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Christian Examiner 1st Baptist Church of San Diego American Red Cross Bethel Baptist Church Broadway Baptist Church Calvary Chapel Calvary Chapel Calvary Chapel Hidden Valley

Arnold, Lori Furrow, Scott Guevara, Kim Gearheart, Bruce Rickman, Jack Kenney, Pat Siaca, Eric Stone, Shawn

Managing Editor pastor partner services Assoc. Pastor pastor Pastor Pastor Pastor

Key Contact

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City, State

Phone Numbers
858-457-4827x103 (office) 619384-4236 (cell) 949-433-7836 (Kim's cell) 858752-1999 (Juliet) 760-745-4995 (office) 760-746-0421 (office) 760-4433583 (cell) 760-489-6255 ex. 29 (office) 760-497-7375 760-747-9293 (office) 760-7150050 (cell)


Question #1-Indicate # of homes lost or severely damaged

Question #2-Describe the response you are taking or considering to meet needs
1st, by serving those we have relationships with. 2nd by serving those who have no insurance & elderly & poor. n/a Some basic assistance to members who were evacuated in areas of clean up. Collecting home furniture, refrigerators, washers, dryers, clothes We have begun working with Horizon USA & Samaritan's Purse for clean-up. We are also working closely w/police & fire personnel through our Chaplains. New Song ran an emergency shelter for 600 individuals from M-F. 1) We have begun making sifters 2) we are involved with Samaritan's Purse We are sending teams to assist with relief efforts in Fallbrook through Samaritan's Purse. We are also available to donate clothes and food if the need is made known. We have a larger congregation who responds very well when the needs are known. Please let us know.

Question #3-Describe the challenges or needs where you could use help meeting needs of those in your church or community. Garson, Juliet Maynard Sager Ralph Henderson Nov. 713 DeBenedictis, Miles broadwayescondido. Org

PO Box 22657 or 5055 Governor Drive 3950 Calle Fortunada 855 Brotherton Rd. 1135 N. Broadway 1675 Seven Oaks Rd Escondido 2449 S. Centre City Pkwy.

San Diego, CA ? Escondido, CA 92025 Escondido, CA 92026 Escondido, CA 92026;

0 in the church; 12 (so far) family or friends of the church n/a Mercifully none! 0 None of our members suffered total loss. Just about 1/2 dozen have experienced damage. 0 One family

Volunteer coordinator. I am receiving calls from all over the country. We have many eager volunteers. We need to know the church resources & assistance offered so we can point the affected people to your church. We get the questions every day-we need the answers. n/a Delivery, ? and help transporting the "big stuff" Who's collecting? None at this time. Thanks for putting this meeting together.

Jared Burke

Escondido, CA


Calvary Vista

Salvato, Rob


Vista, CA

please send info

Calvin Christian School CAN-Coordinated Assistance Network (San Fran. Dir) CAN-National VOAD

Kok, Terry Adamo, Alessa Remaly-Netter

superintendent Representative: No. CA

2000 N Broadway 1675 California St. National VOAD

Escondido, CA 92026-2097 San Francisco, CA 94109

760-489-4335 (office) 760-7157915 (cell) 415-955-8946(office) 415-7860552 (cell) 202-373-9090

5 families have lost their homes or businesses. CAN: Client & resource database

We have a fund set up to help families from our school. We also are working with these families' individual churches. Please add me to email dist. List

We were an evacuation site with great help from Jim North of EFCC and the city as well. We were blessed to serve and are considering becoming a "regular" disaster site. We saw the church universal working together. We need to encourage this and believe Calvin Christian, which represents families from over 90 churches is a great place to do it. n/a

Canyon View Church of ChristChurches of Christ Disaster Relief San Diego

Moon, Roger


4292 Balboa Ave.

San Diego, CA 92117

858-273-5140 (office) 858-2007594 (home);

