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Research Weekly                                03/04/2013

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Tactical views                                 Tactical views                                   Tactical views
Softer PMIs, uncertainty                       Moderate spread-widening                         Money flows likely to prove
about Italy, limited                           due to Cyprus page 3                             generally supportive of
Cyprus contagion page 2                                                                         equities page 3

Tactical views                                 Tactical views                                   Tactical views
Grain and oilseed                              JPY: Will the Bank of Japan                      S&P 500 Index heading
markets better supplied                        deliver? page 4                                  toward all-time highs page 4
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2    Tactical views                                                                                03/04/2013    Credit Suisse - Research Weekly

                                                                         50.1 to 50.9 versus 51.2 expected). The US manufacturing
    Tactical views                                                       PMI also dropped visibly (from 54.2 to 51.3), but some of the
                                                                         details were still positive. In particular, the rise in the employ-
    Peripheral                                                           ment component of the survey (from 52.6 to 54.2) is another
                                                                         positive indicator for the probably still solid payroll report on Fri-
    European banks                                                       day (consensus around 200K). The Eurozone remains the lag-
                                                                         gard, with PMIs declining in March and disappointment still
    under observation                                                    most pronounced in the peripheral countries (Spain from 46.8
                                                                         to 44.2, Italy from 45.8 to 44.5). Even Germany declined, al-
                                                                         though much less and from a higher level, from 50.3 to 48.9.
                                                                         Altogether, this points to some softening of global growth mo-
                                                                         mentum after an overall strong start to the year.

                                                                         Italian political uncertainty persists
                                                                         Meanwhile, the political developments in Europe still are not
                                                                         helpful for sentiment. More than one month after the elections
                                                                         in Italy, a government has still not been formed. The president
                                                                         has selected a group of ten “wise men” who are supposed to
                                                                         work on certain measures, including reforms of the electoral
                                                                         system, that could receive the necessary support across the
                                                                         party spectrum. New elections are still likely in the second half
    Olivier P. Müller
                                                                         of the year., +41 44 333 01 46
                                                                         Cyprus contagion limited but some deterioration in bank
    With Easter behind us, the catalysts for the financial market
                                                                         The Cyprus “solution” of “participation“ of depositors continues
    are coming from macroeconomic and geopolitical news flow,
                                                                         to raise questions and concerns, especially about other smaller
    with the focus on the political gridlock in Italy, tensions in Ko-
                                                                         economies with big banking systems. Total balance sheet as-
    rea and repercussions from the Cyprus bail-in. Over the last
                                                                         sets of banks are high in Luxembourg (2,172% of GDP), Mal-
    two weeks, however, these events do not appear to have seri-
                                                                         ta (788% of GDP), but fairly low in Slovenia (144% of GDP),
    ously harmed the general risk appetite of investors. With re-
                                                                         which has also been named as a risk candidate. But the share
    gard to peripheral European countries and their banks, the fi-
                                                                         of deposits funding the aggregate balance sheet in Slovenia is
    nancial community is likely to be kept busy these days with
                                                                         very high (72.6% compared to 56.9% in Cyprus and 45.2%
    Italy’s banks under the supervisors’ and investor’s scrutiny.
                                                                         in France) and non-performing loan ratios are also elevated.
    This week’s general mood is that, apart from the macroeco-
                                                                         Luxembourg and Malta both have many links to a large num-
    nomic data scheduled and the Bank of Japan meeting, which
                                                                         ber of bigger banks elsewhere, so that size itself does not auto-
    should have an impact on JPY/USD, there is unlikely to be
                                                                         matically imply that this situation is unsustainable or a major
    anything sufficient to propel risky assets generally higher. On
                                                                         risk for the individual economies. Contagion (e.g. sovereign
    the other hand, these assets seem well supported on the
                                                                         spreads) has so far been limited, but some timely indicators
    downside. Specifically, in his contribution, our technical analyst
                                                                         (CDS for senior bank bonds) point to deteriorated funding con-
    features the S&P 500, which is well supported and now trad-
                                                                         ditions for banks, and evidence on deposit (out)flows could still
    ing just shy of its all-time high, but facing resistance at
                                                                         suggest more stress with a lag. Apart from payrolls, decisions
    1,576/1,580.                                        (03/04/2013)
                                                                         by the European Central Bank in the European context and
                                                                         the Bank of Japan (tomorrow) are in focus this week.

