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					 Module 1.3: The Secret, Strategies, and Tactics
                of Internet Marketing Millionaires.

                      The 12 Combat Tactics:
Gilda: Welcome to the 12 combat tactics—modeling the best. Lillian and I
have gone deep into the minds of some of the best internet marketing
geniuses of today. Every single one of the marketing masters that we've
studied have made tens of millions of dollars using online marketing to sell
products, services of all kinds and although they do use Facebook and
blogging and Twitter to market, there is actually a secret recipe that they're
using within their marketing that’s causing them to succeed, while so
many others that also use Facebook and blogging are not making money
using it all.

Here’s what's kind of interesting. The REIMA strategy and the 12 combat
tactics that internet marketers use to make big money actually has
absolutely nothing to do with the internet.

Lillian: So we could delve in and explain to you how to make a blog or get
your Facebook page going, but we’d actually be doing you a disservice.
This internet stuff only makes sense to use in your business because of
the over arching strategy and these 12 combat tactics because without
these strategies, you can end up like a lot of other agents out there
wasting time on social media and marketing training to drum up business
here and there, but mainly just wasting your time that needs to be spent in
front of clients.

As agents, you have to be in front of as many people as possible. That’s
where the real money comes in.             So the REIMA strategy and the 12
combat tactics are the way to use the internet in a strategic and targeted
way that brings you face to face with real live buyers and sellers to work
with daily.

Gilda: The combat tactics are the universal tactics these guys use in every
launch, every marketing planning campaign to get results and build long
term relationships with their customers. So how are you going to use
these? You're going to understand the why behind the reason each tactic
works. We’re going to start incorporating these tactics that makes sense
to you in your business right away.

So each tactic fits in with many different tools like video, blogging,
Facebook and in each of the modules, we’ll walk through a step by step
way of how to incorporate them so you can see how they work exactly.
So let’s get started with the first one.
                           Combat Tactic 1:

Lillian: Combat tactic number one is, “Hello, my name is marketer.” If you
were to ask an internet marketer what it is that they do, they will answer
with, well, I’m an internet marketer. It really doesn't matter what they're
selling and they all sell something because that’s how they make money.
But whether they're selling golf clubs or face cream or real estate or
software or stocks or books on whatever or tax consulting, whatever
they're selling, they are marketers first and foremost.

Gilda: They understand that if you know how to market well, you can
really sell any product or service. But you go and you ask any realtor what
they do for a living and of course, they will tell you that they help people
buy and sell houses. So it’s just common sense that if you have a lot of
people buying and selling lots of houses, you're going to make a lot of

Lillian: But how? How do you get a lot of people? How do you get 30 or
40 or 50 a month not just one or two trickling in every month? That is
what the rest of the 12 combat weapons will show you, but without this
first weapon, without that right state of mind that you are a marketer, you
will not succeed, so fix this. The concept that you're first a marketer and
second a realtor is at the core of REIMA. Any good realtor knows that you
can get someone else to do the paperwork, you can get someone else to
even show the houses, but it’s really up to you to get the people, the
leads, the customers and the referrals and that leads us to combat
weapon number two which is once you have the people creating an actual
relationship with those people, just having a list of names and emails on
Facebook is not good enough. A lot has changed in our world and in our
economy, but one thing still remains the same—more relationships equals
more money.

                          Combat Tactic 2:
In fact, with the surge in online networking and marketing, relationships
today are more important than ever because somebody can actually say,
this person is great and posted all over their Facebook and there you have
a good brand about yourself or they could say this person is terrible
posted all over their Facebook or all over the internet and you’ve ruined
them. So creating good relationship with people is key. And like I said,
just having a list of emails and names or a bunch of friends on Facebook
is not a relationship.

You need to engage with those people meaning that you need to have a
real relationship with your ACL and we’re going to show you how to have
a strong relationship with your ACL even if it’s thousands or tens of
thousands of people big using the exact same strategies that you use in
the real world to engage with your customers one on one.


So to review, the power of the internet gives us the ability to sell not just
one to one like a door to door salesman, but thousands of people at once,
but how people are relating these days is different and you must learn it to
thrive using emails, Facebook, social media, blogging and video, you will
learn how to very easily create relationship—real relationships with
hundreds and even thousands of people employing the strategies that the
best internet marketers know.
                            Combat Tactic 3:

And that takes us to combat weapon number three. Will the real you
please stand up.      A relationship is person to person, not person to
company. The internet has leveled the marketing playing field for solo
entrepreneurs like you and me. And with Facebook, blogging, Twitter,
video marketing, it’s easier than ever to market yourself to a particular
audience and gain instant recognition in that circle. Remember, with the
advance of social media, people expect authenticity and connections with
the people that they do business with. The stronger your connection is
with your list, the more likely it is that they're going to come to you for their
real estate needs.

