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                            SPECIAL REPORT           Hospital Without Walls                                                                        1709
                                                     The family physician and the challenge of home health care
                                                     MURRAY NIXON, MD, CHE

                     NOTES D'IVOLUTION               Votre nouvefle demeure                                                                        1807
                                                     Le College s'installe dans ses nouveaux locaux
                          PROGRESS NOTES             Your new home                                                                                 1808
                                                     The College has a new address
                                                     REG L. PERKIN, MD, Executive Director

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                                                                                                          Canadian Family Physician VOL 37: August 1991 1679
Information For Authors
Canadian Family Physician is a peer-reviewed            you used), original, and two copies to: The             charts, drawings, etc should be clearly labelled
scientific journal intended to meet the needs           Editor, Canadian Family Physician,                      and identified, each on a separate page.
of those professionals practising, teaching, and        2630 Skymark Avenue, Mississauga,
researching in the fields of family medicine,           ON L4W 5A4.                                             REFERENCES:
general practice, and primary care. It has a cir-                                                               References follow the style of the Uniform Re-
culation of over 29 000.                                PERMISSIONS:                                            quirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Bio-
    Articles are invited that critically and con-       Authors are responsible for obtaining permis-           medical Journals. They should be numbered
structively contribute to the family practice lit-      sion to publish any copyright material quoted           in the order they appear in the text and should
erature. Usually they relate to the journal's           in their submitted material. A copy of the per-         be limited to works cited in the article. Personal
planned monthly theme or to other areas rele-           mission form or letter from the copyright hold-         communications are not acceptable as refer-
vant to clinical practice, such as a review of the      er should be submitted with the manuscript.             ences. Authors are responsible for the accuracy
literature as it relates to dilemmas encountered                                                                of references.
in practice, all areas of education in family           STYLE:
medicine and primary care, and papers that of-          Canadian Family Physician uses Stedman's Medi-          COPYRIGHT:
                                                        cal and the Gage Canadian dictionaries. All             Acceptance of a paper will imply assignment
fer personal points of view. Original research                                                                  of copyright by its author to Canadian Family
                                                        measures should be reported in SI units. Au-
is especially welcome.
                                                        thors should refer to drugs generically. If neces-      Physician, but the author will be free to use his
     Canadian Family Physician accepts only origi-
                                                        sary, insert brand names in parentheses after           or her material in subsequent publications
nal material that is not under consideration by
                                                        the generic name.                                       written or edited by himself or herself, pro-
any other publisher.
                                                                                                                vided that the Managing Editor is notified and
FORMAT:                                                 VISUALS:                                                that Canadian Family Physician is acknowledged
Submissions must be prepared according to               Canadian Family Physician welcomes visuals that         as the original publication.
the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts                could enhance submissions. Slides are pre-
Submitted to Biomedical Journals (consult               ferred, followed by black and white glossy pho-         REPRINTS:
your local librarian or refer to Can Med Assoc          tographs, then matte-finished photographs;              A complimentary copy of Canadian Family Physi-
J 1991;144(6):673-80). Usual length is 3000             sharp, precise India ink drawings are accept-           cian along with 50 unbound copies of the pub-
words with a 60-word summary; include a                 able. Color illustrations are published at the          lished article will be mailed to the corresponding
brief biographical statement about each au-             author's expense unless previous agreement              author at the time of publication with a Reprint
thor. Send your diskette (indicate the software         has been reached with the editor. All tables,           Order form for additional copies of the article.

