SICC Meeting Summary Form July 2012 by lizzy2008



                         State Interagency Coordinating Council
                                    Meeting Summary Form

Name of Committee:                                 State Interagency Coordinating Council
Meeting Location:                                  State Office Building
Date:                                              July 11, 2012
Start Time:                                        1:05 p.m.
End Time:                                          1:30 p.m.
Chair/Facilitator:                                 Dan Underwood
PowerPoint presentations attached?                 Yes__ No_x__
Task Force and/or Other Reports Distributed?       Yes X_ No___
Next Meeting Date:                                 October 10, 2012

Members Present:
Brandon Burris                       Dan Underwood
Quinetta Womack                      Christine Cedotal
Brenda Sharp                         Sarah Tregre
Toni Bennett
Cindy Arceneaux

Members Absent:
Thomas Clemons          Cindy Ramagos       Joy Pennington
Kahree Wahid            Gail Kelso          Monique Tudor
Rep. Franklin Foil      Maxine Kimbrell     Sandee Winchell
Laverne Dunn            Michelle Nader
Dr. Colleen Klein-Ezell

Wanda Stroud                 Abbie Armstrong              Lorri Chipman
April Hearron                Tim Butler                   Ronna Gros
Chrissy Kraemer              Hona Bea Cavalier            Angela Foster
Shellie Fields               Monica Dowden                Toni Ledet
Rebecca Walker               Ashley Casteel               Jessica Rodrigue
Libbie Sonnier-Netto         Rebecca Baas                 Holly Tullier
Torrie Keller                Steven Ivey                  Tedra Landreaux
Brian Jakes                  Martha Dartt                 Shital Patel
Mary Hockless                Valencia Allen               Kim Williams
China Guillory               Joyce Ridgeway               Sarintha Stricklin
Monica Stamply               Joanna Cottrell              Jill Cook
Casey Harrell                Valarie Laday                Laurie Robinson
Helen Monic                  Claudette DeGraauw

I. Call to Order/Welcome and Introductions

The meeting was called to order by Dan Underwood. Quorum was not met.

Introductions were made by all members and guests present. Dan shared that the SICC business
portion of the meeting would be to approve the minutes and the reports to allow time for our
Strategic Plan Review facilitated by our TA from the Southeast Region, Grace Kelley.

   II. Action Items

Dan asked that the April 2012 ICC minutes be reviewed by members. A quorum was not met so
the minutes could not be approved.

Since the minutes were sent out ahead of time for preparation of our Strategic Planning Review
session, Dan asked if any members or stakeholders had any questions for Christie or Brenda
regarding reports.

There were none.

Dan asked for a motion to adjourn the business part of the ICC meeting.

A motion to adjourn was made by Brandon Burris and approved by all.

Meeting adjourned.

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