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                                   User Interface Design

                             Information for Interviewees

Duration                January–April, 2007

Investigator            Students of CMPT 363: User Interface Design Course

Course Instructors:     Chris Jennings, Simon Fraser University

This study involves observing and talking to people who are using common everyday things
(such as cell phones, microwaves,) and computer systems (such as automatic bank machines) to
learn how to create better designs for these and future applications.

Your participation will consist of using a device of the kind listed above to perform some typical
tasks. You may be asked to “think aloud” while using the device, and you will be asked questions
about the device, how you are using it, and your attitude towards it. The device may be real, or it
may be a prototype or mock-up. The expected risk of participating in this research is very low,
similar to the risk of using these devices in your everyday life.

Any interview data will be maintained and safeguarded by the research staff at the School of
Computing Science (Simon Fraser University) for the life of the project. Upon completion of the
project, all notes recorded during the interviews will be destroyed.

Your participation in the interview is entirely voluntary. You may withdraw from this study at
any time.

Thank you for allowing us to interview you.

                           Simon Fraser University
               Informed Consent by Participants in a Research Study

The University and those conducting this research study subscribe to the ethical conduct of
research and to the protection at all times of the interests, comfort, and safety of participants. This
research is being conducted under permission of the Simon Fraser Research Ethics Board. The
chief concern of the Board is for the health, safety, and psychological well being of research
participants. Should you wish to obtain information about your rights as a participant in research,
or about the responsibilities of researchers, or if you have any questions, concerns, or complaints
about the manner in which you were treated in this study, please contact the Director, Office of
Research Ethics by email at or phone at 604-268-6593. Your signature on this
form will signify that you have received a document that describes the procedures, possible risks,
and benefits of this research study; that you have received an adequate opportunity to consider the
information in the documents describing the study; and that you voluntarily agree to participate in
the study.
Any information that is obtained during this study will be kept confidential to the full extent
permitted by the law. Knowledge of your identity is not required. You will not be required to
write your name or any other identifying information on research materials. Materials will be
maintained in a secure location.
Course Title: User Interface Design
Investigator Name: student name here
Investigator Department: School of Computing Science

I understand that I may withdraw my participation at any time. I also understand that I may
register any complaint with the Director of the Office of Research Ethics or the researcher named
above or with the Chair, Director, or Dean of the Department, School or Faculty as shown below.
I have been informed that the research will be confidential. I understand the risks and
contributions of my participation in this study and agree to participate:


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