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how much can I borrow? your home purchase calculator
purchase price Mortgage Calculator
Interest Rate - Annual Term of mortgage (years) Repayments per year estimate your monthly home loan payment you can afford Loan to Valuation Ratio Loan Amount is calculated 6.50% 30 12 1,800 95% $284,779 $300,000

Mortgage Costs
Mortgage Establishment Fee* Stamp Duty of Mortgage Mortgage Registration Fee Mortgage Insurance* 600 59 4,386 $5,045

Total Mortgage Costs

Property Costs
Stamp Duty on Purchase** Transfer Registration Fee Legal expenses & incidentals 13,660 828 1,000 $15,488

Total Property Costs

In Summary
Property Price Add Mortgage Costs Add Property Costs Minus Mortgage 300,000 5,045 15,488 284,779 $35,753

Equals Cash Deposit Required
*Mortgage Insurance is an estimate only ** FHOG may apply as well as other concessions ***All figures need to be verified by Hayton Kosky as well as quotes on legal fees



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