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					THINGS PEOPLE DO ON SUNDAYS Module Hong Kong and Its Neighbours Unit Entertainment and Leisure Key Stage Targets To develop an ever-improving capability to use English to converse about feelings, interests, ideas, experiences and plans (I.D. b) to provide or find out, organize and present information on familiar topics (K.D. a) to give expression to one’s experience through activities such as providing simple oral and written accounts of events (E.D.d) Programme Outline What do people normally do on Sundays? Exercise in the park? Have dim sum with their family? Go shopping? Or go hiking with friends? In the programme, Nathan enjoys riding the bicycle. Sandy takes a training course on windsurfing while her parents like to go shopping. There are many things people can do on Sundays - but not for Dennis. Dennis only wants to stay in bed. When his sister, Abby and his parents want to get him out of bed to go out with them, he announces that he does not want Sundays any more! In a split second, his world is changed. There are no more Sundays. What happens when Sunday has disappeared? What do people do? Can Dennis get Sundays back? Communicative Functions 1. Ask and describe what people do regularly and when they do it 2. Draw attention to people and things and describe them briefly 3. Describe the manner and frequency with which people carry out actions and the purposes and results of these actions 4. Express concern and sympathy Pre-viewing Activities 1. Motivate the students by asking them to tell each other what they normally do on Sundays. 2. Brainstorm for ideas. What would happen to them if there were no more Sundays? 3. Briefly introduce the programme. 4. Go through the questions in the While-viewing Activity with the class. While-viewing Activity 1. Pupils watch the programme. 2. Pupils answer the questions in Part A of COPYMASTER 1 while watching the programme. 3. Pupils sing along the songs “Never On Sundays” and “Sunday, Sunlight”. (Please see lyrics attached) 4. Pupils go to Part B of COPYMASTER 1 and answer the questions asked by the

presenter at the end of the programme. Suggested Answers: Part A 1. Sandy likes the exercise. 2. Dennis’s mother is selling flowers./ is working in the flower shop. She is busy because there are many people buying flowers./There are many people in the shop. 3. They are tired./ Everybody is tired. Part B 1. They (Nathan’s parents) normally go to the park./ go to the park, take a walk, play with their son. 2. Nathan normally rides the bike in the park./ goes to the park with his Dad and Mom. 3. Sandy normally goes to her windsurfing lessons/ goes swimming, hiking and windsurfing. 4. They (Sandy’s parents) normally go shopping. / go to the bookstore and see new things in the shops. Post-viewing Activity 1. Go to COPYMASTER 2. 2. Ask each pupil to write a list of things they normally do on Sundays. Also ask them to choose one favourite thing and explain why they enjoy doing it. 3. Elicit ideas from the pupils and ask them to report orally what they have prepared.

While-viewing Activity Part A Answer the questions when you are watching the programme. 1. Scene: Sandy - Windsurfing Why does Sandy like windsurfing so much? ___________________________________________________ 2. Scene: Dennis’s mother – Flower shop What is Dennis’s mother doing? Why is she so busy? ____________________________________________________________________

3. Scene: Sandy and Dennis in the park Why is everybody in such a hurry? Why is everybody so impolite? Why don’t they have time to talk to Dennis? _______________________________ Part B Answer the questions asked by the presenter at the end of the programme.

1. What do Nathan’s father and mother normally do on Sundays? __________________________________________________________________

2. What does Nathan normally do on Sundays? __________________________________________________________________

3. What does Sandy normally do on Sundays? __________________________________________________________________ 4. What do Sandy’s father and mother normally do on Sundays? __________________________________________________________________

Post-viewing Activity THINGS I NORMALLY DO ON SUNDAYS 1. 2. 3. 4.



Lyrics Never On Sunday Oh, make me work on a Monday, a Monday. A Monday is very, very good. Oh, give me work on a Tuesday, a Tuesday, A Tuesday, in fact is so much better. Oh, you can make me stay late on a Wednesday, a Thursday, A Friday and Saturday is best. But never, never, never on a Sunday, a Sunday, A Sunday ‘cause that’s my day of rest. Work any day and you’ll be my guest Any day you say, but my day of rest, Only stay away on my day of rest. That’s my family day.

Sunday, Sunlight Let’s go out in the sunlight It’s Sunday, Sunday Let’s go out in the sunlight And lie in the friendly light! Let’s rise bright and early It’s Sunday, Sunday Let’s go out in the sunlight With hats and sun-block cream. Let’s eat, drink and play. Roast pork and duck, it’s Sunday. Let’s give out lots of kisses, Sweet fruits and cakes, it’s Sunday. Let’s sit down and wait, For Daddy and Mommy Brothers and sisters still to come, it’s Sunday Let’s all on this Sunday, Be happy and not sad. Let’s hope that we can be kind, Bring good luck not bad! THE SUN: It’s Sunday, Sunday Let’s go out in the sunlight It’s Sunday, Sunday It’s my family day.

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