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					 Introduction to Apprenticeship Frameworks

 1. Background and Key Facts :
    There has been a long tradition of apprenticeships in the UK, but in 1994
    Modern Apprenticeships were introduced to raise participation in new
    employment sectors. The term “modern” was dropped in 2004, and we now
    have Apprenticeships at Level 2 and Advanced Apprenticeships at Level 3.
    There are developments to define and grow Higher Level Apprenticeships and
    also to develop progression pathways into Apprenticeships.
    The Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning (ASCL) Act and the
    Specification of Apprenticeship Standards in England (SASE) have secured
    the legal standing of apprenticeships; the entitlement to an apprenticeship;
    and defined minimum standards for apprenticeship frameworks.

     Key Facts
         National Target of 1 in 5 young people to be on an apprenticeship
         Total Apprenticeship numbers have grown from 175 000 in 2005/6, to 234
          000 in 2008/09
         In 2008- 09 , apprenticeship places for 19-24 year olds grew by 20% and
          16-18 year olds decreased by 8%, but more recently 16-18 year old
          numbers have grown
         Over 130,000 companies offer apprenticeship places
         There are 189 apprenticeship frameworks
         Apprenticeships numbers by Local Authority from 2002/03 to 2005/06 –
          an increase of 134.7% from 41,524 to 97,457

2. Specification of Standards for Apprenticeships (SASE) – a summary of
     An apprenticeship framework must specify the guided learning hours and
       total number of QCF credits, with a minimum of 37 credits, except for
       Higher Apprenticeships
     Frameworks must also specify the competence, knowledge attainment ,
       functional skills and Employee Rights and Responsibilities to be obtained
       by apprentices, and must specify the qualifications to be obtained, and any
       proxy arrangements for Key Skills
     An apprenticeship framework must specify the number of off the job guided
       learning hours, which must be a minimum of either 100 guided learning
       hours or 30% of the total glh per year, whichever is the greatest
     Frameworks must specify the six PLTS, personal learning and thinking
       skills, and state how these are to be achieved

3. Qualifications: levels, structure, and equivalencies

    Entry and Level 1
     Foundation Learning : in the early definition of Foundation Learning a
       “pre-apprenticeship” pathway was proposed as the Entry and Level 1
       pathway leading to the formal Level 2 Apprenticeship. Discussions continue

Produced by March 2010
        about the appropriateness of Foundation Learning provision as progression
        pathways to apprenticeships
       Currently Entry to Employment provides learners with a progression route
        on to Level 2 Apprenticeships. E2E will be replaced by Foundation

    Level 2 Apprenticeships (equivalent to five good GCSE passes); employee
     Apprentices work towards a competence-based qualification such as an
        NVQ Level 2, Key Skills and, and a relevant knowledge based qualification
        or technical certificate ( eg a BTEC or City and Guilds, EDI, etc qualification)

    Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeships (equivalent to two A-level passes) with
    employee status
     Advanced apprentices work towards a competence-based learning
       qualification such as an NVQ Level 3, Key Skills or Functional Skills, and a
       relevant knowledge-based certificate such as a BTEC/C&G/EDI or other
       awarding body qualification. To start this programme, the applicant should
       ideally have five GCSEs (grade C or above) or have completed a Level 2

    Higher Apprenticeships – L4 /5 and working up to Level 7 professional body
     The National Apprenticeship Service seek to run pilots for higher level
        apprenticeships in Autumn 2010. Currently, SSCs recognise Foundation
        Degrees and Edexcel Higher National Certificates (HNCs) and Higher
        National Diplomas (HNDs) as providing progression for higher level study
        for L3 Apprentices.
     Higher apprentices work towards work-based learning qualifications such as
        an NVQ Level 4 and/or, a knowledge-based qualification such as a
        Foundation degree or HNC or HND
     UCAS tariff - Discussions are taking place with UCAS to seek a UCAS tariff
        for apprenticeships, as proposed in the ASCL Act

3. Apprenticeship Framework

   Apprenticeships have to be made up of
    - Transferable skills – key skills currently, to be replaced with Functional Skills ,
       English and Maths ( level to be defined by SSC)
    - a knowledge element or technical certificate
    - a competence-based element or NVQ
    - provision for employment rights and responsibilities (ERR)

SSCs design the frameworks and work with awarding bodies who develop
appropriate qualifications. Qualifications have to be approved by SSCs and awarding
bodies must be recognised by Ofqual. The qualifications once accredited are placed
on the National Qualifications Database of Accredited Qualifications, NDAQ.

