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Introduction A bomb threat may come to your attention. It is important to compile as much information as possible. Please DO NOT attempt to notify or evacuate an entire building immediately, as this could consume valuable time that would be better used to gather important information. Please keep in mind that the vast majority of bomb threats are false and are intended primarily to elicit a response from the building occupants. In the case of a written threat, it is vital that the document be handled by as few people as possible, as this is evidence that should be turned over to the University of Virginia Police. If the threat should come via e-mail, make sure to save the information on your computer. Most bomb threats are transmitted over the telephone; thus, the following instructions are provided with that assumption. Bomb Threat Telephone Call: Immediate Action 1. Remain calm and immediately refer to the attached Telephone Bomb Threat Checklist. If applicable, pay attention to your telephone display, and record the information shown in the display window. (It’s wise to note the calling number as standard procedure, even before answering the telephone.) If there is no display, note whether the call is an "inside" ring (1 ring repeated) or an "outside" ring (2 rings repeated.) 2. The objective is to keep the caller on the line as long as possible to attempt to gather as much information as you can. Try not to anger the caller at any time. 3. While engaging the caller, pay attention to any background noise and distinctive sounds (machinery, traffic, other voices, music, television, etc.). 4. Note any characteristics of the caller’s voice (gender, age, education, accent, etc.). 5. Attempt to obtain information on the location of a device (building, floor, room, etc.). 6. Attempt to obtain information on the time of detonation and type of detonator. 7. Immediately after the caller has ended the call, notify the University of Virginia Police at 911. 8. If the threat was left on your voice mail, do not erase. 9. Notify the immediate supervisor within your work area. Evacuation Decision The decision to evacuate a University facility shall be made by University officials in consultation with the University Police, after a thorough evaluation of the information available, including: • the nature of the threat • the specificity of location and time of detonation • circumstances related to the threat (i.e. political climate, series of events leading to

the threat, etc.) • discovery of a device or unusual package, luggage, etc. The University of Virginia Police or other police unit will dispatch a search team and will organize the search. Other emergency units will be alerted to the threat and asked to stand by for further instructions. Bomb Threat Preparation/ Response by Building Occupants Canceling classes in the event of a building closing should be avoided if possible. In order to keep classes open, faculty must make advance preparations. All faculty should inform their students of a designated assembly point in the event of a bomb threat or other incident that prevents classes from meeting in the regular location. The assembly point is a nearby place where the class will gather for further instructions. Faculty also should consult with the Provost’s office about alternative locations for classes. When the class is gathered at the assembly point, the faculty member may move the class to the alternate class location. Employees evacuated from a building should report to an assembly point designated by the dean or department head for further instructions. All persons evacuated from a building should take with them personal possessions such as car and house keys and identification if they can safely do so without significantly delaying their evacuation. Subsequent Procedures/Information Staff can be of assistance to the University of Virginia Police in several ways. As the search is conducted, staff may be asked to identify boxes or objects in their work area. If a suspicious device, package, bag, etc. is discovered, the University of Virginia Police will notify the local bomb squad for assistance. Staff may be asked to help notify students and others of class relocations or cancellations and employee leave. Staff also may be used to assist the police in keeping people a safe distance from the building, or with other needed activities during the evacuation period. The decision to resume normal activities in the building will be made jointly by the Chief of Police or a designee in consultation with the EVP/COO and Provost, as appropriate.

TELEPHONE BOMB THREAT CHECKLIST TIME: Call received ----___________am/pm Terminated __________am/pm DATE: __/__/__ Internal or external call? ______________________ (if number displayed, write in the number) EXACT WORDING OF THE THREAT ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Sex of Caller_____________ Race: ___________________________________ Age: ___________________ Length of Call: ___________________________ Number at which call is received: __________________________________________ Questions to ask caller: A. When is bomb going to explode? B. Where is the bomb right now? C. What does it look like? D. What kind of bomb is it? E. What will cause it to explode? F. Did you place the bomb? G. Why? H. What is your address? I. What is your name? Voice Description: ___ Calm ___ Nasal ___ Angry ___ Stutter ___ Excited ___ Lisp ___ Slow ___ Raspy ___ Rapid ___ Deep ___ Soft ___ Ragged ___ Loud ___ Clearing Throat ___ Laughter ___ Deep Breathing ___ Crying ___ Cracking voice ___ Normal ___ Disguised ___ Distinct ___ Accent ___ Slurred ___ Familiar ___ Whispered Recognize Voice? If so, who do you think it was? _______________________

BACKGROUND SOUNDS: ___ Street noises ___ Factory Machinery ___ Crockery ___ Animal noises ___ Voices ___ Clear ___ PA system ___ Static ___ Music ___ Local ___ House noises ___ Long Distance ___ Motor ___ Booth ___ Office machinery ___ Other __________________________ THREAT LANGUAGE ___ Well spoken ___ Incoherent ___ Foul ___ Taped ___ Irrational ___ Message read by threat maker Date: __/__/__ Name: _________________________________ Position: _______________________________ Phone Number: _________________________

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