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									S a n ta C ata l i na l ow e r S C h o o l Cougar ConneCtion
VoLume ii, iSSue 13 ∙ week of NoVember 29, 2006

1500	Mark	Thomas	Dr	Monterey	CA	∙	93940	∙	(831)	655.9324	∙	FAX	(831)	655.9303	∙	www.SantaCatalina.orG

deCeMber CoMMunity ServiCe
Christmas	Gifts	for	Children	at	the	 Camphora	and	Jimenez	Labor	Camps Dear	Parents,	 If	you	and	your	family	are	interested	in	participating	in	 December’s	community	service	project,	please	sign	up	in	the	 Lower	School	Office	as	soon	as	possible.		Make	sure	to	write	your	 name	next	to	the	recipient	child’s	name	on	the	sign	up	sheet.		 Special	instructions	for	packaging	your	gift: •			Please	firmly	affix	the	gift	label	to	the	package.	It	is	extremely	 important	that	the	label	contains	the	following	information:	 child’s	name	and	age,	camp	name	(Jimenez	or	Camphora),	and	 apartment	number.		If	you	have	more	than	one	gift	per	child,	 make	sure	that	a	label	is	firmly	attached	to	each	package. •		If	you	have	signed	up	for	a	whole	family	within	one	apartment,	 please	package	all	of	the	wrapped	gifts	together	in	one	large	 plastic	bag. •		Suggested	gift	ideas:	new	toys	or	clothes	(please	include	 batteries	if	required	by	the	gift). •		Bring	your	wrapped	gifts	to	the	Lower	School	Office	by	 Monday,	December	11.

pointS oF intereSt
•		Grade	4	to	Santa	Cruz	Harbor,	Thursday,	November	30,	 8:30		a.m.	to	12:30	p.m. •		Primary/Intermediate	Assembly,	Friday,	December	1,	 8:15	a.m.,	MPR. •		Moms	In	Touch,	Friday,	December	1,	9:00	a.m.,	 								Rosary	Chapel.	 •		Service	League	Board	meeting,	Tuesday,	 								December	5,	2:00	p.m.		 •		Grade	3	Brownies,	Tuesday,	December	5,	 								3:15	p.m.	to	4:30	p.m. •		Grade	2	to	the	Aquarium,	Wednesday,	December	6,	 								8:40	a.m.	to	11:30	p.m. •		Lower	School	will	be	on	a	B	schedule	Thursday,	 December	7. •		Service	League	Christmas	Luncheon,	Thursday,	 December	7,	11:30	a.m.,	at	Casanova	Restaurant.		 •		Chess	Club,	Thursday,	December	7,	3:40	p.m.,	Rm.	12. •		Lower	School	Mass,	Friday,	December	8,	10:30	a.m., 							C	Schedule,	Chapel	Dress. •		Book	Swap,	Friday,	December	8,	at	lunchtime.		 Remember	to	bring	your	book. •		Pre-K	Christmas	Play,	Sunday,	December	10,	1:00		p.m.,	 Dining	Hall. •		Kindergarten	Christmas	Play,	Sunday,	December	10,	 3:00		p.m.,	Dining	Hall. •		Candlelight	Mass,	Sunday,	December	10,	7:30	p.m.,	 Rosary	Chapel. •		2006	Christmas	Ornament	order	forms	available	online	 or	in	the	Lower	School	office. •		Dennis	Uniform	in-store	promotion	calendar	is	 available	in	the	Lower	School	office.		

ChriStMaS vaCation inForMation
Friday,	December	15,	is	a	minimum	day.		Dismissal	for	Grades	Pre-K	 and	K	will	be	at	11:30	a.m.;	Grades	1-5	at	12	noon;	and	Grades	6-8	at	 12:15	p.m.		There	will	be	an	early	bus,	no	lunch,	and	no	after	school	 supervision	in	the	library.		Christmas	vacation	is	December	18	 through	January	2.		Classes	resume	Wednesday,	January	3,	2007.		

