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									OsoLean™ Whey Protein Powder
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What is OsoLean™ powder?
Target Fat LossSM OsoLean powder is the shape of things to come! It is naturally derived and mixes with food and beverages. In a clinical study, this advanced protein peptide technology has been shown to enhance fat loss while maintaining lean muscle, when combined with a calorie reduced diet, such as the OsoLean Plan and proper exercise.

How Does It Work?
Osolean powder is more than just a typical whey protein… It is a specially formulated whey protein blend that includes advanced protein peptide technology. Using a patented process, specific parts of whey protein, called peptides, are separated and concentrated to ensure the optimal level of fat-loss peptides. These peptides are blended with calcium rich minerals to make OsoLean powder. In addition to it’s powerful fat-loss effectiveness, OsoLean powder is
– Naturally derived – Has no synthetic additives

And it also provides
– A good source of high quality protein – 56% of the daily recommendation of calcium

How Does it Work?
Target Fat LossSM A higher percentage of protein as part of a reduced calorie diet can help in fat loss without sacrificing muscle mass. By maintaining muscle you can maintain body strength and keep your metabolism high, which in turn burns calories. OsoLean powder is the ideal supplement as it includes a complex of whey protein and calcium from milk – this complex promotes fat loss while maintaining muscle mass when combined with a reduced calorie diet and proper exercise.

How Does it Work?
OsoLean Powder Activity Mechanisms*
When used in conjunction with a calorie reduced diet, such as the OsoLean™ Plan and exercise, to help promote fat loss while sparing the lean muscles, there are several mechanisms of action that work together in OsoLean™ powder • • One theory involves the influence of dietary calcium on fat cell metabolism and lipolysis (breakdown of fat stored in fat cells). Another mechanism relates to the role of peptides in preventing muscle loss, which usually follows a low calorie diet and exercising. The protein hydrolysate is a rich source of amino acids and peptides in a readily absorbable form; thus, these muscle building blocks help build and maintain the lean mass.

Market Overview
• • • • • • • • • • In US worth $62.2 billion
– Estimated growth of 6% per year

Japan is second largest market Australia spends $.5 Billion per year 45% of men diet
– Up from 10% in 2002

61% of women diet
– Up from 23% in 2002

Number of dieting attempts per year increased from 2.4 in 2005 to 4 in 2007 The average time on a diet is 10 weeks An average women spends 6.4 months per year on a diet Typical dieters start age 20+ and continue until age 60+ Typical US women dieter spends AT LEAST 21 YEARS of her life dieting!

Who Is The Target Market?
• Both Male and Female
– Who want to take control of their weight management

• They are often
– On a diet

• Possibly have a sedentary lifestyle
– And want to keep it that way

• Women
– Who diet for appearance

• Men
– Who diet for health reasons


What Do They Want?
• Results
– Fat Loss Results

• Convenience
– Easy to use – Easy to incorporate into their daily routine
• OsoLean™ is flexible enough to fit with anyone’s routine

• Taste
– OsoLean™ powder mixes well with coffee, milk and fruit juices

Who Are We Competing Against?
• • • • • • • • • • • • • Weight Watchers – www.weightwatchers.co.uk Slimming World – www.slimmingworld.com The Cambridge Diet – www.cambridge-diet.co.uk SureSlim Eating Plan – www.sureslimuk.com Rosemary Conley – www.rosemaryconley.com SlimFast Atkins Advantage Shake Tubs (www.avidlite.co.uk) Simply Natural (www.avidlite.co.uk) Avidlite Met-Rx Supreme Whey www.explosivenutrition.co.uk Nature’s Best – www.naturesbest.co.uk Forever Green – www.24k-chocolate.com Herbal Life Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix - www.herbalfeelgood.co.uk

Summary – OsoLean™ Whey Protein Powder
• When combined with the OsoLean Plan and proper exercise OsoLean powder – Helps reduce body fat – Whilst maintaining lean muscle mass, – Helps curb appetite Provides an – An excellent source of calcium – High quality protein A Whey protein blend Contains – No artificial ingredients – No fillers or sweeteners Provides essential mineral nutrients – Per 24.4 grams daily serving • Calcium -- 56% Daily Value • Magnesium • Phosphorous


• •


Success With OsoLean™ Powder
Muscle is more dense than fat. (Visually, one pound of muscle will take up less space than one pound of fat.) – So when you’re losing fat with OsoLean powder, and a calorie reduced diet, such as the OsoLean Plan you’ll look thinner, but you might not weigh less. Muscle also burns more calories than fat; the more muscle you have (and keep!), the more calories you burn. Success with OsoLean powder is measured in inches, not pounds!

