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									                 Fall 2006

A Look
New Chapter      Inside:

                            President’s View
                            CAMPUS DINING HALL on Oct. 13 with the noise of the generator in the
                            background and the windows the only source of light. Yet the tables were filled
                            with resident-students eating their hot lunches, albeit on paper plates, while sharing
                            strategies for living without computers, television and phones.
                            President Emeritus Sister Edmunette Paczesny and her family occupied another
                            table celebrating her birthday by sharing lunch with students and staff rather than
                            the gala dedication for Paczesny Hall and the William E. Swan Auditorium that
                            was cancelled by the October surprise snowstorm. Staff shared stories of how they
                            walked to campus in the midst of the storm and prepared meals for students in a
                            kitchen illuminated by flashlights.
                            Facilities staff cleared downed trees and maintained generators to provide heat
                            for resident-students and the Campus Center. Hilbert Campus Safety maintained
                            contact with local officials to coordinate emergency response efforts. What a
                            powerful example of our mission and Franciscan values. Despite adversity, student
                            well-being was our primary concern.
                            This year Hilbert celebrates 50 years of building a learning community that has
       This year Hilbert    enabled graduates to make a positive impact on their professions and communities.
                            As we prepare for the anniversary celebration and presidential inauguration on
                            April 20, 2007, the Hilbert community will complete a strategic plan to guide
          celebrates 50     decisions through 2012.
                            A recent story in The Buffalo News discussed the challenges confronting Western
     years of building a    New York’s seven Catholic colleges and universities, including the competition for
                            enrollment, affordability and the need to remain distinctive. The most important
    learning community      thing we need to accomplish in this academic year is to establish Hilbert’s top
                            priorities and identify how we will measure and track our performance. We will
                            face a difficult challenge in this strategic planning process – the challenge of choice.
       that has enabled     Often colleges that are struggling today are those that have tried to be all things
                            to all people. That’s not Hilbert’s approach. We will develop a plan that will
     graduates to make      build on the legacy of Sister Edmunette to keep Hilbert an efficient, effective
                            and thriving college.

      a positive impact     I’m energized by the conversations we are having about the importance of our
                            Catholic and Franciscan identity, about the best way to enhance the learning
                            environment, about what new academic programs would be the best additions to our
     on their professions   portfolio of offerings, about the role athletics plays in the lives of our students, and
                            about the ways faculty and staff can work together to strengthen Hilbert.
      and communities.      I’m grateful for the warm hospitality that has been extended to me in these first
                            few months of my presidency and look forward to the crucial conversations we will
                            be having regarding the future of Hilbert. I’m confident that just like the staff who
                            put students first during the October snowstorm, we will remain student-centered
                            throughout this planning process. We need each of you to help us achieve our goals
                            and welcome your input during this strategic planning process.

                            Cynthia A. Zane, Ed.D.

Sailing Along . . 4
Student takes voyage of a lifetime
on European waters

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                                              Sailing Along
                                              S   ailing the waters toward France
                                                  on a sunny July day, William
                                              Haas and his fellow young crew
                                                                                        July. Courtesy of the HSBC Edu-
                                                                                        cation Trust and the internation-
                                                                                        al Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE)
                                              members tend to setting the sails,        organization, he took part in the
                                              steering the ship and other hands-        European sailing voyage with 47
                                              on sailing duties aboard the massive      other SIFE participants from 10
                                              200-foot tall square rigged ship.         countries from as far away as Rus-
                                              The 10-day voyage, designed as a          sia, South Africa, Brazil, and Egypt.
                                              working crew adventure aboard the              A challenging and rewarding
                                              ship Prince William, was an edu-          experience, the voyage gave Haas,
                                              cational and life-changing journey        president of Hilbert SIFE, a chance
                                              that took the Hilbert College student     to hone his beginner sailing skills
                                              to ports in England, France and Bel-      while developing stronger leader-
                                              gium.                                     ship, teamwork and communication
                                                   Haas, who applied for this rare      abilities.
                                              opportunity earlier in the year, was           “I always considered myself a
                                              one of only five U.S. college stu-        good communicator and leader but
                                              dents selected to participate in this     being out on a ship with people from
                                              summer’s Tall Ships Youth Trust           many different countries and cul-
                                              Voyage of Understanding held in           tures taught me a great deal about

    Welcome!                                                       This Way to Christmas
    H    ilbert College welcomes Craig
         Harris as our new alumni
    relations director. He comes to the
                                                                   IT’S GETTING CLOSE TO THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN.
                                                                   Christmas will be here before you know it and so too will
                                                                   Hilbert College’s annual Christmas at Hilbert celebration,
    college from Long Island Univer-                               featuring a traditional Live Nativity and children’s party.
    sity’s C.W. Post Campus where                                  Festivities for the 9th annual event will be held from 2-4
                                                                   p.m. Dec. 10.
    he was director of student life and leadership education. He
                                                                        Helping the Christmas story come alive, the Live
    officially started at Hilbert in September.
                                                                   Nativity will take place at 2 p.m. only on college grounds
         Before C.W. Post, Harris was associate director of co-    outside Franciscan Hall. Nativity participants will portray
    curricular programming and education at St. Lawrence           the Holy Family, shepherds, angels, and the three wise
    University.                                                    men, all joined by a few animals in the outdoor stable.
         He’s received several honors, including the C.W.               A children’s Christmas party will immediately
    Post Association for Campus Programming Appreciation           follow the Live Nativity in the Franciscan Hall atrium.
    Award and the Provost’s Certificate of Recognition for         Santa Claus will hand out bags of goodies to
    Exemplary Service.                                             children, who can have free pictures taken with
         Harris looks forward to connecting with Hilbert           St. Nick.
    alumni and helping you stay connected with the college.             Activities will include Christmas
    He may be reached at (716) 926-8888 or                         cookie decorating, arts and crafts,
                                                                   face painting, and much more.

                                                    Around Hilbert
leading and communicating in ways            “We did everything 24/7 –           sailing the ship,” Haas says.
I’ve never used before,” says Haas.     charting, steering, serving as look-          Now back home in Hamburg,
     “At one point,” he recalls, “I     outs, stowing and unstowing the          N.Y., Haas, who earned a Royal
was assigned to teach some of my        sail, even cleaning the ship. I didn’t   Yachting Association’s Competent
fellow crew members how to do           expect to be doing that much but         Crew certificate, contends the expe-
knots used for stowing and securing     I loved it all. It was an incredi-       rience has left an indelible impres-
the sails. Although English was the     ble experience to be able to climb       sion on him.
main language used on board, it was     the rigging while at sea and set the     “The voyage exceeded my expecta-
not the first language for many so I    sails 200 feet above the water. Being    tions. Most remarkable was devel-
learned to adapt by giving instruc-     that high up and looking out at          oping a greater understanding about
tions in a way the students could       the waters is something I’ll always      people from other countries and
better comprehend.”                     remember,” says Haas, a communi-         diverse cultures, something I learned
     The first day on board the two-    cation studies major.                    first-hand from having stayed with
mast Prince William, which holds a           At each of three port destina-      eight guys in 13-by-15 sleeping
crew of 68, consisted of training for   tions to where the Prince William        quarters,” Haas jokes.
the working crew members, many of       sailed, the students had the opportu-         The reality, he adds, is “we live
whom were novice sailors with little    nity to do some sight-seeing. On all     in a global business world. I now
or no sailing experience. A seven-      but one day, the weather was sunny       have extra confidence in myself and
member permanent crew served as         and warm during the voyage.              will take the knowledge I gained
expert guides on the voyage.            “The one day when the seas were          into my career after I graduate. The
     Once out at sea, Haas and the      really rough and it was raining,         friends and contacts I made on the
other student participants were put     about half the working crew was out      voyage have opened up many possi-
to work in one of three watch crews     of commission due to sea sickness.       bilities for me.”
on four-hour shifts overseen by 13      Being among those who weren’t
volunteer crew members.                 sick, we kept very busy that day

                                        Building a Better Hilbert
    Donations of nonperishable
food items for area food                F   or the past year or so, the
                                            Hilbert College community has
                                        watched construction on the eagerly
                                                                                 and theater space. In many ways,
                                                                                 it has dramatically changed the
                                                                                 campus landscape.
pantries will be
accepted at                             anticipated academic-auditorium              Officially opened with a gala
the event.                              complex emerge into the magnifi-         building dedication this fall, a glimpse
                                        cent facilities that now exist –         of the new complex is pictured here
                                        Paczesny Hall and the William            with a closer look to come in the
                                        E. Swan Auditorium. Together,            Winter 2007 Hilbert Connections.
                                        the facilities, which are
                                        central to Hilbert’s campus
                                        renewal, signify growth, new
                                        ideas and a commitment to
                                        students and the community.
                                            The $6 million complex
                                        has doubled the college’s
                                        classroom space and created a
                                        state-of-the-art performance
Cover story photos by Nancy J. Parisi

                                        Inspiration comes in many forms. For new Hilbert President Cynthia Zane, it’s being a
                                        part of educating and changing the lives of young people who have an eye on the future.

