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									Upcoming Dates:
September 2nd Epiphany Circle organizational meeting 5:30 pm

President's Message:

September 8 & 9th - All Circles meet September 19th September 23th September 30th October 2-3rd October 4th October 24th Sub-District II Meets - McLaurin Heights UMC, Pearl Meet at 9:20 am - CAC side of church to carpool Presentation of Life in the Sudan 5:30 pm - CAC - Family Night Supper Final Deadline for Recipes Conference Annual Meeting - New Albany, MS First UMC of New Albany Serve Breakfast to gathering church members East Jackson District Annual Meeting Shiloh UMC - We will carpool - more later

United Methodist Women of Crossgates United Methodist Church September 2009 Vol. 1 Number 7


"It Can't Be September Already"
Christmas is only three months away! Oh, my Gosh!!! How has this happened? Well, it is time to pick ourselves up off the couch and get back to doing what we do best - make things happen!! September is the month that our Circles start meeting again on a monthly basis. We have some decisions to make in Circle meetings this month. You will be asked to nominate someone special to receive the Special Mission Recognition Pin in the November General Meeting. You will be asked to consider a number of mission projects for your Circle to work on during the coming months. And, last but not least, is work on completing the Cook Book. September 19th will be Sub-District Meeting at McLaurin Heights UMC in Pearl. Our unit hosted this group in March. We will gather on the CAC side of the church at 9:20 am to carpool. A special Wednesday Night Supper on the 23rd of September will give us our first glimpse at the Geographic Study for 2010 - The Beauty and Courage of Sudan: Why a Dream of Peace is Possible. Ellen Wicker Cummings will present a power point presentation of her travels in Sudan. Ellen is a native of Pontotoc, MS, and is the sister of our MS Senator Roger Wicker. She is a graduate of MUW. Ellen is well qualified to give us an insight into life in the Sudan. She has served as Director of Children's Ministries and Director of Program Ministries at Baylake UMC in Virginia Beach, VA. She is currently the Director of Adult Discipleship and Missions. Put September 23rd on your calendar to not only enjoy a delicious meal and fellowship, but hear a dramatic presentation by Ellen Wicker Cummings. Two new circles are in the forming stages for September so watch for more information on those. See Pages 2 and 4. September will be a great month!! We will get back to God's Work and Rejoice In It!!! Keeping to our Purpose, Jean Stout

April 30th - May 2nd - UMW Assembly - St. Louis, MO

Baby Gift to Mission
We share in the exitement of a new arrival at the home of Ryan and Lucy Herndon and big sister, Kate. Mary Martin Herndon arrived August 17, 2009. A Gift to Mission in Mary’s honor has been sent. The proud grandparents are Marty & Margaret Herndon.
Again, Congratulations on Mary’s arrival. .

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Epiphany Book Study Circle Another New Circle!
Their organizational meeting will be Wednesday, September 2, at 5:30 p.m. Debbie shares that they plan to go through the serving line for Wednesday Night Supper and find a class room to meet and decide the best date for their next meeting. They need our help getting the word out about this new study circle.

Help spread the word that another new circle is in the forming stage. Sherri Blankenship and a number of mothers of middle-to-upper elementary aged children are interested in forming a new circle soon. In visiting with Sherri, she shared that they are interested in focusing on health issues that relate to their age group for programming and service projects that relate to aging. Visiting shut-ins or nursing homes with their children is one of Sherri's priorities. An organizational meeting will be announced in the Church Bulletin Soon!!! Help spread the word among all your friends and family members that would have any interest in joining this circle.

Special Mission Recognition Pins With the unit presenting Special Mission Recognition Pins in November, maybe you would like to know the significance of the emblem. The official emblem for The United Methodist Church combines the cross and a flame symbolizing the Holy Spirit. The emblem for United Methodist Women likewise includes the cross and the flame. The cross and the flame are ancient symbols of the church dating back to the days of Christ and Pentecost. Each evokes images of sacrifice, witness and service. They remind us of both the opportunities and obligations of discipleship. Paul's ancient words to Timothy have fresh and contemporary meaning: ". . . I now remind you to stir into flame the gift of God which is within you. . . ." II Timothy 1:6a NEB The shape of the emblem for United Methodist Women is likewise symbolic. It is fluid and free-flowing, suggesting change and mobility. As organized groups of women, this has been our heritage. Often at the forefront of movements for change, at times supporting the projects initiated by others, but always aware of the times and striving to move with them rather than be overwhelmed by them. When you are asked to nominate two individuals in your circle meeting this month reflect back on this summary and choose someone deserving of this honor.

