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Cliff Drive PAC Newsletter
Calendar of Events:
Coupon Book order deadline: Wed. Sept. 30 Next PAC Meeting: Wed. Oct. 7 at 7:00pm School Photos (individual) Oct. 8 Volunteer Form deadline: Oct. 10 Family Portraits Oct. 13 Hot Lunch Oct. tba
29 September 2009

October 30th

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Cliff Drive PAC Newsletter

Coupon Books—fundraising
Our coupon book fundraiser will end Wednesday, September 30th, 2009. The funds raised by the PAC are used to put books in our Library, send the students on field trips and help raise money for the purchase of equipment to benefit all students. Last year, approximately $2,000 was raised through coupon book sales which helped send all of our kids on field trips and more!

restaurants, travel, shopping and more! Books can also be ordered online for other provinces with our school still receiving credit. Just follow the instructions in your envelope. Simply by using the 4 Safeway coupons, the Values Book is paid for! Remember: We encourage all students to only sell to people they or their parents know. Collect payments at the time the orders are placed. Each child receives a gift for every book sold. “Out of town books” are also available to order.

Please make cheques payable to “Cliff Drive PAC”. All orders are due back by Wednesday, September 30th, 2009.

Thank you for supporting Cliff Drive students!

“All orders are due back by Wednesday, September 30th.”

For more information contact Christine Wolsey at 604-943-8634

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Your support can help our school for only $20 for the Values Book or $46 for the Entertainment Book. You, your friends, your family or coworkers can save hundreds of dollars and enjoy savings of up to 50% on family fun,

Orders will be filled as the order envelopes are returned to the school. Books will also be available for sale at the office.

29 September 2009

Emergency Preparedness at Home—
Over the next few newsletters, we will be including a 26 week guide to prepare your family for any emergency at home. Putting together everything you need to keep your family safe in an emergency can be an overwhelming job, but this step by step plan breaks it down into smaller, easier tasks. Keep in mind that 56th St. and Hwy 17 are both Disaster Response Routes that most of us will not be allowed to use. Therefore, we will have to remain at home so make sure you have enough supplies to last each member of your family for at least three days. WEEK #4 - CANNED MEAT & DRIED FRUIT: Stock your kit with several varieties of canned mean and dried fruit. Include a manual can opener. WEEK #5 - PORTABLE RADIO & EXTRA BATTERIES: Get a portable radio and extra batteries for your emergency kit. WEEK #6 - LEARN ABOUT HAZARDS: Find out what the hazards are in your community and do a home hazard hunt to make your home safer. Secure appliances and heavy furniture, and move beds away from heavy mirrors and windows.
Provincial Emergency Program

SpookFest countdown—31 days!
It’s that time of year again!
Our SpookFest Committee is in high gear and working hard to get everything organized for another successful and fun evening at this year’s This is a PAC fundraising event. Which means it is organized and run by you, our parent volunteers. Last year’s event raised approx. $4,000. We need your help! Do you have any of the following items that we could borrow? Extension cords Mini-white lights Large white lights Large decorations If you do, please contact Jan Holland at
Thank you in advance for your support!

“Your class parent representative will be contacting you soon about the SpookFest silent auction gift baskets.”



Silent Auction assignments—
about your class contribution to the SpookFest silent auction gift baskets. Find your child’s class listed by division/ teacher and basket theme. Your donation
supports your children!

As part of SpookFest, we ask each classroom to put together a gift basket that is auctioned off at our silent auction. Your class parent representative will be contacting you soon

This year's assigned themes are found on the next page (pg.4)

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Silent Auction assignments—
Money Grows on Trees Boys Basket (appropriate for grades 4-7) Girls Basket (appropriate for grades 4-7) Family Game Night Basket Mom's Basket Gardening Basket Dad's Basket Scrapbooking Basket Girls Basket (appropriate for grades K-3) Kitchen Gadget Basket Coffee/Tea/Chocolate Boys Basket (appropriate for grades K-3) Spa Basket

Division 1 (Grade 7 LFI - Mme Kjellbotn) Division 2 (Grade 6/7 Mrs. Gillis) Division 3 (Grade 6/7 Mrs. Crema) Division 4 (Grade 6 LFI - Mme Cohen) Division 5 (Grade 5 Mrs. Cragg) Division 6 (Grade 4/5 - Mrs. Alger) Division 7 (Grade 4 - Mrs Emes) Division 8 (Grade 3 -Mrs.Merry) Division 9 (Grade 2/3 - Mrs. Macham/Morrell) Division 10(Grade 2 - Mrs. Richardson/Yargeau) Division 11(Grade 1/2- Mrs. With) Division 12(Grade 1 - Mrs. Bourgeois/Harkley) Division 13/14 (K - Mrs. Gordon)



EP at Home—staying on track
Week 1— Portable Container Week 2— Three Day Supply of Water Week 3— Out of Area Contact Info. Week 4— Canned Meat & Dried Fruit Week 5— Portable Radio & Extra Batteries Week 6— Learn about Hazards

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