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					Golden Light Healing Handcrafted Products

Golden Light Healing, LLC

Made with Essential Oils & Botanicals

N atu re’ o w n b o tan i s an d s cal Essential Oils provide the wonderful scents and colorations you find in these unique soaps. Golden Light handcrafted soaps do not contain any synthetic fragrances or colors that are often the culprit in allergies and skin conditions. Handcrafted soaps contain natural glycerin and are therefore very gentle
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Natural Solutions to Health

Handcrafted Soaps & Gift Baskets

Golden Light Healing, LLC

when cleansing the skin. Try some today and see the difference!

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Price List
Pamper Basket A selection of three aromatic soaps in a wooden crate plus our specialties— Loofah Sponge Soap and Cocoa Butter Body Bar. A great gift idea! Include description if necessary. Wooden Gift Basket A combination of our selection of handcrafted soaps; complete with cello wrap and gift tag. IncludeButter Body Bar Cocoa description if necessary. Not soap, but an aromatic combination of cocoa butter, Vitamin E and Essential Oils. A must have for giving and getting a massage! Great Include descriptiontoo! on hands and feet if necessary. Loofah Sponge Soap One of our specialties! A loofah sponge is filled with our gentle, Include description if necessary. handcrafted soap . Great for exfoliating! Soap Trivets Wooden soap trivet necessary. Include description ifhelps keep soap out of the water to extend the life of your soap. Individual Bar Soaps Include description if necessary.
Lavender Oatmeal Facial Bar French Pink Clay with Anise Kitchen Coffee

$0.00 $20.00

Handcrafted Soaps & Gift Baskets
We believe passionately in caring for the outside of our bodies as well as the inside.
Gentle on the skin

$0.00 $12.00 to $15.00 $0.00 $7.00 $0.00

$0.00 $7.00

These unique soaps are handcrafted in small batches and made with Essential Oils and botanicals. They are wonderful for all skin types and can be used on the most sensitive skin. Our unique gift baskets make a wonderful gift that can be given for any occasion. Try a basket for yourself or enjoy an individual bar or two. You w o n ’ g o b ack to co m m erci l p ro ct aly essed soap again!

$0.00 $4.00

$0.00 $4.00

Peppermint & Tea Tree Wake-up Bar

$0.00 Golden Light Healing, LLC

Include description if necessary.
Rosewood & Coconut Mystic (Patchouli & Lavender) Sweet Birch w/ Cinnamon Call for many other selections

7100 Sundew Road Sobieski, WI 54171

Phone: 920-609-8277 E-mail:

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