The quality of your connection with your list is really what counts. So you
really have got to be personal. The internet marketing millionaires that
we've studied and modeled, their list really knows the type of person that
they are if they're a surfer, their list knows that. If they are in traveling,
their list knows that. If they're running a marathon, their list knows that
and the reason for that is to build that connection because again, it’s going
to be you to thousands of people and in order for those thousands of
people to really feel that connection with you, you’ve got to share and
you’ve got to be real about who you are and it’s going to really be that
quality of connection that makes you running.

And that takes us to combat weapon number four which is selling the
dream and I’m going to have Gilda talk about that.
                            Combat Tactic 4:

Gilda: That’s right.   Selling the dream and that marketers know that
people don’t buy based on logic, they buy based on emotion. So could
you employ the same strategy when you're writing an email to your buyers
about a house? Of course. Don’t just talk about the houses or a home
with three bedrooms and two baths, you can talk about the huge
backyard, they can have barbecues and their kids will have so much room
to run and play. You can talk about the wonderful school district and how
kids who go to that school are 73% more likely to go to college and so on.

When you know your audience really well, you can sell them their dream.
You want to sell them the idea that their life is going to be better if they list
with you and give them not just facts and statistics, but tell them the
stories of people who have sold with you. Share the pictures of these
clients and how happy they are once you’ve sold their house because it
was such an easy fast, wonderful experience.

People are just so much more likely to remember these pictures and
stories and then all of your statistics about being the best listing agent in
the area. So remember, stats are important, but don’t forget to sell the

                            Combat Tactic 5:

And the fifth combat weapon is the free strategy and this can seem kind of
crazy, but we want you to give away your best information for free.
Remember, we said giving is a huge part of engaging. This is one of the
strongest, if not the strongest combat weapon.             Giving your best
information away for free, a lot of internet marketers call it moving the free
line and it’s a really common tactic that they give their best stuff away for
free and I know, it seems kind of crazy, but it’s not because if you think
about it, if you're consistently giving people valuable information and
service, what happens?      They automatically trust you because you’ve
followed through for them with no strings attached and they respect what
you have to say because they’ve seen the level of quality that you’ve put
out there.

So on top of having hundreds of potential clients’ trust and respect, it’s
also a proven fact that by giving people things for free, there’s a reciprocity
factor that happens. They feel like they owe you and when it’s time for
you to ask them for something, they want to help you out. So what kind of
information could you give to your clients that they would normally have to
pay for?


1. Here are some examples of what you could give away. Sellers often
have to pay commissions, buyers get everything for free. So if you're
targeting for sale by owners, give to them, be it a blog, a Facebook and
video information that will help them sell their house. You could give what
legal pitfalls they should avoid, where to find buyers, tips on holding a
great open house. The tips on curb appeals, staging and more.

Lillian: Yeah, so what Gilda is saying—the free strategy, let’s give you an
example. So we know that sellers have to pay commissions, but buyers
generally get everything for free. So if you're targeting for sale by owners,
what could we give them? Well, we could give to them information that
would actually help them to sell their house. I know, it sounds crazy and
so what is that information? Well, we could give them legal pitfalls that
they should avoid, where to find buyers, where to list their house even,
tips on holding a great open house, tips on curb appeals, staging et cetera
and you're not just giving it to one for sale by owner by dropping it off-a
package in front of their house, you're actually giving it to thousands of
people via your blog, your Facebook and your video.

So on a slim chance that a couple of these guys actually sell their house
with the information you gave, well, they're going to remember you.
They're going to refer you and there is going to be dozens, hundreds even
of others that don’t sell their house and who are they going to, the guy that
helped them out? So that’s one example.

2. Another example would be if you're targeting short sellers. Well, there
are tons of information that you can give short sellers that they really,
really need. A lot of them don’t even know what a short sale really is or
what will it do their credit, they're worried, they’ve heard the word, but they
don’t know exactly how it’s going to affect them. How would they qualify
to do a short sale? Which banks are easier to get approvals from than
others? You have all of that information. They don’t! So give it to them.
Give it to them for free. Educate and earn! That’s a big tactic that falls in
line with the free strategy. Educate your target market and you will earn
their respect, their trust, their business and money in your pocket.