We have unloaded 4 trucks of various supplies and distributed them to RB, Volunteer Fire Dept. Potrero, VC, Ramona and another truck is coming tomorrow. Thousands of dollars are coming in as we speak. Our church has a 3 brother financial request team set up to accept donations. Info/applications may be accepted at Chula Vista Church of Christ. Hilltop Rescues and Relief from hilltop Church of Christ in El Segundo, CA is in Ramona with volunteer help from all of the US. A team from FL/OH is coming bringing 2 portable kitchens to feed 4000 and a portable shower. We are providing financial & personal support to the family in our church. We are volunteering with Friends and Family Community Connection-Phil Harris. We would like to see what we can do to team up with RB CPC to provide advocates to adopt-a fire-victim to support over the next 2 years. Free internet access; free drop off laundry service; free medical clinic; hot meals 3x a day plus delivery; showers-bulk distribution & individual distribution Working with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance provide volunteers, materials Locations: Rancho Bernardo Comm. Presby. Church and Westminster Pres.Escondido Contact for SD Presby.Churches & for Presby. Disaster Assistance-Marcia Borgman CCLG is also working with Wayne Monroes at the Ranchland Christian Church who is heading up resource from many in the RB area who have been affected by the fires. We know they had at least 4 families who lost their homes. taking cleaning buckets to homes in fire areas; making & delivering sifters to burned out homes; providing work crews to help w/debris clean up and sifting

Chinese Bible Church Christ in Action@Mountain View Community Church

Lam, Albert Raher, Michael

pastor Dir. Of operations

Chen, Luke

12335 World Trade Drive Ste. 2 1191 Meadowlark Way

San Diego, CA Ramona, CA 92065

858-675-8777 x101 (office) 858382-2259 (cell) 760-789-0866 (office)

1, possibly 2 Christ in Action is a faith based org. that does disaster response serving as the guest of MVCC.

next week will have a truck load of horse feed-17 pallets.

Christ Presbyterian Church, Carlsbad

Kelly, Doug


Hank & Carolyn Peterson

7807 Centella St.

Carlsbad, CA

760-753-3290 (office) Petersons-760-436-9165

Christian Church of Lemon Grove Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints/Esc. South Stake Haynie, Allen Church Resource Ministries City of Escondido Hsu, Geoffrey Van Leeuwen, Jerry

Kim Lamb; John Watts President Kathy Marler Felicita Ave.

Lemon Grove, Ca Escondido, CA 760-745-8535 (office) 760-5184143 858-672-1050 h; 858-449-2429 c Cell 408.893.1606 Home 408.353.1941 Office 408.293.0234 408-232-5600 (office) (302)5625551 (cell) (858) 279-6130

none CCLG has no families directly damaged but John lives in Jamul and we are working with him to help many families who lost homes in the Harris Fire. We are coming to learn what is available and learn additional ways we may be able to help them. 38 in San Diego lost entire home; 40 with other significant damage or loss


more sifters are needed & shovels & wheelbarrows

CityTeam Ministries CityTeam Ministries Clairemont Covenant Church

Erickson, Dresden Williams, Richard Dougherty, Erin Youth worker

20400 Kent Way 2304 Zanker Rd

Los Gatos CA San Jose, CA 95131 San Diego, CA 92111 CityTeam is partnering with Christ in Action to serve meals. Also partnering with them is Saratoga Federated Church. 1)We are raising $$ through Covenant World Relief to help out those who are uninsured/underinsured to help w/the rebuilding & restoration of their homes/lives. 2) We are also collecting donations of food/clothes & household items to distribute to those in need. 3) We will have volunteers who can help with clean up & possibly construction. set up a Fire Relief Response Team (10 members); coordinate & activate church efforts Networking with other churches in our denomination (covenant) and responding as a group to individual needs. Spreading the word about volunteer opportunities.

Clairemont Covenant Church College Avenue Baptist Church College Center Covenant Church Convoy of Hope Cornerstone Church of Escondido

West, Greg Harris, Carlton Eisenman, Tom Irwin, Steve Greiner, Brad

Pastor pastor pastor Pastor Phalan, Jim

5255 Mt. Ararat Dr. 4747 College Avenue

San Diego, CA 92111 San Diego, CA 92115 San Diego, CA 92115

(858) 279-6130 (office) 858-3353888 (cell) 619-582-7222 (office) 619-7333202 (cell) 619-582-0226 (office);

none 4 Nothing in our congregation

6126 Adelaide Ave.

We need to know if there are churches in the affected communities that can process/assess the needs of those who are most desperate, uninsured, underinsured. Our church is 10-15 miles away from the affected areas so we need to network w/the local churches so as not to duplicate efforts or step on toes. Knowing how and where we can concentrate resources and volunteers; primarily RB Baptist Church, Ramona & East County We're more looking for ways we can BE OF HELP. We would consider giving facility space to a recovery organization that needs a temporary home.