                                        by Grace A. Lazzara

                                              erhaps the link between Cynthia Zane, Ed.D., edu-      self the new president of Hilbert College, where she has
                                              cation and young adults was created while she was      the ultimate responsibility for the education of hundreds
                                              in graduate school. In those days, she and her two     of students.
                                        young sons studied side-by-side in a college library. “I
                                        took my doctoral exams when I seven months pregnant          Very good fit
                                        with my third child,” she says, laughing.                         The match between Zane and the institution seems
                                             Maybe the bond was cemented during Zane’s proud-        almost tailor made. The presidential search consul-
                                        est professional accomplishment: helping create a grass-     tant Hilbert engaged told Zane that Hilbert was a spe-
                                        roots program that saw teams of college students provide     cial place, that he’d heard about Zane from colleagues
                                        much needed health services to inner-city schoolchildren.    and thought the school might be a good fit with her
                                             The tie that connects Zane and education has flour-     strengths and interests. “He sent me materials,” she
                                        ished and grown stronger as her professional success has     says, “and I was intrigued. Hilbert has positioned itself
                                        allowed her more opportunities to make a difference. Her     very well. It clearly is thriving, with a growing enroll-
                                        tenure in higher education has been marked by a will-        ment and diverse academic programs.”
                                        ingness to find new ways to help students succeed: the            A native of Johnstown, Pa., Zane lived in Erie as
                                        development of new programs, initiatives to improve          a teen and later worked in Cincinnati so she was
                                        access to education and efforts to enhance the ways that     familiar with the Western New York area. She visit-
                                        educational institutions interact with and provide servic-   ed Hilbert and talked with the presidential search com-
                                        es to students.                                              mittee. Afterward, she did research on Franciscanism,
                                             However the connection began, Zane has reinforced       Hilbert’s history and Mother Collette Hilbert, found-
                                        it in myriad ways over the years. Today, she finds her-      ress of the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph, the college’s

founding congregation. “I                                                                           cago. Wonderful teach-
remained interested, and                                                                            ers there prompted her to
they were interested in                                                                             think that practicing nurs-

                                                                                               Photo courtesy of Cynthia Zane
me,” she says. “It all came                                                                         ing and teaching future
together.”                                                                                          nurses would be a reward-
     Karen Gaughan Scott,                                                                           ing career. She knew,
chairperson of Hilbert’s                                                                            however, she’d need a
Board of Trustees, served                                                                           master’s degree to teach.
on the presidential search                                                                          With a 3- and 5-year-old
committee, which was                                                                                at home, “I wasn’t think-
chaired by fellow trustee                                                                           ing about grad school,”
Dennis Black. “We were          President Zane with sons Ravi, Srikant and Jaidave, and daughter-   she says.
truly overwhelmed with          in-law Amy.                                                          What changed her mind
the number and quality of                                                                           was something she terms
applicants we reviewed,” says Scott, “approximately 60             “pure serendipity.” St. Xavier’s dean taught her senior
from all over the country.”                                        seminar and, says Zane, “saw something in me I’d not
     Committee members were, of course, looking for                known about myself. One day after class, she asked me
someone with experience, knowledge and a proven track              where I was going to grad school. I told her I thought I
record in higher education. Scott notes the search com-            would practice nursing. And she said, ‘No you’re not;
mittee also was determined to find someone who, though             you’re going to Rush (a Chicago university).’ She lit-
he or she might not be a member of a religious order,              erally called the dean at Rush and said, ‘I’m sending a
understood the importance of preserving Hilbert’s Fran-            new grad student.’ Then she said, ‘You get your master’s
ciscan tradition.                                                  degree, and I’ll hire you. And she did.”
     “We had many people who met our criteria,” Scott
says. “Cynthia stood out as the preeminent candidate.              Affecting lives
She’s highly intelligent, very accomplished and has an                  After 10 years on the faculty at St. Xavier’s School
innate understanding of the importance of Franciscan               of Nursing, Zane was promoted to assistant dean of the
values to Hilbert. She has a great appreciation of Hil-            school’s Continuing Studies Program and director of its
bert’s past along with a vision for the future. That’s a           Weekend College. Two years later, she assumed the role
powerful combination.”
     Zane says that during her own decision-making pro-
cess, Hilbert’s people impressed her most. “The facul-
ty, staff, board — their excitement about Hilbert’s future
is unanimous. I gained respect for the work they were
doing and their excitement for the future, and I wanted
to be a part of it.”
       What she feels makes Hilbert great, however, is
its students. “They’re often first generation, which is a
commitment for me,” she says. “I was the first genera-
tion in my family to get a degree. These are very serious
                                                                                                                                  Photo courtesy of Cynthia Zane

students; they value education, coming here with a sense
of where they want to be. It’s a privilege to be around
young people and see them grow and prepare for life as
     Zane has had a long and venerable career helping
students do precisely that – prepare for their futures in
work and, often, in life. Though she was trained as a
nurse, Zane knew she wanted to teach by the time she
was in her second year at Saint Xavier College in Chi-             President Zane and husband, Stephen Mazurak.

    of dean at the McAuley School of Nursing and associ-        another point of pride. Over five years, a team Zane
    ate dean at the College of Health Sciences at the Univer-   led identified where the curriculum was successful and
    sity of Detroit Mercy, where she later became dean of       where it needed to improve. The information they gath-
    the College of Health Professions and the nursing school.   ered drove decisions of quality improvements through-
    She also practiced nursing until the demands of her job     out the entire college.
    at Detroit Mercy no longer allowed it.                           Further, she stresses, “It’s not enough for a college—
         After another decade passed, Zane became chief aca-    or anyone else—to say students are learning. Today
    demic officer and dean of the faculty at the College of     you have to have evidence.” So Zane’s team developed
    Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati, a role she occupied until   assessment tools to provide that data. The proof of their
    her move to the president’s office at Hilbert.              success was in the pudding. During the school’s bi-annu-
         Her proudest accomplishments during those years        al accreditation process, Zane relates, “We received 10
    all involve affecting the lives of young people. While      years of continuing accreditation with no recommenda-
    at the University of Detroit Mercy, she oversaw the         tions. Very few colleges go through that process without
    Urban Health Education Center (UHEC). That initiative       any recommendations.”
    brought together students from the university’s dental,          Finally, Zane points to a project at the Mount
    nursing, physician assistant, social work and other pro-    that focused on the period of adjustment freshmen go
    grams in wellness clinics in urban elementary schools.      through after entering college. “Students nationally are
    Student teams were assigned to a classroom and, over        finding it more difficult to adjust to the college learning
    the course of three years, gave each child in the class-    experience,” she says. “Research tells us it’s so important
    room physicals, dental exams and other health services.     for freshmen coming in to feel connectedness. If they
         “I’m most proud of that work because we gave an        don’t feel that, the probability of their staying is lower.”
    underserved population an understanding of good health           To aid the Mount’s freshmen in their transition,
    behaviors for a lifetime,” says Zane. “We’d go into a       Zane led the development of a structured “first-year
    classroom of 30 kids, ask how many had a toothbrush,        experience.” It included a seminar, which she co-taught
    and one hand would go up. So it was a grassroots effort.    for three years that helped freshmen develop skills to
    Also, UHEC prepared our students to go into healthcare      enhance their success in college. It also included pre-col-
    professions as collaborators and to develop and practice    lege summer reading and discussions of the books—with
    their skills while they were still in school. I know they   the authors—once students reached campus.
    were better prepared when they graduated.”                       The benefits were tangible, she says. For instance,
         Zane cites the revision of the College of Mount St.    one year students heard Nicole Bailey Williams, author
    Joseph’s core curriculum and assessment program as          of the summer-read A Little Piece of Sky, talk about how

