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THE STATE OF TEXAS} COUNTY OF BEXAR} CITY OF WINDCREST} ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION} ON THIS, the 14th day of May 2007, a quorum of the Board of Directors (the Board of the City of Windcrest Economic Development Corporation) convened in a regular meeting at 6:00 p.m. at the City of Windcrest City Hall, 8601 Midcrown, Windcrest, Texas, with the following members being present and in attendance: Rick Bruns Evelyn Eanes Jim Hatch Paula Miles Donna Ridenour Marvin Walker constituting a majority of the persons appointed to the Board and a quorum for the transaction of business, such meeting being a regular meeting of the Board created under and pursuant to the provisions of the Development Corporation Act of 1979, as amended, Texas Revised Civil Statutes Annotated Article 5190.6 (the Act); and notice of such meeting having duly been given in accordance with the provisions of Section 12 of the Act or the requirement of such notice having been waived as authorized by Section 15(d) of the Act. Pursuant to Vernon’s Texas Government Code Subchapter B., RECORD OF OPEN MEETING Sec. 551.021, this is a printed synopsis of the recorded meeting held on the date and time identified above. I. Call to Order The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Donna Ridenour, Vice President. Jim Hatch said the Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance followed.


Minutes Consideration of the minutes of the Regular Meeting of April 9, 2007. A motion was made by Jim Hatch and seconded by Evelyn Eanes to approve the minutes of the Regular Meeting of April 9, 2007. Motion carried unanimously.


Action Items 1. The WEDC Board of Directors will review, discuss and may take action on appointing a three-person committee consisting of Clair Geiger, Donna Ridenour and Jim Hatch to serve on an evaluation committee for Ray Watson’s annual review. Donna Ridenour suggested that instead of appointing a committee, the Board hold a brief executive session at the next WEDC meeting to consider Ray Watson’s annual review and bonus so that all Board Members can give their input. A motion was made by Jim Hatch and seconded by Marvin Walker to have the Board meet in executive session at the next WEDC meeting to discuss Ray Watson’s evaluation and bonus. Motion carried unanimously. 2. The WEDC Board of Directors will review, discuss and may take action on consideration and approval of a resolution by the Windcrest Economic Development Corporation setting a second public hearing on the expenditure of Windcrest Economic Development Corporation funds relating to the Walzem Road Redevelopment Project; providing a second notice of the specific project or type of general project to be undertaken; approving and authorizing the publication of a notice relating to these matters; ratifying and authorizing the project pursuant to Section 4B(a)(3) of the Development Corporation Act of 1979; and other matters in connection therewith. After discussion, a motion was made by Jim Hatch and seconded by Evelyn Eanes to adopt the Resolution as presented and move forward with the second Public Hearing. Motion carried unanimously.


Reports The WEDC Board of Directors will receive reports on the status of the following items: 1. Planned Meetings for ICSC Ray Watson briefed the Board on the meetings scheduled for the ICSC Convention next week. He stated that we have 22 meetings scheduled, along with several others that CPS Energy and the Windsor Park Mall Developers have arranged. He showed the Board Members the new brochure that they would be distributing at the Convention which was prepared by the Public Relations Company – KGB. 2. EDC Office Move Ray Watson briefed the Board on recent office moves that have occurred at City Hall. He stated that the Treasury/Human Resources Department had run out of space in their current office and also needed a private place to meet with employees to discuss performance/pay issues. The WEDC office space was the