    Softer PMIs, uncertainty
    about Italy, limited Cyprus
    Thomas Herrmann, +41 44 333 50 62

    The latest global business survey releases for March have gen-
    erally been softer over the past days. The declines in manufac-
    turing PMIs were broad-based, including the emerging mar-
    kets. One regional exception was non-Japan Asia, with the
    PMI in China gaining, albeit slightly less than expected (from
3    Tactical views                                                                                             03/04/2013              Credit Suisse - Research Weekly

                                                                         pean companies. Until then, we do not expect any major corpo-
    Moderate spread-widening                                             rate news flow and think that equity markets are likely to be
    due to Cyprus                                                        driven mostly by macroeconomic and geopolitical news. While
                                                                         the latter could potentially lead to more pronounced ups and
    Maurice Jiszda                                                       downs over the next few weeks, we think these are likely to be, +41 44 333 21 41
                                                                         limited as the – still modest – flows into equities should contin-
                                                                         ue to be generally supportive for the asset class as they have
    Among government bonds, longer-dated global benchmark                been over the past few days and weeks, where the Cyprus un-
    yields continued to decline the most last week. Further, Ger-        certainties, Italian political deadlock and even the increasing
    man and Swiss benchmark yields were back in negative territo-        tensions on the Korean peninsula have not led to a noteworthy
    ry in the 2-year segment, highlighting a renewed willingness of      consolidation. Indeed, there is still substantial excess liquidity
    investors to pay a premium for holding very safe assets. Credit      waiting to be put to work that we believe will inevitably have to
    markets saw some spread-widening, as nervousness about               flow into equities, as we do not see any tailwind left from fixed
    Cyprus contributed to a more cautious mood. Anything Italy-re-       income given the record-low yields.                (03/04/2013)
    lated also came under pressure due to the political instability
    that the country is facing. Emerging market USD sovereign
    bond total return was flat, but spreads widened marginally. Lo-      Global Risk Appetite versus CBOE Volatility Index on
    cal currency bonds outperformed hard currency debt by a              S&P 500 (VIX)
    slight margin. Global high yield credit spreads continued to         Equity market volatility (VBOE Volatility Index on S&P 500) re-
                                                                         mains at multi-year lows and the Global Risk Appetite Indicator
    widen at a moderate pace, approaching the levels seen after
                                                                         remains comfortably in neutral territory.
    the correction in early February.
                                                                         6                                                                            Euphoria                      90
         This week, investor focus is likely to be centered on for-
    ward-looking surveys and labor market data in the USA. More-         4

    over, the communication following the Bank of England and                                                                                                                       70
    European Central Bank meetings will be monitored closely, par-                                                                                                                  60
    ticularly the comments relating to the downside risks to growth      0
    in the Eurozone. From a tactical perspective, we favor govern-
    ment bonds in AUD and USD relative to EUR and JPY. Fur-                                                                                                                         40

    ther, we think that credit, especially high yield, retains many of   -4
    its attractions. Default rates remain low, helped by relatively
                                                                         -6                                                                                                         20
    easy refinancing conditions that allow companies to roll maturi-
    ties and/or improve their debt maturity profile. The economic        -8                                                                                                         10
                                                                         Mar 08   Sep 08   Mar 09   Sep 09      Mar 10      Sep 10   Mar 11       Sep 11      Mar 12   Sep 12   Mar 13
    cycle is not too strong to warrant a withdrawal of easy central
                                                                                                             Daily Risk Appetite     VIX Index (r.h.s.)
    bank money any time soon and average corporate balance               Source: Bloomberg, Credit Suisse
    sheets remain relatively sound. Adding the sustained strong de-
    mand for yield pick-up to our previous arguments, we reiterate
    our strategic preference for higher-yielding market segments
    within the fixed income universe. Among financials, volatility is
    likely to remain elevated after the Cypriot bail-in of senior        Grain and oilseed markets
    bonds. Tactically, we therefore prefer strong banks from
    strong jurisdictions. More strategically, however, we expect su-
                                                                         better supplied
    perior total returns from lower tier-II banks and subordinated in-   Karim Cherif
    surance paper.                                      (03/04/2013), +41 44 334 56 39

