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									With more and more people waiting to do their Christmas and holiday shopping until last minute, it’s no wonder that many retailers are extending their holiday hours. Fortunately, with wide use of the internet, many people don’t even need to leave the comfort of their home to do any of their holiday shopping and brave the crowds and the often inclement weather.

A Week Before Christmas ‘Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the land Unprepared holiday shoppers were stressed, traffic was jammed. People were yelling and fighting everywhere There were no parking spots to be found, it was a nightmare. And all through the mall Holiday shoppers were scurrying like bats out of hell There was pushing and shoving, screams could be heard With the last perfect gift taken, there was not a kind word. With the glee of the Holiday Season now gone They return home with a yearning for egg nog and rum. In their homes no presents were found under the tree decorated with care, And no gifts had been found in the mall anywhere. The children were nestled and sleeping in their beds, While visions of shopping danced in worried heads. Tossing and turning, a thought springs out Online shopping, there is no doubt! The clock strikes midnight, computers are turned on Internet browsers are opened and smiles can be found. For what to their wondering eyes should they see “All Season Gifts” and shopping with ease! Exquisite holiday gift baskets for everyone is found, And with a click of a mouse, their shopping is done! Returning to bed with a sigh of relief (online shopping was a snap!) They lay down for a long winter’s nap.
Statistics show that most people do at least some of their Christmas shopping on December 24th. If you’re a procrastinator and waited until the last minute to do your holiday shopping, just plan ahead with some of the following tips to make your last minute shopping trip more successful: *Make a list. *Call to check stock. *Shop early in the a.m. *Shop online. *Get a gift receipt.

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