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					320 Front St. 6th Floor Charity Trust Auction List

Instructions: To bid on any item, please enter a bid in column "F" and click on a the "Bid" button on the item you wish to bid fo An email will be sent to "Reginald Chin" to record your bid. Bidding must be in whole dollar increments. In the event of a similar bid, the earliest Outlook timestamp of the bid will decide the highest bidder. The highest bidder is displayed in column "H". In the "Money Raised Chart" tab, the data is displayed graphically Everyday, this file "Auction List" will be downloadable from the photo website and will be updated with the latest O AUCTION CLOSE DEADLINE: Thursday December 11, 2008 11:59PM Pictures URL: Item ID Name Classic Decorator Black and White Prints Description Decorate your house with 2 classic black and white prints of old Paris and the classic Notre Dame Church. Suitable for framing or dry mounting.



Household Decorations

Decorate your holiday home with a Christmas Mug, Decorative Teapot, 512MB MP3 Player, Framed Lucky 4 Leaf Clover, Antique Candle Holder


FoodSaver System

Vacuum seal the holiday leftovers in a sealed bag with the FoodSaver VAC800.


Wine/Martini Set

Get ready to party with this 4 Wine/Martini Glasses Set complete with 12" Lacquer Serving Tray.


Necklace with matching bracelet, with a $40 off $200 purchase Necklace and at European Jewellery. Show off the fancy jewellery with a Bracelet Gift Set fancy dinner at Canyon Creek. Save on your dinner with a $10 with Gift Certificates Gift Certificate (expires Feb. 12, 2009). Adidas Moves for Her Perfume and Matching MP3 Player


Includes 1 30mL bottle and 1 15mL bottle of Adidas Moves for Her, Eau De Toilette Perfume, and 512MB MP3 Player


Sushi Dinner Set

15 Piece Sushi Set: 2 Rectangular Plates, 2 Rice Bowls, 2 Sauce Dishes, 2 Chopstick rests, 1 Oil Bottle, 1 Rectangular Sushi Serving Plate, 1 Wooden Serving Tray, 2 Bamboo Placements.


Classic Music CD Collection and Decorative Vase

Beethoven Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 1, Haydn Mozart Cello Concertos 1 & 2, The Best Piano Music Vol 2, Wiener Joachim Szabadi Kovacs CD's (4 total), 1 black vase with round glass front.


Vintage Collector Enjoy a designer collector plate entitled "Happy Hearts" by Jim Plate-Happy Hearts Daly. Includes original certificate of authenticity.


Vintage Collector Plate-You'll Play Goalie

This classic collectible "You'll Play Goalie" by Stewart Sherwood will touch your heart. Includes original certificate of authenticity.


Vintage Collector Plate-Footloose

Is there anything cuter than a bunny? Enjoy "Footloose" the first issue in the Bunny Tales Collection by Vivi Crandall. Includes original certificate of authenticity.


Lord of the Rings Individually shrink wrapped set of "The Fellowship of the Ring", Trilogy Widescreen "The Two Towers" and "Return of the King". All DVD's are DVD Set Widescreen Format.


Rita's Cheesecake

Voucher to have a 9" Cheesecake made by Rita (Ron Alexander's wife). Choice of flavours include: Pumpkin Harvest, Mandarin Chocolate, Chocolate Caramel Pecan Aloe Spa Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner, Spa Indulgence Exfoliating Body Polish, Spa Indulgence Firming Body Dry Oil, Pure Glow Body Wash, Aloette Pure Radiance Revitalizing Cleanser & Toner with Lumiton, 1 RBC Performance Towel and Scented Bath Candle Umbra's Conceal Bookshelf is a powder coated steel floating book shelf that becomes invisible behind a stack of books on your wall. Set of 2.


Spa Gift Basket


Umbra Conceal Bookshelves (Pair)


Umbra Trapeze Photoframe

Umbra's Trapeze modern metal and glass hanging frame system. Photo floats between 2 pains of glass. Rod and mounting hardware included.


RBC Golf Bag with Golf Balls

RBC Double Strap Stand Bag, Golf Towel with 2 sleeves of Wilson SmartCore Professional Distance golf balls.

Bid" button on the item you wish to bid for. t be in whole dollar increments. l decide the highest bidder. art" tab, the data is displayed graphically. bsite and will be updated with the latest Opening Bid (column "E").

Suggested Retail

Opening Bid

Your Bid

Submit Bid

Highest Bidder



Bid Item 1

Stapleton, Patrick $11



Bid Item 2

Pritchard, Donna (GTO) $10



Bid Item 3

August, Joe $45



Bid Item 4

Pandke, Cindy $30



Bid Item 5

Stapleton, Patrick $10



Bid Item 6

Stapleton, Patrick $10



Bid Item 7

Corbeil, Sylvain $20



Bid Item 8

Vagners, Aldis $10



Bid Item 9A




Bid Item 9B




Bid Item 9C




Bid Item 10

Shelton, Wendy $15



Bid Item 11

Heaps, Kimberly $20



Bid Item 12

D'Andrea, Anne Marie $60



Bid Item 13




Bid Item 14




Bid Item 15





Money Raised for Charity Trust

Item_13 Item_12 Item_11 Item_10 Item_09C Item ID Item_09B Item_09A Item_08 Item_07 Item_06 Item_05 Item_04 Item_03 Item_02 Item_01 $0 $10 $20 $30 Amount $40 $50 $60 $70
Money Raised for Charity Trust

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