    Money flows likely to prove                                          Last week, grains and oilseeds prices corrected sharply follow-
                                                                         ing the release of two important reports by the US Department
    generally supportive of                                              of Agriculture (USDA): the Prospective Plantings report and
    equities                                                             the March Grain Stocks report. The Prospective Plantings re-
                                                                         port is a survey conducted by the USDA during the first two
    Olivier P. Müller                                                    weeks of March to assess US grower planting intentions and, +41 44 333 01 46                is highly important for the upcoming 2013/2014 crop. The
                                                                         Grain Stock report, on the other hand, contains the most re-
                                                                         cent data on grain inventories in the USA and gives some indi-
    This short week is likely to be fairly calm and uneventful from a
                                                                         cation of how tightly markets are supplied at present. Both re-
    corporate standpoint, apart from some merger and acquisition
                                                                         ports hinted at looser-than-initially anticipated markets. The
    discussions in the market. Indeed, most companies are now
                                                                         Prospective Plantings report confirmed earlier projections that
    compiling their Q1 2013 results, which they will start publish-
                                                                         next season should see record grain acreage in corn, soy and
    ing next week. First of course are the US companies, tradition-
                                                                         wheat crops. Barring any major weather events, grain output in
    ally beginning with Alcoa, which will publish its results on 8
                                                                         the USA should see substantial increases, notably in corn and
    April 2013 after the market closes, and then later the Euro-
4    Tactical views                                                                                       03/04/2013          Credit Suisse - Research Weekly

    soybeans. With some markets still trading significantly above      be forced to announce further measures. Hence there is an im-
    fundamentally justified levels, and our expectation of lower       plicit “put” on the JPY from the BoJ in place.
    prices once supply conditions normalize, the report reaffirmed                                                    (03/04/2013)
    our negative long-term price outlook for the sector. In con-
    trast, the Grain Stock report came in surprisingly negative. The
    USDA pegged US grain inventories at a much higher level
    than market consensus due to lower animal feed usage. For
    corn, in particular, the agency showed a stock figure at 5,399
                                                                       S&P 500 Index heading
    million bushels almost 400 million bushels higher than consen-     toward all-time highs
    sus, thus causing prices to fall limit down on the day. In our
    view, the price adjustment in corn, wheat and soybeans is al-      Christian Sutter
                                                             , +41 44 333 20 69
    ready completed and we doubt that prices can fall much lower.
    That said, we see limited upward pressure from here. Overall,
    while we would expect some consolidation around current lev-       After a few weeks of consolidation, the S&P 500 Index is now
    els for the remainder of the season, we think downward pres-       breaking out from the range between 1,540 and 1,564. This
    sure in the agriculture sector should resume as we approach        breakout attempt is equivalent to a new challenge of the resis-
    the coming season. We think corn, in particular, is at risk of a   tance zone at around 1,576/80, where we saw the all-time
    sharp move lower, given its strong price overvaluation.            highs in 2007. The 13-month (blue line) and the 34-month
                                                      (03/04/2013)     (red line) moving averages, both in the upper half of the chart,
                                                                       are still rising and remain supportive of the intact long-term up-
                                                                       trend. However, the long-term momentum (shaded indicator in
                                                                       the lower half of the chart) is flattening and could start a new
    JPY: Will the Bank of Japan                                        topping process soon. This scenario would imply that the S&P
                                                                       500 Index could enter a new consolidation or even a minor cor-
    deliver?                                                           rection after the challenge/break of the resistance at
                                                                       1,576/80. We still advise investors to remain overweight in
    Marcus Hettinger
    Head of Global Forex Research
                                                                       global equities on a strategic and tactical investment horizon., +41 44 333 13 63                                                                   (03/04/2013)

