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									It’s A Perfect Day Wedding Florist, LLC
Inclement Weather Agreement

In the event you have ordered items to be used in an outdoor wedding ceremony from "It’s A Perfect Day Wedding Florist, LLC", including, but not limited to, items such as an Arbor, this agreement applies in the case of inclement weather.

If “It’s a Perfect Day Wedding Florist” has already invested money in supplies and labor for the outside set up, no money will be refunded in the event of inclement weather. In certain cases, should the decision to cancel outside set up be made in the days preceding the wedding, there may be a partial refund covering labor costs. Since each situation differs, refunds are left solely up to the discretion of “It’s a Perfect day Wedding Florist”.

Bride’s Information (Please Print): First name: ______________________________ Last Name: _______________________________ Wedding Date: __________/_________/__________

I understand and agree to the terms of this agreement: Signed: ______________________________________ Date: __________________

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