Cornerstone Community Church Cross Church San Diego (North County Inland) Cross Church San Diego (North County Inland) Crossroads Christian Fellowship CRWRC-DRS Daybreak Community Church/San Diego Fire Disaster Fund East Clairemont EFCC El Cajon Wesleyan Church Emmanuel Faith Community Church Escondido Seventh-day Adventist Church Escondido Seventh-day Adventist Church Escondido Seventh-day Adventist Church Escondido, Christian Center Faith and Health Partnership Program-Palomar, Pomerado Health Faith Chapel First Congregational Church of Escondido First Lutheran Church Gateway Community Church Gathering Place Christian Fellowship Grace Bible Church Grace Chapel Grace Lutheran Church & Schools Hope Church Horizon Christian Fellowship Horizon Christian Fellowship-Valley Center Horizon International Ministries Horizon International Ministries Horizon International Ministries Horizon International Ministries Horizon International Ministries ICCSD

Keller, Frank


4749 Oceanside Blvd. Ste 1

Oceanside, CA


None 0 We are as a brand new church launch looking for a few families to help specifically in our area. (north inland)

We are communicating with our church body to make them aware of ways they can help. We have tents that can be used for "compassion tents"; stocked with supplies; different sizes up to 1800 ft; volunteers f/other states.

Graves, Brad Grimm, Scott Lauer, Alan Vos, Don

church planter worship pastor pastor manager PO Box 502713 PO Box 502713 1943 Calif. St.

? ? Oceanside, CA

479-366-7360 or 479-366-7360 479-366-7360 or 479-366-7360 760-433-1422 209-815-8312

We are a small church with a big heart. We need to find where we can fit with our resources. We were pretty much unaffected by the fire. Our people are our resource and we are trying to locate ways to help. Sites to minister & engage people; places to set up a tent to minister if needed; * We are a very young church. We do have resources and mission teams. We would like to partner with another church that has more needs.

Want to do long term recovery. Please ask us to help!

Wells, Michael Clark, Chris Peacock, Bob Forsyth, Steven Keating, Dennis

pastor Pastor elder Pastor Pastor

Alex Cabrera 4633 Doliva Dr.

Carlsbad, CA San Diego, CA 92117

858-442-5078 (Alex cell) 858-277-4413 (office) 858-3957136 (cell)


We have clothing, toiletries & furniture to donate where needed.


Holmquist, Dave Hector Morales

1500 E. Lexington Ave. 639 E. Felicita Ave.

El Cajon, CA Escondido, CA 92025

619-440-4452 (office) 760-781.2159 760-740-8600 (office) 760-2121716 (cell)


Supplying needs to a family who lost everything-food, clothing, physical, mental, emotional help.


Ciccarelli, Jon Decena, Jason Powers, Gayla Phillips, Joel


1001 Country Club Lane Escondido Escondido

Escondido, CA


Working through our denominational disaster & relief agency (ADRA= Adventist disaster & relief agency) Also-Southeastern California Conference of Seventh Day Adventists -Pacific Union Conference of Seventh Day Adventists



Kim Tolbert

927 Idaho Ave

Escondido, CA 92025

760-745-0505(office) 858-2125038 (Kim) 858-675-5599 (office) 760-8078800 (cell);

Stuckhardt, Kay Jones, Gary Swope, Steve Neff, Sue Harrision, Craig Cowper.Smith, Shell Newheiser, Jim Guetierrez, Jose Young, Jim Palm, Matthew Botsford, Bob Luna, John Durward, Betsy Gervasi, Cesar Graupner, Garrett Kuhn, Jeff Tolentino, Eve Ong, Andre

coordinator Pastor pastor Parish Nurse Pastor Pastor pastor pastor Pastor Pastor & staff Pastor pastor staff staff pastor staff staff Pastor Becky Kennington Steve Haines Eric Geerdes Gelvin, Jackie Sharon Jahr 9400 Camp Rd. Spring Valley, CA 91977;;

4 families have lost their homes entirely Community need: San Pasqual Academy lost several homes/structures; 7 of the older adults living on campus lost their homes. For specific needs, contact agency and Independent services. 2 families

We have established a relief project-San Diego Fire Disaster Relief Fund (; support to Pauma Valley Resurrection church; support to Roca Church, Ramona.

