The Diploma by keara


Shelley is an outstanding post-16 learner taking the Advanced Diploma in environmental and land-based studies. Having achieved two A*s and two As in her GCSEs she has set her sights on finding a job in the land-based sector upon finishing her Diploma. Shelley likes all subjects but has a particular liking for art and design. She enjoys making her own jewellery and has had plenty of positive comments from her friends about the range of earrings she has recently made. She has a part-time job at the nearby florist where she helps puts the displays together. She likes the interaction with the different customers who use the shop and is developing a real talent for arranging the flowers to meet their varying needs.


Shelley: Advanced Diploma in environmental
and land-based studies
principal learning 540 GLH
• The ecology of the natural environment and the importance of biodiversity • The management of natural resources and successful production systems • Business management and careers in the environmental and land-based sector • Plants and animals: applied science • Plants, animals and humans: how they relate • Plants and animals: safe working practices and relevant legislation • Sustainable management and development of resources • Global impacts and the environmental and land-based sector • Research methodology, evaluation and environmental analysis

generic learning 180 GLH
3 x functional skills at level 2 (prerequisite) extended project qualification (120 GLH) 10 days work experience personal, learning and thinking skills (60 GLH)

additional and specialist learning 360 GLH
Level 3 Diploma in garden and planting design (360 GLH) Shelley thought the garden and planting design qualification would let her artistic flair come to the fore and give her an insight into a potentially exciting career opportunity


Extended Project
Shelley’s grandma was a resident at an old peoples’ home and she had asked Shelley if she could help redesign the home’s garden which was rather dull and uninspiring. Shelley investigated the different soil types in the garden and researched what plants and trees would be best suited to them. She also designed and carried out a survey to explore the residents’ needs, presenting the findings mainly in pictures for maximum impact. Shelly consulted the home owners, checking on their budget and gaining their consent to produce some draft designs. She finally produced a design of how the garden could look, to incorporate features that would sustain a range of wildlife habitats. She also presented a fully-costed plan to the Home owners in the form of a report. The only question was ‘when can you start’!

Work experience
Shelley’s work experience was with the parks department of her local council who looked after numerous parks and open spaces in the city. She got involved in day-to-day maintenance issues as well as spending two days helping in the council’s nursery where they were growing an amazing range of plants and trees. Shelley was also asked to complete chemical content checks on a sample of environmentally-

(Work experience contd.)
friendly fertilizers the council were intending to use in the future, presenting her findings to the head gardener Finally, Shelley had to attend one of the lakes in the city where someone had spotted numerous dead fish. She helped test the water for pollutants and other possible causes, the findings of which she reported to the environmental health officer under the watchful eye of the parks manager.

Progression route: Shelley was attracted to an advert for a trainee garden designer with a landscape gardening company. Her Diploma studies, combined with the project and work experience she had undertook impressed the interview panel and she got the job!

AND... principal learning; functional skills; personal, learning and thinking skills; ASL 3

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