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									1T-SRAM: The Memory for SoC

MoSys Presentation at 2003 Beijing International Microelectronics Symposium


As embedded memory starts to dominate die area for System-on-Chip designs,
there are few decisions as important as choosing the correct embedded memory
technology. This typically has the largest impact on chip cost, power
consumption and quality. This presentation looks at some of the innovative new
embedded memory technologies that have been developed by MoSys over
recent years and are now being adopted by leading semiconductor companies
across a wide range of applications. No longer in its traditional “commodity” role,
memory is now emerging as the most powerful differentiator for SoC products as
designers fight tough cost and quality challenges. By changing to ultra-high
density embedded memory, designers can typically free-up enough space to
double the logic capability in an SoC, resulting in the equivalent of the next
process generation without the need for new fabs or equipment.

Presenter: Mark-Eric Jones


Mark-Eric Jones is vice president & general manager of Intellectual Property for
MoSys, Inc. in Sunnyvale, California, an advanced memory technology company.
Previously Mr. Jones managed Mentor Graphics' “Inventra” IP business. He was
CEO and founder of 3Soft, which was one of the first businesses to adopt the
silicon IP business model in 1988. He was involved in founding RAPID (the IP
industry business association) in 1996 and has served as chairman of its board
of directors. He received an M.A. degree in Electrical Sciences from the
University of Cambridge, England.

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