Who needs what-organization of services i.e. volunteers/donated items

619.667-7102 (office)

n/a We were an Evac Center; we are a distribution center for Convoy of Hope; volunteers from SD Assembly of God churches being coordinated to assist East County Communities.

n/a Volunteers to take the resources to the communities who need it.

867 South Lincoln Ave www.gatewaycommunitychurch. net 1451 Montiel Rd. Suite 120 nccwwt/ North County Churches Box 1078 655 W. 11th Ave Oceanside 643 W. 13th Ave 1755 Thibodo Road 6365 El Apaso Road 28735 Valley Center Rd

El Cajon, CA 92020 Escondido, CA 92026 Poway, CA 92074 Escondido, CA 92025 760-746-0370 (office) 760-8078624-Jackie's cell 760-740-1755 (office) 760-747-9252 (office) 760-685-255 Work phone: 760-745-0831 Cell phone: 951-764-0509 (760) 726-3873 (office) 760-5474146 (cell)

no families directly; 7-8 family members of our members no members; dozens of neighbors

1) adopting families 2) clean up 3) donations to families 4) monetary donations Coordinating ways people can help.

n/a Finding volunteers opportunities

Escondido, CA Vista, CA

Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 858-756-5599 (office) 760-751-0509 (office) 858-527Valley Center, CA 92082 8325 (cell) 760-580-4299 (Eric) 858-688-9682 858-688-9682 858-688-9682 858-688-9682 858-688-9682 San Diego, CA 619-788-6800 (office) 619-4957098 Mobil, 6199464561 Home;

4 families lost homes Approximately 75 families have been affected directly 0 10 none

1)LCMS Funds have been made available 2) Individual members are volunteering fund raiser Dec. 1st at Kit Carson Park…matching funds by Thrivent Financial

3) Major

n/a 1)Distribution of household items 2)Adopt homes/families to rebuild 3) send out work teams to help clean up working closely with churches in VC to address needs in the community

n/a Knowing where to plug in Connecting resources with needs; identifying clearly what the needs are.

Freddy Oei

320 Date. St.

0 but we know of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon West at and Siew Tang Teo's sister in RB lost her home at


Please inform our church about needs, however we can help, in prayer, time and some resources.

Iglesia El Refugio Iglesia Familiar-SD Southern Baptist Hispanic Ministries Interfaith Community Services Marilyn Neubauer Ministries Mariners Church Mennonite Disaster Service MFB/Discovery Church Midway Baptist Church Mission Air Services Missions Hills Church Nazarene Disaster Response/Point Loma Nazarene Uni. New Hope New Song Church in Oceanside North Coast Calvary Chapel North Coast Calvary Chapel North Coast Calvary Chapel

Robles, Ramon Ceja, Sergio Johnson, Antoinette Neubauer, Marilyn Beshore, Kenton Curry, Melvin Kohlbry, Chris Baize, Jim Huskey, Aubrey R. Goff, Chico

pastor Pastor Faith Liaison Coordinator

Harbor Presbyterian Church 6866 Linda Vista 550 W. Washington Ave.,Ste B Oceanside Matt Olthoff Freeman Herschberger Byron Low 5001 Newport Coast Dr. 6195 El Camino Real 2460 Palm Ave.

Chula Vista CA Linda Vista, CA Escondido, CA 92025 619-392-8430 (cell) 760-489-6380 ext. 266 760-439-1401 949-854-7600 (office) (x422) 949-910-2309 (cell) 619-287-6762 (office) 760-448-1940 619-424-7870 619-463-6125 (office) 0 n/a 4 1)supporting local fire fighters 2) working with local churches that have been affected 3) collecting and distributing supplies 4) volunteers for clean up n/a clothing, $, food, etc. n/a n/a n/a none My community was not impacted by fires. Not sure yet.


Irvine, CA 92603 Carlsbad, CA San Diego, CA 92154

Sr. Pastor pastor

Modesto, Becky Rhodes, Joe Seed, Hal Doyle, Jim Mackenzie, Bob Reinke, Jeff

key contact Steve Foster; Mike Michalovich

3900 Lomaland Drvie.

San Diego, CA 92106

619-849-2678 (uni office) 619806-5983 (cell) 760-560-5000 (office) 760-5832937 (cell);


Nazarene Disaster Response & PLNU have monetary resources and a large group of volunteers to help those in need. We have care kits available.

pastor Small Group Pastor Exec. Pastor Mar & family pastor

Oceanside, CA


North Coast Calvary Chapel North Coast Church North County Prayer Group

Foreman, Mark Rosaler, Rick Bridgman, Dick


Stanton, Orville

7188 Avenida Encinas 1132 N. Melrose Dr.

Carlsbad, CA 92011 Vista, CA 92083

760-929-0029 x106 (office) 760519-2041 (cell) 760-724-683?

