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					Differences between Tarot styles....

I just want to check how many styles are there out there.....

from what shimure told me, mine belongs to the Intuitive style.

So how many styles are there actually and what does each style have that is different from others?

please share your knowledge

All i have known is a systematic reader, and the other one is usign the aid of a crystal ball to
magnify thier cards clergy for checking out the cards footprint that leads to ther querents past.

This crystalball method is mostly used by eastern europe gypsies tarot readers.

Well basically, I think that there are two main "types" of readers.

Intuitive readers tend to use their intuition, emotions, and feelings when reading (hence the label).
Cards are interpreted according to their own understanding of the tarot, sometimes drawing on
the graphical representation on the cards, the colors and other things. My understanding of this
style is pretty limited since I do not use this style much in my readings. Perhaps Ryuza or
Loukezxv can elaborate on their style of reading, and share more on the intuitive style.

Systematic readers tend to follow a system when reading. There are various "systems" that such
readers draw from, and they include (but are not limited to):
    1. Mythos

    2. Numerology

    3. Astrology

    4. Traditions
Mythos would be "themes" of decks, based on stories. An example of this would be the Arthurian
tarot that larrenv2.003 uses. That deck is based on the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the
Round Table. The symbology, the cards, and the theme itself is based on that.

Numerology is the idea that each number represents a theme, and I weave this heavily into my
readings. (Read my article on minor arcana for more information.)

Astrology is found in the tarot, as explained certain books. Some of the major arcana represent a
certain astrological sign. Court cards are also said to represent the signs. There are schools of
tarot that seperate the minor arcana into the astrological decans, as well as spreads based on the
houses of astrology.

Traditions in the above list represent a "school" of thought in reference to tarot. Some readers
follow a certain tradition in regards to the tarot such as the teachings of Rider-Waite, or the Book
of Toth, or the Kabbalah. There are also readers who weave in wiccan or other religious practices
into their readings.

All these are also used to different extents by systematic readers. Thus even among those who
follow a system, there are differences.

With regards to the two styles, I think of them as two ends of a spectrum, where Intuitive is on
one end and Systematic on the other.
Thus far, I have never met two readers who used the exact same style and beliefs when reading.
We all personalize our interpretation of the tarot based on our experiences, understanding, and
personality. How much we have learnt, how much we know, and how we use that information
affects our style and technique.

I can't say which style is "better" or "more accurate", as I have seen good and bad readers of both
styles. I would like to close this article by posting a 5 card spread which we have done.
    1. The first card would represent the general view of the Tarot.

    2. The second card would show how the querent reads the Tarot.

    3. The third card would be how the querent sees his relationship with the Tarot.

    4. The fourth card would be how the querent uses the Tarot.

    5. The fifth card would be what the querent hopes to achieve with the Tarot.

It's something to try out if you're interested in this topic. Till next time, I wish you all good journey;
may the tarot continue to be your guide.

hmmm... 1stly in a spread, normally when i 1st look at it, surely there is some cards will catch my
eyes 1st. & normally it's a card with a single human inside.

i will see the man or woman how they face each other in the spread. left or right, or looking up or
down, or even straight.
what he/she is holding in his hand, left or right hand, how the face expression look like, how the
leg or hand being placed & etc...

let's say side by side card is a man & woman, if the they are both facing each other, i will take it
as they are looking at each other BUT even when facing each other, if 1 look up & 1 looking down,
i will take it as although pycially they are near each other, side by side but they not looking at the
same direction or topic, (which mean they are not communicating properly, got misunderstand of
each other's wants & need)

1 is looking what's up in the sky or looking at something which caught him/she attention that is
above while the other party are looking down at something, looking up i will see what's is the card
up there, the card up might hint what's the human down looking for, & the human in the card
looking down, i will see what's the card below it, the human looking down might be looking the
thing she/he want which is hint in the card down below. same goes for left & right.

& the color let say 1 yellow/orange & 1 black/dark color, human in brighter background might be
looking positive & bright side of the thing, or even could be that person's character are more out-
going, out spoken, more free in speech etc... while human in black background might be in more
negtive thinking, something hidden or even darkish character which is not shown to the world. but
normally, when reading for different person, the same card will gimme different feeling de...

sometimes in order for me to have more feeling for the card while reading, i tend to make stories
& slowly build it up.. which will takes VERY LONG TIME =X

& while making up stories.. i tend to look at each card in details, every single small details means
a lot to me.
cos small items in a card MIGHT the BIG reason y ppl dont see it, tend to overlook!!!

i hope uncle apo understand my english =X
not sure for ryuza... let's wait for his answer.
very close to Loukezxv's style....

I was taught on this basis... look at what comes to u first when u see a card.

when looking at cards, there will always be one thing that catches your eyes first, from there you

it usually begins with looking at people/animals/objects that are more eye catching... but
sometimes, the background colours will determine the actual mood for the setting (hence the
reason of me using thorth deck)

btw, i trained using raider waite deck.

depending on how the picture is set up, and to address to the question, the same card can have
different meanings to different types of questions....

And my style is like reading a storybook. I can get as little as 1 card to maybe more than 14 cards
in a reading, but each card is linked to each other in a way, and for my own style, I use it in a way
where by the cards that are linked belong in a grouping, and for each grouping, it explains
different things about the question being asked...

not really sure how to elaborate though... since I don't really have a systematic style....

I do know there are differences between swords, wands/staves, cups, pentacles/coins/disks, but
not every card in general, because each card is read by the card's communication to me....

My style do not really suit you. So i teach you only basics.....

In addition, i ask you to develop a bond with your deck and get used to the cards.

My style is to gather knowledge from the books first. Books like the book of thoth, the rider waite's
pictorial key to the tarot, the golden dawn tarot book. and the mirror of the soul.;

Then Astrology and numerlogy and mythos to combine in my readings.

Plus lastly it is experiences.

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