
William Porteous.

8. Handicap Railcar Project
   A. Motion made (Sinke) seconded (Osterhart) to execute the buy/sell agreement from
   Jeff & Sheryl DuPilka and authorize Treasurer Cok to issue a check in the amount of
   $10,000 to them. Motion approved by unanimous voice vote.

    B. Continued vandalism is occurring to the railcar located within the Delphi
    property. Need to protect the remaining diamond pattern privacy glass – its been

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Western Michigan                                                        Minutes 05 October 2005
Society for Industrial Heritage

    indicated this is irreplacable. Sec. Cok to contact Bob Hoop of B&K Auto Glass to
    check into removing this pane of glass and storing it for protection.

    C. Bruce Quinn has provided extensive collection of photos of the California State
    Railroad Museum sleeper car for use in marketing and fundraising.

    D. Public Relations newspaper article appeared in the Sept. 20, 2005 issue of the Grand
    Rapids Press. Will use copies in continued grant and fund-raising efforts.

    E. Cindy Timmerman reported on Sept 13, 2005 GVSU Student career expo. Director of
    career services is looking for student projects. Cindy to follow-up for student interest.

    F. Other grant opportunities – Sec. Cok submitted application to annual Trains
    Magazine award. Carl reports the winners not announce until later in the year.
    Coopersville Foundation – Ward Verseput advises to re-submit for another grant.
    Applications due in December. Sec. Cok to follow-up and resubmit. Cindy reports on
    possibility of sharing non-profit lists with other non-profit groups.

9. Member Comments
   Sec. Cok reported on correspondence from Jerry Ricard on spouse of Ed Helzer. In
   honor of his volunteer efforts and willingness to appear in photos for our marketing
   efforts, memorial contributions should be sent to his wife to defray final expenses.
   Motion made (Cok) and seconded (Sinke) and approved to donate $100 to Ed Helzer’s
   wife as a memorial contribution. Sec. Cok to followup with Jerry for address.

10. Next meeting to be held December 7, 2005 at 6:00pm at Farm Museum. Motion to
adjourn (Sinke) seconded (Osterhart) and approved. Meeting adjourned at 6:54 pm.

Respectfully submitted on this date, 07 December 2005.

/s/Philip J. Cok, Secretary/Treasurer.

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