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                                                                                                                                           makeuP by kara yasHimoto;
                                                                                                                                                  Hair by Justin surH;
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                                                                                                                                              Flowers by sweet Pea’s;
                                                                                                                                art Framing by universal art gallery

                                                 ictoria Principal has devoted her profes-
                                               sional life to showcasing different aspects
                                           of beauty. as an actress on such shows from
                                         “Dallas” to “titans,” she showed the vulnerabili-
                                     ties and inner beauty of the gorgeous gals she por-
                                  trayed. as the head of her own cosmetics empire, she
                               has created products to help others improve and prolong
                            their beauty.
                            Her personal environment is one of beauty, too. a malibu
                       resident intermittently since 1973, Principal has designed a home
                      to showcase its natural wonders while remaining eco-friendly and
                      dedicated to the mission of going green. Her stunning home is
                      proof that you can have luxury without guilt.

                      P   rincipal’s green philosophy on home living has been developing
                          since she became a homeowner more than thirty years ago.
                        “it’s been an evolution,” she said. “sometimes my desires could
                      not often be met by science so i would make things myself.”
                        because she likes her home to remain chemical free, Principal
                      eschews cleaning products that contain potentially harmful chemi-
                      cals or carcinogens, and room sprays and candles that have dam-

                                                                                             Living   BeautifuLLy green
                      aging wicks. For as long as she can remember, Principal has been
                      adhering to natural and organic tenets, even growing her own fruits
                      and vegetables and, “very often,” she said, “i could even pick
                      something to use for cleaning, whether it was grapefruit, orange

                                                                                                             Victoria PrinciPal
                      or lemon.”
                        all the wood in Principal’s home is recycled. Her deck is an
                      By Taylor Van Arsdale / Photos by Jeff Katz

50 | m a l i b u   times magazine                                                                                                                m ay / J u n e 2 0 0 9   | 51
                         Victoria PrinciPal recommended
                                           ’s                             extraordinary top-grade recycled teak, a rare, highly prized wood
                         organic/green HouseHold Products                 known for its uncommon durability. “no teak trees were killed to
                                                                          make this deck,” Principal explained. “it’s all recycled.”
                         mrs. meyers snap Pea spring cleaning Kit            the blue stone pavers Principal brought from Pennsylvania, which
                         (to safely clean your home)                      she implemented to honor the traditional Cape Cod architecture,
                                                    are also recycled. Her delicate bathroom tiles were handcast and
                         n safe to use in the presence of children,       fired—the old-fashioned way. even the fireplaces are clean burning.
                            pets and pregnant women                       Principal has logs fashioned for her (some are in the shape of drift-
                         n there are no solvents, petroleum               wood) that emit no chemical odor when they burn. “they heat up
                            distillates, bleach, phosphates or            and you see fire because of the gas, but there’s nothing emitted into
                            ingredients that could cause harsh fumes      the air,” she said.
                         n no animal testing                                 Principal designed the home herself. she started the project work-
                         n Chemical free                                  ing with an architect, but due to a personal emergency he had to
                         n biodegradeable                                 leave. it came down to her and her contractor, synergy builders (a
                         n uses naturally-derived ingredients             beverly Hills-based firm). Principal said, “the contractor and i looked
                            whenever possible from corn, sugar cane,      at each other and went, ‘well? let’s see if we can do this.’ and we did,
                            coconut and palm                              and it was a wonderful journey.” Designing a home from the ground
                                                                          up would seem like a daunting task, but not for Principal who has
                         Holy cow (all-purpose cleaner/glass              been buying, restoring and selling homes since 1989.
                         cleaner)                                            there’s a genuine concern for the environment married with a
                                             warm attention to details present in Principal’s home. even the
                         n eliminates the exposure to harmful             nontoxic paints are special. when nontoxic paints first came on the
                            chemicals and caustic fumes in your home      market, they were not as durable as the lead-based paints. “in the
                         n won’t harm the earth we live on                beginning nontoxic paints were really ugly. they streaked and you
                         n Derived from organic and natural               couldn’t depend on them, but over the years they’ve become better
                            resources                                     and better, and now, visually, you can’t tell the difference between
                         n biodegradable                                  them,” she explained.
                         n Family-friendly and pet-friendly                  in fact, the beautiful seafoam color on the walls is a nontoxic blend
                                                                          created specifically for Principal, who was involved in the mixing pro-
                         seventh generation-emerald cypress               cess. to create a true seafoam color, she said, “i worked with ivory,
                         (organic toilet bowl cleaner)                    gray, blue and green.”
                                              with a keen eye for detail, Principal has paid a considerable
                         n optimum level of biodegradability—far          amount of attention to the hues of the ocean and the ever-present
                           exceeds legislative requirements               California sunlight, and how these two elements combine and directly
                         n safe for all river and marine life             reflect into the rooms of her house. “the ocean is not always blue, its
                         n no animal testing                              color changes hourly,” she explained. “if you do a blue room or green
                         n safe for septic tanks                          room, either the room or the ocean is going to look dirty. as the day
                                                                          goes by, [because of the combined palette in the seafoam blend] the
                         ecover dryer sheets                              rooms can seem slightly blue, slightly green, and the rooms and the
                                                      ocean seem as one.”
                         n reduces static cling
                         n Plant-based ingredients gentle on
                           your skin, not based on petrochemical
                                                                          i t doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that Principal was involved in
                                                                            the paint mixing process for her home. she’s long been involved in
                                                                          the mixing of handmade formulas for her skincare line, Principal secret.
                         n no chemical residue                            Principal even coined its apropos tag line, “Healthy equals beautiful.”
                                                                          she came out with her first skincare line in 1991 and since then it has
                         caldrea dish soap liquid                         evolved to incorporate the most recent advances in skincare and cos-
                                                     metics. in 2001, Principal introduced her reclaim line, which features
                         n Contains environmentally friendly soapbark     argireline, a line-diminishing element that also encourages the growth
                           extract, one of nature’s best degreasers, to   of new skin and collagen.
                           tackle nasty pots and pans.                       a member of the society of Cosmetic Chemists, an esteemed
                                                                          society dedicated to the advancement of cosmetic science, but

