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									A BOUNTY OF GIFTS & GRATITUDE Kinderklaus Markt 2009

Display Chair: Darlene Faig Home Phone: 513 232-5915 Cell Phone: 513 659-4613 dlfaig@fuse.net

Display is a big part of how the merchandise you make in your groups are presented for sale. When you make your products you need to ask:    Will the Markt shoppers choose our crafts? Will our items be the ones the shoppers run to after the doors are opened? How can we make sure our items catch the eyes of the Markt day shoppers?

These questions are answered, not only by the products you make, but the way you package them. This is where DISPLAY becomes important. Everyone on the Markt Steering Committee is committed to make sure your items sell on Markt day. But it is my responsibility and that of my Storefront Managers, to make sure we provide the best possible means for displaying your crafts on the Markt floor. Ultimately, this will help sell your items. In addition, there are several things you can do before your items reach the floor; to ensure that your items are as attractive and marketable as they can be. The following suggestions may help you to display your merchandise in the best way possible.


Packaging does not apply to all of the items you will be making to bring to Markt, but many crafts will benefit from creative packaging. If you have kits, or boxed items, you might consider wrapping them in a way that displays all of the items in the kit, or in an open box. You may want to include a picture or assemble one of the items to set out with the kits. This will alow buyers to see and touch exactly what you are selling. If you have an open box item, be sure you wrap it in clear cellophane, tightly tied, so that your fabulous item is visible but still safe and secure. Colorful tissue paper, raffia, ribbons or shredded paper with a boxed or packaged item can help attract the eye of the prospective Markt buyer. Decorated boxes are another great idea. Dollar stores often have items that con be used as containers. For example, hand decorated bibs might look great tied around a cap of a dollar store disposable baby bottles add a few small baby items inside the bottle and some curling ribbon, or holiday items can be displayed in a holiday gift box. BE CREATIVE! Go to the stores and see how they display similar items.

PROPS AND SIGNS Props and signs are another great way to draw attention to your items. A sign may offer an explanation of how the item is going to be used. Consider a prop when you have items that may not be immediately recognized. A sample display that shows how the item is to be used speaks to the buyer and sparks an interest in your merchandise. For example, use an empty bottle of wine to display a wine bag or bring a glass to model your wine charms. If you have several small items consider using a decorative or even theme related-container or basket to hold the items and keep them neat while on the Markt floor. If you make a sign to aide in your display please make it look professional, keep it small and use clear and concise instructions. All of your signs and props should have your group name, number and a contact person’s name and number so that these may be returned to you or your Markt rep. LARGE OR SPECIAL DISPLAYS Some items require special consideration to display them properly. Space needs to be allowed for large items and some items need electricity so that they can be shown in their most spectacular light – so to speak! If your item needs electricity, you need to provide a large bore 3-pronged extension cord marked with your name and number, again so it can be returned to you. For both items that require electricity and large items that require floor space, you need to complete and submit the “Display Request Form” found in the back of this packet. If you have any questions about your items or the space they may need, please contact me. ORNAMENTS Ornaments are always a hit at Markt. They are inexpensive to make and limited only by your imagination. Ornaments are items that make great gifts and can easily be purchased in multiples. Don’t limit yourself to holiday themes. Think about sports, hobbies, professionals, animals and nature – almost anything will sell as an ornament. When you bring your ornaments to Markt remember  Make Plenty!  Place hooks or ribbons on your ornaments so that they can be displayed on our trees.  Bring extra hooks since some may get lost in transit.  Don’t assume that everyone else will be making ornaments. These can be fun and easy “extra” to your other craft items.  Let imagination and creativity inspire your ornaments! I look forward to displaying your beautiful merchandise on the Markt floor. I still need Storefronts Managers to help with display during Markt Week. If you or anyone you know are interested, let me know ASAP! Please call me with any questions, comments or concerns you or your group may have. This year’s Markt is shaping up to be A BOUNTY OF GIFTS & GRATITUDE!

A BOUNTY OF GIFTS & GRATITUDE Display Request Form Kinderklaus Markt 2009 Please complete this form for any special display needs; electricity, large items or props. Group# ____________ Markt Rep Information Name: _____________________________________________ Phone: ____________________________________________ E-mail: ____________________________________________ Item To Be Displayed: _______________________________________________________ Size of Item: ________________________________________________________________ Quantity: _____________________ Prop Provided? ___________ If yes, please describe the prop. _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Will one item be set up for Display? If yes please indicate whether the display item should be sold last or not at all. _______________________________________________________________________________

Electricity needed? ____________________________

Please return this form by October 19, 2009 to: Darlene Faig 2244 Spinning Wheel Ln. Cincinnati, OH 45244 OR dlfaig@fuse.net

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