Quick guide to using Texthelp Read _ Write 801 Gold

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Quick guide to using Texthelp Read & Write 8.01 Gold
Read & Write Gold is a reading and writing tool to support students with dyslexia. It offers user speech feedback, spell checking, and word prediction for practically any Windows program including Word, Excel, Web pages, Help files and PDF documents..

Accessing Read & Write Gold
Log onto the University network and click on Start, [All Programs], Networked Applications, Assistive Software, Texthelp Read & Write 8.01 Gold

a portion of text select the text and click on the Play button. The voice will stop at the end of the unit; to continue to the next unit either select the Forward button or in the drop down menu select the option to Automatically read next block of text. Use the Stop and Pause buttons to stop the voice and the Play button to resume the session.

Read & Write Gold Toolbar
The main toolbar can be moved around the screen depending on the user’s preference. It can also be docked to either side or top of the screen by dragging the toolbar to the preferred location. To undock, click the Anchor icon on the toolbar. The toolbar contains a ? symbol next to some of the icons. This provides the user with a drop down menu so that the software can be adapted to specific user requirements.

Reading text on web pages
Read & Write Gold can read text on web pages. Click on the drop down menu next to the Play button and select Web Highlighting. Hover the mouse over the area of text on the web page until it becomes highlighted. The software will automatically read aloud the text on screen. Again select the option to Automatically read the next block of text if you wish to continue reading the next paragraph.

Speaking as you type
Read & Write Gold can read aloud letters, words, or sentences as you type. To select this option click on the drop down menu next to the Play button and select Speech Options. Click on the Autoread tab and check the box to use speak as I type, next select an option from speak on each letter, word or sentence.

Convert text into sound files using the speech maker
Read & Write Gold can convert text into audio files that can be saved as either Windows WAV files or MP3 files. Highlight the text to convert, Click on the Speech Maker button on the toolbar, click Next, select the pitch, speed, volume and click Next again. Choose the file format and save the sound file to an appropriate folder. Click Finish to complete the task.

Reading text
Read & Write Gold reads text aloud and simultaneously highlights the words and sentences on the screen. The toolbar buttons for reading text are grouped together in the middle of the toolbar. The option to read by word, sentence or paragraph can be selected by clicking on the drop down menu next to the Play button. To read

Read & write Gold can check spelling on selected words, entire documents and as you type. To set up the as you type option click on the drop down menu next to the Spell check button and select Spell as I type.

To check a selected word highlight the text and click on Spell check button, to check the entire document simply click on the Spell check button and the application will scan the whole document for errors. Possible alternatives will be provided for misspelled words and the user will have the option to amend the spelling mistake. For further support select Spelling Options in the drop down list.

Pronunciation Tutor
Use this facility to check how each syllable of a word is pronounced. Highlight the word you want to hear pronounced and click the Pronounce button on the toolbar. Alternatively click on the Play button and select Pronunciation Tutor.

Scanning documents
Read & Write Gold allows you to scan documents directly to Word, Internet Explorer, or to a PDF document. Place the document in the scanner and select which type of document you wish to scan to by using the drop-down menu next to the Scan button. Here you must deselect the Scan to File box if it is checked. Then click on the Scan button and give your file a name when prompted. The document is scanned and opened in the document of choice. To configure scanning options select Scanning Options. In the Output settings tab you can choose where to save the scanned image and which type of document you would like to scan to. Under the Scanner settings tab you are able to adjust the image resolution, multi-page settings, colours and brightness.

Use the dictionary to look up different meanings for selected words and to find alternative words with a similar meaning. The search options listed in the drop down box next to the Dictionary button include Advanced, Basic or Web definitions. Select the search choice, highlight the word and click on the Dictionary button. The word will appear in the original word text box with definitions below. Click on a definition to see a list of synonyms. Select the Advanced search option to choose different search types such as opposites of the word or different types of your chosen word. The advanced search types that are unavailable for a particular word or sentence will be greyed out.

Use the Homophones facility to view descriptions of like sounding words to ensure the correct spelling has been made. To activate the facility either click on the Show button on the toolbar or by clicking the drop down menu next to the Sounds like button. This will give you the option to show or hide Homophones in MS Word. The Hide button on the toolbar will remove this facility.

Further Help
Click on the ? button or the >> button next to Texthelp and select Help, next select using the facilities option in the contents folder. This will give assistance and guidelines for using further features of Read & Write Gold such as Fact Finder, Fact Folder, Fact Mapper and the Translator.

Word Wizard
Use the word wizard to help find words or phrases you can’t remember, or to search for words using opposites or other relationships. Select a word and Click the Word Wizard button (alternatively click the icon first and then enter a word and click Next). The screen provides a list of synonyms and alternative meanings; select the appropriate synonym and click Next to see a list of searches available from the list. The advanced searches that are unavailable will be greyed out.

Exiting Texthelp Read & Write Gold
Once the Toolbar has undocked click the x button to close the application.

For further information or assistance contact the Arts and Social Studies Library Tel: 029 2087 4818 Email: ASSLLiby@Cardiff.ac.uk INF-074-Q-1 / October 2008 / AP/VS Also available in alternative formats.

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