52 | m a l i b u   times magazine                                                                                                                    m ay / J u n e 2 0 0 9   | 53
                                    one that sets high ethical, professional and educational standards
                                    for those in the field of cosmetic science, Principal remains dedi-
                                    cated to continually improving her beauty care line, upholding the
                                    society’s standards to aid and nurture the skin. she oversees the
                                    formulas, plans the branding, as well as the packaging, to ensure
                                    everything is “the very best.”
                                       Principal primarily went into skincare when she was a young actress
                                    as a response to the damaging effect of heavy makeup used for mod-
                                    els and actresses. through trial and error she began to discover she
                                    was allergic to a great many products. thus began her journey.
                                       “i was involved in my education about skincare, began writing about
                                    women’s health issues, including skincare, and decided that i wanted to
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54 | m a l i b u   times magazine
VicToriA PrinciPAl                                                               “the one-and-a-half-million-dollar highway enhancement project
continued from page 54
                                                                              is the largest privately funded civic project in malibu’s history,” Jo
move into the skincare industry,” she said. “it was something that called     giese, founder and president of the nonprofit, said. “victoria came
to me; i yearned to do it. i didn’t do it to make money. i did it because i   to us through burt sperber, Ceo of the valleyCrest Company, the
couldn’t imagine doing anything else, and i didn’t cut corners.”              nation’s largest privately owned landscaping company … he told
  Principal puts passion into each of her products; she spends a              victoria about the project and she got very excited about it.”
great deal of money on the ingredients. “if i were to go retail i’d have         the first phase of the median project, which extends from Cross
to make the product so much more expensive to compensate for                  Creek road to webb way, got underway largely due to the gen-
shipping and storage, and i promised myself when i made this that i           erosity of Principal and fellow actor kelsey grammer who put up a
would make it available and affordable for everyone,” she said.               combined amount of one hundred thousand dollars. giese added,
                                                                              “it’s always exciting when influential people write us a big check,

J   ust as Principal creates products to nurture and preserve
    women’s beauty, she works tirelessly to preserve the beauty
around her. she has been an avid environmentalist her whole life.
                                                                              but what’s even more fun is that victoria’s really knowledgeable
                                                                              about drought-tolerant plants and plant material. she really cares
                                                                              about the environment deeply.”
Her maternal grandmother was a georgian farmer who taught her                    the malibugreenmachine is an extension of Principal’s prin-
“how to honor the earth. about the life cycle and the beautiful               ciples. “we have laid pavement over some beautiful land and we
intention of it, about how to plant and grow something and then let           owe it to this beautiful place to which we are prodigally living to
the land lie fallow, and how to treat animals with respect even if you        try and restore a little of that. and one way is to plant the medians
were going to eat them,” Principal said. Her paternal grandfather,            with indigenous flowers and succulents so there is no abuse of the
“had the most amazing backyard garden,” Principal said, as she                water,” Principal said. “it’s a water-thoughtful project. visually, it’s
recounted a fond memory of her grandfather picking a warm, ripe               beautiful and it helps restore some of what we took away in order
tomato and handing it to her. “to this day, it was the best tomato            to have transportation. also, there are too many head-on collisions
i’ve ever eaten in my life. i’m chasing that tomato.”                         on Pacific Coast Highway … you know, if there are flowers in the
   today, that respect and love for the earth is manifest not                 median it’s a lot harder to drift over a flower bed than it is a piece
only in Principal’s home, but also in her involvement with the                of dirt, and i feel that on many levels this is really going to be posi-
malibugreenmachine; a nonprofit, nonpolitical citizens’ organization.         tive ‘flower power.’”
its mission, according to its web site, “is to plant and green community         and Principal plans to use that “flower power” to continue her
areas with an emphasis on native plants and flowers, and succulents.”         vision of a beautiful and green world. n

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