Dear Dr by vivi07


									Dear Dr. Jameson, Selling Juice It Up on campus could be the answer to some of your biggest problems! Are you concerned with the lack of money for school supplies? Would you like to have something on the lunch menu that is both healthy and has the ability to earn money for our school? Would you like the opportunity to help a local business establish a larger customer base? Juice It Up can do all these things for RSM! If you allow the school to sell Juice It Up smoothies at lunch, you could benefit the students, the school, and the community. First of all, students would benefit from having another healthy choice for lunch. Since sodas were taken off the lunch menu, students have wanted something to drink other than milk, water, or Gatorade. Juice It Up smoothies are not only delicious, but they would be a very healthy alternative for our students. These smoothies provide vitamins and fiber that are vital to student health, while keeping the calorie count to 250 or below. Not only that, but they are delicious; students will really enjoy this healthy drink. As good as this sounds, you may be worried about setting up this program, thinking that it would be difficult to do. However, Serrano Intermediate school has already implemented a Juice It Up program. They have been selling smoothies for quite a while. Linda Garza, the principal of Serrano, says that the program has earned her enough money to buy one computer battery each week for the My Access laptop computers. In addition, Mrs. Garza would be willing to help us if we want to begin selling Juice It UP on campus. I hope we can begin soon. Secondly, the district is going through hard financial times, and it is difficult to find the money to buy needed supplies. Selling Juice It Up smoothies will help us get the supplies needed for our school. For example, the laptops used for the My Access writing program at the school are becoming more and more difficult to use because the batteries don't hold a charge. These batteries are expensive; they cost one hundred fifty dollars each. Because of the lack of funds in the district, we will not be able to replace the batteries this year, and our students may lose the use of the laptops. Our scores have gone up in the California STAR writing test because of this program; it would be a terrible loss if we could not continue using it because our laptops needed batteries. We can not risk losing one of our most valuable writing tools. Selling Juice It Up smoothies on campus would be one way our school could earn money to meet the cost of batery replacement. The good news is that Serrano Intermediate School is able to buy one battery a week for their laptops from the money made by selling Juice It Up during lunch. Selling Juice It Up would be a win/win situation! Our students would have another healthy choice for lunch and the school would make money to buy needed supplies. Finally, in addition to the money our school would make, selling Juice It Up on campus would help a local business make money, too. Selling the Juice It Up smoothies on campus would be a way for the company to make itself known to our students and their families. Since it is a local company employing people from our community, selling Juice It Up would be good for the community as well. However, the company wouldn't be the only one to benefit. Our students could work with the Juice It Up people and learn people and business skills. You may think this is a good idea, Dr. Jameson, but you may still be worried about the added cups and lids that might be dropped on the campus at lunch. This is a problem that we can handle with volunteers. They will check the campus

for any cups that have been dropped and put them in the appropriate containers. They will also call on students to put the trash in the wastebaskets to help keep our school clean. Working with the Juice It Up company, the students will learn about pricing, selling, serving, and cleaning up first hand. For students in intermediate school, this experience could prove to be very helpful when they are looking for their first job. As you can see, I believe that selling Juice It Up smoothies to our students at lunch would be a very good thing in many ways. Not only would our students have another healthy choice for lunch, but our school would earn money in the bargain. As if this were not enough, our school would also be helping a local business during these tough times. It seems that there is no downside to this idea, Dr. Jameson. I hope you feel as I do, that selling Juice It Up is right for our school, our students, and for our community. You should sell Juice It Up at RSM, Dr. Jameson; the students, the company, and the community will thank you!

Sincerely, Sophia Linnell

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