As far as we know, no one specifically. However we do have church members who have family or friends who have lost home or experiencing health issues. 0

We are currently accumulating opportunities: Funds, People to supply help or resources, clothing, food, etc. temporary housing Work teams clean-up and erosion control

We have the resources, just need to find areas, people to help (serve)

Pathways Community Church Pathways Community Church in Santee

Herrington, Phil Gilson, Mike

pastor pastor

Mike Gilson


9638 Carlton Hills Blvd. 9638 Carlton Hills Blvd.

Santee, CA 92071 Santee, CA 92071

(619) 449-1269 (office) 619-9728210 (cell) (619) 449-1269; mikegilson@pathwayscommunity


We are identifying and adopting families whose homes were burned that have a connection to members of our church. We will then be working to help these families through the recovery process. We will help with clean-up and some rebuilding and are working with the S. Baptist Disaster Relief organization on this. We will also provide food, clothing, furniture and emotional and spiritual support.

The hardest part for us in Santee has been identifying those we should help. We are still in a waiting process, so our members are having to develop patience to wait until we have specific work to do.

Presbytery of San Diego R.E.A.C.T. (Rebuild Escondido Assistance Center Team)

Cowden, Clark Steidl, Katy


Marcia Borgman 3707 Udall St. www.rebuildescondido.blogspo 201 E. Grand Ave. Ste. 2B

San Diego, CA Escondido, CA

619-224-2490 (office) 858-4010355 (cell) 760-743-FIRE (office) 760-4432993 (cell)

clarkcowden@presbytrySD .org;

75 families lost homes in 5 Presbyterian churches 5 families that I know were affected

We have offers from all over the country of people and work teams of people who want to come here to help with clean-up and re-building. We don't know where to put people to work. We need help knowing where we can plug people with resources in with people who have the needs. We will be an information hub, to connect needs with resources. 1) We have set up a fire relief station w/material needs donated from the neighborhood (water, snacks, cleaning supplies) 2) Starting this Sat. we are opening a "free store" that will be filled with supplies from World Vision. 3) We are regularly mobilizing teams to send out to the neighborhood.

We just need help knowing where we can put people to work. Please call us when you know of a need, when you have volunteers, or if you would like to connect your resources with the right people. 1)We have heard from many churches wanting to help-right now finding the time to collect and organize the info..but we are making progress. We are right in the center of the Rancho Bernardo Firestorm area so the opportunities to reach out to the community are always identifying themselves.

Rancho Bernardo Baptist

Maxton, Dan


Suzy Ubry

11616 Duenda Rd.

San Diego, CA 92127

858-487-7676 (office) 858-4422282 (cell)

4-Church family 3-day care family

Ridgeview Church Ridgeview Church

McKenzie, Larry Trok, Bill

Valley Center Valley Center 949-609-8428 (office) 310-9380477 (cell) 760-745-8616 (office) 760-5800518 (cell) Orange county had 15 homes destroyed and several hundred people evacuated. Saddleback along with other churches in OC has taken care of the majority our of local needs for now. 0 Saddleback has 2 volunteer forces ready to partner with local churches in San Diego County. We want to get behind the local church as you need. We are here to serve! 1) First response to fire areas 2)Follow-up @LACs and other need areas 3) Case management, spiritual/emotional care; financial & material assistance.

Saddleback Church Salvation Army Samaritan's purse

Warren, Rick Strickland, Derek Harrison, Luther

Pastor Pastor

Donn Herr Takahara, Mel

1 Saddleback Parkway 1301 Las Villas Way

Lake Forest, CA 92630 Escondido, CA;


San Diego First Church of the Nazarene

Kellly, Dee


Sarah Weber

3901 Lomaland Dr.

San Diego, CA 92106

619-849-3100 or 3107 (office) 619-849-9317

only one house was lost

San Marcos United Methodist

Dinkel, Paul


800 W. Mission Rd.

San Marcos, CA 92069



San Rafael Catholic Church

Mikulanis, Dennis L.

Rev. Msgn.