Produced by March 2010
4. Example of Apprenticeship Framework: Business Administration, Level 2

Key Skills/               Knowledge                  Competence       Employment
Functional Skills         Based Element              Based Element    Rights and
Application of            Business and               NVQ Level 2 -    Yes, as part of
Number – L1               Administration             Business &       Technical
Communication -           Level 2 ,                  Administration   Certificate
Level 2                   Technical
                          (Includes ERR)

Example: Accountancy – knowledge element embedded, Level 2

Key Skills/               Knowledge                  Competence       Employment
Functional Skills         Based Element              Based Element    Rights and
Application of            Centrally                  NVQ Level 2 -    Apprentices are
Number Level 1;           assessed core              Accounting       required to
or Maths L1               knowledge and                               complete the
Communication             understanding                               ERR workbook.
Level 2; or               embedded within
English Level 2           NVQ Level 2
                          awarded by AAT,
                          City and Guilds
                          or EdExcel

5. Employed Status

All apprentices must have employee status. There is no set rate of pay for
apprentices, however all employed apprentices must receive a wage of no less than
£95 per week and a recent survey showed that the average wage per week for an
apprentice is now around £170 and in some job roles around £210 per week

6. Funding

All apprenticeships are funded in 2009/10 using the demand-led funding formula and
from the employer-responsiveness funding model. The funding formula works in the
same way as Train to Gain , but with the addition of the disadvantage uplift.
Currently, all 19+ plus learners are co-funded which means there is an expectation
that the employer will contribute to costs. The employer contribution (fee element) for
each qualification reduces the total framework funding by approximately 47.5%.
Graduates remain ineligible for apprenticeship funding.

See, The hands-on guide to post -16 funding, written by Nick Linford and published
by Edexcel

Produced by March 2010
                                Apprenticeship Frameworks
  Listed below are all the current 189 Apprenticeship frameworks. If you click on the
  framework title this will take you through to the SSC information

   Framework Title                         NVQ Level     SSC/SSB
   Accounting                              2           Financial Services Sk...
   Accounting                              3           Financial Services Sk...
   Accounting                              4           Financial Services Sk...
   Active Leisure and Learning             2           Skills Active
   Active Leisure and Learning             3           Skills Active
   Advice and Guidance                     2           ENTO
   Advice and Guidance                     3           ENTO
   Advising on Financial Products          3           Financial Services Sk...
   Agriculture                             2           Lantra
   Agriculture                             3           Lantra
   Animal Care                             2           Lantra
   Animal Care                             3           Lantra
   Aviation Operations on the Ground 2                 GoSkills
   Barbering                               2           HABIA
   Barbering                               3           HABIA
   Beauty Therapy                          2           HABIA
   Beauty Therapy                          3           HABIA
   Building Products Occupations           2           ProSkills
   Building Products Occupations           3           ProSkills
   Building Services Engineering
                                           3           Summit Skills
   Business and Administration             2           Council for Administr...
   Business and Administration             3           Council for Administr...
   Cabin Crew                              2           GoSkills
   Carry and Deliver Goods                 2           Skills for Logistics
   Ceramics Manufacturing                  2           ProSkills
   Childrens Care, Learning and
                                           2           Childrens Workforce D...
   Childrens Care, Learning and
                                           3           Childrens Workforce D...
   Cleaning and Support Services           2           Asset Skills
   Coatings Occupations                    2           ProSkills
   Coatings Occupations                    3           ProSkills
   Community Development                   2           Lifelong Learning UK

