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					Prize List for Chelsea Heights Cheetah Celebration
As you have likely heard, the Cheetah Celebration on May 29, marking the end of another great Chelsea Heights School year, is going to be an incredible fundraiser and friend-raiser. One of the ways that the school will raise money is through the raffle of some truly incredible prizes, a list of which is presented below. Raffle tickets are $1 each and will be available the night of the party. Please bring your family, your friends, and some money to spend on the raffle!

Raffle Prizes:
      $250 cash give-away $200 Target gift card Handmade dollhouse Handmade animal barn Skateboard American Girl Chrissa doll

Chelsea Heights will also raffle off a number of gift baskets. Please see the list below to get an idea of some of the great gift baskets and their cash value.
“Mom’s Day Off” Basket Mom needs a day off. Heck, she needs more than one! But let’s start with a special day using the items in this great basket.  Meet a friend for coffee at the Coffee Grounds: $10  Take in a little shopping with a gift card from Lands’ End Inlet: $20  Get a manicure or a trim at City Looks: $25  Put on some beautiful, handmade, freshwater pearl jewelry, donated by the Rogers family: $35  Send Dad for groceries at Rainbow foods: $20  Have a quiet dinner (without the kids?) at Bascali’s: $25  Coffee Cup  Stainless steel water bottle Total Basket Value: $140 Sports-Lover’s Basket Take me out to the ballgame! The sports fan in your life will love the items in this basket!  Signed Photo of Vikings Running Back #29 Chester Taylor  Voucher for Four Twins Tickets  Voucher for Four Saints Tickets  Portable CD Player  Football  Basketball  “Sports Challenge” Game Total Value: $150 (approximate retail value)

A special thank-you to the Finnegan family, the Minnesota Twins, the Saint Paul Saints, and the Minnesota Vikings for donating items. Don’t Cook for a Week Basket: Let’s face it. The end of the school year is nigh, and that means more chaos than usual. Why not take a few nights off from cooking?  Dine on two free entrees at Dino’s: $15 (approx. retail value)  Enjoy a delicious pasta dinner at Macaroni Grill: $20  Get the extended family together for pizza with five Papa John’s large pizzas: $40 (approx. retail value)  Savor malts, burgers and frees with a gift card from Snuffy’s: $20  Ole! Nosh on nachos at Ol’ Mexico: $10  Sandwiches and ice cream – yum!! Eat at Nelson’s Cheese Factory: $25 Total Basket Value: $130 Great Grilling Basket: Pack up this beautiful, handmade basket – donated by kindergarten teacher Norma Jorgensen – and head to the nearest grill for a family gathering or a special evening with friends. This lovely basket includes the following items:  Handmade basket  Large plastic pitcher  Grilling tools  Tablecloth  Citronella candles  Hickory chips for smoking  Grill basket  Kabob skewers and grilling rack Special thanks to the Seeba family and Norma Jorgensen for donating this incredible gift basket! Total Value: $150 Building Fun! Basket This special basket, donated by the Mortenson family, is filled with hours of fun activities for kids with a bent for construction.  Two (2) Star Wars Lego kits  One K’nex construction set  Five Hot Wheels racecars  A Hot Wheels racetrack Total Value: $100 Knitting Gift Basket Knit a close relationship between a mother and daughter! Enjoy this lovely basket featuring the following items:  Gift certificate for mother and child to take beginning knitting class

 Two pairs of knitting needles  Knitting instruction book for children  Measuring tape  Two Yarnery bags  Knit Chek tool  Knitting needles/crochet hooks  Aluminum stitch holders  One set of freshwater pearls earrings and necklace Total Value: $125 A special thank you to the Yarnery, the Thompson family, and the Rogers family for donating the items in this lovely basket. Christmas in May? A Treat for Dads and Grads? Shop for Christmas gifts now or purchase something for Father’s Day. However you look at it, this gift basket has something for everyone!!  $50 in gift cards to Half-Price Books  $50 gift card to Target  $15 gift card to Cub Foods  Travel coffee mug Total Value: $125 A special thank-you to the Kerr family for donating the Half-Price Books gift card and to Target for donating the $50 gift card. Teenage Hangout Basket: Use the great gift cards in this basket, and you won’t have to beg Mom or Dad for money for at least a week!  Grab a friend and see a movie at AMC: $15 (approx. retail value)  Grab a Chipotle burrito with a friend: $15 (approx. retail value)  Have a sandwich at Potbelly: $20 (approx. retail value)  Central High School sweatshirt: $25 (approx. retail value)  Central High School tote bags: $10 (approx. retail value) Total Value: $85 (approximate retail value) Tween Girls Basket  An awesome collection of fun things for girls!  Blendy Pens  Camp Rock Card Game  American Girl Miniature Doll  Hannah Montana Wireless Microphone  6-pack of Nail Polish  6-pack of Lip Gloss Total Value: $65 A special thank-you to the Finnegan family for donating this special basket. Please note: There will be ten additional baskets up for raffle!

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