hard it was for her to write. “That was so encouraging        Joseph have done to maintain Hilbert. “This responsibil-
for students,” says Zane. “They learned they weren’t the      ity is a sacred trust. I’m very humbled by that and have
only ones struggling.”                                        committed myself to do the best possible job here.”
                                                                   Zane is a layperson, a major transition for Hilbert.
The first 100 days                                             She nonetheless has a “strong faith tradition. It’s an
    According to Zane, her own first-year experience at       integral part of my life.” Zane’s experiences at the Uni-
Hilbert has been anything but a struggle. “Sister Edmu-       versity of Detroit Mercy, St. Xavier and the Mount, all
nette (Paczesny) and the board of trustees truly planned      Catholic institutions, gave her insight and sensitivity to
for this over several years,” she says. “They went to         the special roles such places can play in the lives of their
great lengths to prepare for this transition, and it has      students.
been mindful and very smooth.”                                     “Catholic colleges, including Hilbert, are committed
    Zane began visiting campus on a regular basis in          to providing a holistic experience, not just in classroom
February, participating in Hilbert’s accreditation visit in   learning, but also in personal and spiritual development.
April. She speaks often with Sister Edmunette, who has        The best learning environments try to do that,” she says.
been “a wonderful coach and mentor.” In addition, Hil-        “Look at the challenges we face in our world today. We
bert’s board set up a transition committee, which creat-      need people with the ability to look at issues and resolve
ed an ambitious plan outlining with whom Zane would           problems with ethical insight and technical and/or ana-
meet in her first 100 days. That list included legislators,   lytical expertise. That’s the kind of students we’re edu-
community leaders and other key Hilbert stakeholders.         cating.”
    Zane has made an intensive effort to reach out to              She points to Hilbert’s Franciscan Pilgrims Pro-
the campus community, according to Christopher Holo-          gram, the college’s courses in Franciscanism and other
man, Ph.D., Hilbert’s interim vice president for aca-         key efforts as an important way of maintaining Hil-
demic affairs and professor of political science. “We feel    bert’s Franciscan tradition. “It’s evident,” she explains,
very much like we’re encouraged to speak our minds            “even in how we approach our students. For example, we
and provide full input. Her commitment to openness            treat them as adults, giving them opportunities to grow
has increased everyone’s comfort level. That’s been very      not just within their academic areas but also within their
beneficial because people
can be worried in times of
    Though following in
the footsteps of a beloved
predecessor might seem
daunting, Zane says she
experienced no trepida-
tion “because of Hilbert’s
Franciscan values, and the
sense of caring, openness,
hope, and joy here.”
    In fact, when Sister
Edmunette left last spring
for retreat, says Zane,
smiling, “she told me that
she was praying for me
and that I should pray for
    More seriously, Zane
adds that she’s deep-
ly respectful of what the
Franciscan Sisters of St.

                                                                        Zane describes the way she leads as “somewhat eclec-
                                                                   tic. I’ve found that you have to be situationally respon-
                                                                   sive, given the complexity of organizations.” She does,
                                                                   however, point out the mode that works best for her.
                                                                   First, she values a participatory, team approach. “I’ve
                                                                   certainly established that in terms of Hilbert’s Admin-
                                                                   istrative Council, which is made up of the college’s vice
                                                                   presidents and operates based on a team approach.”
                                                                        Second, she’s committed to helping associates
                                                                   become leaders. Says Zane, “One of my points of pride is
                                                                   that with every institution I’ve left, my associate deans
                                                                   succeeded me. I feel very proud that they were ready to
                                                                   step in. I hope I can continue to develop leaders at Hil-
                                                                        Ultimately, she focuses on strategic planning, goal-
                                                                   setting, assessment and evaluation. Indeed, Zane’s
     faith life. Franciscanism is an integral part of the fabric   response to a question about her vision for Hilbert’s
     here. The challenge for all of us is to deepen it.”           future is to point to the school’s new strategic planning
                                                                   initiative. “Our current plan ends in 2007,” she notes.
     Eclectic leadership                                           “The new plan will take us through 2012, and the vision
          Zane’s leadership style already seems evident within     and direction for the college will emerge from that pro-
     the campus community. Holoman says, “She’s certain-           cess.”
     ly providing leadership, we know what her goals are and            Zane oversees a strategic planning committee that
     her goals for the college. And I’m having a great time        will talk to alumni, area employers, students, facul-
     working with her. We’re both new in our positions and         ty, and staff to explore how Hilbert needs to focus its
     enjoy bouncing ideas off one another.”                        resources. But, she asserts, “We’re in a wonderful posi-
          Says Scott, “I’ve worked very closely with her over      tion because we’re building on a very strong, healthy
     the past few months, and I’m impressed with her energy,       foundation. Our key question is, how do we take Hilbert
     the scope of her knowledge and her expertise in higher        to the next level?”
     education. I’m also impressed with her network of experts
     in the field of higher education. Hilbert will be the bene-   Grace Lazzara is a freelance writer and public relations
     ficiary of the contacts she’s developed over the years.”      consultant residing in Buffalo, N.Y.
          Interestingly, although her background as a nurse
     seems light years away
     from her new role, Zane
     asserts strong parallels
     exist. “Hilbert is student-
     centered, just as patients
     are the center of nurses’
     thinking. Nursing is a pro-
     fession that teaches you
     how to prioritize, multi-
     task, make decisions, work
     on teams, and be a vision-
     ary and creative. Some-
     times you have to come
     up with solutions quickly,
     all of which help me be a
     good administrator.”

                                               In the Sports Zone

                                                               2006-07 Basketball
                                                               Home Double-Headers
                                                               Date      Opponent              Time
                                                               DEC 6     Penn State Behrend    6 PM (W)   8 PM (M)

                                                               DEC 9     La Roche College      4 PM (W)   6 PM (M)

                                                               JAN 2     D’Youville            6 PM (W)   8 PM (M)

                                                               JAN 13    Frostburg State       2 PM (W)   4 PM (M)

                                                               JAN 18    Pitt-Bradford         6 PM (W)   8 PM (M)

There’s a new Hawk                                             JAN 20

                                                               JAN 24
                                                                         Penn State Altoona

                                                                         Lake Erie
                                                                                               2 PM (W)

                                                                                               6 PM (W)
                                                                                                          4 PM (M)

                                                                                                          8 PM (M)

on campus                                                      FEB 3

                                                               FEB 7
                                                                         Mount Aloysius

                                                                                               4 PM (W)

                                                                                               6 PM (W)
                                                                                                          6 PM (M)

                                                                                                          8 PM (M)

H    ilbert College has unveiled a new Hawks image with
     a more contemporary look as the official logo for the
college’s sports teams.
                                                               FEB 17    Medaille
                                                               ** W – Women’s Basketball
                                                                                               2 PM (W)   4 PM (M)

    The updated logo shows a bolder, more aggressive-             M – Men’s Basketball
looking, determined hawk than the previous version.
Using a consistent, unifying look, the modernized
rendering has the word “Hawks” shown boldly behind it.
    “This is something we’ve wanted to do to be more
recognizable as an NCAA Division III institution and          She’s Got Game!
as a relatively new member of the Allegheny Mountain
Collegiate Conference,” said Richard Walsh, director of
athletics. “We needed a more fierce-looking graphic           H     ilbert College women’s soccer player Kelly Goodwin
                                                                    ‘09 was named the Allegheny Mountain Collegiate
                                                              Conference (AMCC) Goalkeeper of the Week for the
identity that’s easily recognizable and can be used in a
variety of ways, from uniforms to merchandise.”               week ending Oct. 29.
    James Sturm noted that “with the new logo, we’ve               Goodwin posted back-to-back shutouts to boost the
moved to a visual image that’s more symbolic of the           Hawks into the semifinals of the AMCC women’s soc-
competitive nature of Hilbert’s sports teams and is a         cer tournament (see
more mature representation of college athletics.”             the Winter ’07 mag-
    The unifying logo will appear on athletic uniforms,       azine for tournament
athletic department publications and stationery, clothing,    results). She turned
including t-shirts, hats and gloves, and other athletic-      away four shots in the
related materials.                                            season finale against
    Formally unveiled at Hilbert’s Fall Fest pep rally, the   the University of
logo was designed by freelancer Peter Gariepy, who has        Pittsburg at Bradford
worked on many other Hilbert design projects, including       and blanked Medai-
Hilbert Connections.                                          lle College with nine
                                                              saves in the tourna-

                                                 Faculty & Staff File
     THOMAS ALGOE, assistant professor        has been accepted by the Cambridge          on library outreach initiatives at the
     of economic crime investigation, pre-    Scholars Press.                             annual conference of the Western
     sented on “Intelligence-Based Policing                                               New York/Ontario chapter of the
                                              JAMES JAGER, adjunct instructor
     – Will it Work in the United States?”                                                Association of College and Research
                                              of economic crime investigation, has
     at the Oxford Roundtable.                                                            Libraries.
                                              passed the certified fraud examiner’s
     SISTER JACQUELINE BENBENEK,              exam.                                       DEBORAH PALUMBO, assistant
     director of campus ministry, attended                                                professor of mathematics, has been
                                              CHEYENNE JUMANAH, who most
     the Catholic Campus Ministry                                                         named to this year’s Who’s Who
                                              recently was secretary to Hilbert’s
     Association’s conference in Atlanta on                                               Among America’s Teachers.
                                              vice president for student life, has
     “Forming Faith Communities: Inside
                                              been named to the newly created posi-       KATHLEEN PIERINO, associate pro-
     & Outside the Box.”
                                              tion of director of multicultural affairs   fessor of criminal justice, has earned
     BARBARA BONANNO, director of             in the Office of Student Life.              a doctorate from the University at
     mission integration, attended a course                                               Buffalo’s Department of Sociology
                                              KIMBERLY KLINE, Ph.D., director of
     on “Praying With Francis, Clare
                                              institutional research and planning,        JAMES RUGGIERO, head women’s
     and Bonaventure” at the Franciscan
                                              participated in a value added assess-       soccer coach, has been inducted into
     International Study Centre in
                                              ment colloquy in New York City held         Kenmore East High School’s Athletic
     Canterbury, England.
                                              by the Teagle Foundation.                   Hall of Fame.
     ELIZABETH CURRY, previously a
                                              A presentation on “Retention:               PAULA WITHERELL, public relations
     part-time reference librarian in
                                              Strategies and Student Success” at the      director, has received a 2006 Award of
     Hilbert’s McGrath Library, has been
                                              Association of Franciscan Colleges and      Excellence in the media kit and news
     named the library’s information liter-
                                              Universities conference was conducted       writing category in the APEX Awards
     acy coordinator/reference librarian.
                                              by KIMBERLY KLINE, Ph.D., director          for Excellence in Publication competi-
     ROB DEGRANDPRE, sports informa-          of institutional research and planning;     tion.
     tion director/head men’s basketball      KERRY LEVETT, director of residence
     coach, coached the Western Open          life and judicial affairs; KATE
     men’s basketball team to a silver        MUNROE, director of aca-
     medal at this year’s Empire State        demic services; and James
     Games in Rochester, N.Y.                 Sturm, vice president
                                              for student life.
     YVONNE DOWNES, Ph.D., professor
     of criminal justice, attended the        KATHYRN
     American Sociological Association’s      MARAGLIANO,
     annual meeting.                          librarian at
     MAURA FLYNN has been named               Library,
     director of human resources at the       presented
     college. Previously, she was corpo-      a poster
     rate human resources manager at          session
     Delaware North Companies, Inc.
     A book proposal on Fashionable Films
     and the Endless Cutting Edge by
     associate professor of English,