SportS reCoGnition niGht deCeMber 4, 2006
All	Middle	School	soccer	players	will	be	recognized	Monday	 evening,	December	4,	at	7:00	p.m.	in	the	MPR	for	their	participation	 during	soccer	season.	Please	remember	that	this	is	an	expected	 attendance	as	it	is	part	of	the	requirement	for	participation	in	the	 Middle	School	sports’	program.	We	look	forward	to	seeing	both	 parents	and	students	on	this	special	evening.		

Santa Catalina Middle SChool Grade 7 and 8 FlaG Football
Date	 11/30	 12/7	 12/14	 Opponent	 Junipero	Serra	 All	Saints	 Junipero	Serra	 Location	 Junipero	Serra	 All	Saints	 Santa	Catalina	 Time B-3:30		G-4:15 B-3:30		G-4:15 G-3:30		B-4:15

MuSiC reCital, deCeMber 5, 2006
Please	join	us	for	a	music	recital	after	school	at	3:45	p.m.	on	 Tuesday,	December	5,	in	the	Johnson	Recital	Hall.		This	is	an	 important	occasion	for	music	students,	who	are	taking	private	 music	lessons	from	Santa	Catalina	music	instructors,	to	perform	 for	their	families	and	friends.		Please	contact	Michelle	Galindo	 at	655.9354	for	more	information.

Coach:		Jeff	Hrepich Head	of	Middle	School:		Linda	Mutty

Phone	#:		655.9353 Mascot:		Cougar

Lower SchooL office hourS 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

ChriSt iS born aMonG uS everyday
As	we	prepare	to	celebrate	the	birth	of	Jesus,	we	are	also	inspired	 to	celebrate	and	help	others	prepare	for	the	gift	of	new	life.		Just	 as	Mary	wondered	how	she	would	care	for	her	son,	many	families	 today	need	help	with	preparing	for	their	new	baby.		This	Advent	 season,	Grade	6	is	collecting	baby	gifts	that	will	be	donated	to	 and	distributed	through	the	Compassion	Pregnancy	Center	to	 families	in	need.		We	hope	you	will	help	us	and	donate	a	gift	to	 fill	the	“manger/crib”	near	the	Lower	School	Office.		Especially	 appreciated	are	sleeper	pajamas,	blankets,	disposable	diapers,	 and	powdered	formula.		Gifts	do	not	need	to	be	wrapped.		 Grade	6	students	are	asked	to	bring	their	gifts	before	the	Mass	 on	December	8,	but	gifts	will	be	accepted	until	Wednesday,	 December	13.		

Grade 6 latin CelebrateS ludi plebeii
Ludi	Plebeii	was	a	festival	that	lasted	for	the	first	two	 weeks	in	November	and	was	celebrated	with	theatre	 performances,	games	and	chariot	races.	This	year,	Grade	 6	decided	to	mark	Ludi	Plebeii	with	a	triathlon.	Since	 chariot	races	are	customarily	the	favorite	sport	of	Latin	 students,	following	the	traditions	of	Circus	Maximus	the	 students	were	split	into	4	teams	–	Reds,	Greens,	Whites,	 and	Blues.	They	had	to	compete	in	the	following	three	 contests:	 •		Horse	Race	-	Each	team	galloped	around	the	track	on	a	 horse. •		Toga	Relay	-	The	students	had	to	not	only	put	on	their	 togas	correctly,	but	also	not	lose	them	while	running	10	 meters	to	their	partner. •		Blind	Latin	Reading	-	The	students	wearing	blindfolds	 had	to	feel	a	word	on	a	paper,	recognize	it,		and	 pronounce	it	correctly. The	teams	would	like	to	thank	Mr.	Jack	Tardieu,	Mrs.	Riley,	 and	Mrs.	Dodd	for	lending	us	their	horses,	thus	assuming	 a	noble	task	of	sponsoring	the	games.	We	also	would	 like	to	thank	Mrs.	Lotz	for	storing	all	of	our	belongings	in	 her	room,		and	additionally,	the	shy	mariachi	band	that	 entertained	the	spectators	for	only	a	very	short	period	of	 time.		Next	year	we	would	love	more	music! Masha	Berezovska

lower SChool ChriStMaS ConCert thurSday, deCeMber 14, 2006
The	Lower	School	Christmas	Concert	will	be	held	on	Thursday,	 December	14,	at	7	:00	p.m.	in	the	Performing	Arts	Center. Please	refer	to	the	appropriate	student	dress	for	this	event.	Boys	 -	dress	shoes	and	slacks,	white	shirt	and	tie,	or	bow	tie.		Jacket	 is	optional.	Girls	-	party	dress	(no	formals,	full	length	dresses,	 strapless,	or	spaghetti	straps)	and	dress	shoes,	heels	no	higher	 than	2	inches	and	they	must	have	an	enclosed	heel	or	sling	strap. There	will	be	a	reception	following	the	concert	in	the	Upper	 School	Dining	Hall.		Please	join	us	for	an	evening	of	music	and	 holiday	celebration!