Len Vaillancourt (Deacon)

17252 Bernardo Center Drive

San Diego, CA 92128

858-487-4314 (office) 619-4174268 (cell);

46 homes lost; unknown number damaged

Our church was a conduit of information to our congregation. Efforts were made in organizing needs and volunteers to go to needed sites. None of our congregants were evacuated but most were minimally affected. However, our members are ready and willing to help in a variety of ways. United Methodist Committee on Relief will be coordinating Methodist response on a regional & national basis. Hope UMC in RB will be very involved. UMCOR Calif. Wildfires Recovery Fund gives 100% of donations to the needs. Our local church expects to have more toys than we can use for our own Christmas basket program. Church ministries coordinating efforts to reach families in needs: various ministries raising money & material goods. Volunteering @ local disaster relief centers. Parish response teams; "guardian angel" family for every family who lost a home; sifters, cleaners, stocking distribution site, assisting others to find rental properties. Praying for God's comfort upon the family that lost their loved one. We are also making ourselves available to the family who lost their home in Jamul and are awaiting a response of how we may help. We are also encouraging our congregation to help with the outreach efforts and rebuilding costs of the RB Baptist Church. We are awaiting a reply from the RB Baptist Church as to how specifically we may be of help to their immediate community (received email today and will be contacted on specifics) gift baskets, gift certificates, water, other needs as they arise and are needed, Bibles to those who lost homes.

Organizing volunteers to fill actual needs. The response of our community was phenomenal. We are looking for ways to serve. We are also looking to train some individuals to be 1st responders in future disasters. What about illegal immigrants?


Finding help during week days when most are working or in school. People needed who can help clean sift through debris during work week times.

SD Japanese Christian Church Shadow Mountain Community Church

King, Brent

youth/college/career pastor John Gillette/ Marcial Felan

San Diego, CA 619-440-1802 (office) 619-7267644 (John's cell) 619-249-3626 (Marcial's cell);

1 member's mother passed away while being evacuated from Pomerado Hospital. In terms of property damage, 1 member's nephew's daughter lost her home in Jamul.

Cannot think of any. We are thankful to God that our church members for the most part didn't experience any major damages. We want to be available to help and share Christ's love with people.

Jeremiah, David


2100 Greenfield Dr.

El Cajon, CA 92019


Solana Beach Presbyterian Church McClenahan, Mike Sonrise Community Church Foglio, Tony

pastor pastor

Larry Muschek, Larry Robinson Paul Nanney

120 Stevens Ave 8805 N. Magnolia Ave.

Solana Beach, CA 92075 Santee, CA 92071

858-692-6687 (office) 858-6926687 (Jeremy's cell) 619-596-7667 (office) 619-9332906 (cell);

None lost their home. Almost all were evacuated. None known

We are not addressing needs caused by the fire, if there are any, in our immediate community. We have taken 2 offerings and solicited around 50 responses from those who are willing to participate in giving help to the victims of the fire. Currently receiving contributions for …….? Stonecroft Ministries is interested in facilitating community gatherings in the affected area (RB, Fallbrook, Ramona, Poway, etc) which would allow women of the body of Christ who lost homes to share their stories with their neighbors, and at the same time have women from the Cedar Fire share practical advice & mentoring. Trying to find out the needs. Housing and Insurance Assistance; Cleaning and sifting teams; gift baskets for families that suffered loss

n/a We want to team with individuals or another church in a directly affected area which has contacts with the needs of fire victims in their area. Please send up pertinent information from the meeting. Who is helping the Fallbrook families who lost their mobile homes? Let us know about those areas where people have less income and more dire prospect for recovery we feel we can be of more help. Who can we contact on those sites? n/a

Stonecroft Ministries The Awakening The Church at Rancho Bernardo The Gathering Place The River

Homer, Kathryn Muster, Craig Kuehl, Harry Ettore, John Stoehr, Matthew

Field Director Pastor pastor Martin, Sean

12568 Pacato Circle S. 3563 Cay Dr. 11740 Bernardo Plaza Ct.

San Diego, CA Carlsbad, CA San Diego, CA

858-337-7646 (cell) 760-434+1234 (office) 760-6876636 (cell) 858-592-2434 (office) ext. 317 760-639-0304 (office) 760-2243224 (cell) 619-226-7625 (office) 858-9679350 (cell) 619-764-5179 (Greg's cell) 619-764-5122 760-743-1629 (office) 760-749-2653 (office) 619-2060819 (cell) No home was damaged 30 plus

Connecting with other pastors. Engaging our volunteers who want to help.