                                                                  News & Notes
             From the                                           To contact the Hilbert Office
                                                                of Alumni Relations: e-mail    ‘00s
          Alumni President                                                                      MARK ADAMCHICK, BS
                                                                                               ’03 is senior associate at
                                                                ’60s                            Gaines, Kriner, Elliott LLP, in
                                                                                                East Aurora, N.Y.
The Hilbert College Alumni
Association has been as busy                                    (NESTEROWICZ) CAFFERY,         SARA ANTHIS, BS ’01
                                                                AA ’68 recently retired from   received a joint master’s
as ever planning and hosting
                                                                teaching.                      in social work/law degree
events. This summer we held our                                                                from the University at
fifth annual Hilbert Day at Dunn                                                               Buffalo.
Tire Park. More than 160 alumni                                 ’80s                            MELISSA AUGUSTINE, BS
and guests cheered on the Buffalo                               KATIE (ALEXANDER)              ’05 is completing a master’s
                                                                MANNS, AAS ‘86 has              degree in high technology
Bisons and watched a spectacular                                been chosen as Paralegal        crime investigation at
fireworks display.                                              of the Year by Legal            George Washington Univer-
                                                                Assistant Today magazine        sity in Washington, D.C.
                                                                and is featured on the
We also hosted our first set of financial seminars, helping     cover of the September/        ELENA (KAROVSKI)
to educate our alumni and the community on important            October 2006 issue.            BELL, BA ’00 is an English
                                                                To read the story, go to:      teacher and chairperson
retirement and college planning information.                    www.legalassistanttoday.com.   of the West Seneca East
                                                                                               Senior High School English
Hilbert has a new addition to its alumni family – Craig         ANTHONY MCBRIDE, Ed.D.,        Department.
                                                                AA ’89 has published a
Harris (see page 4), who is the college’s new alumni rela-      children’s book entitled        LINDA DEPASQUALE, BS
tions director. Although Pat Baubonis left big shoes to fill,   Shaheana.                      ’05 received the Achiever’s
                                                                                                Club Award and the CEO
we are confident Craig will do a wonderful job. He joins us     ROBYN MCCRAY, AA ’84 is         Award from Azerty, Inc.
with much experience and we are really looking forward to       a student in the University
working with him.                                               of Colorado at Denver          ROBYN DUNHAM, BS ’02
                                                                Health Services Center         is a paralegal/compliance
                                                                School of Nursing.             specialist at Pulte
We have many more exciting events to come and would                                            Mortgage in Denver.
love for you to join us. Check out our alumni Web site for      ’90s                           MARTIN GLINSKI, BS ’05 is
all the details. Remember, you are always welcome to come                                      pursuing a master’s degree
                                                                 JEANIE GUSTAFSON, AAS
home to Hilbert!                                                                               in education from D’Youville
                                                                ’98 is a paralegal in the
                                                                                               College in Buffalo, N.Y.
                                                                 employee benefits practice
                                                                 group at Phillips Lytle in
                                                                                               MARK GOLDEN, BS ’03
                                                                 Buffalo, N.Y.
                                                                                               received an MBA from
                                                                                               Northeastern University in
                                                                BARBARA (LANDERS)
                                                                                               Boston, Mass.
Nicole M. Becker                                                WEIBEL, BS ’96 is a
alumnipresident@hilbert.edu                                     paralegal in the legal
                                                                                               CANDACE JENSEN, BS ’06
                                                                department at Osmose, Inc.,
                                                                                               is a bankruptcy paralegal
                                                                in Buffalo, N.Y.
                                                                                               at the law offices of Jeffrey
                                                                                               Freedman in Buffalo, N.Y.
                                                                THEODORE VANDEUSEN,
                                                                AAS ’90 has been
                                                                                               JESSICA JUREWICZ, BS ’05
                                                                elected to a two-year
                                                                                               is administrative assistant
                                                                term as president of the
                                                                                               to the vice president of
                                                                Southtowns Coalition of
                                                                                               sales at Independent
                                                                Community Services in
                                                                                               Health in Williamsville, N.Y.
                                                                Western New York.
                                                                                               KAREN KEPPEL, BS ’02
                                                                                               has been promoted to
                                                                                               recovery service center
                                                                                               manager–asset protection

     department of Winn-Dixie          ASHLEY MAGUDER, BS ’05           MALEKA NASHIR-NORMAN,           MARTIN GLINSKI, BS ’05 to
     Stores, Inc., and has             is a program assistant at        BS ’04 is administrative        Sarah Guzzo
     passed the certified fraud         Buffalo Prep in Buffalo, N.Y.    assistant to Hilbert’s vice
     examiners exam.                                                    president for student life.     ELENA KAROVSKI, BA ’00
                                       KIMBERLY MANSFIELD,                                              to Christopher Bell
     NICOLE KOGUT, BS ’03,             BA ’01 is director of            LAUREL SETZER, BS ’06
     is an Erie County deputy          financial aid and finance for      is a designer at Repp           MICHAEL PHELAN, BS ’05
     sheriff in Buffalo, N.Y.          adult education at BOCES         Construction in Orchard         to Jamie Dils
                                       II in Cattaraugus, N.Y.          Park, N.Y.
     ALLEN LEIGHT, BA ’06                                                                               KELLY STEWART, BS ’03 to
     showed his documentary             MATTHEW MARKOTT, BS             MICHAEL TYSZKA, BS ’02          Aaron Stack
     on Letchworth State               ’06 is a consumer banking        is a staff accountant at
     Park at the Holland Land           representative at HSBC          Freed, Marx, and Battaglia      JENNIFER YAW, BS ’02 to
     Office. He received several         Bank in Evans, N.Y.             in Buffalo, N.Y.                Jon Ferguson
     mentions in the media,
     including the front page of       MELISSA MCCAFFERY,               JASON WADE, BS ’02 is a
     the Batavia Daily News.           BS ’03 is an intelligence        senior mortgage consultant      Births
                                       analyst at the FBI in Buffalo,   at Nickel City Funding in
      JONATHAN LOCKHART, BS            N.Y.                             Orchard Park, N.Y.              ROBYN DUNHAM, BS ’02
     ’05 is a police officer in the                                                                      and her husband, Rehan,
      Atlanta Police Department.        SALLY MONHEIM, AAS               CHRISTY ZEITLER, BS            welcomed a son, Darius,
                                       ’05 received the Student         ’04 is an associate in the      who joins older brother,
     JESSICA MACRI, BS ’05              of the Year award from           development department         Auron.
     is a district manager at           the Western New York             at the SPCA Serving Erie
     Associated Healthcare              Paralegal Association.           County.                         PATRICK KEEM, JR., BS
     Systems, Inc., in Buffalo, N.Y.                                                                    ’94 and his wife, Jody,
                                                                                                         welcomed a son, Travis,
                                                                        Weddings                         who joins big brother,
                                                                        STEPHANIE BIERUT, BS ’05
     Alums Among New Leaders                                            to Michael Massucci             JASON WADE, BS ’02 and
                                                                                                        his wife, Colleen, welcomed

