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February 27


									“Rotary is Good”—-President Helaine

February 27, 2008

‘Da Queen’s Bee

And in the beginning...
We’ve all heard of (but I’m sure no one has experienced a “flashback”, but have you ever been part of a “flashforward’? And so it began as President-to-be Ron Cutler came dressed in his Sunday best to give us a little taste of the Rotary year to come. Board Member Cara Widmer led the Pledge of Allegiance. Tim Stewart, Treasurer-tobe-again, quoted Benjamin Franklin: “Well Done is Better than Well Said”. The crowd, as one, said “Well Said”! Sticking with the Sixties theme, Joe the Gaz led us in the Beatles classic, “Yellow Submarine”. Note to Photographer: We need more pictures of Joe leading the song:) PE Ron tried to pick his own nickname, by letting us all know he will be known as “Captain Ron”. “Captain Morgan” is more like it. We shall see!

Helaine Campbell, President Rotary Club of Sebastopol Sunrise, is camera shy.

• • Founded in May, 1997 Meets Wednesday mornings, 7:15 AM SHARP Sebastopol Masonic Lodge 373 N Main Street Sebastopol, CA

F e b r u a r y

i s

W o r l d U n d e r s t a n d i n g M o n t h

During the first Rotary club meeting on 23 February 1905 in Chicago, Paul Harris, Gustavus Loehr, Hiram Shorey, and Silvester Schiele met to talk about their personal experiences. Harris then unfolded his general plan for their club meetings. This was the simple beginning of the world’s first service club, the Rotary Club of Chicago. It was created because of Harris’ wish to capture in a professional club the same friendly spirit he had felt in the small towns of his youth. The Rotary name derived from the early practice of rotating meetings among members’ offices. Rotarians continue to take pride in their history. In honor of that first club, Rotarians have preserved its original meeting place, Room 711 in Chicago’s Unity Building, by re-creating the office as it existed in 1905. For several years, the Paul Harris 711 Club maintained the room as a shrine for visiting Rotarians. In 1989, when the building was scheduled to be demolished, the club carefully dismantled the office and salvaged the interior, including doors and radiators. In 1993, the RI Board of Directors set aside a permanent home for the restored Room 711 at RI World Headquarters in the Chicago suburb of Evanston.

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‘Da Queen’s Bee

Overheard From Around the Room
Linda Johnson announced that Guys Can Cook, Too has five “5 Star” sponsors and 3 or 4 $350 sponsors. Chefs are starting to sign up (get more--$1,000 first prize!). Meeting of GCCT committee on March 6, 5:30 pm at TLC. Please note the cool new logo! Michelle Filshie appeared at this point, a wee bit late, and was fined $5. Dan Smith also reports that the hospital is full and that this is due in part to having the new helipad— hospital in Willits has been airlifting some critically ill patients to the Palm Drive ICU.
Michael McGlothlin was twice as wordy: District Conference in SFran in May. 5/15 golf tournament at Presidio golf course, 5/16-18 conference at Holiday Inn. Will be like a project fair, nonprofits presenting projects they would like Rotarians to support. Michael also reported that the Board decided to go ahead with Cajun this fall as a one day fundraiser. New location will be Ives Park, and the plan is to keep revenue we have had in the past but cut expenses sharply to increase net raised. Scott reported that four Cajun/Zydeco bands have been lined up already. Kathleen Shaffer reported that Senior Center fundraiser, Aged to Perfection will be held at Vets Building on 4/12—will be honoring Brad Benedetti. Also, if your business offers discounts to seniors, talk to Kathleen about a directory they are planning.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests
Visiting Rotarian
Bob Rogers Jim Williams Jim Walton

From the Rotary Club of
Sebastopol Sebastopol Sebastopol

Jayme Cassidy Laurie Darling

Guest of
The Club A Rotarian

There’s a Party Goin’ On!
None were announced, seeing how that President Helaine didn’t give Ron the list

None were announced, seeing how that President Helaine didn’t give Ron the list

“Rotary is Good”—-President Helaine

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Laguna Student of the Month
Looking as proud as punch, Ken and Ross introduced Laguna Student of the Month Jayme Cassidy. Jayme will graduate from Laguna this June. She is a member of the Dry Creek Tribe and lives with her mother. She works at the Sebastopol Theater and has been praised for her work there—in fact, she was employee of the month. She is taking courses at the JC, and plans to go to the JC and a beauty school. Jamie also has earned praise from her teachers at Laguna.

