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					Release Notes for Colligo Reader version 4.0.100
Change Date 11/4/2009 11/3/2009 10/20/2009 10/16/2009 10/15/2009 10/15/2009 Title Released Version 4.0.100 Released Version 4.0.98 Released Version 4.0.96 Released Version 4.0.94 Released Version 4.0.92 TRACE Tracing information has been added for Versions 4.0.92 & 4.0.93 10/13/2009 Released Version 4.0.90 10/13/2009 Fix: Issues with Windows Vista & Windows 7 UAC 10/9/2009 10/9/2009 10/8/2009 10/5/2009 10/5/2009 10/5/2009 10/2/2009 10/2/2009 9/24/2009 9/23/2009 9/21/2009 9/17/2009 9/16/2009 9/14/2009 9/11/2009 9/8/2009 9/4/2009 9/3/2009 8/27/2009 8/25/2009 8/18/2009 8/14/2009 8/9/2009 8/5/2009 7/31/2009 7/29/2009 7/28/2009 7/28/2009 7/28/2009 7/24/2009 7/23/2009 7/22/2009 7/21/2009 Released Version 4.0.88 Conversion from BETA to RELEASE Released Version 4.0.86 Released Version 4.0.84 Help File Updates French & German Language Updates Released Version 4.0.82 Fix: Cosmetic Issues w/ Drag and Drop Released Version 4.0.80 Released Version 4.0.78 Released Version 4.0.76 Released Version 4.0.74 Released Version 4.0.72 Released Version 4.0.70 Released Version 4.0.68 Released Version 4.0.66 Released Version 4.0.64 Released Version 4.0.62 Released Version 4.0.60 Released Version 4.0.58 Released Version 4.0.56 Released Version 4.0.54 Released Version 4.0.52 Released Version 4.0.50 Released Version 4.0.48 Released Version 4.0.46 Released Version 4.0.44 Released Version 4.0.42 RC Released Version 4.0.40 RC Released Version 4.0.38 BETA Released Version 4.0.36 BETA Released Version 4.0.34 BETA Released Version 4.0.32 BETA

7/20/2009 7/14/2009 7/13/2009 7/7/2009 7/7/2009 7/6/2009 7/2/2009 6/30/2009 6/29/2009 6/25/2009 6/19/2009 6/17/2009 6/17/2009 6/16/2009 6/10/2009 6/9/2009 4/9/2009 2/25/2009

Released Version 4.0.30 BETA Released Version 4.0.28 BETA Released Version 4.0.26 BETA Released Version 4.0.24 BETA Released Version 4.0.22 BETA Released Version 4.0.20 BETA Released Version 4.0.18 BETA Released Version 4.0.16 BETA Released Version 4.0.14 ALPHA Released Version 4.0.12 ALPHA Released Version 4.0.10 ALPHA Released Version 4.0.8 ALPHA Released Version 4.0.6 ALPHA Released Version 4.0.4 ALPHA Released Version 4.0.2 ALPHA Released Version 4.0.0 ALPHA Fix: Item Level Permissions Fix: Copy SP URL for un-synced lists/libraries

2/4/2009 Released version 3.2.22 2/2/2009 Fix: MetaData Viewer/Editor Scrolling Issue

1/30/2009 1/21/2009 1/12/2009 1/7/2009 11/29/2008 11/27/2008 11/21/2008 11/1/2008

Released version 3.2.20 Released version 3.2.18 Released version 3.2.16 Released version 3.2.14 Released version 3.2.12 Released version 3.2.10 Released version 3.2.8 New Feature: Ability to Copy URL's from CFS

10/21/2008 Released 3.2.0 ALPHA 8/22/2008 Fixed Issue when Selecting Sync Folders

8/12/2008 Fixed Minor Localization Issues with Yes/No Column Support 8/5/2008 Released version 3.1.12 7/7/2008 Released version 3.1.10 7/2/2008 Released version 3.1.8 6/30/2008 Released version 3.1.6 BETA 6/26/2008 Released version 3.1.4 BETA 6/2/2008 Released version 3.1.2 BETA

6/2/2008 German language support added to Reader and Contributor 5/22/2008 4/30/2008 4/18/2008 4/17/2008 4/7/2008 4/3/2008 3/29/2008 Released version 3.1.0 BETA Released version 3.0.17 Released version 3.0.15 Released version 3.0.13 Released version 3.0.11 Released version 3.0.9 Fix: Mouse Wheel in MetaData Editor

3/21/2008 3/14/2008 2/28/2008 2/26/2008

Released version 3.0.4 Released version 3.0.2 Released version 3.0.0 Added Support for Mouse Wheel while editing MetaData

1/17/2008 Released version 2.2.54 1/14/2008 Processing Lists with Large Numbers of Attachments 12/20/2007 Released version 2.2.50 12/19/2007 Fixed "Default Button" in Login Credentials Dialog