******** Cook Book Deadline Extended ********
Linda and Bobbye have found the computer program they will use to compile the Cook Book. We still need recipes from you and the congregation so the deadline has been extended to September 30th. Please Log on to: User Name: JeanStout5533 Password: cookbook
(Delete Jean’s name as contributor and add yours.)

This will allow you to connect to the program and add your recipes. You can still email Linda or Bobbye if you prefer. Time is against us at this point. We need your recipes now!!!!!!

Baby Gift to Mission
We share in the excitement of a new arrival at the home of Liz and Steve Densmore. Noah Price Densmore arrived August 20, 2009. Noah is the grandson of Linda and Harold Hogue and nephew to Amy and Justin Hogue. A Gift to Mission in Noah’s honor has been sent.

Again, Congratulations on Noah’s arrival.

Every generous act of giving, with every perfect gift, is from above. James 1:17


The Nan Heard Circle: Sept. 8th - 9:30 am Hostess: Bobbye Strickland/Jean Stout Sept. Circle Dates Martha Circle: Sept. 8th - 9:30 am Program by: Clara Higginbotham - Church - Room 321 Ruth Circle: Sept. 8th - 7:00 pm Hostess: Fran Rester/Dot Tennyson/JoAnne Caven & Diane Little Friendship Circle: Sept.15th - 7:00 pm Program by: Barbara Mathews - Church - Library NYM Circle: Church: Bridal Parlor Sept. 9th - 6:30 pm

Conference Annual Meeting October 2-3rd - New Albany 1st UMC
How about a nice weekend break and travel with good company to New Albany, Mississippi? The 21st Annual Meeting of the Mississippi Conference of United Methodist Women will utilize the scripture: Won't you revive us again, so your people can rejoice in you? Psalm 85:6 NLT. The Keynote Speaker Rev. Janet L. Wolf is appointed to the Tennessee Conference. She will give her interpretation of the theme for Annual Meeting - "Come to the Table - Recruiting and Reclaiming Members". Journey with me to New Albany, where we will experience singing, worship, laughter, and hopefully will encounter prophetic voices that will renew our spirit and our energy for God's work. I have reservations for at least 4 women and we can always get additional rooms - let me hear from you!!!!




August 9th - Served Breakfast to gathering church members Delivering Meals to Shut-Ins: Martha Jean White, Debbie Jones, Mary Wakefield, Jean Stout and Barbara Mathews. Congratulations to the NYM Circle for their successful mission project of School Supplies for 13 children, additional book bags and hygiene products.

Book Study Circle Forming!
If you love reading or know of someone who loves reading we have the Circle for you. Debbie Zischke is reviving the Epiphany Book Study Group as a UMW Circle. See page 5.

Nan Heard Circle: Happy Anniversary to Debbie & Steve Zischke on 9/4/09. Sympathy is extended to Nancy Moore in the death of her Father. Ruth Circle:
Good News on Dot Tennyson recovering from surgery.

Friendship Circle:
Enjoyed dinner together at Corner Bakery. Present: Cindy Barnett, Meade Entrekin, Carol Harrison , Barbara Hopkins, Patricia McMahon, Donna Rademacher, Mickey Rishel and Christi Thrasher. Congratulations to Barbara Mathews in the marriage of her son, Jeremy.

I'm Thankful for:
Jackie Ward: "My loving parents and the sacrifices they made for me and my 3 brothers and sisters." Jean Carroll "for the new NYM Circle and their enthusiasm, for our new choir director, Rev. LeBlanc, for Dot Tennyson recovering from surgery and the fact that I will be Great Grand Mother for the first and second time in March and April of 2010." 4

NYM Circle:
Excited how well the School Supply Drive did. Elected new officers: Co-Chairs: Allison McMahon, Liz Densmore. Sunshine: Hanna Garrett. Secretary: Elizabeth Boszor. 3

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