    There appears to have been a fair amount of profit-taking in       S&P 500 Index
    USD/JPY ahead of this week’s Bank of Japan (BoJ) meeting.          Monthly bar chart with long-term technical indicators.
    Market participants have come to the realization that there is a                                                                                               1600
    limit to what newly appointed Governor Kuroda can do at his                                                                                                    1500
    maiden BoJ meeting. Further easing measures, such as ex-                                                                                                       1300

    tending the tenor of government bonds purchased from 3                                                                                                         1200

    years to 5 years, have already been widely discussed and dis-                                                                                                  1000
    counted in the media. The heavier-than-expected fall in the                                                                                                      800
    US ISM indicator for March is also weighing down on the pair.                                                                                                    600

    As such, USD/JPY encountered heavy selling as it tumbled                                                                                                         400
    from above 94 to around 92.50, but subsequently recovered                                                                                                        300

    to back above 93. Our fundamental view on USD/JPY re-                                                                                                            200

    mains neutral, pending more clarity of further easing measures
    from the BoJ, but technical indicators still remain positive. As                                                                                               -100

    such, our overall view on USD/JPY is still bullish and we think                                                                                                -300

    that, if the JPY were to strengthen, the BoJ would probably                                                                                                    -400
                                                                       97   98   99   00   01   02   03   04   05   06   07    08   010   10   11   12   13   14

                                                                       Source: MetaStock, Reuters
5     Fixed income trade recommendations                                                                                                                                    03/04/2013              Credit Suisse - Research Weekly

                                                                                                                                  Elena Guglielmin
    Fixed income trade recommendations                                                                                  , +41 44 333 57 67

    Intesa bond in USD                                                                                                            The ISPIM 3.875% bond in USD maturing in January 2018
                                                                                                                                  (ISIN: US46115HAJ68) was stopped out of the trading corner
    stopped out of the                                                                                                            due to market pressure following the Cyprus bank restructur-
                                                                                                                                  ing, where the drastic measures taken (loss absorption for de-
    trading corner                                                                                                                positors and senior bondholders) caused a wave of spread-
                                                                                                                                  widening in senior and subordinated bank debt, particularly on
                                                                                                                                  peripheral issuers. We maintain our BUY recommendation on
                                                                                                                                  the ISPIM 3.875% 01/18 as we think it has good risk-reward
                                                                                                                                  aspects, trading at 395 bp over benchmark. Intesa is one of
                                                                                                                                  the top two Italian banks, with the largest deposit base in the
                                                                                                                                  country, strong liquidity and sound capitalization. We are thus
                                                                                                                                  comfortable with remaining positioned in the senior bonds.

    Closed Fixed Income trade recommendations
    Rec. ISIN                          Curr. Security description                     Rating S&P /             Vol.       Du-              Open          Close          Closing           Open             Cur-           Target           Total
                                             Issuer                                   Moody's /                (m)          ra-             date         Price**           date            BM-             rent             BM-           return
                                                                                      Fitch*                              tion                                                           Spread            BM-           Spread              ****
                                                                                                                                                                                             ***         Spread               ***
    BUY      US46115HAJ68 USD ISPIM 3.875%                                                         1,500
                                                                                      BBB+/Baa2/BBB+                       4.3       07/01/2018 97.50                 03/26/2013              310             395             275        -1.59%
                              SANPAOLO SPA
    *) e stands for expected rating while p stands for provisional rating, both are subject to receipt of final documentation; u stands for unsolicited rating. **) Prices are indicative only and subject to normal market volatility. ***) BM-
    spreads refer to the yield spread of the relevant government benchmark bond. ****) Calculated since open date
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Source: Bloomberg, Credit Suisse
6     Fixed income trade recommendations                                                                                    03/04/2013         Credit Suisse - Research Weekly