12/7/2007 Released version 2.2.44 11/30/2007 Released version 2.2.42 11/28/2007 Change to method of detecting whether IE 6 or later is installed 11/16/2007 Released version 2.2.38 11/15/2007 Fixed Missing Column Names in Sync Issues View 11/9/2007 Released version 2.2.36 11/8/2007 French language support added to Reader and Contributor 11/6/2007 User Now Prompted for Blocked Extensions in Hyperlinks

11/6/2007 Added support for view filters containing [Today] with an offset

11/6/2007 Released version 2.2.32 10/30/2007 Released version 2.2.28 10/29/2007 Content Type Field Resizing

10/23/2007 Fixed Mouse Capture Problems

10/9/2007 Fixed Foreign Language Support Bug in Rich Text Editor

10/4/2007 Released version 2.2.24 10/3/2007 CFS now sends User-Agent header 9/24/2007 Improved editing/rendering for rich text columns 9/21/2007 Released version 2.2.20 9/19/2007 Released version 2.2.16 9/17/2007 Fixed error: Field '<blank>' not found in table '<Table Name>' 9/12/2007 Released version 2.2.14 9/12/2007 Fixed issue with view fidelity

9/10/2007 Released version 2.2.12 9/9/2007 Created Reader "Edit-and-Sync" toolbar button

8/24/2007 Fixed issue with moving files on SharePoint 2007 sites.

8/17/2007 Released version 2.1.44 8/8/2007 Fixed issue where downloading a site with incorrect password was not properly flagged

7/27/2007 Released version 2.1.42 7/27/2007 Created separate error message and description for invalid character issue 7/26/2007 Fixed issue where '+' sign in filename could cause a sync error.

7/20/2007 "Approval Status" Support

6/26/2007 Fixed issue where site cannot be deleted

6/25/2007 Released version 2.1.38 6/21/2007 Filter out "Relink Documents" view

6/19/2007 Scrollbar Support for Site Droplist

6/19/2007 Tooltip Support for Site Droplist 5/30/2007 Released version 2.1.36 5/28/2007 Released version 2.1.34 5/26/2007 Fixed issue where Views with empty names may be downloaded and displayed by CFS 5/25/2007 Released version 2.1.32 5/23/2007 Released version 2.1.30 5/23/2007 Enforce prerequisites during MSI install

5/23/2007 Wiki Library Support 5/23/2007 Change made to ensure documents are not removed from local store when sync is disabled

5/23/2007 To conform with SharePoint, "Hidden" attribute of View is now ignored 5/22/2007 Email Preferences Checkboxes removed from Activation Dialog

5/18/2007 Released version 2.1.28 5/18/2007 Modified compilation options for improved compatibility with 64-bit operating systems

5/18/2007 Changes to CFSSH utility

5/10/2007 Change to license activation data sent to server 5/8/2007 Fixed issue with incorrect identification of customer registration preferences 5/8/2007 Released version 2.1.26 5/4/2007 Released version 2.1.24 (RTM release)

Description of Change

The installer for CFS 4.0 was experiencing issues with Windows Vista and Windows 7 machines with UAC turned-on. This has now been fixed. Updated the license agreement from BETA wording to RELEASE wording.

The final updates to the help file have been added. The final language updates for French & German have been added to CFS. Some minor UI issues with dragging and dropping of files and folders were fixed.

Minor fix to correct the SP URL when a user copies the URL of an un-syncronized library from the Left Navigation Pane within the CFS main interface. For SharePoint columns which employ a high number (20+) of radio or checkbox options, scrolling was made very difficult by an existing issue in the standard CFS MetaData Viewer/Editor when the user clicked on the options or tabbed to these options using the keyboard. This has now been fixed.

CFS now gives you the ability to copy SharePoint URL's for documents, items, folders and lists from various locations in the CFS user interface. For internal testing purposes only. (Contributor Only) A severe memory issue surfaced when the user would select more than 40 active Sync Folders and then attempted to change that configuration. The application would become unresponsive and eventually hang. This has now been fixed. Yes/No columns were displaying their values in English regardless of what language CFS was operating under. This has now been fixed.

Reader and Contributor now include German language support. When running on a German version of Windows, all internal Reader/Contributor text will be displayed in German.

The mouse wheel will now scroll the entire metadata editor even if focus is on a combo box or an edit control. The only exception to this is when the edit control has enough content to activate its vertical scroll bar - the mouse wheel will be used to scroll the local content in this case.

Support for mouse wheel scrolling has been added to the standard MetaData editor/viewer. When the focus is on any of the controls within the MetaData properties window, the mouse wheel can conveniently used to scroll the properties window up and down. However, when the focus is on a combobox or a listbox with a scrollbar, the mouse wheel scrolling functionality is overridden for local control purposes. CFS was previously experiencing degraded performance and increased memory usage with Lists that had a large number of attachments (>500). This has now been fixed. The Login Credentials Dialog previously had issues with the fact that the user had to manually tab to or manually click the OK button in order to continue because the default return key action did not work. This has now been fixed.