     W       ith the new Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph              CARMEN GIARDINA, BS ’97          a daughter, Hannah, who
                                                                       to Gretchen Scholes              joins older sister, Emma.
             leadership in place, there’s again a good
     representation of Hilbert College
     alumnae from the 1960s serving on
     the congregation’s General Council.
                                                                                           video on the college’s history is
     This follows the previous leadership
                                                                                           in the works. Nothing touches the
     team made up of all Hilbert alumnae                                                   heart like stories you can share
     also from the ‘60s era.                                                               so we’re looking for some of your
          Elected to four-year terms are                                                   favorite memories of your days
     Sister Judith Elaine Salzman ’68,                                                     at Hilbert, including your funniest
     general minister; Sister Martha                                                       stories, to be considered for this
     Marie Olszewski ’67, associate general                                                special video project.
     minister; and councilors Sister Joyce                                                    Photos during your time at
     Kubiniec ’69, Sister Lynne Anne                                                       Hilbert or college memorabilia are
                                                                                           also welcome. All items provid-
     Schimminger, and Sister Jean Marie
                                                   Memories                                ed will be handled with care and
          The FSSJ, which is Hilbert’s             and More                                returned to you in the condition in
                                                                                           which they are received.
     founding congregation, elected the
                                                    What are some of your most                To s h a r e y o u r s t o r i e s ,
     leadership team during its general             memorable moments at Hilbert           contact Craig Harris , alumni
     chapter, the congregation’s governing          College? Who will you never forget     relations director, at 716-926-8888,
     body that meets every four years, to           from your time at Hilbert?             charris@hilbert.edu, or write to
     set the direction for their life, mission         In celebration of the college’s     Harris at Hilbert College, 5200
     and ministries.                                50th anniversary being marked          South Park Ave., Hamburg, NY
                                                   in April 2007, a commemorative              14075.

                                                    Annual Report 2005–2006
                                                    (Total Giving from June 1, 2005–May 31, 2006)
$100,000 and over                    James Sturm                               $500 - $999                            Joan Eustace-Reeverts
Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph     Ann Swan                                  Cleo Alexander                         Kathleen Fairbanks
   (Hamburg, NY)                     Mr. and Mrs. John Wabick                  Alliance Construction of WNY           Charlotte Filipiak
Margaret Wendt Foundation            Waring Financial Group                    AXA Foundation                         Dr. Martin Floss
                                     Thomas & Bridgetta Waring                 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Black              Frank Gaglione, PC
$75,000 - $99,999                    West Herr Automotive Group                Barbara Bonanno                        Gateway Printing and Graphics, Inc.
John R. Oishei Foundation                                                      Mary Lee Campbell-Wisely               Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gesko
                                     $1,000 - $2,499                           Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Catanese          Antonita Graci
$15,000 - $34,999                    Brooke Anderson-Tompkins                  Dr. Michael Degnan                     Steven Hanson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Donough          Sandra Augustine                          Dr. Yvonne Downes                      Sally Harrington
First Niagara Bank Foundation        John Babi                                 Excellus Health Plan, Inc. - Univera   Harris Beach, LLC
NYBDC Charitable Foundation          Baillie Lumber Co.                        Follett Higher Education Group         Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Hartnett
Vincent and Harriet Palisano         Scott Bieler                              Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gong                William Haslinger
   Foundation                        Brown Security Designs, Inc.              Hallmark Management Service            Heavy Duty Parts, Inc.
Margaret M. Gaughan and Stanley J.   The Buffalo News                          Suzette Hino                           Hickory Meadows, LLC
   and Karen Gaughan Scott Family    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Castiglia             Steve Jackson                          Patrick Hoak
                                     Carolyn Craig                             Cheyenne Jumanah                       Marshall Houck
                                     ElderWood Senior Care                     Kathleen Kazmierczak                   Dr. Anthony Hughes
$10,000 - $14,999                                                                                                     Immaculata Academy
Mr. and Mrs. G. Gary Berner          Maurice and Pearl Emerling                Richard Langenfeld
                                     Flynn & Friends Advertising               Lumsden & McCormick, LLP               Maia Kapuszcak
Barbara Conners
                                     Gernatt Family Foundation                 Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Mazurkiewicz       Michael Karas
Gernatt Asphalt Products, Inc.
                                     H & R Block Foundation                    James McGowan                          Mr. and Mrs. John Kociela
Mary Ann Hobar
                                     Hamburg Women’s Democratic                Mr. and Mrs. John Michalek             Eleonore Kolodziej
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mansell
                                        Club                                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard Minekime          Dr. Julie Kusmierz-McGillicuddy
Mr. and Mrs. Merle Whitehead
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Hanley               New Era Cap Co., Inc.                  David Lanz
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Heraty               David Pulcini                          Largo Real Estate Advisors, Inc.
$5,000 - $9,999
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hiegel                Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Roland             Patricia Lehman
Ann Allen
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Honan                 Russo Development, Inc.                M & T Charitable Foundation
Kathleen Balus
                                     James Iglewski                            Gordon Schultz                         M. Wile Factory Direct Fashions
Biddle Family Foundation
                                     Ilio DiPaolo, Inc.                        Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE)     Mader Construction Corp.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Drago
                                     Jaeckle, Fleischmann & Mugel, LLP            - National                          Maureen McCarthy
Evans National Bank
                                     Mr. and Mrs. George Johengen              Dr. Amy Smith                          Jean McGowan
Dan Gernatt, Sr.
                                     Lawley Service Insurance                  St. Francis High School                Ann Marie Milazzo
Dan Gernatt, Jr.
                                     Lucernoni, Schulz & Co., LLP              Roger Stone                            Monroe Title Insurance Corp.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hayman
                                     M & T Insurance, Inc.                     Try-It Distributing Co., Inc.          Kate Munroe
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Higgins
                                     Milton Cat                                UBS Foundation USA Matching            Mr. and Mrs. Dan Murphy
Lorraine Hritcko
                                     Multisorb Technologies, Inc.                 Gift Program                        Murray Roofing Co., Inc.
Novartis Consumer Health/Gerber
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Michael Murrin               Bernard Walsh                          New York Life Foundation
   Products Co.
                                     Maureen Mussenden                         Richard Walsh                          Dr. and Mrs. Carmen Notaro
Edward Qualey
                                     National Fuel Gas Distribution            Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Way                The Rev. Msgr. Richard T. Nugent
Dr. Stanley J. and Karen
                                     National Property Management              Anthony Wiertel                        John Oehler
   Gaughan Scott
                                        Association, Inc.                                                             Rosemary Orton
                                     Northeastern Appraisal Associates, Inc.   $200 - $499                            Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Pachucinski
$2,500 - $4,999                      Dr. Anthony Ogorek                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Gary Paczesny
Allied Mechanical, Inc.                                                        Accumed Technologies, Inc.
                                     PCI, Inc.                                 Aldrich & Cox, Inc.                    Gloria Paczesny
Michael Bonilla                                                                                                       Carol Palczewski
                                     Petri Baking Products, Inc.               Tom Algoe
Alan Booth                                                                                                            Kathleen Parker
                                     Phillips Lytle Hitchcock Blaine &         Allasen Carpet
E. F. Burke Co.                                                                                                       Joseph Parkinson
                                        Huber                                  American Wire Tie, Inc.
First Niagara Bank                                                                                                    Robert Pawelski
                                     Ron Picciano                              Anderson Equipment Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gacioch                                                                                          P. E. Behringer Diamonds, Inc.
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pinkowski            Anderson Funding Limited
Goya Foods Great Lakes                                                                                                PEL Industrial Supply Inc.
                                     Power Drives, Inc.                        Barbara Bargmann
Anthony Habib                                                                                                         Pepsi Cola Buffalo Bottling Corp.
                                     RealtyUSA                                 Nichole Becker
Carol Jennings                                                                                                        Margaret Plesh
                                     Mr. and Mrs. James Rebmann                Mr. and Mrs. Paul Beltz
M & T Bank                                                                                                            Pooley Inc.
                                     Rosina Food Products, Inc.                Mr. and Mrs. John Bevilacqua
MassMutual Finance Group                                                                                              Dr. Edward Pristach
                                     Russo Family Charitable Trust             Richard Bonenfant
Evelyn Naughton Estate                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Qualey
                                     Seneca Hawk - Barry Snyder                Denise Brill
NCAA - National Collegiate                                                                                            Edward Reska
                                     Silvestri Architects, PC                  Phil Buffamonte
   Athletic Association                                                                                               Riverside Men’s Shop
                                     Judith Slon                               California Closets
The Rev. Dr. Bernard Olszewski,                                                                                       Runner’s Roost
                                     Dr. Joan Sulewski                         Mr. and Mrs. Michael Conway
   OFM Conv.                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Russo
                                     Mr. and Mrs. George Thomas                Crime Stoppers, Inc.
Roger and Carol Palczewski                                                                                            Josephine Sewastynowicz
                                     United Insurance Agency, Inc.             Crinzi & Gullo Jewelers
Richard and Karen Penfold                                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Harold Shaver
                                     Verizon Foundation                        John D’Amico
Picone Construction Corp.                                                                                             Sharon Sisti
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Paul Weaver                  Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Dearlove
Dr. Kathleen Pierino                                                                                                  Marc Smith
                                     West Herr Automotive Group –              Ethel DiPaolo
Dr. Richard J. and Maureen W. Saab                                                                                    Southside Trailer Service, Inc.
                                        Brad Hafner                            Wendy Edson
Patrick V. Scott, D.D.S., M.D.                                                                                        St. Bonaventure University
                                     Richard Wipperman                         Maureen English
Mr. and Mrs. William Shults                                                                                           Senator William Stachowski
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Soluri                                                     Dr. Ron Eskew
                                                                               Kathryn Eskew                          Superior Lubricants Co., Inc.

