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Director of Administration

RFP#106082 Addendum #3 Date: June 12, 2006 TO: All Prospective Bidders The following addendum becomes a part of the RFP/BID. All other terms and conditions of the RFP remain in effect. Question #1: Are the Per Meal Costs by Area on “Attachment F, Cost Proposal” CY2005 per meal costs or CY2006 per meal costs? Answer: These are all 2006 per meal costs except IX. Cambridge which was added as a Geographic Service Area in an Addendum on June 7, 2006. Cambridge per meal cost is for CY2005. Question #2: On page 7 of the specifications, it states that approximately 259,695 meals were served. Yet, when the total meals served in 2005 are added from Attachment E, the total served is 156,955. Which number is correct? Answer: For the purposes of this RFP, in the geographic regions covered in this RFP, the number of meals served in CY2005 were: 90,169 Congregate Meals and 66,725 Home Delivered Meals for a total of 156,894 meals. Question #3: Is the County currently being billed for any other services or products, by the current contractor, over and above the per meal cost indicated on page 8 Attachment F? What was the total amount paid for these services, by the County, during the past year? Answer: The county is billed over and above the per meal cost for the aluminum containers which are used for Special Diet Menus as described on page 24, Sections 5.7.2, 5.7.3, and 5.7.4. In 2005, the county paid $1,700 for these aluminum containers.

Question #4: This contract was last awarded in 2001. Could you please tell us the initial contract prices, per meal, at that time? Answer: This information is not readily available. Question #5: It was stated in the meeting that the County is currently using seven (7) caterers for this project. Could you provide a list of the eight (8) geographic areas and which catering company is currently providing the meals for each area? Answer: Central & South Madison – Gaylord Catering Service. Inc. West Madison – Gaylord Catering Service, Inc. North and East Madison/Monona – Gaylord Catering Service, Inc. South Central Dane County – Gaylord Catering Service, Inc. Southeastern Dane County – Gaylord Catering Service, Inc. Southern Border/Belleville – Jim’s Food Center Northern Dane County – Gaylord Catering Service, Inc. Sun Prairie Area – Colonial Club Senior Activity Center Independent Living, Inc. (Deerfield Home Delivered Meals only) Cambridge – Feil’s Catering Question #6: What is the County’s per meal cost, currently, for the 102,740 meals that are produced by the County and not by a contracted caterer? Answer: The agreed upon cost of meals provided by Dane County Consolidated Food Service in 2006 is $5.19/meal for an estimated 13,600 meals. The negotiated cost for 2007 will be $3.55/meal. Other meals are provided by school districts, the Meals on Wheels program managed by Home Health United, Inc., and meals prepared on site.

Question #7: Please provide any additional requirements (such as soup bowls and spoons when soup is served) and what the County is currently paying for these requirements? Answer: Box lunch containers (for special meals as in 5.9.1) and soup bowls, covers, and spoons are included in the per meal cost. Question #8: What is the cost to the County for the 30 special pureed meals? Where are those meals currently being delivered? Answer: To our knowledge we are not providing any puree diets at this time. Each meal site arranges special diets according to their participants’ needs. The Special Diet Menus as described on p. 25 and 26 under 5.7 are provided at the

same meal price as the regular diet meals. Our current primary caterer reports providing 25 to 30 special diets/day. These are packaged in aluminum containers and the county is billed over and above the per meal cost for these containers. Question #9: Can we get a breakdown of approximate home delivered meals? Answer: a. For the purposes of this Request for Proposal, in 2005, 66,725 home delivered meals were delivered in 2005. As stated in the next question, a 3% cushion of growth is built into the annual budget so for 2006, 68,727 home delivered meals were budgeted for. b. Contracted caterers are not responsible for delivery of meals. c. Contracted caterers are not responsible for packaging, except the soup bowls, covers, and spoons for home delivered meals. Question #10: What is the basis for estimated meal growth in 2006? Answer: Total annual meals served in the Senior Nutrition Program have been in the 250,000 – 280,000 range for the last several years. Approximately 255,549 meals were served in 2005. Dane County builds in roughly a 3% growth cushion into its annual budget. Thus, 269,460 meals were budgeted for 2006. Question #11: Is the vendor responsible for paper costs (i.e., plates, napkins, straws, etc.)? Answer: The disposable supplies for home delivered meals or other use refer to the soup bowls, lids, and spoons and box lunch containers used for special meals as in 5.9.1. Question #12: Can dehydrated potatoes without Vitamin C be used if they are not counted as a good source of Vitamin C? Answer: According to the State of Wisconsin Bureau on Aging and Disability Resources’ Policy Manual on Nutrition Operations (Chapter 8, Section, “Potatoes count as a vegetable serving. Instant or dehydrated potatoes must be enriched with Vitamin C.” Question #13: Is milk required daily to the meals? Answer: As stated in the Request for Proposal (p. 21, 4.7.4, G.), “Individual cartons of milk (8 fluid ounces) are to be served” as part of the meal pattern.

