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									                                      UW Bothell
                                                                               Academic                                        Affairs   date
                                                                                                                                                                   April 2006

                                                                                                                                               Mark your calendars: APRIL 29
                                                                               UW Regents Approve MACS                                       UWB’s 15th Anniversary Celebration
                                                                               At the end of an almost five-year process of plan-
                                                                               ning, development, and review, the UW Board of
                                                                               Regents approved the new master’s degree in cul-

                                                                               tural studies (MACS) following a 15-minute discus-
                                                                               sion at its March 16th meeting held at UW Tacoma.
                                                                                                                                            First Faculty Recognition
                                                                               Vice Chancellor Tom Bellamy and JoLynn Edwards,             Ceremony Planned, May 3
                                                                               IAS director, made a brief presentation and re-          The first UWB annual faculty recognition ceremony
                                                                               sponded to questions. MACS will be one of the few        will be held on Wed., May 3, 2006, 3:00-5:30 pm,
                                                                               graduate programs in the country to combine the          in the North Creek Café. The Honors and Ceremo-
                                                                               interdisciplinary study of art and culture with a com-
    G. Thomas Bellamy, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

                                                                                                                                        nies Committee is developing the program, with co-
                                                                               munity-based learning network.                           ordination and logistics support from the General
                                                                                                                                        Faculty Organization, Academic Affairs, and the
                                                                               Actual implementation of MACS is contingent on
                                                                                                                                        Chancellor’s Office.
                                                                               new campus and State funding for graduate educa-
               Office of Academic Affairs

                                                                               tion at UWB. The next legislative session will not       Faculty members will be recognized for service con-
                                                                               begin until January 2007, and funding for UWB            tributions, participation in leadership and govern-
                                                                               graduate programs is not assured. The chancellor,        ance roles, and external awards. The ceremony will
                                                                               Academic Affairs, and IAS will thus be assessing         also include presentation of the Distinguished
               FAX 425.352.3527

                                                                               options for the near future. Andrew Brusletten is        Teaching Award and the two new faculty awards—
                                                                               helping Bruce Burgett to contact students who have       the Rose Distinguished Academic Service Award
                                                                               expressed an interest in the new program.                and the Worthington Distinguished Faculty Scholar-
                                                                                                                                        ship Award.
                                                                                  UWB 2006 Distinguished                                Please mark your calendars and plan to join your
                                                                               Teaching Award Announced                                 colleagues on May 3, to acknowledge and celebrate

                                                                                                                                        outstanding work and accomplishments of the 2005-
                                                                                                  Ron Krabill, assistant professor
                                                                                                                                        2006 academic year!
                                                                                                  in IAS, has been selected to re-
                                                                                                  ceive the 2006 UWB Distin-
                                                                                                  guished Teaching Award (DTA).                Planning for Freshmen:
                                                                                                  He joins 12 faculty colleagues                   CUSP Moves Ahead
                                                  Box 358522

