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									ADVANCED PLACEMENT FOR LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSES                                             More About the Excelsior Examinations. . .
         All applicants (including LPNs) must meet the same admission requirements, as                 The examinations are computer-driven and are administered at the Prometric
found in the Associate Degree Nursing Program brochure.                                      Testing Centers (formerly Sylvan Technology Centers). These exams are designed to be
Application Process - Admission to Ohio University:                                          as user-friendly as possible and require little or no previous computer experience. On-
1.       Complete the application form (paper or online); pay the nonrefundable $20 fee.     screen directions are available.
2.       Submit official high school transcript or copy of GED scores.                                 The exams are available up to 12 hours a day, 6 days a week (including
3.       Submit official transcripts for all previous college courses.                       Saturday). Approximately 2 weeks after applying to take the tests, you will be sent an
4.       ACT College Entrance Examination (required for students entering Ohio               authorization to test letter. You will generally have 90 days during which you may take
         University directly out of high school). Those who have been out of high school     the test.
         for more than a full calendar year are exempt from taking the ACT or SAT.                     More information and study guides are available online:
Admission to the Associate Degree Nursing Program
1.        University Placement exams (COMPASS). “Scores” of Math PL1, English 1510,                             Curriculum for LPN Advanced Placement
          and reading level of at least 80 are expected. A student may have an                                                                                         Credit Hours
          opportunity to repeat the exam once. Review courses in English, mathematics         BIOS 1300 Anatomy & Physiology I
          and/or reading may be necessary if scores fall below these standards. Please                                                                                       4
                                                                                              CHEM 1210 Chemistry (Math 1200 (113) Prerequisite or placement                 4
          contact the appropriate campus for more information on taking these exams.          level 2)
2.        The applicant must be a high school graduate or hold a certificate of High          BIOS 1310 Anatomy & Physiology II
          School Equivalency (GED). A high school graduate must have a grade point                                                                                           4
                                                                                              PSY 1010 Psychology                                                            3
          average of 3.0 out of a 4.0 scale.                                                  ENG 1510 Freshman English
3.        If the applicant is a transfer or current OU student, they must have an                                                                                            3
          established college grade point average of 2.75 out of a 4.0 scale.                 Transfer Credit
4.        The applicant must have completed courses in algebra, biology and chemistry                                                                                       14
          with a grade of “C” or better at the high school or college level.                  Transition
5.        The applicant must submit a “Statement of Education and Career Goals”               Nurs 2030 Transition
          (typed - no more than 500 words).                                                                                                                                  4
                                                                                              Nurs 2040 Bridge Course                                                        2
Admission to the Associate Degree Nursing Program is by a selective process.
Admission to Ohio University does not guarantee admission to the nursing program. In          Semester 3
addition to the requirements listed on the Admissions page, applicants to the nursing         Nurs 2110 Adult Health II:ADN                                                  7
program must also complete the admission requirements to the Nursing program .                Nurs 2120 Maternity-Newborn Nursing (7 weeks):ADN                              3
APPLICATION DEADLINE:                                                                         Nurs 2130 Child & Adolescent Nursing (7 weeks):ADN                             3
      Semester Admission – January 15th                                                       BIOS 2010/2210 Microbiology/ Microbes & Humans                                3/4
                                                                                              EDEC 1600 Intro to Child Development or PSY 2410 Child                         3
          Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) can receive credit for the first three quarters    Psychology
of nursing by successfully graduating from an approved school of practical nursing and
meeting licensure requirements. In addition, the LPN must successfully complete with a        Semester 4                                                                     5
grade of “C” or better a five credit hour transition course and three credit hour bridge      Nurs 2210 Adult Health III:ADN                                                 7
course designed to prepare the LPN to enter the second year of the Associate Degree           Nurs 2220 Integrated Nursing Practice:ADN
Nursing Program. These courses must be completed no sooner than one year prior to
admission to the second year of the nursing program. Also, in order to begin the second
year nursing classes, the LPN must complete the following support courses; Bios 1300,         Level one math: Math 1200 or Psy 1110 Statistics                              4/3
Bios 1310, Eng1510, Chem 1210 and Psy 1010 or transfer acceptable credit to Ohio
          Advanced placement LPNs also have the option of receiving credit for Maternity,
Newborn, Women’s Health Alterations (Nurs 2200) and Child and Adolescent Health
Alterations (Nurs 2400) by successfully completing the following exam offered by                                                                                           73/72
                                                                                              Total Credits
Excelsior College Examinations.
                                                                                             Recommended Electives: Nutr 1000, Soc 1000, Tier II Humanities, Tier II Fine Arts, Tier II
Optional Exam                                                                                cross cultural, Psy 1110 (all required courses for RN to BSN program).
        Advanced Placement LPNs also have the option of receiving credit for (Nurs                          Curriculum Sequence: LPN Advanced Placement courses:
2120) Maternal-Newborn Nursing and (Nurs 2130) Child-Adolescent Nursing by
                                                                                                                  Nurs 2030 & Nurs 2040 begin Summer Quarter
successfully completing the following exam offered by Excelsior College Examinations.
                                                                                             *Subject to change without notice.
 Maternal & Child Nursing (#453) (Receive credit for Nurs 2210 & Nurs 2220).
       For Additional Information Please Call:

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