only available space that would work for this. Therefore, the Treasury/Human Resources Dept. (consisting of Betsy and Jill), moved into the WEDC office space, Ray Watson moved into Tracy’s former office, Darvi moved into Jill’s desk and Tracy moved into Betsy’s former office. In order to make room for the new Code Compliance Officer, Trey and Joe moved into the old storage area behind the Council Chambers which was converted into office space and the new Code Compliance Officer moved into the office which Trey and Joe formerly occupied. Ronnie Cain indicated that the City has had to rent storage space for all extra furniture and court records which were formerly located in the storage area. Terri was asked to work out of her home due to lack of office space at City Hall. Ronnie Cain advised the Board that the City Council has provided funding for review of office space and that the architects have met with each department to get their space requirements for a possible expansion to the current City Hall building. City Council will be reviewing the architect’s suggestions in the next couple of weeks. The WEDC Board is invited to attend this meeting. Ronnie Cain also advised the Board that we have set up some temporary office space at Windsor Park Mall to meet with developers. 3. Walzem Road Revitalization Report Terri Williams briefed the Board regarding Walzem Road Revitalization. She stated that she had sent an email out encouraging people to vote for Proposition 3 on the Bond issue which would allocate bond money for parks, recreation, open space and athletics improvements. Four million dollars of this money has been allocated to the Northeast Area for a recreational facility. This measure was passed and she understands that the YMCA is considering the former Albertson’s building as a possible location for this recreational facility. Terri advised the Board that the May 5 th neighborhood sweep went well despite the drizzly weather. She stated that WRAR is planning a fundraiser for September. She is working on getting either Governor Perry or State Comptroller Susan Combs to speak at the fundraiser. The group hopes to sell tables for $1000/table. IBC has already committed to purchase two tables. WRAR has plans to develop an owner-occupied housing repair program whereby they can issue grants to home-owners who are not financially able to make improvements to their homes. They also hope to develop a loan program for property owners of non-owner occupied homes. Terri advised the Board that she is still working on marketing materials to market the areas on both sides of Walzem. Terri stated that since the EDC office moves, she has located office space at 8209 Roughrider. She will be working out of Suite 101. 4. Business Update Ray Watson provided the following business update:

1) Starbucks is planning to hold their Grand Opening on May 25 th. Ray will provide the Board Members with more information on the Grand Opening as it becomes available so that Board Members may attend. 2) Pocket Phone has moved in next to Subway. 3) Food Express (Diabetic/Health Food Restaurant) has moved into the old Schlotzsky’s location. 4) A Martial Arts Studio has located next to Pearle Vision. 5) Total Looks Salon & Spa is opening on Roughrider. 6) Cash Express has opened next to Mattress Firm. 7) The Windcrest UMC has purchased Red Tree Mall. 8) LaVerne’s Flower Shop has moved out due to inability to compete with HEB Floral Dept. and Bzzy Bee. The Massage School has taken over their space. 9) Barnacle Bills has closed their Walzem Road location along with all of their other locations throughout the City. VI. Financial Reports The Windcrest Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors will receive and may take action on approval of the Financial Reports for April 2007. Ray Watson advised the Board that we have some added income showing up in our budget due to business taxes that had been mistakenly paid to the City of San Antonio and were recently reimbursed back to Windcrest. Jim Hatch asked if the Public Relations Firm KGB has done any news releases for the City as of yet and if we were satisfied with their work. Ray Watson stated that they have handled all press releases so far. They have also produced the new marketing brochure and a marketing CD. Ray stated that we are satisfied with the work that they have done for us so far considering the time-frame that we are working with on this project. Possibly in the future, we might consider hiring an in-house public relations person to represent the City and EDC to save on this expense. Jim Hatch asked about Windfest. Ray Watson indicated that Randy Bristow did not have final numbers available yet, but that the event went very well. Terri advised the Board that she is working with Randy Bristow on making Windfest an official Fiesta Event for next year. A motion was made by Marvin Walker and seconded by Evelyn Eanes to approve the Financial Reports for April 2007. Motion carried unanimously. Donna Ridenour advised the Board that we would be losing Rick Bruns from the WEDC Board soon since he was victorious in his bid for election to the City Council. Rick stated that he would be submitting his resignation to the WEDC soon and that he had enjoyed his service on the WEDC Board. Ronnie Cain invited the WEDC Board to attend the reception to be held at the next City Council meeting for outgoing/incoming City Council members.


Adjournment Motion to adjourn was made by Jim Hatch and seconded by Evelyn Eanes and carried unanimously. Meeting was adjourned by Vice President Ridenour at 6:45 p.m. Dated this the 14th day of May, 2007. By: __________________________________________ Clair Geiger, WEDC Board President __________________________________________ Ray Watson, WEDC Board Executive Director

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