     Trocaire College                    Marian Meyers                     Amy Barton                               Jay Deveau
     Marianne Vallet-Sandre              Sharon Moffat                     Amy Bartz                                Susan Devlin
     Villa Maria College                 Eugene Mruk                       Teri Bass                                Betty Dicembre
     Datta Wagle                         Roseann Mumbach                   David Bastine                            Julie Diehl
     Mrs. William Wells                  JoAnn Murrin                      Patricia Baubonis                        Joseph Dioguardi
     Wheaton Franciscan Sisters          Betty Newell                      Beckes Optical & Hearing Aids            Kevin DiPirro
     WKBW-TV                             James O’Donnell                   Dawn Bellezza                            Margaret Dix
     Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wright          Mitchell Olszewski                David Bellissimo                         Julie Dixon
     James Zielinski                     Alfred Pachucinski                John Bellissimo                          Danielle Doan
                                         Amanda Pachucinski                Eve Benn                                 Annette Doell
     $100 - $199                         Vickie Pachucinski-Wilson         Herbert Berlin                           Thomas Donovan
     Margaret Awald                      James Paczesny                    Linda Bernstein                          Joseph Doody
     Robert Beatty                       Valerie Pallay                    Biehler’s Village Square Liquors, Inc.   Edward Drabczyk
     Fred Becker                         Angeline Pantera                  Charles Binaxas                          Eric Drabinski
     Sister Jacqueline Benbenek, CSSF    Leah Pappas                       Biscuits & More                          Heather Earl
     Mark Bindig                         Thomas Pasternak                  Helen Black                              Brenda Ellis
     Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Bobseine        Jean Peterson                     Catherine Blaser                         Lynn Englund
     Buffalo Games                       Karen Procknal                    Timothy Bley                             Jason Enser
     Isaura Campos                       Jack Quinn III                    Cynthia Bobseine                         Elizabeth Escott
     Daniel Chiacchia                    George Riedel                     Sister Dorothy Bogdanowicz, FSSJ         Marianne Fecio
     Chudy Paper Co., Inc.               Celine Robak                      Kimberly Bonnett                         David Feeney
     Robert Cieslica                     Rodems Construction Co., Inc.     Vicki Boreanaz                           John Fiutko
     Cindy Claar                         James Ross                        Karen Borland                            Elizabeth Flaherty
     Beth Cole                           Sister Joanette Rutkowski, FSSJ   Dawn Boudreau                            Shannon Flynn
     Michael Cole                        Catherine Rybczynski              Susan Boyla                              Linda Forti
     Catherine Cooley                    Dr. John Rydzik                   Brant Braeges                            Bethany Fox
     Patrick Cunningham                  Fran Schmidt                      Christopher Brown                        Susan Frawley
     Daemen College                      Dr. Peter Schreier                Barbara Bublyk                           Marcella Fugle
     Mary Dafchik                        Siena College                     Linda Budd                               Funk Lawn Care
     Barbara DeLaRosa                    Ginger Smathers                   Nicholas Budney                          Bonnie Gabel
     Phyllis Dewey                       James Sobol                       Buffalo Crushed Stone                    Mary Ganci
     Gary Dillsworth                     Michele Sojda                     Ann Burke                                Mr. and Mrs. Philip Ganci
     Dr. Charles Ernst                   Jeffery Stanes                    Jerry Buscarino                          Michael Gandy
     Janet Facklam                       The Rev. Paul Steller             Gina Busch                               Karen Gaudy
     Rita Falkensteen                    Mr. and Mrs. John P. Synor        Bill Bushen                              Frederick Gaunder
     Mrs. Paul Fenzl                     Elaine Szczepanski                Kathleen Cady                            Anne Gavin
     Franciscan Friars Provincial Fund   Sister Claire Ann Torla, FSSJ     Dr. Thomas Callaghan                     Rosanne Gawronski
     Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph    Toys R Us                         Rosette Camillo                          Julia Geerkin
        (Kenosha, Wis.)                  Dr. Teresa Trimarco               Frank Cammarata                          Spencer George
     Joseph Giambra                      Betty Vogel                       A. Terrance Campbell                     Kathleen Gietzen
     Dr. James Golden                    Lawrence Wade                     Kelly Canaski                            Gilbane Building Co.
     Mr. and Mrs. William Gray           Sheila Walsh                      Carleton Technologies, Inc.              Christine Giroux
     Greenauer Development, Inc.         Mary Weissflach                    James Carr                               Donna Girts
     Marne Griffin                        Donna Wier                        Richard Carron                           Anne Golden
     Marie Grisanti                      John Wiertel                      Rosemary Cerabone                        Theresa Gonsiorek
     William Haas, Jr.                   Nancy Williams                    Patricia Chambers                        Mark Gordon
     Hamburg New York Development        Nancy Wojtanik                    Anastasia Chavez                         Raymond Gorski
     Dr. Thea Harrington                 Peter Wolfe                       Barbara Checkoski                        Irene Granica
     Hilbert College Campus Ministry     Jerome Wszalek                    Claudia Childs                           Thora Graybeal
     Kathy Hochul                        Thea Zastempowski                 Christ the King Seminary                 Melanie Grotke
     Dr. Christopher Holoman                                               Beverly Chudy                            Sally Gurney
     HSBC Philanthropic Matching Gift    $1 - $99                          Tammy Claar                              William Haas
        Program                          Mr. and Mrs. Seth Abbott          Peggy Clark                              Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hahn
     Levarn Hunter                       Georgina Adamchick                James Cocina                             Martin Halpin
     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson         Richard Adle                      Wilma Collins                            Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hammer
     Kenneth Jonmaire                    Randy Ahmed                       Concord Nurseries, Inc.                  Margaret Hanson
     Robert Kajdan                       Curtis Ahrens, Jr.                Robin Connolly                           Ann Hartnett
     Bonita Kehler                       Air San                           Ronald Conrad                            Patricia Harvey
     Kathryn Kelder                      Jennifer Allen                    Carol Cook                               Christina Heiman
     Joan Kesner                         Jordan Alves                      Carolyn Cross                            Jeff Heinfeldt
     Valerie Koch                        Amy Anderson                      Mr. and Mrs. George Cross                Marlene Heinfeldt
     Paul Koessler                       Anonymous                         Dr. Joan Crouse                          Philip Hendrix
     Landmark Signs                      Leda Ansbro                       Karen Crouthamel                         Peter Henley
     Bryan Maggs                         Nicole Aquino                     Amy Cudmore                              Amy Henry
     John Maley                          Lisa Avolio                       Lisa Czerniak                            David Heraty
     Martin Mann                         Lucia Avolio                      Lisa Dagostino                           Jonathan Heraty
     Manning & Napier Advisors, Inc.     Angela Baco                       Brian Danahy                             Carol Herzog
     Douglas Marky                       Amy Bailey                        Katie Darter                             Daryl Hess
     Joanne Marzec                       John Bailie                       Rosanne Dee                              Ronald Hestdalen
     William Mc Donald                   Kimberlie Ball                    Rob deGrandpre                           Eric Hirsch
     Eileen McCormick                    Mary Balsavage                    Elizabeth Deinzer                        Janice Hood
     Michael McDermid                    Joan Banach                       Carolyn Delacy                           InBev USA
     Medaille College                    Kathleen Barreca                  Elizabeth Delity                         Antoinette Incorvaia
     Merchants Mutual Insurance Group    Patricia Barry                    Patricia DePasquale                      Carmella Irick
                                                                           Robin DeRosa                             Kerry Isett
Tracy Jackson                        Kathleen Michalek                 Marina Scott                     Luncheon Sponsorship
Edward Jacobs                        Sandra Mihallofski                Erik Seeger                      Kulback’s Construction,Inc.
J. Jager                             Gloria Miller                     John Sennott
M. Jarosz                            Dr. Kathleen Miller               Sue Shade                        Dinner Sponsorship
Patricia Jenney                      Robert Miller                     Gloria Sibenik                   M & T Bank
Falean John                          Eloise Milligan                   Cynthia Sikorski
Roberta Jones                        Sally Monheim                     Helen Slazyk                     Tournament Gift Sponsorship
Katherine Jonmaire                   Joseph Mooney                     Douglas Smith                    Patrick V. Scott, D.D.S., M.D.
Mary Jordan                          Michael Moravec                   Kimberly Smith
Sister Michael Marie Jordan, FSSJ    Tunita Nelson                     Dr. Gordon Snow
Amber Justice                        Sarah Neudeck                     Candie Snyder
                                                                                                        Supporting Sponsorship
                                                                                                        Baillie Lumber Co.
Walter Kaczor                        Paula Newcomb                     Claudia Sodaro
                                                                                                        E. F. Burke Realty Co.
Sister M.Geraldine Kaczynski, FSSJ   Sandra Newton                     Anna Sokolinski
                                                                                                        Evans National Bank
Judith Karmelek                      Thomas Nicholson                  Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Spinuzza
                                                                                                        First Niagara Bank
Joziu Karpowicz                      Donald Nitto                      Stone & Associates
                                                                                                        Flynn & Friends Advertising
Herb Kauderer                        Allison Nowak                     Dale Stresing
                                                                                                        Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph
James Kauderer                       Amanda Nuding                     Elisabeth Strong
                                                                                                        HSBC Bank USA
Brian Keicher                        Mr. and Mrs. Fred Occhino         Elizabeth Stupski
                                                                                                        Jaeckle, Fleischmann & Mugel, LLP
Jody Kelley                          Annette Olday                     Gerald Tashieka
                                                                                                        The McGuire Group
Christine Kennedy                    David Olday                       Joseph Terrana
                                                                                                        Milton Cat
Joann Kick                           Leona Olszewski                   Donna Terryberry
                                                                                                        National Property Management
Mary King                            Sally Oshier                      Sister Anzelma Thomas, FSSJ
Mr. and Mrs. John Klass              Matthew Ovitt                     Dominique Thompson
                                                                                                        Northeastern Appraisals Associates
Charles Klaus, Jr.                   Sister Edmunette Paczesny, FSSJ   Dr. Kenneth Tobey
                                                                                                        Roger and Carol Palczewski
Brigit Knott                         Ann Padlo                         Kathleen Tomaszewski
                                                                                                        PCI, Inc.
Ellen Koessler                       Donna Padowski                    Alea Trice
                                                                                                        Phillips Lytle LLP
Gretchen Koester                     Deborah Palumbo                   Shari Troidl
                                                                                                        Ron Picciano
Margaret Kosowski                    Robert Palumbo                    UPS Foundation
                                                                                                        Power Drives, Inc.
Craig Koval                          Michelle Parker                   Zanna Vaida
                                                                                                        Realty USA
Joan Kozina                          Nicholas Pasquarella              Theodore VanDeusen
                                                                                                        Dr. Richard J. and Maureen W. Saab
Susan Krantz                         Maryann Perram                    I Villa
                                                                                                        Dr. Stanley J. and Karen
Michael Krawiec                      Joy Peterson                      Susan Vincent
                                                                                                           Gaughan Scott
Connie Kruse                         Robert Peterson                   Joshua Violanti
                                                                                                        Waring Financial Group
Justin Kruse                         Kathryn Petrinec                  Mary Weinar
                                                                                                        West Herr Automotive Group
Robyn Kulczyk                        Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts   Elaine Weintraub
Annette Kullman                      James Pierce                      Amanda Weir
Colleen Kumiega                      Jane Pigut                        Audry Weronski                   Tee/Hole Sponsors
