2009 BOOTH LIST-ALPHA-08-09 by vivi07


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PROPRIETOR Betancourt, A.L. Unnerstall, Wootin McDaniel, Kim Anderson, Mike & Patti Dorlac, Andra Lee, Robert E. Lee, Robert E. McLeane, Carol & Richard Foster, Kim Lema, Jose Antonio McClelland, Bob Beckman, Patty Beckman, Patty Woodall, Jennifer Bellville, Barbara Crawshaw, Sandra Schwartz, Roz Schaefer, Carol Austin, Kate Michalski, Bill Bayer, Bill Nahlik, Tracy Mills, Kerri Mills, Kerri Figueroa, Gabriela Thrasher, Carol Knox, Cara Ruble, Eugene Scaggs, Carol Handley, Carol Humphries, Carolyn Frentzel, Carol and Daughter Frentzel, Carol and Daughter Frentzel, Carol and Daughter Bochantin, Cookie Brown, Julie Huslage, Marcia Bales, Diane

TYPE OF BOOTH "Lost Wax" castings, Sterling Silver Herbal products, salves, lotions Horse Game Picture Frames, piggy banks, signs Pillows, Throws, Crochet items Wood burned gourd birdhouses/jewelry Wood burned gourd birdhouses/jewelry Handmade Ladies Shoulder Bags Watercolor paintings Ponchos, jackets, etc. Watercolor paintings Gourmet dips, desserts, etc. Gourmet dips, desserts, etc. Hand-stamped jewelry Holiday Items Semi-precious jewelry Jewelry, beaded eyeglass chains, etc. Beaded sweatshirts & jackets Jewelry, picture frames Locally themed greeting/postcards Oil Paintings Hats that turn into purses, hair bows… Candles, potpourri, oils, etc. Candles, potpourri, oils, etc. Jewelry Fabric totes, purses, shoppin bags Greeting cards, soaps, stationery Caricatures Jackets, skirts, quilts,wall hangings ect American Girl Doll Clothes Beaded Jewelry Painted and personalized access. Painted and personalized access. Painted and personalized access. Floral pieces, snowmen wreaths Colored Sand Bottles Dough ornaments Handmade jewelry

VENDOR NAME A.L. Bentacourt AAA Women Works, Inc. Across the Boare Anderson Wood Works Andie's Antiques & Crafts Anita's Creations Anita's Creations ARJAY Products Art by Kim Foster Artesanias Indigenas Artistic Endeavour Arty Appetite Arty Appetite Avaeli Couture Jewelry B.J. Creation B'Dangles by Sandy Beads Are Us Beads by Design Beadsoup Big Small Town Designs Bill Bayer Bows N Broidery Candles, Gifts & More Candles, Gifts & More Caprice Designs Captured On Cloth Cara Knox, LLC Caricatures to Go Carol J's Carol's Creations Carolyn's Jewelry Designs Classic Country Classic Country Classic Country Cookie's Baskets Crative Sand Critters Creative Dough D&D Designs

138 139 140 141 141A 142 143 144 144A 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171

Yeager, Sharon Wilucki, Debbie Morrow, Camilla Hirsch, Jean & Diane Weber Rajesh-Tandon Cox, Lisa Rose, Monica Ferrara, Jennifer Chicken, Nuria Rains, Nancy Rains, Nancy Rains, Nancy Rains, Nancy Marchi, Nancy Marchi, Nancy Stroker, Vivian Nesler, Lisa Baer, Lynn Sutter, Linda Sutter, Linda Brooks, Sherree Brooks, Sherree Wolfford, Kim Wolfford, Kim Boyle, Stanley Cadenhead, Sandra Hawkins, Fred Hawkins, Fred Wright, Nova Eisenberg, Mark Bottchen, Judy Van Hoecke, Julie Van Hoecke, Julie LaClair, Karin Chamberlain, Lisa Linsey, Kay

Quilts, pillowcases, purses Ceramics, bowls, dishes, ornaments Hats, mittens, scarves Jewelry & Crochet Embroidered dresses Jewelry from recylced objects Granite cheeseplates, wire racks Hairbows, ribbon t-shirts, etc. Handcrafted Polymer Clay Figurines Florals w/berries, wood benches, ect. Florals w/berries, wood benches, ect Florals w/berries, wood benches,ect. Florals w/berries, wood benches, ect. Jewelry- silver/gemstones Jewelry- silver/gemstones glass jewelry, braclets, watches ect Whimsical photographs, wood frames Preppy Key Fobs Stained glass panels Stained glass panels Pet Scarves, collar scrunchies Pet Scarves, collar scrunchies Tie-Dye Tie-Dye Hardwood bowls and vases Soy Candles Handcrafted accessories Handcrafted accessories Handcrafted soap, incense, handknits Historic Postcards Moisturing Soy Candles Jewelry Jewelry Painted Santas, snowmen, nativities Soy Candles, incense Hand appliqued aprons, towels, purses