    Important information on derivatives

    Pricing                                Option premiums and prices mentioned are indicative only. Option premiums and prices can be subject to very rapid changes:
                                           The prices and premiums mentioned are as of the time indicated in the text and might have changed substantially in the mean-
    Risks                                  Derivatives are complex instruments and are intended for sale only to investors who are capable of understanding and assuming
                                           all the risks involved. Investors must be aware that adding option positions to an existing portfolio may change the characteristics
                                           and behavior of that portfolio substantially. A portfolio’s sensitivity to certain market moves can be heavily impacted by the lever-
                                           age effect of options.
    Buying calls                           Investors who buy call options risk the loss of the entire premium paid if the underlying security trades below the strike price at ex-
    Buying puts                            Investors who buy put options risk loss of the entire premium paid if the underlying security finishes above the strike price at expi-
    Selling calls                          Investors who sell calls commit themselves to sell the underlying for the strike price, even if the market price of the underlying is
                                           substantially higher. Investors who sell covered calls (own the underlying security and sell a call) risk limiting their upside to the
                                           strike price plus the upfront premium received and may have their security called away if the security price exceeds the strike
                                           price of the short call. Additionally, the investor has full downside participation that is only partially offset by the premium received
                                           upfront. If investors are forced to sell the underlying they might be subject to taxing. Investors shorting naked calls (i.e. selling
                                           calls but without holding the underlying security) risk unlimited losses of security price less strike price.
    Selling puts                           Put sellers commit to buying the underlying security at the strike price in the event the security falls below the strike price. The
                                           maximum loss is the full strike price less the premium received for selling the put.
    Buying call spreads                    Investors who buy call spreads (buy a call and sell a call with a higher strike) risk the loss of the entire premium paid if the under-
                                           lying trades below the lower strike price at expiration. The maximum gain from buying call spreads is the difference between the
                                           strike prices, less the upfront premium paid.
    Selling naked call spreads             Selling naked call spreads (sell a call and buy a farther out-of-the-money call with no underlying security position): Investors risk a
                                           maximum loss of the difference between the long call strike and the short call strike, less the upfront premium taken in, if the
                                           underlying security finishes above the long call strike at expiration. The maximum gain is the upfront premium taken in, if the se-
                                           curity finishes below the short call strike at expiration.
    Buying put spreads                     Investors who buy put spreads (buy a put and sell a put with a lower strike price) also have a maximum loss of the upfront premi-
                                           um paid. The maximum gain from buying put spreads is the difference between the strike prices, less the upfront premium paid.
    Buying strangles                       Buying strangles (buy put and buy call): The maximum loss is the entire premium paid for both options, if the underlying trades be-
                                           tween the put strike and the call strike at expiration.
    Selling strangles or straddles         Investors who are long a security and short a strangle or straddle risk capping their upside in the security to the strike price of the
                                           call that is sold plus the upfront premium received. Additionally, if the security trades below the strike price of the short put, in-
                                           vestors risk losing the difference between the strike price and the security price (less the value of the premium received) on the
                                           short put and will also experience losses in the security position if they owns shares. The maximum potential loss is the full value
                                           of the strike price (less the value of the premium received) plus losses on the long security position. Investors who are short
                                           naked strangles or straddles have unlimited potential loss since, if the security trades above the call strike price, investors risk los-
                                           ing the difference between the strike price and the security price (less the value of the premium received) on the short call. In ad-
                                           dition, they are obligated to buy the security at the put strike price (less upfront premium received) if the security finishes below
                                           the put strike price at expiration.
                                                                                                                                                                  Source: Credit Suisse
7                                                                                                   03/04/2013    Credit Suisse - Research Weekly

