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Google Toolbar Ad-blocker


									Google Toolbar Ad-blocker
If you have a Google Toolbar installed on your computer then by default an Ad-blocker feature will be switched on preventing you from opening pop-up windows. button. To identify if the pop-up The pop-up feature is shown by the blocker feature is enabled move your mouse over this button, it the following message is displayed: “Pop-Up Blocker is On Total :0“ this indicates the Pop-up blocking feature is enabled. The pop-up feature is shown by the the Google toolbar. button located in the middle of

Disabling your Google Pop-up Blocker To disable the Google pop-up feature click on the blocker button while you are at the Landmark home page – this will selectively allow popups at the Landmark site only. Once you do this the text within the button will change to Site Popups allowed. See Fig.1

Figure 1 - Google Ad-Blocker disabled

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