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kushner           Ellen Pinker                      Jessica Westfall                 Ad Works
Eugenia La Rusch                     Ann Pinkowski                     Joan Whalen                      Allasen Carpet Co., Inc.
David Lanfear                        Thomas Potwora                    Mr. and Mrs. Victor Wiatrowski   Alliance Homes
Matthew Lanfear                      Justin Proudman                   Susanne Wiencek                  American Wire Tie, Inc.
Rachael Langerman                    Marie Proudman                    Lois Wilkins                     Anderson Funding Limited
Julie Lanski                         Wilson Prout                      Denise Williams                  Brock, Schechter & Polakoff, LLP
Ann Marie Lapaglia                   Donna Puma                        Erin Williams                    Brown Security Designs
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Laskie           Richard Qualey                    Bruce Wilson                     Buffalo Bills
Annie Lee                            Sandra Quinlan                    Lois Wilson                      Buffalo Truck Center, Inc.
James Lee                            Margaret Rawski                   Marilyn Wilson                   California Closets
Timothy Lee                          Joann Rebrovich                   Paula Witherell                  The Barnes Firm
Yin Li                               C. Recktenwalt                    Brian Wojcik                     WKBW-TV
Alfred Liberante                     Monica Redeye                     Chrystal Wright                  Crinzi & Gullo Jewelers
Jennifer Light                       Kara Rehbaum                      Lou Anne Wright                  Elderwood Senior Care
Aleatrice Louie                      Carol Reinard                     Karen Young                      First Niagara Risk Management, Inc.
Allen Mack                           Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Reinard       Eleanor Yurchak                  Frank T. Gaglione, Esq.
Ashley Maguder                       Nora Renda                        Linda Zaborowski                 Gateway Printing & Graphics, Inc.
Jason Maier                          Karen Rhoades                     Christine Zacher                 Hallmark Management Service
Patricia Malone                      Nancy Rice                        Mark Zanghi                      Harris Beach, LLP
Francis Manning                      Cynthia Roland                    Gerald Zasowski                  Hiscock & Barclay, LLP
Joseph Marinello, Jr.                John Romanello                    Mary Ann Zawier                  Ilio DiPaolo’s Restaurant
Daniel Marth                         Pauline Rondinelli                Christine Ziem                   Immaculata Academy
Theresa Martinez                     Dilma Rosales                     Donna Zimpfer                    Jim Murphy Pontiac-GMC Truck, Inc.
Yolanda Maxwell                      Dolores Rose                      Margie Zywiczynski               Largo Real Estate Advisors, Inc.
Sabrina May                          Kathleen Ross                                                      Lawley Service Insurance
Susan May                            Alexis Rouse                                                       Lumsden & McCormick
                                                                                                        M. Wile Fashion Outlet
Gloria Mazur                         Joseph Sacco                      2005 GOLF TOURNAMENT             Manning & Napier Advisors, Inc.
John McAlpine                        Safe Harbor Chiropractic
Patricia McCabe                      Anne Saldanha                                                      Mass Mutual Finance Group
                                                                       Major Event Sponsorship          Monroe Title Insurance Corp.
Clifford McCartan                    Sister Judith Salzman, FSSJ       Gerber Products
Priscilla McIsaac                    Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Sampson                                          Murray Roofing
Donna McKee                          Heidi Sanderson                                                    New Era Cap Co., Inc.
                                                                       Golf Cart Sponsorship            The Rev. Msgr. Richard T. Nugent
Edward McKee                         Peter Saraceno                    Gernatt Asphalt Products, Inc.
Karen McKee                          Elizabeth Sasiadek                                                 Paulus & Co., CPA
Judith McMahon                       Gail Schaab                                                        Richard C. and Karen E. Penfold
                                                                       Registration Sponsorship         P. E. Behringer Diamonds, Inc.
Anna McQuaid                         Matthew Schamann                  Goya Foods Great Lakes           Pine Hill Coffee Service, Inc.
M. Melton                            Richard Schara
Angela Meyer                         Jacqueline Scott                                                   Pooley, Inc.
     Riefler Concrete Products, LLC        Former Trustees
     Riverside Men’s Shop                 Jerry and Barbara Castiglia
     Silvestri Architects, PC             Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Donough
     Sysco Food Services                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Drago
     Toys R Us                            Mr. and Mrs. George Johengen
     TMSI Logistics                       Dr. Richard J. and Maureen W. Saab
     Union Medical Pharmacy               Paul and Norma Weaver
                                          West Herr Automotive Group –
     Contributors                            Brad Hafner, Scott Bieler
     Brown Security Designs
     Barbara Bonanno                      Faculty/Staff
     The Buffalo News                     Anonymous
     Phil Buffamonte                      Sandra Augustine
     Marge Cieslica                       John T. Babi
     Michael and Gwen Conway              Sister Jacqueline Benbenek, CSSF
     Gernatt Asphalt Products             Linda Bernstein
     Paul and Linda Gesko                 Mark Bindig
     Goya Foods Great Lakes               Barbara Bonanno
     Hallmark Management Services         Michael Bonilla
     Patrick Heraty                       Denise Brill
     Jaeckle, Fleischmann & Mugel, LLP    Dr. Joan Crouse
     Rajini Jeyapalan                     John D’Amico
     JimBall Pontiac.Buick.GMC, Inc.      Katie Darter
     Kathleen Krasowski                   Dr. Michael and Sarah Degnan
     Landmark Signs                       Dr. Yvonne Downes                    James and Ann Sobol                   Waldemar J. Kaminski Estate
     Leader Professional Services         Wendy B. Edson                       Michele Sojda                         Robin Kulczyk
     Maureen McCarthy                     Jason Enser                          Roger Stone                           Luceroni, Schulz & Co., LLP
     Mellon Bank, N. A.                   Dr. Charles and Mary Ernst           Elisabeth Strong                      M & T Charitable Foundation
     Merchants Mutual Insurance Group     Dr. and Mrs. Ron W. Eskew            James Sturm                           John and Deanna Malloy
     New Era Cap Co., Inc.                Janet Facklam                        Bernard Walsh                         MassMutual Finance Group
     The Rev. Dr. Bernard Olszewski,      Kathleen Fairbanks                   Richard Walsh                         Bob, Ann, and Dan McCarthy
        OFM Conv.                         Marne and Patrick Griffin             Sheila Walsh                          Jerry and Barbara Mazurkiewicz
     Pepsi Cola Buffalo Bottling Corp.    Dr. Thea Harrington                  Anthony Wiertel                       The McGowan Family
     Picone Construction Corp.            Craig Harris                         Cynthia A. Zane and Stephen Mazurak   Richard and Susan Minekime
     Margaret Plesh                       Wayne and Patricia Harvey                                                  Sharon Moffatt
     Daniel Roland                        Ann and Patrick Heraty               Friends                               Montague Family Charitable
     Rosina Food Products, Inc.           Hilbert College Campus Ministry      Randy G. Ahmed                           Foundation
     RSM McGladrey, Inc.                  Suzette M. Smith-Hino                Cleo Alexander                        Thomas and Margaret Murdock
     Russo Development, Inc.              Mary Ann (Hoby) Hobar                Allied Mechanical, Inc.               Dr. and Mrs. Carmen Notaro in
     Toys R Us                            Dr. Christopher Holoman              Anna Urban Allen                         honor of Sister Tiburtia Gorecki,
     Try It Distributing Co., Inc.        Thomas Honan                         Margaret Awald                           FSSJ
     Thomas Waring, Jr.                   Dr. Anthony Hughes                   Amy Bartz                             NYBDC (New York Business
     WKBW-TV                              Levarn Hunter                        Nicole Becker                            Development Corporation)
     Zahm and Matson, Inc.                Kerry Isett                          Carol Bellanca                           Charitable Foundation
                                          The Jackson Family                   Dawn Bellezza                         Gary and Carol Paczesny
     CAPITAL CAMPAIGN                     Kenneth Jonmaire                     Biddle Family Foundation              Gloria Paczesny
     PLEDGES/GIFTS through                Jumanah Family                       Sister Dorothy Bogdanowicz, FSSJ      The Vincent and Harriet Palisano
                                                                               Alan Booth                               Foundation
     Oct. 31, 2006                        Maia Kapusczcak
                                                                                                                     The Parent Child Connection
                                          Herb Kauderer                        Patricia Brammer
                                          Kathleen Kazmierczak                 James Carr                            Richard C. and Karen E. Penfold
     Trustees                                                                  Wilma Collins                         Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts
     Brooke Anderson-Tompkins             Dr. Julie Kusmierz-McGillicuddy
                                          Richard and Lisa Langenfeld          Crime Stoppers, Inc.                  Phillips Lytle LLP
     G. Gary and Judy Berner                                                                                         Power Drives, Inc.
                                          Evelyn Mahoney                       Carolyn Delacy
     Dennis and Leilani Black                                                                                        John R. Powers Estate
                                          Douglas Marky                        David Demmerly
     Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Catanese                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. James Rebmann in
                                          Kate Munroe                          Donald Davis Foundation
     Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph                                                                                   memory of our granddaughter
                                          JoAnn Murrin                         Elizabeth Drozd
     Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Gacioch                                                                                    Lindsay Ann Rebmann
                                          Michael Murrin                       Brenda Ellis
     Dan Gernatt, Jr.                                                                                                The Russo Family
                                          The Rev. Dr. Bernard Olszewski,      Joan Eustace-Reeverts
     Anthony Habib                                                                                                   Rutkowski Family
                                             OFM Conv.                         Evans National Bank
     Mr. and Mrs. Vincent O. Hanley                                                                                  Lorraine Sturdevant-Hritcko
                                          Deborah Palumbo                      Rita Falkensteen
     James and Diana Iglewski in memory                                                                              Dr. Joan Sulewski
                                          Kathleen Parker                      Charlotte Filipiak
        of Jenna Grace                                                                                               Dominique Thompson
                                          Joseph Parkinson                     First Niagara Bank Foundation
     Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mansell                                                                                       Sister Claire Ann Torla, FSSJ
                                          Robert and Diane Pawelski            Flynn & Friends Advertising
     Maureen Mussenden                                                                                               UBS Foundation USA
                                          Dr. Kathleen Pierino                 Mr. and Mrs. William Gacioch
     Roger and Carol Palczewski                                                                                      Theodore F. and Mary I. VanDeusen
                                          Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pinkowski       Margaret M. Gaughan
     Stanley J. and Karen Gaughan Scott                                                                              Betty and Robert Vogel
                                          Karen Procknal                       Daniel Gernatt, Sr.
        Family                                                                                                       Jerome Wszalek
                                          Edward Qualey                        Gernatt Asphalt Products, Inc.
     Ronald Soluri                                                                                                   Margaret Wendt Foundation
                                          The Roland Family                    Gernatt Family Foundation
     William E. and Ann L. Swan                                                                                      Lois Wilson
                                          Josephine Sewastynowicz              Harry and Danielle Gong
        Foundation                                                                                                   Richard Wipperman
                                          Nadia Shahram                        Antonita Graci
     Thomas and Bridgetta Waring, Jr.
                                          Sharon Sisti                         Andrew and Kathy Hiegel
     West Herr Automotive Group –                                                                                    *The compilers have carefully
                                          Judith Slon                          Mr. and Mrs. Richard Higgins
        John Wabick                                                                                                  reviewed the names that appear
                                          Dr. Amy E. Smith                     HSBC Philanthropic Program
     Merle and Janice Whitehead                                                                                      on this list. However, omissions or
                                          Dr. Gordon Snow                      Carol J. Jennings
                                                                               Joziu Karpowicz                       errors may occasionally appear.

