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What is it Who plans Who attends When Planning The annual end of the year Cheerleading / Parent banquet Committee and Coaches All OE Cheerleaders, coaches and parents Determined by coaches

Items that need to be completed prior to the banquet Step 1 Action Coaches purchase the parent banquet invitations. Notes:  the invitations should be sent out 2/27 with a RSVP return request of 3/10  Payments can be sent in early or can be paid at the reception table the night of the banquet Cheerleaders will address the parent banquet invitation (Note: be sure all families have an invitation addressed to them.) Committee member will call all families letting them know their RSVP has been received or not (this ensures all families are aware). Purchase nametags and write names of attending family members on them to be placed on the reception table the night of the banquet Ensure facility is reserved (i.e. Deer Creek Country Club has been used in the past)

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Confirmation of attendees and ordering food

Confirming banquet information

Step 1 2 3

Action Determine the number of attendees (the total accurate count is due the Monday before the banquet) Chose the meal (i.e.; Chef Choice – Roasted Pepper sauce Chicken, scalloped potatoes, green beans, bread) Ensure there are dessert plates for the cake (Deer Creek have dessert plates as well as navy and orange napkins)

Ordering the cake

Dessert for the Banquet Step Action

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Decorations for the banquet

Order an Olathe East Cheerleading (Blue & Orange) cake from HyVee. (Note: be sure to secure the pick up date and time) Purchase paper napkins to place on the cake table

Decorating for the event (the night of the banquet) Step 1 2 3 Action Purchase paper Orange and Blue napkins for the dessert table (Note: Deer Creek Country Club has Blue and Orange linen napkins you can request for dinner use) Orange and Blue Balloon bouquets to place around the room (i.e.; registration table, cake table, a few tables around the room – mainly the front tables) Decorated picture frames of senior cheerleaders to use as center pieces

Set Up / Banquet

Ensuring the facility it prepared and ready for the banquet and banquet activities Step 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Action Pick up the cake from HyVee and take to the banquet Place a printed itinerary at each seat Set up the reception table with name tags Have an individual at the reception table to collect payment that hasn’t been submitted earlier. Opening remarks are made by the Booster Chairperson Invocation is given by a OE Cheerleader Dinner is eaten The slide show is shown towards the end of dinner Each squad captains introduce the girls on their squad (the captains present each girl with a token gift) The Coach recaps the year (accomplishments, funny moments, etc.) thanks the parents and seniors Juniors thank the Seniors Seniors thank the team and coaches Coaches give out Senior gifts Coaches gifts are presented Group pictures are taken (all cheerleaders, Sr, Jr, Big Sis and Lil Sis, etc.

Coaches / Cheerleader Gifts

Appreciation gifts for coaches and cheerleader

Step 1

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Action Seniors cheerleaders will receive the following as appreciation gifts:  Embroidered towels  Gift cards  Centerpieces used on the table (consisted of an 8X10 navy frame decorated with colorful beads that include a group picture of the seniors)  OE Alumni sweatshirt All remaining cheerleaders will receive the following as appreciation gifts:  Gift cards (movie cards, target cards, gas cards, etc.) Coaches will receive the following as appreciation gifts:  Head coach receives a Visa gift card for $200  Assistant coaches receive Visa gift cards for $100 each  Another gift decided upon by the booster club members

All Squad Video and Sr. Video

Videos created by the photographer / video committee (there are two – one for Seniors only that includes baby pictures and Sr. pictures of each Senior and another one which includes all Olathe East Cheerleading squad members.) Step 1 2 3 Action The Video / photography committee will gather and collect pictures of the cheerleaders throughout the year The committee will compose two videos (described above) to be shown during the banquet If possible, a copy should be made and presented to each cheerleader as a keepsake.

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