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 Honey saying from the old
 As busy as a bee
 What is good for the swarm is not
  good for the bee.”
 “Where there is honey, there are
 “one bee is better than a handful
  of flies.”
 “if you Want to gather honey,
  don’t kick over the beehive.”
 “honey turns sour.”
 “the diligence of the hive
  produces the Wealth of honey.”
 “a drop of honey Will not sWeeten
  the ocean.”
           What is the difference
           between a bee and a
           The difference between a bee and a
           wasp is that a wasp is black and bee
           is striped yellow and black.

The other differences are that the honey bee
makes honey and a Wasp doesn’t make honey. the
honey bee makes a nice humming noise and the
wasp makes a nasal whining noise. The honey bee
is modest and humble whilst the wasp is vain and
self-centered. Wasps can sting you more than
once, while bees will die after they sting you
Wasps and bees also differ in lifestyle and
habits. Honey bee colonies can have
populations over 75,000, While Wasps’
colonies tend to have fewer than 10,000
individuals. Queen wasps build a nest for
their colony, while worker honey bees
create and maintain hives. Unlike most
wasps that hibernate during the winter
season and build a new nest the following
autumn, honey bees do not hibernate, as
they live on food reserves and heat
accumulated by thousands of workers.
Wasp species cannot produce honey, but all
species of honey bees are capable of
producing and storing sizeable amounts of
honey within their hives. While honey bees
can sting only once and die after
attacking, a single wasp is capable of
stinging multiple times.

     Uses of honey
If you are feeling down from
the cold or flu, try mixing this
drink containing honey. Take 8
ounces of hot water; add 2
ounces of lemon juice and one
tablespoon of honey. If you
have eucalyptus oil or ginger
root, add it for added benefits.
This drink will help your
Honey is also very healthy for
your skin. A mixture of honey
and ground almonds will serve
as an excellent scrub for your
face. For a great moisturizing
rinse, mix 2 tablespoons of
honey with 2 teaspoons of
whole milk. Apply this mix to
your face and neck and allow
it to settle for 15 minutes.
Rinse off 15 minutes later and
feel your skin; it will be soft
and supple and full of
If your hair is lacking shine,
try honey! Mix one teaspoon of
honey with four cups of hot
water. Lather throughout
your hair and then rinse! Your
hair should be full of shine
and feel much more

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