    Risk disclaimer                                                        sume this risk. Structured securities are complex instruments,
                                                                           typically involve a high degree of risk and are intended for sale
    Investors should consider this report as only a single factor in       only to sophisticated investors who are capable of understand-
    making their investment decision. For a discussion of the risks        ing and assuming the risks involved. The market value of any
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    fer to the following Internet link:                                    nancial and political factors (including, but not limited to, spot
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    CS may not have taken any steps to ensure that the securities
                                                                           a structured product should conduct their own investigation
    referred to in this report are suitable for any particular investor.
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    ommended that you consult an independent investment advi-
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    sor if you are in doubt about such investments or investment
                                                                           den and large falls in their value causing losses when that in-
    services. Nothing in this report constitutes investment, legal,
                                                                           vestment is realized. Those losses may equal your original in-
    accounting or tax advice or a representation that any invest-
                                                                           vestment. Indeed, in the case of some investments the poten-
    ment or strategy is suitable or appropriate to your individual cir-
                                                                           tial losses may exceed the amount of initial investment, in such
    cumstances or otherwise constitutes a personal recommenda-
                                                                           circumstances you may be required to pay more money to sup-
    tion to you.
                                                                           port those losses. Income yields from investments may fluctu-
         The price, value of and income from any of the securities
                                                                           ate and, in consequence, initial capital paid to make the invest-
    or financial instruments mentioned in this report can fall as well
                                                                           ment may be used as part of that income yield. Some invest-
    as rise. The value of securities and financial instruments is sub-
                                                                           ments may not be readily realizable and it may be difficult to
    ject to exchange rate fluctuation that may have a positive or ad-
                                                                           sell or realize those investments, similarly it may prove difficult
    verse effect on the price or income of such securities or finan-
                                                                           for you to obtain reliable information about the value, or risks,
    cial instruments. Investors in securities such as ADR’s, the val-
                                                                           to which such an investment is exposed.
    ues of which are influenced by currency volatility, effectively as-
8                                                                                                                  03/04/2013       Credit Suisse - Research Weekly

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    Company                     Rating                     Date
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    INTESA SANPAOLO (ISP        HOLD                       18/03/2013                                                          share price
    IM)                                                                                HOLD                                    variation between -10% and +10% in
                                HOLD                       16/11/2012                                                          absolute share price
                                HOLD                       06/08/2012                  SELL                                    10% or more decrease in absolute
                                HOLD                       16/05/2012                                                          share price
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    Fundamental and/or long-term research reports are not regularly pro-                                                       vestment recommendation during the
    duced for (INTESA SANPAOLO). The Global Research department re-                                                            course of Credit Suisse engagement in
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    serves the right to terminate coverage at short notice. Please contact your
    Relationship Manager for the specific risks of investing in securities of          TERMINATED                              Research coverage has been concluded.
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    which may include Sales and Trading services, to the subject issuer (INTE-         defined as follows:
    SA SANPAOLO) within the past 12 months. Credit Suisse has managed
    or co-managed a public offering of securities for the subject issuer (INTE-
    SA SANPAOLO) within the past three years. Credit Suisse has managed                BUY                                     Expectation that the bond issue will out-
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    or co-managed a public offering of securities for the subject issuer (INTE-
    SA SANPAOLO) within the past 12 months. Credit Suisse has received in-             HOLD                                    Expectation that the bond issue will per-
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    vestment banking related compensation from the subject issuer (INTESA
    SANPAOLO) within the past 12 months. Credit Suisse has received com-
                                                                                       SELL                                    Expectation that the bond issue will
    pensation for products and services other than investment banking ser-
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    vices from the subject issuer (INTESA SANPAOLO) within the past 12
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    months. Credit Suisse expects to receive or intends to seek investment
                                                                                                                               ternal regulations exclude certain types
    banking related compensation from the subject issuer (INTESA SANPAO-
                                                                                                                               of communications, including e.g. an in-
    LO) within the next three months. Credit Suisse holds a trading position in                                                vestment recommendation during the
    the subject issuer (INTESA SANPAOLO).                                                                                      course of Credit Suisse engagement in
                                                                                                                               an investment banking transaction.
9                                                                                                                      03/04/2013       Credit Suisse - Research Weekly