Produced by March 2010
   Community Development                   3         Lifelong Learning UK
   Community Justice                       3         Skills for Justice
   Construction                            2         Construction Skills
   Construction                            3         Construction Skills
   Contact Centres                         2         Institute of Customer...
   Contact Centres                         3         Institute of Customer...
   Contact Centres                         4         Institute of Customer...
   Creative                                2         Creative and Cultural...
   Creative                                3         Creative and Cultural...
   Cultural Heritage                       2         Creative and Cultural...
   Cultural Heritage                       3         Creative and Cultural...
   Customer Service                        2         Institute of Customer...
   Customer Service                        3         Institute of Customer...
   Dental Nursing                          3         Skills for Health
   Design                                  2         Creative and Cultural...
   Design                                  3         Creative and Cultural...
   Driving Goods Vehicles                  2         Skills for Logistics
   Driving Goods Vehicles                  3         Skills for Logistics
   Dry Stone Walling                       2         Lantra
   Electrical and Electronics Servicing 2            Summit Skills
   Electrical and Electronics Servicing 3            Summit Skills
   Electricity Industry                    2         EU Skills
   Electricity Industry                    3         EU Skills
   Electrotechnical                        3         Summit Skills
   Emergency Fire Service Operations 3               Skills for Justice
   Engineering                             2         SEMTA
   Engineering                             3         SEMTA
   Engineering Construction                2         Engineering Construct...
   Engineering Construction                3         Engineering Construct...
   Engineering Technology                  4         SEMTA
   Environmental Conservation              2         Lantra
   Environmental Conservation              3         Lantra
   Equine                                  2         Lantra
   Equine                                  3         Lantra
   Extractive and Mineral Processing
                                           2         ProSkills
   Extractive and Mineral Processing
                                           3         ProSkills
   Farriery                                3         Lantra
   Fence installation industry             2         Lantra
   Floristry                               2         Lantra
   Floristry                               3         Lantra

Produced by March 2010
   Food Manufacture                        2         Improve Ltd
   Food Manufacture                        3         Improve Ltd
   Furniture, Furnishings and Interiors
                                        2            ProSkills
   Manufacturing Industry
   Furniture, Furnishings and Interiors
                                        3            ProSkills
   Manufacturing Industry
   Game and Wildlife Management            2         Lantra
   Game and Wildlife Management            3         Lantra
   Gas Industry                            2         EU Skills
   Gas Industry                            3         EU Skills
   Glass Industry Occupations              2         ProSkills
   Glass Industry Occupations              3         ProSkills
   Hairdressing                            2         HABIA
   Hairdressing                            3         HABIA
   Health and Social Care                  2         Skills for Health/Ski...
   Health and Social Care                  3         Skills for Health/Ski...
   Heating, Ventilating, Air
                                           2         Summit Skills
   Conditioning & Refrigeration
   Heating, Ventilating, Air
                                           3         Summit Skills
   Conditioning & Refrigeration
   Hospitality and Catering                2         People 1st
   Hospitality and Catering                3         People 1st
   Housing                                 2         Asset Skills
   Housing                                 3         Asset Skills
   ICT Professionals                       4         e-skills UK
   Industrial Applications                 2         SEMTA
   Information and Library Services        3         Lifelong Learning UK
   IT and Telecoms Professionals           2         e-skills UK
   IT and Telecoms Professionals           3         e-skills UK
   IT User                                 2         e-skills UK
   IT User                                 3         e-skills UK
   Laboratory Technicians                  2         SEMTA
   Laboratory Technicians                  3         SEMTA
   Land-based Service Engineering          2         Lantra
   Land-based Service Engineering          3         Lantra
   Learning and Development                3         ENTO
   Logistics Operations Management         3         Skills for Logistics
   Mail Services                           2         Skills for Logistics
   Marine Industry                         2         British Marine Federa...
   Marine Industry                         3         British Marine Federa...
   Marketing and Communications            2         Marketing and Sales S...
   Marketing and Communications            3         Marketing and Sales S...