Daisy Cottage Quilting Debbie Donohue Ceramics Dinohaven LLC DJ Designs Dress Mayzc EarBobs Eclectic By Design LLC Elle*Belle*Boutique Fairies By Nuria Family Country Crafts Family Country Crafts Family Country Crafts Family Country Crafts Fancy Strands Fancy Strands Fire & Ice Frames & Photos by Lisa Fun Fobs Glass Compositions LLC Glass Compositions LLC GourMuttz GourMuttz Groovyware Tie Dye Groovyware Tie Dye Hardwood Designs Harvest Glow LLC Hawkins Handcrafted Leather Hawkins Handcrafted Leather HeavenSent Home Spun History on a Postcard Judy B's Soy Candles Jules Bling Jules Bling Karin's Krafts Karmik Kreations LLC Kay Crafty Kriters & Kuilts

172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204

Rodawald, Ken Rodawald, Ken Koboldt, Mary Kordick, Karen Huskey, Jacqueline Brown, Lori Knop, Stacy Warren, Jennifer Schrader, Joanna Schrader, Joanna Link, Susan Link, Susan Johnson, Shawn Zotos, Mary Matous, Nancy Matous, Nancy Jacobe-Bradshaw, Nancy Jacobe-Bradshaw, Nancy Manley, Debra McClinton, Rose Avery, Michelle Avery, Michelle

Native American Items, etc. Native American Items, etc. Jewelry Angel pins, brecelets vases Fused glass jewelry Haribos, Ponchos, purses, baby gifts Personalized Keepsakes, Family names Pendant jewelry intials, picture sayings Wooden Christmas Ornaments Wooden Christmas Ornaments Porch swings and gliders Porch swings and gliders Metal, wood, ceramic, painted items Soaps, candles, gift bags, bath salts Homemade childrens clothing Homemade childrens clothing Dog items, coats, toys, raincoats, etc. Dog items, coats, toys, raincoats, etc. Handturned wooden pens Jewelry Gemstone jewelry Gemstone jewelry

Kesmar, Inc. d/b/a Delights Recorded Kesmar, Inc. d/b/a Delights Recorded Koboldt Design Kordick's Creations Lady Starlight Glassworks Ladybug Hairbows Letters by Landmark Lillylus Jewelry Lindsey's Wood Ornaments Lindsey's Wood Ornaments Links Custom Woodworks Links Custom Woodworks Lotta Dots Luna Bath and Body M&M Crafts M&M Crafts Mad Dog Crafts Mad Dog Crafts Rose Mary Mac Creations Michelle Avery Jewelry Michelle Avery Jewelry Missouri Wicks & Sticks Mulberry Mudd Nani Designs by Pamela Nellie B & Co. One of a Kind Designs Orient Express Out of the Woods Out of the Woods Ozark Oak Painted By Design Pamelia's Menagerie

Pendergast, Patricia Oil candles set in stone vases Klitzke, Rebbeca Mensah, Pamela Mueller, Priscilla O'Brien, Pat Anderson, Hongxia Mueller, Pam Mueller, Pam Rapp, Charles and Glenda Larimore, Cindy Dougan, Pam Functional pottery Gemstone bracelets Ladies T's with appliques & rhinestones Handmade purses Chinese Hanging Ornaments Wood items, home decorations Wood items, home decorations Solid wood landscape/mushrooms Painted personalized wood gifts Animal Jewelry, painted shirts

205 206 207 207A 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 229 230 231 232 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 240

Baker, April Rose, Maryann Hart, Gail Bauer, Pam Bauer, Pam Powers, Kristen Clark, Erin Cashion, Virginia Cashion, Virginia Belanger, Juanita Rice, Shirley Rice, Shirley Bellah, Cheryl Brand, Peggy Robinson, Michelle Robinson, Michelle Klein, Ron C'Amico, Ruth Patino, Sara Schaefer, Cathy Little, Rosemary Lopez, Sharon Ehnes, Barb Horton, Roy Heege, Sheila Hogan, Michelle Chesney, Pam Hopkins, Annette Cozald, Rita Bolin, Norma Maret Pedrotti, Staryn Williams, Stephanie Sula, Janice P. McManus, Lise Rogers, Sue Rogers, Sue Eppler, Terry