    Credit Suisse HOLT                                                                   such distribution, publication, availability or use would be contrary to law or
                                                                                         regulation or which would subject Credit Suisse AG, the Swiss bank, or its
    With respect to the analysis in this report based on the HOLT(tm) method-
                                                                                         subsidiaries or its affiliates (“CS”) to any registration or licensing require-
    ology, Credit Suisse certifies that (1) the views expressed in this report ac-
                                                                                         ment within such jurisdiction. All material presented in this report, unless
    curately reflect the HOLT methodology and (2) no part of the Firm's com-
                                                                                         specifically indicated otherwise, is under copyright to CS. None of the ma-
    pensation was, is, or will be directly related to the specific views disclosed
                                                                                         terial, nor its content, nor any copy of it, may be altered in any way, trans-
    in this report. The Credit Suisse HOLT methodology does not assign rat-
                                                                                         mitted to, copied or distributed to any other party, without the prior ex-
    ings to a security. It is an analytical tool that involves use of a set of propri-
                                                                                         press written permission of CS. All trademarks, service marks and logos
    etary quantitative algorithms and warranted value calculations, collectively
                                                                                         used in this report are trademarks or service marks or registered trade-
    called the Credit Suisse HOLT valuation model, that are consistently ap-
                                                                                         marks or service marks of CS or its affiliates.
    plied to all the companies included in its database. Third-party data (includ-
    ing consensus earnings estimates) are systematically translated into a num-
    ber of default variables and incorporated into the algorithms available in           The information, tools and material presented in this report are provided to
    the Credit Suisse HOLT valuation model. The source financial statement,              you for information purposes only and are not to be used or considered as
    pricing, and earnings data provided by outside data vendors are subject to           an offer or the solicitation of an offer to sell or to buy or subscribe for secu-
    quality control and may also be adjusted to more closely measure the                 rities or other financial instruments. CS does not offer advice on the tax
    underlying economics of firm performance. These adjustments provide con-             consequences of investment and you are advised to contact an indepen-
    sistency when analyzing a single company across time, or analyzing multi-            dent tax adviser. Please note in particular that the bases and levels of taxa-
    ple companies across industries or national borders. The default scenario            tion may change.
    that is produced by the Credit Suisse HOLT valuation model establishes
    the baseline valuation for a security, and a user then may adjust the de-
                                                                                         CS believes the information and opinions in the Disclosure Appendix of
    fault variables to produce alternative scenarios, any of which could occur.
                                                                                         this report are accurate and complete. Information and opinions presented
    The Credit Suisse HOLT methodology does not assign a price target to a
                                                                                         in the other sections of the report were obtained or derived from sources
    security. The default scenario that is produced by the Credit Suisse HOLT
                                                                                         CS believes are reliable, but CS makes no representations as to their accu-
    valuation model establishes a warranted price for a security, and as the
                                                                                         racy or completeness. Additional information is available upon request. CS
    third-party data are updated, the warranted price may also change. The de-
                                                                                         accepts no liability for loss arising from the use of the material presented
    fault variables may also be adjusted to produce alternative warranted
                                                                                         in this report, except that this exclusion of liability does not apply to the ex-
    prices, any of which could occur. Additional information about the Credit
                                                                                         tent that liability arises under specific statutes or regulations applicable to
    Suisse HOLT methodology is available on request.
                                                                                         CS. This report is not to be relied upon in substitution for the exercise of in-
    CFROI(r), CFROE, HOLT, HOLTfolio, HOLTSelect, HS60, HS40, Value-
                                                                                         dependent judgment. CS may have issued, and may in the future issue, a
    Search, AggreGator, Signal Flag and "Powered by HOLT" are trademarks
                                                                                         trading idea regarding this security. Trading ideas are short term trading
    or registered trademarks of Credit Suisse or its affiliates in the United
                                                                                         opportunities based on market events and catalysts, while company recom-
    States and other countries. HOLT is a corporate performance and valua-
                                                                                         mendations reflect investment recommendations based on expected total
    tion advisory service of Credit Suisse.
                                                                                         return over a 6 to 12-month period as defined in the disclosure section.
                                                                                         Because trading ideas and company recommendations reflect different as-
    For technical research                                                               sumptions and analytical methods, trading ideas may differ from the com-
                                                                                         pany recommendations. In addition, CS may have issued, and may in the
    Where recommendation tables are mentioned in the report, "Close" is the
                                                                                         future issue, other reports that are inconsistent with, and reach different
    latest closing price quoted on the exchange. "MT" denotes the rating for
                                                                                         conclusions from, the information presented in this report. Those reports
    the medium-term trend (3-6 months outlook). "ST" denotes the short-term
                                                                                         reflect the different assumptions, views and analytical methods of the ana-
    trend (3-6 weeks outlook). The ratings are "+" for a positive outlook (price
                                                                                         lysts who prepared them and CS is under no obligation to ensure that
    likely to rise), "0" for neutral (no big price changes expected) and "-" for a
                                                                                         such other reports are brought to the attention of any recipient of this re-
    negative outlook (price likely to fall). Outperform in the column "Rel perf"
                                                                                         port. CS is involved in many businesses that relate to companies men-
    denotes the expected performance of the stocks relative to the bench-
                                                                                         tioned in this report. These businesses include specialized trading, risk arbi-
    mark. The "Comment" column includes the latest advice from the analyst.
                                                                                         trage, market making, and other proprietary trading.
    In the column "Recom" the date is listed when the stock was recommend-
    ed for purchase (opening purchase). "P&L" gives the profit or loss that has
    accrued since the purchase recommendation was given.                                 Information, opinions and estimates contained in this report reflect a judg-
    For a short introduction to technical analysis, please refer to Technical            ment at its original date of publication by CS and are subject to change
    Analysis Explained at:                                                               without notice. This report may provide the addresses of, or contain hyper-            links to, websites. Except to the extent to which the report refers to web-
                                                                                         site material of CS, CS has not reviewed the linked site and takes no re-
                                                                                         sponsibility for the content contained therein. Such address or hyperlink (in-
    Global disclaimer / important information                                            cluding addresses or hyperlinks to CS’s own website material) is provided
                                                                                         solely for your convenience and information and the content of the linked
                                                                                         site does not in any way form part of this document. Accessing such web-
    For a discussion of the risks of investing in the securities mentioned in this
                                                                                         site or following such link through this report or CS’s website shall be at
    report, please refer to the following Internet link:
                                                                                         your own risk.