Joeseph Roberts Tommy Moseley; Greg Dalton; Carletta Vicain

410 S. Santa Fe Ave #205

Vista, CA 92084;


Gathering info at this meeting to where we can help with our resources and church body

Wherever we can help in the communities?

The Rock Church The Rock Church Trinity Episcopal Valley Baptist Church

McPherson, Miles Twigg, Keith Decker, Meg Hanson, Gunnar


2277 Rosecrans 2277 Rosecrans 845 Chestnut 30053 Miller Rd. (Mail PO Box 158)

San Diego, CA San Diego, CA

0 0 none

pastor pastor

The Rock has become a distribution center of donations. Distributing to other churches Our congregation did not lose any houses, but we are working with our diocese to assist those who did. Plans are still being formulated. We want to help however possible.

n/a n/a

Valley Center, CA 92082

Valley Center Community Church Vision San Diego Vision San Diego (Southern Baptists)

Sale, John Welch, John

pastor Assoc. Executive Director

David Wojnicki

29105 Valley Center Rd. (PO Box 130)

Valley Center, CA 92082

(760) 749-5151 (Office) 760703-6115 (cell) 858-444-4400 (office) Thomas' Cell (Primary): (619) 742-8694 Office (Secondary) (858) 444-4400 or 4407 760-726-4856 (office) 760-8061023 (Sharon Gough)

0 There were two families in our church who lost their homes in the fire up here in Valley Center, Viola Peck and the Herb and Rhonda McMichael family. Both families live on the La Jolla Indian Reservation. Right now we as a church are assessing the needs of the community at large but thus far it is apparent that those hit hardest by the fire, were the La Jolla and Rincon Reservations. Only one home burnt in Valley Center and there was no loss of life. We have been meeting on a regular basis with other pastors in this area since last Friday to find ways that we can serve our community and this has been very helpful in ascertaining areas of need.

Too many to list. Water, generators, housing migrant workers.

We are continuing to gather resources & assess needs, in concert with other churches in VC area.

We are especially interested in serving the needs of those on Indian reservations. Those renting homes/trailers seem to have been hit hardest.

Carlisle, Mike


Bush, Thomas ( Prayer ministry director

7220 Trade Street, #105

San Diego, CA 92121;

n/a 2 English speaking families; we partner with Victory Outreach Spanish speaking; they may have significant losses


Vista Christian Fellowship Vista Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Vista UMC

Friend, Roger Carlos, Luis Hooper, George

Pastor pastor pastor

820 Williamson

Vista, CA

We are a small church responding as we can to individual needs.

1) Can provide meals 2) Trained for free site cleanup-if we can get approval to waive "contractors only" requirements 3) can mobilize volunteers to help. Need for information about how to plug in volunteers & donations. Sharon-I personally have a lot of contact with individuals in small churches & active bodies of believers who will be looking for ways to get plugged in-I'm looking for contacts to disseminate to many of these.

Bill Rockwell

490 S. Melrose

Vista, CA

760-724-0442 None in this fire. However, we had major losses in the 2003 fires, and one of our families that lost their home in 2003 has still not built/occupied a new home although they are approaching completion of their house. Our church secretary's parents home burned (Dick and Jane Jackson, parents of Mary Eidson, part of EFCC) The homes of the two sons of one of our members, Evelyn Young burned in Highland Valley. 0

Westminster Presbyterian Church Windsor Hills Community Church

Rauch, Jim Calhoun, Sam

pastor pastor

Taeler Morgan Doyle Young (deacon)

1500 S. Juniper 7485 Orien Ave.

Escondido, CA 92025 La Mesa, CA 91941

World Vision

Freeman, Phyllis

& Richard Baker, Jr.

6215 S. Gramercy Place

Los Angeles, CA 90047

760-745-3225 (office) 619-660-0693 (office) 619-3012849 (Doyle's cell) 323-751-4408 (wv) 214-2449196-(Phyllis) 253-670-2920(Richard);;

We have cash donations & donated goods to distribute. We may have volunteers who would like to help. Our main need as a congregation is to know who are the people who are most in need and have no one to help them? What help do they need? We want to help but not sure how. 1) trying to identify people who need assistance 2)immediately building sifters

1) Knowing who are most in need….2)knowing who is not receiving help from other churches or agencies n/a




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