Analy High School Choir
Program was performance by Analy High choir. Wonderful renditions of variety of music, from British Isles, Rachmaninoff, Seneca tribe, French poem by German poet Rilke, the finale from Gilbert and Sullivan’s Gondoliers, and finally Analy HS song. They are forming a reunion choir of former Analy choir members, and former members should contact them (can get email address from Marty).

Scheduled Greeters for March 5 are: Chip Castleberry and Andy Carciere

It Was a Dark and Stormy Morning...thankfully a Bell rang, and the recognition began...
Sue Ungewitter: Recognized for cell Jon Mann: Recognized for upcoming phone on at last meeting, paid up so trip to Hawaii, paid up and passed it passed on fine to Dan Smith and on to Cara ($10) and PE Ron ($10). Frank Bardella. Alice Ferry, also stepped forward for recognition due to possible sale of her business and the building in which it is located--$20. Frank Bardella then asked house counsel Levin whether Acting Prez Ron can fine retroactively—Rich replied that Ron has “broad powers”-which someone in the audience, who shall go unnamed, immediately construed in muttered sexist tones. Peter Wolf: Volunteered for recognition due to 80th birthday party he gave for his Mom in LA--$10. Necker, Scott, Michael McG, and Jim G were recognized for $5 each from their Macho Monday Movie Madness—most recently viewed “American Gangster.” Ron thanked everyone for helping him through his divorce, including his motley movie crew.

Dan Smith reported that he had a birthday dinner planned with his spouse, and did not show up because Linda Johnson held a very long hospital board meeting. When Joan Marler showed up at the board meeting to find Dan, Linda J saw the look on Joan’s face, and promptly gaveled the end of the meeting. But Dan took a couple of days to get out from under that one. So he was fined $5 and Linda J was fined $10.

“Rotary is Good”—-President Helaine

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Avenue of Service, Committee and Club LeadershipMeetings
RCSS Board Meeting Vocational Service Community Service International Service Club Development Club Service March 12 6:00 PM Sebastopol Area Senior Center Meeting Date, Time and Location TBA Date, and Time TBA, Location is usually Anaglyph Sculpture March 3 Fourth Tuesday 5:30 PM 5:30 PM Sebastopol Area Senior Center Casa de Baldus

As Announced

Exchange Student Comings and Goings
Sean Madison reported that outbound student Hannah will be going to Germany. Sean also reported that she took the students on a recent ski trip. They ran into a major snowstorm, had chains put on the van, which then broke. So Sean lit up a cigarette and watched while the student from France (who is a firefighter) crawled under the van and fixed the problem. Sean also reports that daughter Blake is serving as “an ambassador” in Brazil—which seems to mean that she is partying hard.

Dave doing his best Bob Dole Raffle Winner Sue Counts the Loot!

Jon wondering where he went wrong!

“I thought we didn’t change President until July?” The Revolutionary Council!

“Rotary is Good”—-President Helaine

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Upcoming Meetings and Events
March 5 March 12 March 19 March 26 April 2 April 9 April 16 June 7 July 4 September 6 7: 15 AM All Day All Day All Day 7:15 AM 7:15 AM 7: 15 AM 7: 15 AM Regular Meeting: Brian Wetzel, Clinical Depression Ryan Cutler, Youth Exchange Regular Meeting: Virginia Reiss, Intervention Programs for Teens Regular Meeting: At Shone Farm with George Dutton (Details TBA) Regular Meeting: Regular Meeting, Program TBA Regular Meeting: Judge Jim Bertoli, Analy Centennial Regular Meeting: At Palm Drive...Rescue and the new Helipad! Guys Can Cook, Too Independence Day Cajun/Zydeco Under the Redwoods

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