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Semiconductor optoelectronics

This Special Section of IEE Proceedings Optoelectronics         The Guest Editor would like to thank Professors M.J.
focuses on semiconductor optoelectronics. It contains a       Adams and K.A. Shore for their support in the preparation
selection of full papers based on presentations made at the   of this Special Section. Sincere thanks also go to the
Semiconductor and Integrated Optoelectronics (SIOE)           editorial staff of IEE Proceedings for their organisational
conference, held in Cardiff from 14-16 April 2003.            support and timely handling of manuscripts.
   The SIOE meetings, organised annually by the
Department of Informatics at the University of Bangor                                                      M. DAWSON
and the Departments of Engineering and of Physics &
Astronomy at Cardiff, have established a reputation for       IEE Proceedings online no. 20040497
broad consideration of semiconductor optoelectronics in       doi: 10.1049/ip-opt:20040497
an informal atmosphere. The 2003 meeting attracted
approximately 80 attendees drawn from a wide range of
institutions in the UK, Ireland and Europe. Papers were                             Martin D. Dawson received the BSc
presented in oral sessions on ‘Device performance and                               degree (1st Class Honours) in physics
fabrication’, ‘Laser dynamics and noise’, ‘Mid-IR                                   and the PhD degree in laser physics
devices’, ‘VCSELs’, ‘LEDs and resonant cavities’, and                               from Imperial College, London, in
‘Waveguide theory and laser design’, and there was also                             1981 and 1985, respectively. From
a sizeable poster session.                                                          1985 to 1991, he worked in the group
   The papers in this Special Section, drawn from across                            of Professor A.L. Smirl, first at North
these areas, cover a range of topics of significant current                          Texas State University and sub-
research interest in optoelectronics, including:              sequently at the University of Iowa, working on femtose-
                                                              cond dye lasers and nonlinear spectroscopy of III-V
.   resonant cavity light-emitting diodes (RCLEDs)            semiconductors. From 1991 to 1996 he held the position
.   terahertz pulse generation and detection                  of Senior Researcher at Sharp Laboratories of Europe, Ltd.,
.   high-speed electro-absorption modulators                  performing optical spectroscopy on AlGaAs and AlGaInP
.   semiconductor photonic crystals for dispersion control    semiconductor heterostructures. He joined the Institute of
.   semiconductor optical amplifiers                           Photonics at the University of Strathclyde in 1996, where
.   planar Bragg gratings                                     he founded and leads the III– V optoelectronic materials
.   bow-tie laser diodes                                      and devices programme and where he is now Professor and
.   co-doped fibres                                            Associate Director. His research interests cover a range of
These papers indicate the continuing drive towards novel      III –V materials, including both dilute (GaInNAs) and wide-
device formats, and the high-performance spectral, tem-       bandgap (AlGaInN) nitrides, and include materials studies,
poral and dispersion control, required for next-generation    processing and device development. He is widely
communications systems. These issues are still                recognised for his work on GaInNAs and VECSELs,
being addressed in discrete components, as a stepping         and for gallium nitride fabrication and micro-devices.
stone to the truly integrated devices which are yet to        He is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics, and is a Senior
emerge, presenting a series of exciting research challenges   Member of IEEE=LEOS; for which he has served as
for the next few years.                                       Scottish Chapter Chair.

IEE Proc.-Optoelectron., Vol. 151, No. 2, April 2004                                                                   93

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