How to use OsoLean™ Powder?
Directions for Use: • Mix 2 scoops (12.2 grams) of OsoLean powder in 250ml of liquid or add to food twice daily. For best results, take in 250ml of liquid or add to food twice daily 20 minutes before breakfast and 20 minutes before dinner. You’ll find that it
– Curbs appetite – Helps you feel full
Participants in the clinical study and the open-label study followed these directions with great results!



The OsoLean™ Plan
The OsoLean™ Plan comes with each order of OsoLean™ powder and contains meal-planning and serving size information to help you be successful with OsoLean powder. It also contains: – More information on OsoLean™ powder, including the science – Tips to reduce calorie intake – Tips to increase physical activity – A chart for measurement tracking – FAQs

The OsoLean™ Plan
Calorie control • Women
– An average moderately active 31–50 years old women who is trying to lose one pound per week needs about 2,000 (8373kj) calories per day to maintain current weight. – To lose fat with OsoLean™ she should cut 500 (2093kj) calories from her diet.


– An average moderately active man 31–50 years old who is trying to lose one pound per week needs about 2,500 calories (10,467kj) to maintain current weight. – To lose fat with OsoLean he should cut out 500 calories (2093) a day from his diet.

Tips for curbing your calorie count
• Do not eat after 8 pm • Switch from soft drinks to water
– Add a slice of lemon or lime

• Cut back on bread and high carbohydrate items
– Chips, cakes etc.

• Snack on nuts or vegetables
– Not crisps and biscuits

• Chose to live healthy – supplement your diet the all natural way

The OsoLean™ Plan
• OsoLean is the perfect complement to the GlycoLean Body System
– GlycoSlim meal replacement drink mix
• helps cut your calories

– Fiberfull drink mix
• Helps reduce cravings

– Accelerator capsules
• Boosts metabolism


And now something to help even more
– OsoLean whey protein supplement
• Targets fat loss

Be Active!
• It is important to be active while you watch your weight • Aim for 30 minutes of activity
– 5 times per week

• If 30 minutes is difficult go for 10 minute segments
– Take the stairs – Walk to the shops – Take a walk in your lunch break

Product Ordering Information
OsoLean™ Powder – Item # 22104 – Contents: 1 canister OsoLean powder (15-day supply) – Associate Cost £35.25 (£70.50 for one months supply) – QV 50 Tip: Each order of OsoLean powder is accompanied by one OsoLean Plan booklet. Keep the first booklet for yourself, and share the rest with your friends!

Building an OsoLean™ Powder Business
• Preferred Associate Pack
– – – – 2 x OsoLean Powder 2 x GlycoSlim Shakes 1 x Phytomatrix 1 x OsoLean Plan Booklet

• • • •

£125 inc shipping Direct Bonus = £23.75 PQC = 100 Associate Product Value = £136.70

Building an OsoLean™ Powder Business
• Monthly Order (as per Preferred Pack)
– Associate price = £136.70 – Automatic Order Price = £123.05 – Qualifying Volume = 206

• Monthly Order OsoLean™ powder only
– Associate price = £35.25 – Automatic Order price = £31.73 – Qualifying Volume = 50
• 2 containers required for a months supply

Building an OsoLean™ Powder Business
• Regional Director – 8 Monthly OsoLean™ powder orders
• 1,648 volume (1500)


National Director – 30 Monthly OsoLean™ powder orders
• 6,180 volume (6000)


Executive Director – 100 Monthly OsoLean™ powder orders
• 20,600 (20,000)


Presidential Director – 300 Monthly OsoLean™ powder orders
• 61,800 (60,000)


Platinum Presidential – 1,200 Monthly OsoLean™ powder orders – A Presidential Director in each of 4 legs

For details of Director qualification status and earning see Your Steps to Success and the Mannatech Career and Compensation Plan

Building an OsoLean™ Powder Business
Could allow you to qualify for the • European Travel Incentive
– 2009 Costa Rica

• Presidential Summit
– 2010 Hawaii

WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE! Visit www.mannatechosolean.eu

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