Nursing coverups, bronze shoes, etc. Pet Feeders Pet Accessories Wool coats, vest, mittens Wool coats, vest, mittens Mixed media painted jewelry Wind chimes, jewelry Scented Candles Scented Candles Wood animal Marionettes Quilts Quilts Sand Art Fused glass jewelry Fabric sewn items Fabric sewn items Potrait photography Purses, wall hangings Jewelry Clay vases, leaf print bowls Dog items, coats, toys, raincoats, etc. Phone Lanyards, keychains, jewelry Lampshades made of maps Photography Mixed Media Jewelry Wooden Houses, Xmas tins Doll clothing Dog items Hand smocked children's clothing Route 66 Cookbook Doggie Scrunchies/Collar Covers Wood paintings,wreaths,holiday décor. Soft scupture dolls Jewelry Antique and found items painted Antique and found items painted Handcrafted wood toys

Perfectly Created Custom Keepsakes Pet Feeders & Things Pet Sutff Etc. PL Greenes Unique Identities PL Greenes Unique Identities Powers Ink Prime Chimes Pullencreek Scented Candles Pullencreek Scented Candles Puppet Pets Quilts by Shirley Quilts by Shirley Rainbow World Ridge Designs Robinson Crafts Robinson Crafts Ron Klein Photography Ruth D'Amico Creative Sara Patino Jewelry Schaefer Ceramics Sew "Dog-Gone-Cute" Sha-Dangles Shades of Excellence Shades of St. Louis She She Does Dominoes/ Red Lead Shells Art Skitters Lolliop Doll Clothes Snips and Paws Snugglebug Smocking Co. St. Louis Transitions LLC Star Creations Stephanie Williams Gifts Strawberry Hill Creations Such Pretty Things Sue's Collectibles Sue's Collectibles Sunset Woodcrafts, LLC

241 242 243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 251 252 253 254 255 256 257 258 259 260 261 262 263 264 265 266 267 268 269 270 271 272 273 274 275 276 277

King, Lucia and Jolie Quevreaux Meckfessel, Carol Costello, LaRene Lisciandra, Edward McAliney, Dee Brott, Linda Enlow, Laura Enlow, Laura Enlow, Laura Fink, Ann Cavin, Toni Cavin, Toni Hueting, Barb Blakely, Jennifer Guerry, Rose Guerry, Rose Brooks, Mike & Janice Nelson, Carl Sauerwein, Amanda Hillerman, Susan Simeone, Suanne Simeone, Suanne Gronborg, Gary Moore, Meridith Moore, Meridith Stratton-Metzger, Laura Weber, Charles & Maxine Weber, Charles & Maxine Marquart, Eugene Marquart, Eugene Jackson, Chrystal Stewart, James Edwards, Ruth Trauth, Norma

Handmade jewelry with metals, ect. Vintage postcards Childrens clothing, baby gifts Wooden Bowls Handmade book marks, Framed pictures Knit & Crochet items Fabric pumpkins, Wood Signs Fabric pumpkins, Wood Signs Fabric pumpkins, Wood Signs Hand painted furniture Cotton print shirs/fleece clothing Cotton print shirs/fleece clothing Jewelry and ornaments Metal work, semi-precious glass Hairbows, ribbon t-shirts, etc. Hairbows, ribbon t-shirts, etc. Wrapping Paper Ornaments Pocket or purse brag books Beaded Jewelry Handmade soaps, essential oils Hand designed clocks Hand designed clocks Wood bowls, plats, duck & owl calls Magnet boards, decorative tiles, family plaques Magnet boards, decorative tiles, family plaques Girls clothing with matching doll cloths Pine needle baskets & vases, decorated eggs Pine needle baskets & vases, decorated eggs Garden Art Garden Art Watercolor paintings Custom picture frames Fused glass jewelry Denim purses with lining

Swirly Girls Design, Inc. Sycamore Creek Sydilicious Designs The Bowl Man The City Mouse The Hook & I The Pumpkin Ladies The Pumpkin Ladies The Pumpkin Ladies The Thrifty Decorator Toni's Toni's Trash-To-Treasure Trinkets from Neptune Twist-N-Turn Twist-N-Turn Unique Ornaments by Miraj Very Mary Designs Violet Sunshine Wash Your Worries Away Wide-Eyed Designs Wide-Eyed Designs Wood 'n Wine Wordelicious Wordelicious Young Traditions

278 279 280 281 282 283 284 285 286 287 288

Hill, Pauline Borella, Mark Finkenkeller, Thomas Budner, Judy and Karen Wagstaff Budner, Judy and Karen Wagstaff Cross, S.A. Portell, Mart Grabbe, Carrie Speer, Mary

Quilts Ceramic Faces, Smiles

Paintings Ornaments, Furniture, plates ect. Ornaments, Furniture, plates ect. Jewelry - sterling silver/natural stone Holiday items, pillows, dolls ect Handmade crystal, stone jewelry Quilts

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