Question #14: What is the estimated coffee usage? Answer: As stated in the Request for Proposal (p. 24, 5.2.10), “Sites may choose regular or decaffeinated coffee with the alternative available in individual servings. Servings available will provide an average of 2 cups per person, unless a smaller amount is specified by the site manager.” Question #15: What is the current route structure for delivery of meals (number of trucks, number of routes, staff hours per day, route configuration)? Answer: Dane County has not collected that information from its caterers. It is considered proprietary information. Question #16: Would the County like the vendor to retain any current staff? How many and what are the current wages? Answer : If a new vendor is selected, the new vendor is not required to retain the staff of the current vendor. Question #17: Is the vendor required to purchase the transport containers? Answer : Yes. Question #18: Approximately how many diabetic meals are necessary within the program? Answer : In our last survey with meal sites pertaining to how many diabetic meals are served, the program was consistent with the national average of about 20 – 25% . Note: It is the participant’s choice to choose a diabetic meal or not and some may choose a regular meal because they are managing their diabetes through carbohydrate counting. Question #19: Approximately how many texture modified, sodium controlled and bland diets are necessary for the program? Answer : Approximately 5% on the average, however diet needs can vary daily. Question #20: In Attachment F, Cost Proposal under 2006 Per Meal Cost By Area, Deerfield is stated as $6.07 per meal and as including volunteer recruitment and home delivery. Is the contracted caterer expected to do volunteer recruitment and delivery of meals as a part of this Request for Proposal for Deerfield meals? Answer : For the purposes of this Request for Proposal, the bidding caterer should bid only for the per meal cost (without volunteer recruitment or home delivery of meals).

Question #21: What was the total cost in 2005 of the catered meals included in this Request for Proposal? Answer : The total cost for catered meals in 2005 included in this Request for Proposal was $573,985. Question #22: Please clarify the daily caloric target that the one meal per day provided by the contracted caterer must meet. Answer : Dane County meals range from 700 to 900 calories. Our minimum goal is 700 calories on average based on 1/3 of the calorie needs of senior females 60 years old, senior males 60 years old, senior females 70 years old and males 70 years old. There is no maximum limit, however our goal is not to exceed 1,000 calories per meal. Meals that have higher calories are those meals that have higher caloric foods such as sauces, gravies and desserts. Although our program provides for a minimum of 1/3 of seniors’ daily needs, many seniors have been known to only eat 1 to 2 meals per day. Our meal may be the only substantial meal for them that day. Question #23: Is it possible to visit a meal site? Answer : Yes, it is. Please call Janie Riebe at 261-9700 to arrange a visit.

 

 July

Thursday 6 Stuff Green Pepper Mashed Potatoes Cottage Cheese Pumpernickel Bread Honey Dew Wedge 13 Fish Filet Sandwich Tatar Tots Mix Greens Salad Ice Cream 20 Baked Fish Red Potatoes Coleslaw Roll Fruited Orange JellO 27 Sirloin Tips/Gravy Mash Potatoes Wis. Blend Veg. Pineapple in Jell-O Angel Food Cake Friday 7 Spaghetti/Mtballs Zucchini Toss Salad Garlic Bread Sherbet 14 Chicken Breast Veg. Couscous Stewed Tomatoes Bread Banana 21 Meatloaf Parsley Potatoes Green Beans Blueberry Muffin Chocolate Pudding 28 Sloppy Joe Potato Salad 3 Bean Salad Melon Cup