Financial Highlights                                  2005-06
                                                      Board of
                            2005-06     2004-05
                                                      Karen Gaughan Scott, Chair
 Tuition & Fees — Gross   $12,824,200   $12,032,800   Thomas Waring, Jr., Vice-Chair
                —Net      $10,597,700    $9,975,600   Phillip T. Catanese, Secretary
 Gifts & Grants            $1,464,100    $1,408,300
 Auxiliary Enterprises       $887,700    $1,245,700   Brooke Anderson-Tompkins
                                                      James Balon
 Investment Income           $722,900      $579,200   G. Gary Berner
   Other                     $520,800      $384,700   Dennis Black
 Total Revenues           $14,193,200   $13,593,500   Sister Emily Therese Bloom, FSSJ
                                                      Deborah DiMatteo
                                                      Michael Gacioch
                                                      Edward Gelia, Jr.
                                                      Daniel Gernatt, Jr.
 Instruction               $5,085,200    $4,563,400
                                                      Anthony Habib
 Student Services          $2,217,100    $1,957,400   Vincent O. Hanley
 Academic Support          $1,082,300      $637,100   Sister Ann Marie Hudzina, FSSJ
 Other                     $3,660,900    $3,987,400   James Iglewski
                                                      Paul Mansell
 Total expenses           $12,045,500   $11,145,300
                                                      Maureen Mussenden
 Net Surplus (Deficit)     $2,147,700    $2,448,200   Sister Edmunette Paczesny, FSSJ
                                                      Carol Palczewski
 OTHER HIGHLIGHTS:                                    Jeffrey Russo
                                                      Sister Lynne Anne Schimminger, FSSJ
 Net Assets               $18,380,575   $16,232,865   Ronald Soluri, Sr.
                                                      Barry E. Snyder, Sr.
 Investments,              $9,217,100    $7,565,900
 (Market Value on 5/31)                               Ann Swan
                                                      Sister Paulette Tirone, FSSJ
 Endowment                 $2,912,300    $2,825,700   John Wabick
 Enrollment                     1,110         1,107   Merle Whitehead
   Tuition and Fees           $15,700       $14,300   Trustees Emeriti
   Room and Board              $5,800        $5,550   Sister Andrea Ciszewski, FSSJ
                                                      Robert J. Donough
                                                      Robert Drago, Sr.
                                                      Bradley Hafner
                                                      George Johengen
                                                      Maureen Saab
                                                      William Shults
                                                      Paul Weaver

                                                      Remember When
     the ‘90s
     It“Seinfeld,”decade of the hitthe O.J. Simpson
         was the
                   grunge bands,
                                     TV show

     trial and the Oklahoma City bombing.
     Technology in the ‘90s also took another
     huge leap forward, prompting many changes
     at Hilbert College. In 1990, McGrath Library’s
     online catalog was in its infancy with only
     two computers available to access the
     catalog, making the traditional card catalog,
     shown here, still a needed resource. As the
     decade progressed, additional computers
     with Internet-access were made available for
     student use and CD-ROMs were phased out
     for Internet databases, among many other
     To share some of your favorite memories as a
     student during the ‘90s, contact the Office of
     Alumni Relations at 716-926-8888, or e-mail

             5200 South Park Avenue
               Hamburg, NY 14075
            Return Service Requested
     Parents: If newsletter is addressed to a grad-
     uated son or daughter who no longer main-
     tains a permanent address at your home,
     please clip the address label and return it
     with correct address to the address shown

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