Produced by March 2010
   Metals Processing                       2         MetSkill
   Metals Processing                       3         MetSkill
   Nail Services                           2         HABIA
   Nail Services                           3         HABIA
   Nuclear Decommissioning                 3         Cogent
   Optical                                 2         SEMTA
   Optical                                 3         SEMTA
   Paper and Board Manufacture             2         ProSkills
   Paper and Board Manufacture             3         ProSkills
   Passenger Carrying Vehicles Driving
                                       2             GoSkills
   - Bus and Coach
   Payroll                                 2         Financial Services Sk...
   Payroll                                 3         Financial Services Sk...
   Pharmacy Assistants and
                                           2         Skills for Health
   Pharmacy Assistants and
                                           3         Skills for Health
   Photo Imaging for Staff
                                           3         Skillset
   Plumbing                                2         Summit Skills
   Plumbing                                3         Summit Skills
   Polymer Processing and Signmaking 2               Cogent
   Polymer Processing Operations           3         Cogent
   Print & Printed Packaging               2         ProSkills
   Print & Printed Packaging               3         ProSkills
   Process Technology                      2         Cogent
   Process Technology                      2         Cogent
   Property Services                       2         Asset Skills
   Property Services                       3         Asset Skills
   Providing Financial Services            2         Financial Services Sk...
   Providing Financial Services            3         Financial Services Sk...
   Providing Security Services             2         Skills for Security
   Public Services                         2         Government Skills
   Purchasing and Supply Management 2                Skills for Logistics
   Purchasing and Supply Management 3                Skills for Logistics
   Purchasing and Supply Management 4                Skills for Logistics
   Rail Transport Engineering              2         GoSkills
   Rail Transport Engineering              3         GoSkills
   Rail Transport Operations               2         GoSkills
   Retail                                  2         Skillsmart Retail
   Retail                                  3         Skillsmart Retail
   Roadside Assistance and Recovery        3         IMI

Produced by March 2010
   (Retail Motor Industry)
   Roadside Assistance and Recovery
                                           2         IMI
   (Retail Motor Industry)
   Sales and Telesales                     2         Marketing and Sales S...
   Sales and Telesales                     3         Marketing and Sales S...
   Sea Fishing                             2         Seafish
   Sea Fishing                             3         Seafish
   Security Systems                        2         Skills for Security
   Security Systems                        2         Skills for Security
   Set Crafts                              3         Skillset
   Signmaking                              3         Cogent
   Spa Therapy                             3         HABIA
   Specialized Process Operations          2         Cogent
   Sporting Excellence                     3         Skills Active
   Support Services in Healthcare          2         Skills for Health
   Supporting Teaching and Learning in
                                       2             Training and Developm...
   Supporting Teaching and Learning in
                                       3             Training and Developm...
   Surveying                               3         Asset Skills
   Team Leading and Management             2         Management Standards ...
   Team Leading and Management             3         Management Standards ...
   Traffic Office                          2         Skills for Logistics
   Traffic Office                          3         Skills for Logistics
   Transport Engineering and
                                           2         GoSkills
   Transport Engineering and
                                           3         GoSkills
   Travel and Tourism Services             2         People 1st
   Travel and Tourism Services             3         People 1st
   Trees and Timber                        2         Lantra
   Vehicle Body and Paint Operations
                                     2               IMI
   (Retail Motor Industry)
   Vehicle Body and Paint Operations
                                     3               IMI
   (Retail Motor Industry)
   Vehicle Fitting (Retail Motor
                                           2         IMI
   Vehicle Fitting (Retail Motor
                                           3         IMI
   Vehicle Maintenance and Repair
                                           2         IMI
   (Retail Motor Industry)
   Vehicle Maintenance and Repair
                                           3         IMI
   (Retail Motor Industry)
   Vehicle Parts Operations (Retail
                                           2         IMI
   Motor Industry)

Produced by March 2010
   Vehicle Parts Operations (Retail
                                           3         IMI
   Motor Industry)
   Vehicle Sales (Retail Motor Industry) 2           IMI
   Vehicle Sales (Retail Motor Industry) 3           IMI
   Veterinary Nursing                      2         Lantra
   Veterinary Nursing                      3         Lantra
   Warehousing and Storage                 2         Skills for Logistics
   Water Industry                          2         EU Skills
   Water Industry                          3         EU Skills
   Youth Work                              2         Lifelong Learning UK
   Youth Work                              3         Lifelong Learning UK

Produced by March 2010

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