                                                                                                  who previously received this
                                                                                                  award in recognition of teaching      Officially appointed In-
                                                                                                  that “exceeds the highest stan-       terim Coordinator for
                                                                                                  dards, serves as a model of in-       CUSP, Gray Kochhar-
                                                                                                  spired and challenging teaching,      Lindgren (IAS) has taken
                                                                               and has led students to academic and personal            up temporary quarters in
                                                                               success.”                                                UW1-305B. Recruitment
                                                                                                                                        begins this month for a
                                                                               A selection committee made up of previous recipi-        CUSP advisor.
                                                                               ents of the DTA and a UWB alumnus, together rep-
                                                                               resenting the five academic programs, unanimously        Coordinator’s Report:
                                                                               recommended Ron Krabill for the 2006 DTA. They           The Center for University
                                                                               based their recommendation on a careful and objec-       Studies and Programs
                                                                               tive review of dossiers submitted by the finalists       (CUSP) is well underway
                                                                               who were selected from the initial list of nominees.     with the creation of an innovative and coherent
                                                                                                                                        academic experience for UWB’s inaugural class of
freshmen. The first priority was to create learning          description of poster sessions to be presented by
goals that include critical inquiry, quantitative lit-       several UWB faculty.)
eracy, communication, and community engage-
ment, and, then, with additional faculty input, to           The Symposium is hosted by by the Faculty Council
design a curriculum that will deeply engage stu-             on Instructional Quality, the Scholarship of Teaching
dents as they move toward those goals.                       and Learning Forum, the Teaching Academy, the
                                                             Center for Engineering Learning and Teaching, and
The academic schedule consists of the two Discov-            the Center for Instructional Development and Re-
ery Cores; Freshmen Interest Groups and portfolio            search. For more information, on the symposium,
assessment; and a series of electives. For the fall          please go to: http://depts.washington.edu/sotl/2006/
quarter, the Cores will explore the relationships            Symposium.html.
between natural and cultural systems and include
“Growing Things” (Rebecca Price); “Origins”
(Arnie Berger and Andrea Kovalesky); “The Hu-                         Academic Services Update
man Place in Nature” (Michael Goldberg, IAS);                From Director Cynthia Fugate:
and “The Sensuous Earth” (M. Gillespie and G.                Rebecca Reed Rosenberg has been appointed the
Kochhar-Lindgren).                                           first director of the UWB Teaching and Learning
                                                             Center (TLC). We are delighted to welcome Becky
                              The next phase is to
    Mary McGuire                                             to her new role at UWB. She has been director of the
                              craft a program that
(Business) recently com-                                     UWB Writing Center since 1998; and she served as
                              will support the crea-
pleted a report on a fall 2005                               interim director of the TLC during its planning phase
survey she conducted of       tion of a Discovery
                                                             which began in 2002.
regional community-college    Faculty Cohort—
students (Bellevue, Shore-    which will involve             Becky earned a Ph.D. in history at the University of
line, Everett, Cascadia, Ed-  course development             Michigan, where she also served as associate director
monds, North Seattle). Data   and participation in a         of the English Composition Board. Becky has pub-
and information from this     series of workshops.           lished articles and made national presentations on the
survey will help inform re-   It will also design            scholarship of teaching and learning, including top-
cruiting and planning of aca- methods for assessing          ics such as assessment, collaboration in teaching, and
demic programs and services
                              student performance            rubric design and faculty development.
for transfer students as well
as lower-division students.
                              across several dimen-
                                                             Carole Leppa and Sarah Leadley (co-chairs),
                              sions. Toward this
                                                             Frank Cioch, and David Goldstein, served with
                              end, and with the
                                                             distinction on the search committee, and we thank
generous support of the Teaching and Learning
                                                             them for a job well done.
Center, CUSP hosted a day-long session on March
30, with Jean Henscheid, a fellow at the National
                                                             Search Launched for Writing Center Director
Resource Center for the First-Year Experience
(housed at the University of South Carolina).                Becky will serve as interim director of the Writing
                                                             Center until a search for that position is concluded.
Finally, to work toward a holistic learning experi-          Members of the search committee are: Sarah
ence for the incoming students, CUSP has begun               Leadley (Library) as chair, Mary Abrums, Bill
coordinating the academic aspect of the first-year           Erdly (CSS), Laraine Hong (Academic Affairs),
experience with the Office of Student Affairs, the           Ron Krabill (IAS), Nancy Place (Education), Kim
Teaching and Learning Center, Information Sys-               Sharp (Writing Center), and James Burton
tems, and the library.                                       (Business).
                                                                                 News from Nursing
         2006 UW Teaching                                       Nursing Gala Raises Scholarship Funds
   and Learning Symposium                                    UW Nursing at Bothell, Seattle, and Tacoma funded
The 2006 UW Teaching and Learning Symposium                  a table at the Johnson & Johnson Promise of Nursing
will be held at Mary Gates Commons, Seattle cam-             Gala, held on March 29, to raise scholarship funds