Monday 3 BBQ Riblet/Bun Baked Potato/ Sr Cr Corn Fresh Fruit Choc Chip Cookie 10 Beef Stroganoff Noodles Carrot Salad Bread Fruit Cup 17 Seafood Pasta Lettuce/TomatoSlice Croissant Fresh Fruit PeanutButter Cookie 24 Ham & Swiss on Rye Cucumber Salad Fresh Fruit Sugar Cookie 31 Poor man’s Lobster Hash browns Spinach Salad Roll Red Jell-O 4


Wednesday 5 Birthday Dijon Chicken New Red Potatoes Toss Salad Roll Birthday Cake 12 Swedish Meatballs Mashed Potatoes Toss Salad Wheat Roll Fresh Fruit 19 Farmer’s Market Day Spaghetti w/Vegetables Mozzarella Cheese Garlic Bread Strawberry Shortcake 26 Brat/Bun Baked Beans Broccoli Slaw Ambrosia

4th of July No Senior Lunch

April 2002 2001
25 Hungarian Goulash Toss Salad Pineapple Juice Bread Torte

11 Roast Turkey/Gravy Mashed Potatoes Green Beans Cranberry Muffin Taffy Apple Salad 18 Ring Bologna Oven Fried Potatoes Sauerkraut Rye Bread Rhubarb Crisp

Consumer donations are one of the main sources of funding for senior meals. They help keep the program open for all seniors, regardless of income. Please donate what you can afford.

March 2005 Monday Tuesday 1
Dijon Chicken Bake Potato/Sr Cr Green Beans Clover Roll Choc. Ice Cream Lasagna Toss Salad/drg Soft Bread Sticks 100% Fruit Juice Birthday Cake

Wednesday 2

Thursday 3
Meatloaf Creamed Potatoes Stewed Tomatoes 7 Grain Bread Fruited Jell-O

Friday 4
Vegetarian Chili w/ Shredded Cheese Corn Muffin Fruit Salad Cookie

Roast Beef/Gravy Mashed Potatoes Carrots Dinner Roll Plums

Scalloped Potatoes & Ham 7 Layer Salad Whole Wheat Roll Apricots Jell-O Vegetable Soup Ham on Rye Toss Salad Citrus Fruit Cup


Pork Chop/Gravy Red Skin Potatoes Peas & Onions Roll Apple Bars

Unbreaded Baked Fish Hash Brown Cass. Spinach Dill Bread Brownie

Minestrone Soup Turkey Sandwich

Turkey/Gravy Mashed Potatoes Broccoli Blend Veg. Cranberry Muffin Mixed Fruit

w/Lettuce & Tomato
Banana Rice Crispy Bar

16 Goulash Toss Salad/ Drg Garlic Bread 100%Pineapple OJ Pumpkin Bars 23
Cabbage Rolls Mashed Potatoes Mixed Vegetables Cheesecake w/ Cherry Topping

St Patrick’s Day 18 Cr of Broccoli Soup 17
Corned Beef Boiled Potatoes Cabbage & Carrots Marble Rye Bread Apple Pie Tuna Sandwich Melon Cup Cookie

Herb Chicken Mash Potatoes/ Gravy WI Blend Vegetables Corn Bread Frosted Cupcake

Salisbury Steak Mashed Potatoes Harvard Beets Whole Wheat Roll Bread Pudding

Beef Stew Baking P. Biscuit Broccoli Salad 100% Fruit Juice Fresh Fruit

Good Friday 25
Shrimp Stir Fry Oriental Rice Mandarin Oranges Almond Torte

Baked Ham Yams Corn Potato Roll Fruit Pie

30 29
Meatloaf Mashed Potatoes Gravy Herbed Tomatoes WW Bread Fruit Cup Baked Chicken Baked Potato/SrCr Beets Roll Cream Pie

Swedish Meatballs Mashed Potatoes Toss Salad Potato Roll Butterscotch Pudding

Menu Guidelines: Menus for the Dane County Senior Dining Centers are prepared to meet one third of the Daily Recommended Intake for Adults 50+ years of age. There is no salt added in the preparation of any menu item. Some items are higher in sodium and cholesterol than others, overall the menu for the month has a moderate amount of both. Hot foods are served at 140+ degrees F., and Cold foods at 41- degrees F., which may affect food consistency. All menus are reviewed by Mary Browning, DTR Please direct any comments to your site manager or comment cards.
Consumer donations are one of the main sources of funding for senior meals. They help to keep the program open for all seniors, regardless of income.

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