Those are just a couple of examples, but we’re going to get into a heck a
lot more of them that you can actually drop straight into your business
within the next few modules of REIMA, but let’s continue with combat
weapon number six—making everyday a holiday.
                          Combat Tactic 6:

Gilda: The combat weapon number six, making every day a holiday! Well
people just love holidays and people love events.        Well, they won't
necessarily come into a store on any given day. If you're having a grand
opening in the store and everything is 50% off, people will show up. So
how do you use this concept in your real estate business? You can't really
have a storewide sale, but there's definitely ways that you can implement
this into your marketing strategy. You can make your open house an
event and not just an ordinary open house. You can market the event
using all of the strategies we've been teaching you and will teach you and
make the open house an event by having a clown there for the kids or
having a picnic or door prizes. Get your community talking about your
open houses and make sure it’s a one time only open house. Only open
this Saturday and that will get people excited about it and get people

Another example is, you can host a webinar in the new FHA guidelines
and you can email out and invite all the potential buyers on your list from
all your marketing strategies and so now, instead of having to chase
people around and talk to them, you will invite them to an event where
they are going to get a chance to learn everything they need to know
about buying in today’s market! All the new FHA guidelines, tax credits
and all of that in just a simple 30-minute webinar and of course, now
you're going to be seen as the expert in your community and even better
example, you can host an event for sellers for investors, senior sellers,
short sellers and you can again host an online webinar where you invite
your niche to come to a presentation or you can share with them
everything they should know if they're considering selling their house in
this market.
Lillian: And if you have no idea how to do a webinar, don’t worry, we’re
going to teach you and it’s easy. So it’s a really, really simple way to get
people to come to you instead of you having to chase them around.

                           Combat Tactic 7:

Gilda: And then we’re going to go into combat weapon number seven
which we call it social proof! And social proof is a phrase that describes a
pretty simple phenomenon which is that we tend to trust what our peers
have to say. We generally trust our friend’s recommendations about a
restaurant or a salon and a lot of us will read online reviews of a new
movie and read ratings of products online before we buy them.

Lillian: Here’s a good statistic.   About 78% of people will actually trust
online recommendations about companies, while only 14% will trust the
company’s advertising.

Gilda: The best internet marketers really know how to use social proof to
their advantage and we’re going to teach you how to do that. Whenever
they have a new video out or a new blog post before launching any sort of
sale, they will directly ask people to leave comments on their videos and
on their blog post. Leave a note if you like this, leave a comment if you
like this. The reasoning behind this is to increase their social proof.

Think about it, if you watch a video that has absolutely zero comments or
you watch the same video with over 700 comments of how awesome this
video is and how they just can't wait to see more, it’s our human nature to
want to know more about the video with all of those views and comments
and also to assume that the person who put that video out there knows
what they're doing.

So we’re going to teach you how to use this phenomenon in your
business. It is extremely powerful for getting people to trust you and use
you as their realtor.

A very simple way for you to use this in your own business is just right
now, start asking for collecting and organizing your testimonials of past
clients and then start incorporating these into your website, into your blog,
into your Facebook, your LinkedIn profile, everywhere. We’re going to
cover this a lot more in depth when we talk about email marketing and
blogging, but if you create a new blog post, you can even say, leave me a
comment and let me know what you thought of this post and if you have
any other questions you’d like me to cover, let me know.

People will leave you comments, people will ask you questions. You’ll be
amazed at the response and in regards to the testimonials, your clients
may think you're the best thing since sliced bread, but they might not even
know that you're interested in a testimonial from them. So right now, start
collecting those and don’t just even get words on a sheet of paper, take
their picture, get a little video with your iPhone or with your FLIP cam of
them actually testifying for you what a great job you did, how quick and
easy the process was or how you went so out of your way to find them just
the house that they wanted and start blasting those on everything that has
your name attached to it.
                           Combat Tactic 8:

Lillian: That’s right and the eight combat weapon is bonuses. This is kind
of a fun tactic that we learned from the internet marketers and what they
do is they always sweeten the sale with bonuses and often, they offer
bonuses that are even better than the product they're selling because they
know that people will get excited about the bonuses almost more than the
product itself.

So how do you this in your real estate business? So maybe you're the
realtor that demands six or seven percent for the listing, but if you throw in
a romantic getaway for two for the weekend before the close—you might
see people being okay with that percentage or perhaps you can stand
apart for referrals by offering a bonus to the referring agent. It could be a
dinner for two, maybe an extra 5% on the referral and if it’s house that
absolutely must sell within a specific time period, you could throw in a trip
for the buyer. These are just some examples, but we’ll go into more as we
go along.