pus, Tuesday, April 25, 3:00-5:00 p.m. It will fea-          for nursing students in Washington State. Director of
ture 21 concurrent poster sessions, representing the         the UWB Nursing program, Mary Baroni, was a
work of 40 faculty and TAs from 25 different                 member of the steering committee that planned this
departments and programs on all three UW cam-                event. Also attending the gala from UWB were five
puses. (See ‘Faculty Activity’ section for a                 students and two faculty. Jim Mitre, current UWB
                                                             master’s-in-nursing student, was selected as one of
the evening’s speakers.                                        gram directors and office staff, but it is accessible to
   Partner Events with Area Hospitals                          all UWB faculty and staff. Many thanks to Katherine,
                                                               Sue, and Chris Heiland in Web Services for their work
To raise awareness of career-advancement opportuni-            on this project.
ties, UWB Nursing has joined area hospitals in several
joint activities: a March 8th dinner with new graduate         To access the database: open a browser and type in
nurses at Children’s Hospital, attended by Mary                my.uwb.edu in the address box; click on the UWB em-
Baroni and Cynthia Dilg, nursing graduate advisor;             ployee login (right side of the screen); log in with your
upcoming Education Day sponsored by Virginia Ma-               UW Net ID and password; click “Departments,” then
son Medical Center; and the Everett Medical Center             “Academic Affairs”; click “Academic Affairs Time-
Nurses Celebration Event, to be held May 3.                    lines” to access the database. Please send comments
                                                               and suggestions to: Sue Bernhardt
   Spring Meeting of the Council of Nursing
   Education in Washington State (CNEWS)
Heads of the nursing programs from the three UW
campuses will attend. CNEWS will hold its spring                 IN BRIEF . . .
meeting in Spokane, April 13-14. This closed session
will focus on strategic planning and recommendations               Bellevue Community College has become the fifth
for increasing access to baccalaureate nursing educa-              of our six primary feeder colleges to sign a dual-
tion in the state.                                                 enrollment agreement with UWB. Chancellor
                                                                   Steve Olswang joined BCC President Jean Floten
                 News from Education                               at the March 23rd signing ceremony.
                                                                   The CSS program was recently granted one tuition
   Professional Development Day—Feb. 17
                                                                   waiver (3 quarters, 2006-07) by UW International
The Education Program hosted its second Professional               Programs and Exchanges. This waiver will support
Development Day for teacher-certification students,                the continuing CSS student-exchange program
cooperating teachers, principals, field instructors, and           with Ehime University in Japan.
faculty. Guest speaker was Professor Jane Hansen,
                                                                   Sandra Elman, president of the Northwest Com-
director of the graduate program in literacy at the
                                                                   mission on Colleges and Universities, has ac-
University of Virginia
                                                                   cepted an invitation to be the keynote speaker at
   Annual Practice Interview and                                   UWB’s 15th Anniversary Celebration dinner on
   Resume Critique—Feb. 28                                         Sat., April 29.
UWB students completing their elementary-education                 The search for a founding director of the new
endorsement met with over 30 guests—principals and                 Office of Research Support is continuing. This is
school-district executive directors, teachers (UWB                 a national search, with an appointment expected
teacher-certification graduates), and UWB staff and                by July 1.
faculty—to network and participate in practice inter-              Many thanks to Becky Reed Rosenberg, advisor
views and resume critiques. This successful annual                 of Space Huskies, a UWB student organization,
event was co-sponsored by UWB Career Services.                     which held its 2006 Showcase on March 29. The
Thanks to Lynda West and Jon Howeiler for their ex-                club works to strengthen connections with the lo-
cellent planning and coordination.                                 cal community by promoting project-based learn-
                                                                   ing for fifth- and sixth-grade students. Becky
                  Debut of Online                                  hopes to involve faculty in next year’s projects.
               Timeline Database
After several months of development, a pilot online
timeline database is now available on the UWB Intra-                                        TRANSITIONS
net Website. At the March 6, meeting of the Academic
Council, Sue Bernhardt, administrator for Academic                Kathleen Martin, professor in education, has an-
Affairs (AA), and AA student assistant Katherine               nounced her plans to retire at the end of the current
Ganjaie provided a demonstration of the database,              academic year. All best wishes to Kathleen!
which is intended, ultimately, as a central catalogue of
all the processes and deadlines connected with UWB
academic programs. The primary users will be pro-
UWB Faculty Class of 2006
UW Bothell will begin the 2006-07 academic year with some 12 new faculty members! With the current year
occupied by a chancellor’s search, development of a new lower-division program, and so much else, these
outstanding new faculty represent an enthusiastic and deliberate search process involving many committed
members of the UWB community.

 B us i ne s s                                          Ed ucat i o n
 Timothy Hargrave, Assistant Professor                  Antony Smith , Assistant Professor
 University of Minnesota                                University of Washington
 Manuela Hoehn-Weiss, Assistant Professor               I nt e r di s c i pl i n ar y A r t s & S c i e nce s
 Boston University
                                                        Science Faculty
 Yuanfang Lin, Assistant Professor
 Washington University                                  Rebecca Price, Assistant Professor
                                                        University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
 Juan Gomez, Assistant Professor
                                                        David Stokes, Associate Professor
 University of Minnesota
                                                        Sonoma State University
 Nursing                                                Robert Turner, Assistant Professor
 Selina Mohammed, Assistant Professor                   Long Island University
 University of Washington                               Community Psychology
                                                        J. Eric Stewart, Assistant Professor
 Heidi Petry, Assistant Professor                       University of Georgia, Athens
 University of Washington
                                                        Wadiya Udell Assistant Professor
                                                        Columbia University


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