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					GhostConvey Notes
Bonds - Integration of Deeds Office Property Search Results

Deeds Office Search – Search Options

The search privilege options for the use of the integrated Deeds Office Searches are allocated in <Setup> \ Firm Details \ General \ 'Deeds Office Searches'. The available options are  Always ask before performing a search  Always start a matter from a search  Never start a matter from a search

First Search - Alerts
   Each Deeds Office search incurs a cost – notes relating to these costs are shown. Click 'Next' If registered for Windeed, capture Username, Password and Company ID. To register follow the prompts.

OPEN A NEW MANUAL BOND - using the results of a 'GhostConvey Deeds Office property search'
The property and mortgagor details are imported if the search is performed on the following 'Causes of Action'  Further  Switch  Refinance If the search is performed on the following 'Cause of Action' then only the property details are imported –  New The search wizard may be launched by using either of the following methods  Go directly to the 'Cause of Action' field or  complete all the fields leading up to the 'Cause of Action'

GhostConvey – Deeds Office property search
'Yes' option will result in a search being performed. ‘No’ option will close the dialog box.

A 'Dialog box' appears with the prompt - ‘Import Deeds Office Search information?’

GhostConvey February 2009

‘Deeds Office Property Search Wizard’ 'Perform property search using' is the next dialog box that presents. 'Next' activates ‘Deeds Office Property Search Wizard’.  ‘Owner details’  ‘Property details’  ‘Deeds Office document details’ Search options presented are –

'Next' to perform a search on ‘Owner details’ - the screen prompt is whether the owner is a 'Person' or 'Juristic Entity'. Details for the required search option must be completed.

Notes – (searching on ‘Owner Details’)

The results of a search performed using owner details will return all properties currently registered in the name of the person, including exclusive use areas. 'Next' to perform a 'Property details' search selecting from the following options  Conventional  Sectional  Farm  Agricultural Holding At the prompt, capture the required details and click 'Next' to activate the search. 'Next' to perform the 'Deeds Office document details' search. To activate the property search using known document details the following informations is required –  ‘Deeds Office’  ‘Document Number’ The wizard presents the Owner details on the property search results. If the parties are married in community of property, they reflect as 2 mortgagors. To edit, go to the second mortgagor, choose the marital status, then click on the down arrow, choose the spouse and click on 'Add as Spouse'. Click on the first mortgagor again, the second mortgagor will be removed and the parties will be displayed as one mortgagor.


Selecting 'Finish' results in the following details populating GhostConvey fields: <General> tab  'First Mortgagors Surname' - Surname  'First Names' - full name of Mortgagor All the information displayed is merged directly from the Deeds Search. The only information to be completed is the spouse's maiden name and former names (if applicable).


GhostConvey February 2009

All details imported are in uppercase.

<Mortgagor> tab –
GhostConvey 'Surname' 'First Names' 'Identity Number' 'Date of Birth' 'Registration Number' 'Gender' Deeds Search Results Name 'First Names' 'ID number' (if available) of individual of juristic entity if Identity Number available then gender will be selected accordingly Deeds Search Results number of endorsements Short Property description Extent Extent Title Deed

<Properties>, <Property> tab - Conventional
GhostConvey 'Endorsements' field indicates 'Description' 'Extent' 'Units' 'Existing Deed Number'

<Properties>, <Property> tab - Sectional
GhostConvey 'Endorsements' field indicates 'Building Name' 'Situate at' <Sections> tab 'Section Number' Extent' 'Existing Deed Number' Deeds Search Results number of endorsements Scheme name Situated at Unit Extent Title Deed

Search Results View panels - Collapse or Expand
If a new matter is opened and search results are imported directly into the fields, the ‘Search Results’ panel will default to 'Expanded' mode on the <Mortgagor> and <Property> tabs. If this view is not required it can be 'Collapsed' by clicking on the 'Minus' – this status will be retained until the view is 'Expanded' again by clicking on the 'Plus'. The search results will be saved in PDF format, with a date and ti me sequence, and may be viewed and printed from the 'Deeds Office Search Results' print menu.

Deeds Office Search Integration – Document Request
Available in Bonds, Transfers and Consents When a matter has been opened using the results of a Deeds Office Search, no further searches are required to initiate a 'Document Request'.

GhostConvey February 2009

To request documents          Open the relevant matter click the 'Deeds Office' button on the toolbar and select 'Document Request' Only documents that have micro ref numbers will appear as 'obtainable'. select the document/s that you wish to request Click 'Request' A message screen confirms that the documents have been requested Click 'OK' A message will appear informing the requestor that an email will be sent as advice once the document is ready for download.

When the email confirming availability of documents is received – From within a matter  click 'Deeds Office' button on the toolbar  select 'Document Download'  select 'Current Matter'  document/s will be downloaded to the matter  document will be found in the 'Deeds Office search results' print task Bonds – per Institution  click 'Deeds Office' button on the toolbar  Select 'Document Download'  Select 'All Matters'  All available documents will be downloaded to the relevant matters  document will be found in the 'Deeds Office search results' print task

Deeds Office Search – Document Compare - Bonds

To compare information returned from the Deeds Office with information captured in GhostConvey (generated electronically or manually) – do the following in the <Property> tab  Click 'Deeds Office' (on the Toolbar) - 3 options will present  Select the first option – 'Deeds Office Compare'  Complete all the search details  Click 'Next'  The Deeds Office compare screen opens displaying the GhostConvey details in the right-hand window and the Deeds Office results in the left-hand window  Incorrect GhostConvey details are reflected in red.  To amend the GhostConvey details click on the green arrow  Only the 'Short Property Description' on the <General> tab will be automatically changed. To insert the amended property details on the <Properties> tab, in the 'Full properties description' field, delete the property description, 'Save', then 'right click'.


GhostConvey February 2009

 For matters received electronically, an amendment message to the Bank will be automatically queued. To transmit this message, click on 'connect to Institution' and export messages  An MT101 (Discrepancy) and MT66 (Property Description Change) are sent  All messages, sent or cancelled, are recorded in the matter history  For 'manual' instructions and matters received electronically via RegiBOND, no message will be queued. Advise the Financial Institutions of the amendments

Note: To view all matters opened using a Deeds Search click the 'View' button on the
Toolbar and select 'D.O. Searches Bonds'


GhostConvey February 2009