    References in this report to Credit Suisse include subsidiaries and affili-          Distribution of research reports
    ates. For more information on our structure, please use the following link:          Except as otherwise specified herein, this report is distributed by Credit Su-                                          isse AG, a Swiss bank, authorized and regulated by the Swiss Financial
                                                                                         Market Supervisory Authority. Australia: This report is distributed in Aus-
    The information and opinions expressed in this report were produced by               tralia by Credit Suisse AG, Sydney Branch (CSSB) (ABN 17 061 700
    the Global Research department of the Private Banking division at Credit             712 AFSL 226896) only to "Wholesale" clients as defined by s761G of
    Suisse as of the date of writing and are subject to change without notice.           the Corporations Act 2001. CSSB does not guarantee the performance
    Views expressed in respect of a particular security in this report may be dif-       of, nor make any assurances with respect to the performance of any finan-
    ferent from, or inconsistent with, the observations and views of the Credit          cial product referred herein Bahamas: This report was prepared by
    Suisse Research department of Investment Banking division due to the dif-            Credit Suisse AG, the Swiss bank, and is distributed on behalf of Credit
    ferences in evaluation criteria. This report is not directed to, or intended         Suisse AG, Nassau Branch, a branch of the Swiss bank, registered as a
    for distribution to or use by, any person or entity who is a citizen or resi-        broker-dealer by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas. Bahrain:
    dent of or located in any locality, state, country or other jurisdiction where       This report is distributed by Credit Suisse AG, Bahrain Branch, authorized
                                                                                         and regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) as an Investment
10                                                                                                                 03/04/2013       Credit Suisse - Research Weekly

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     0-2614-6000. United Kingdom: This report is issued by Credit Suisse
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