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									Entirely New Natural Scientific Method for Atrial Fibrillation
Highly honoured Russian physicist Nicolai Levashov has developed an entirely new natural scientific
method to treat atrial fibrillation. Levashov’s method uses no products of any kind and exclusively relies
on the power of the mind via thought.

Robert ginsburg studied with Levashov for over 15 years to learn this method.

The power of the human mind is believed to be the last frontier for human knowledge. Scientists at
Princeton University conducted an experiment for over 20 years to test the power of our thoughts. Their
conclusion that the human mind via thought was able to influence a machine surprised the world.

The experiment asked people with no special training to see if their thoughts could influence a random
event generator. The generator would randomly turn different colors. The people in the experiment
would think of different colors and the machine would turn the color of people’s thought more often
than by chance. Their thoughts were influencing the machine.

There was a husband and wife team of homeopathic physicians in Russia who were very famous for the
results they obtained treating people. No other health care practitioners could approach their results.
The husband had all these theories as to the best time to pick a herb, how to handle them, etc. He
would then give the herbs to his wife to grind them into homeopathic remedies,

The wife died and the remedies lost all their power. They were no different than any other homeopathic
remedy. The husband was still following the same regimen he had been using. The reason was the wife
who was a very good person with medical knowledge was programming the remedy with her thoughts.
She was thinking, for example, go to this persons kidney and treat the problem. You see it was the
program set up by her thoughts that was working not the product.

Likewise it is the power of his thoughts Robert Ginsburg uses to successfully treat atrial fibrillation
naturally. Robert’s 15 year training with Levashov has amplified his consciousness as well as the power
of his thoughts. This is how Robert can treat atrial fibrillation naturally over great distances. After all we
can send our thoughts anywhere. Distance is not an obstacle to thought.



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