ServiCe leaGue newS
Service League Annual Christmas Luncheon Thursday, December 7, 2006 11:30	Reception 12:00	Upper	School	Choir	Performance 12:15	Luncheon $45	per	person Reservation	required;	seating	is	limited.	In	the	spirit	of	giving,	please	bring	personal	hygiene	items	for	the	Door	to	 Hope	women’s	shelter.	Contact	Patricia	Giffen/655.9382	or	 Margie	Fithian/656.9393	for	more	information.		Please	mail	 check	to	Santa	Catalina	Lower	School,	attn:		P.	Giffen/Service	League	Luncheon,	and	make	checks	payable	to	Santa	 Catalina	Service	League.	Thank	you	and	hope	to	see	you	 there.	 2006 Christmas Ornaments The	Santa	Catalina	Service	League	is	proud	to	offer	the	 fifth	edition	in	the	series	of	heirloom	quality	beveled	glass	 Christmas	Ornaments.		The	2006	edition	is	etched	with	a	 beautiful	image	of	the	Sister	Mary	Kieran	Memorial	Library.		 Please	download	the	order	form	from	the	Service	League	 page	on	our	web	site	at

CoMFy ClotheS day iS on itS way!
Comfy	Clothes	Day	is	on	its	way!	It	is	a	day	to	celebrate	our	 wonderful	Christmas	performance,	so	come	to	school	in	your	 most	comfortable	clothes.	You	can	wear	Uggs,	sweatpants,	 sweatshirts,	and	most	any	other	comfy	attire…but	sorry,	no	 pajamas	and	no	flannel	pants.	Please	remember	that	the	usual	 free	dress	rules	apply.	 Keeyana	Donaldson,	Student	Council	President

in the CoMMunity
•		Monterey	Sports	Center	flyers	for	Winter	06/07	are	available	in	 the	Lower	School	Office.	 •		Do	you	want	to	learn	more	about	Girl	Scouts?	Flyers	are	 available	in	the	Lower	School	Office.	 •		One	Warm	Coat…Warming	Communities	One	Coat	a	Time	 The	Girl	Scouts	of	Monterey	Bay	are	participating	in	“One	Warm	 Coat”	to	benefit		St.	Vincent	de	Paul,		IHELP,	Migrant	Workers,	 Salvation	Army,	and	ag/farm	workers	and	families.	Barrels	are	on	 campus	if	you	would	like	to	donate	a	clean	and	gently	used	coat	 or	jacket.		Please	contact	Kim	Johnston	(Gregory	and	Emilee’s	 mom),	for	more	information.		You	can	also	go	online	to	www.,	click	on	donate	a	coat,	click	on	CA,	and	enter	 our	zip	code.		The	web	site	will	display	information	about	the	 local	coat	drive.	
Often	events	and	activity	announcements	are	included	in	the	“Cougar	 Connection”	at	the	request	of	sponsoring	agencies	which	are	not	affiliated	 with	Santa	Catalina.		The	inclusion	of	an	announcement	does	not	constitute	an	 endorsement	by	Santa	Catalina	School.

bon appétit 2nd SeMeSter hot lunCh proGraM
It	is	time	to	sign	up	for	the	2nd	semester	hot	lunch	program	 offered	by	Bon	Appétit.		The	cost	is	$348.75	which	covers	the	 period	from	January	3,	2007	through	May	29,	2007.		Forms	are	 available	in	the	Lower	School	office.		The	deadline	to	sign	up	 for	the	hot	lunch	program	is	Monday,	December	11,	2006.		

Lower SchooL office hourS 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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