Gilda: Yeah, one quick example, we call it—have you ever been to
Hawaii? We had an agent named Jose who actually used this bonus
strategy at an open house and it was a listing that was about to expire so
before a buyer would leave his open house, he would say, hey by the way,
have you ever been to Hawaii? He sold the house at that open house that
day! So bonuses do work.
                           Combat Tactic 9:

Lillian: And the ninth combat tactic is building the hype. What does that
mean?     Internet marketing product launches are really the internet
marketers getting customers jazzed up and excited about their new
products. These guys generate excitement for new products and basically
have people clamoring to buy their products. Imagine if your clients woke
up in the morning excited to hear from you and to see what new
information you were going to send their way. Imagine if on the day that
you got a new listing, you had hundreds of buyers chomping at the bid to
see it. Do you think that strategy would help you get a lot more listings?
Of course and you know, it’s really easy to do using the internet and we’re
going to break down exactly how these guys use buzz and hype with all of
their marketing campaigns and you can actually copy these strategies to
work with your email marketing, your blogs, your videos and more.

                          Combat Tactic 10:

Gilda: And one of the things that they use with building the hype is this
tenth combat weapon which is scarcity and scarcity is a great way to get
people to act now and get off the fence.           There’s a reason these
marketers don’t offer their products year round. They have them all the
time, but they're only available for sale for a week at a time several times a

This is done to make people act! Can you really use this in real estate?
Or course. So what if you list a property for ten days at an incredibly low
price? But you make it known that in ten days time, that price is going to
go up. No one thinks this way in real estate, but it can work. This creates
an auction like mentality for agents and their clients to get their offers in
now and not later. And this really works well if you absolutely may sell a
property. Of course sellers can always reject the offers if they're too low,
but usually with so many people clamoring to get that property, the seller
will get their price in the end.

3. Here's another example. You can start marketing on your Facebook,
Twitter and blog about a listing that you have and how it’s an amazing
deal and you can only host one open house and it’s this Saturday. There
will be no more open houses. If someone wants to see this house and
they should because it’s an amazing house, they must come this
Saturday.    So how is that for getting lazy buyers off the couch on a
Saturday? You can build your list of buyers that actually want to buy now
so they’ll react to that kind of scarcity.

                           Combat Tactic 11:

Lillian: And we’re getting towards the end, but the eleventh combat
weapon is leverage.        This is a super powerful tool that the internet
marketers use. The power of the internet marketing community is one of
the most important aspects of internet marketing and it’s often the most
intimidating. These guys aren’t rocket scientists. Sorry guys, but they
have somehow worked to create personas that are larger in life and by
working with their tight knit group, they create an even greater image of
superiority. Everybody kind of wants to get in with these guys and work
with them.

And the top folks in the internet marketing field are pretty much all friends.
They help each other out with their products, they advice each other on
marketing strategies and they even sell each other stuff to their own
customers.     They never worry about sharing information or sharing
customers because they know that the power of them together is greater
than what they could do on their own.

Gilda: Consider how you can use other agents and even your
relationships with local business owners and vendors to use this combat
tactic and promote each other’s stuff. We could share the wealth. You
can help your favorite local businesses by spreading the word about them
creating again that reciprocity. So who are the folks that you can refer out
and they can refer clients back to you?

Often real estate agents, we work with painters, plumbers, contractors,
repairmen, inspectors, lenders and even your drycleaners.        If you give
them love in your marketing and you send clients their way, they're even
more likely to refer to you.

                          Combat Tactic 12:

And the final combat weapon is one of the most important ones as well.
We’re going to walk through this further in depth in the next video, but this
is be a mind reader. To be a really great internet marketer, you have to
know exactly what your prospects feel, think, want and desire and to do
that, you have to narrow down exactly who your client is. You just really
can't appeal and sell to everyone via the web and do it effectively and
most successful internet marketers have a saying, I think we already told
you, but the riches are in the niches. It’s a good one to memorize.
Lillian: With your blog, your Facebook and eventually your videos, you're
going to have to target your message in order to be successful. They
have to be able to relate to you and to think that you know him or her so
well that you can generate good quality leads.

Gilda: If you pick a segment and you pick a target and you define your
client, your message can hit that directly every time.      Remember that
buyers and sellers are different. First time home buyers are different than
luxury and luxury seller is different than a short seller. A short seller is
different than an equity seller and again, we’re going over this because it’s
so important for you to know that if you really target your message, how
much more powerful your message can be.

Lillian: Okay, so now you’ve got this combat tactics down. Let’s apply the
sexy tools that we’re all excited about and the next video, we’re going to
walk you through creating your ideal client that you're going to target with
your marketing and then the rest of the modules, we’re going to show you
how to put this on action!

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