A user reported an issue where the CFS installer prompted them to download Internet Explorer, even though IE 7 was already installed. To try to address this issue, a change has been made to our method of detecting the installed version of IE. Fixed a minor issue where column names in the Sync Issues View were missing.

Reader and Contributor now include French language support. When running on a French version of Windows, all internal Reader/Contributor text will be displayed in French. Previously, when CFS was requested to navigate to a URL that contained a blocked extension (extensions deemed as potentially dangerous to the user's computer), CFS would simply not launch the link. Now CFS will warn the user about the potential risk and ask them if they want to continue. In SharePoint 2007, it is possible to specify a view filter containing [Today] with an offset. Previously, such filters were not correctly supported in CFS. Support for such filters has now been implemented.

The Content Type field on both the Single Item Properties and the Multiple Item Properties dialogs has been set to resize with the width of the parent dialog. This enables the user to read Content Types with long names. If the user is hovering the mouse pointer over one of the menu items or toolbar buttons when a dialog is launched, mouse movements and clicks are suddenly ignored by the application. This has now been fixed. The new rich text editor released in version 2.2.22 was not properly recognizing characters from languages like Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew and Russian. This has now been fixed. CFS now sets the HTTP User-Agent header to "CFS/2.2" for all its calls to the SharePoint web services. CFS now offers improved editing and rendering for rich text and enhanced rich text columns (note that enhanced rich text columns are still read-only).

An issue was found where a Lookup column whose CAML definition did not include a value for "ShowField" could result in a CFS error. This issue has been resolved.

An issue was discovered with views which used a "Contains" filter on a multiple choice column. In cases where the comparison was for a part of one or more choice values (rather than a complete choice value), CFS would not display some of the matches shown in SharePoint. This issue has been resolved.

The "Edit-and-Sync" toolbar button links to a landing page on the Colligo website encouraging the user to upgrade from Reader to Contributor. An issue was discovered where a regular (non-full) synchronization in CFS would not always pick up changes in file location on SharePoint 2007 sites. This issue has been resolved.

An issue was discovered where, if the user downloaded a site using a correct user name but the incorrect password, an error would occur, but it would disappear immediately without giving the user time to read the error message. This issue has been resolved.

If a list or library contains an invalid character, it is now flagged with its own specific error message and description, rather than being displayed as a generic sync error. An issue was found where a '+' sign in the filename could cause a sync error on download or upload of the file. This issue has been resolved.

For document libraries and lists utilizing Content Approval, the "Approval Status" column is now properly supported. Previously it displayed the underlying index instead of the resolved status name. Now the status name is propertly shown. An issue was found where, if the user had changed the URL of the site, but had not yet synchronized, then it would become impossible to delete the site. Each time the user tried, the error message "Cannot delete site as a synchronization is still in progress" would be displayed. This issue has been resolved.

Due to a previous change to view filtering, the "Relink Documents" view, which is not supported by CFS, was showing up. This view is now filtered out. When the site droplist requires considerable vertical space (approximately the height of the desktop divided by a factor of 2), a scrollbar is shown to prevent the droplist from getting any taller in size. PAGEUP and PAGEDOWN keys and the mouse wheel are supported in manipulating the scrollbar position. Hovering the mouse pointer over a site shown in the site droplist activates a tooltip showing the URL of that site.

An issue was discovered where Views with empty display names were downloaded and displayed in CFS. This issue has been resolved.

Now, when the user installs ColligoContributor.msi, the MSI will check to ensure that the VSTO Runtime and the appropriate Office PIAs are installed. If they are not installed, the user will be prompted to download and install them before proceeding. Wiki Document Libraries can now be downloaded and viewed in CFS in read-only mode. A case was found where, if sync was disabled for a particular folder (which had previously been downloaded), then on a full synchronization, the documents in that folder would be removed from the local store. The general policy in CFS is not to remove documents from the local store unless the entire site is removed. To conform with this policy, documents are now retained in the local store for the case described above. We discovered that certain views which have the CAML "Hidden" attribute set to "TRUE" were still displayed by SharePoint. To conform to SharePoint, CFS now ignores this attribute. Views with "Hidden" set to TRUE will still be displayed in CFS. When activating CFS for the first time (or after installing a different license key), the user has the option of entering in their email address. Previously, there were checkboxes allowing the user to specify their email preferences. These have now been removed. The user can volunteer to receive product emails from Colligo by simply entering their address into the optional email address field.

Compile options have been adusted to improve compatibility with 64-bit operating systems.

Changes have been made to the CFSSH utility to assist in tracking down invalid character issues during SharePoint site synchronization. The procedure used by the CFSSH "splistitems" call now closely emulates the procedure followed during regular site synchronization by CFS. The activation data sent to the server now includes the version of the CFS software being activated. An issue was found where, if a user chose during activation to receive product information only, they would be flagged in the database for receiving sales information as well. This issue has been resolved.

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