Outcome-based Learning

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       This is an activity developed by            Tasks:
        Barbara Levin (MERLOT).                          The author describes, “I ask my
       The author states, “The point of                  students to go to this website on their
                                                          own and complete the 70-item
        learning about different                          questionnaire. I also ask them to read
        personality types and                             the information provided on the
        temperament is to appreciate                      website to learn more about
        individual differences and perhaps                temperament and about their own
                                                          profile. Later in class we see how
        to provide some insight into one's                many people fall into each category
        own behaviors”.                                   and I provide additional information
                                                          and answer their questions. We then
       Learning objective:                               brainstorm ways this might be useful
            “To understand that people have              information for teachers. We also
             varying personality types and                discuss possible abuses of this
             temperaments that may influence              information. Students often share
             how they approach learning and               their personal insights and
             working with other people.                   understandings after having
                                                          completed this questionnaire. Often I
             Understanding individual                     refer to this information later when
             differences in temperament may               students have opportunities to work
             be useful to teachers as they try            in groups on projects and
             to motivate their students”.                 assignments”.
                                                         Keirsey Temperament Sorter

       This activity can be      Tasks:
        modified to fit the           Login the Keirsey
        course’s need                  website
       Individual work or            Complete the online
        group work                     questionnaire
                                      Read the information on
       Resources needed               the website
           To be determined          Sharing and discussion
                                       in class
                                      Instructor’s further
                                      Abuses of the assessment


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