Informations                        aux auteurs
Le Midecin defamille canadien est une revue scien-      phique pour chacun des auteurs. Envoyez vo-             frais de l'auteur A moins d'une entente prealable
tifique dont le contenu est revise par les pairs        tre disquette (indiquez le logiciel utilise) avec       avec la redaction. Toutes les figures, tableaux,
et destine A repondre aux besoins des profes-           un original et deux copies A: Redaction,                dessins, etc doivent etre clairement etiquetes et
sionnels impliques dans la pratique, 1'enseigne-        Le Medecin de famille canadien, 2630                    identifies, chacun sur une page separee.
ment et la recherche couvrant les domaines de           avenue Skymark, Mississauga, ON
la medecine familiale, de l'omnipratique et des         L4W 5A4.                                                REFERENCES:
soins de premiere ligne. Elle est distribuee A                                                                  Les references doivent etre conformes au style
                                                        PERMISSIONS:                                            des "Recommandations pour les manuscrits
plus de 29 000 exemplaires.                             Les auteurs sont responsables d'obtenir la per-
     Nous sollicitons les articles dont le texte cri-                                                           soumis aux journaux biomedicaux." Elles doi-
                                                        mission de publier tout materiel protege par un         vent etre numerotees dans l'ordre dans lequel el-
tique et constructif pourra contribuer A la litte-      copyright et cite dans le texte soumis. Une co-
rature en pratique familiale. Habituellement,                                                                   les sont mentionnees dans le texte et devraient
                                                        pie du formulaire ou de la lettre de permission         se limiter aux ouvrages cites dans l'article. Les
ils se rapporteront au theme mensuel de la re-          signee par le detenteur du copyright doit ac-
vue ou A d'autres domaines touchant la prati-                                                                   communications personnelles ne sont pas accep-
                                                        compagner le manuscrit.                                 tees comme references. Les auteurs sont respon-
que clinique, tels revue de la litterature
entourant les dilemmes rencontres en prati-             STYLE:                                                  sables de la precision des references.
que, les differents secteurs inherents A l'educa-       Le Midecin defamille canadien utilise les diction-
tion en medecine familiale et soins de premiere         naires Stedman's Medical et Gage Canadian               COPYRIGHT:
ligne, et articles refletant des opinions person-       pour les articles en anglais. [Note de la traduc-       L'acceptation d'un article implique le transfert
nelles. Ceux touchant la recherche originale            trice: pour les articles en fran,ais, nous sommes       du copyright par son auteur au Midecin defamil-
sont particulierement bienvenue.                        forces de nous en remettre A l'auteur.] Toutes          le canadien, mais l'auteur(e) pourra utiliser son
     Le Midecin defamille canadien accepte seule-       les mesures doivent etre rapportees en Unites           materiel pour des publications subsequentes
ment les articles originaux qui ne sont pas dejA        Internationales. Les auteurs doivent utiliser le        redigees ou editees par lui-meme ou elle-
soumis ou acceptes pour publication dans une            nom generique des medicaments. Si necessai-             meme, A condition d'en aviser le responsable
autre revue.                                            re, inserez le nom commercial entre parenth&-           de la redaction et de reconnaitre que Le Mide-
                                                        ses A la suite du nom generique.                        cin defamille canadien en est la publication origi-
FORMAT:                                                                                                         nale.
Les articles soumis doivent etre prepares con-          ILLUSTRATIONS:
formement aux "Recommandations pour les                 Le Midecin defamille canadien favorise les illustra-    TIRES-A-PART:
manuscrits soumis aux journaux biomedi-                 tions qui ameliorent la presentation de l'article.      Une copie du Midecin defamille canadien et 50
caux" (consultez votre bibliothecaire local ou          La preference va aux diapositives, suivies de           copies non reliees de l'article publie seront pos-
referez-vous au J Ass Mid Can 1991;144(6):              photographiques en noir et blanc au fini lustre,        tees A l'auteur au moment de la publication,
673-80). Le texte ne doit pas depasser 3000             et de photographies au fini mat; les dessins clairs     avec un formulaire pour demandes de tires-A-
mots et sera preface d'un resume d'environ 60           et precis A l'encre de Chine sont aussi accepta-        part s'il desire obtenir des copies additionnelles
mots; veuillezjoindre une breve notice biogra-          bles. Les illustrations couleurs sont publiees aux      de l'article.

                                                                                                               Canadian Famil Physiian VOL 37: Aut 1991 1747
       1991 List of Certificants in Family Medicine
      Congratulations to the following Family Medicine Physicians who have been successful
      in the April, 1991 Certification Examination in Family Medicine of The College of
      Family Physicians of Canada. These Family Physicians will receive their Certificates at
      the Convocation Exercises to be held on May 10, 1992, in Vancouver, BC, at the 13th
      WONCA World Conference on Family Medicine.
           A                                          Celine Benoit, Valleyfield, PQ
          Allan A. Abbass, Saint John, NB             Michele Benoit, Boisbriand, PQ
                                                      Kim Beraska, Lac La Biche, AB
          Candyce Ackland, Ancaster, ON               Marc Bergeron, Quebec, PQ
          Hana Alaily, Montreal, PQ                   Helene Bernier, Quebec, PQ
          Nathalie Allard, Joliette, PQ               Hugo Bertozzi, Hay River, NT
          Maureen Ann Allen, StJohn's, NF             Elaine Berube, Pierrefonds, PQ
          Maxime Amar, Bic, PQ                         Sean J. Bialik, St Catharines, ON
          Julie A. Anderson, Montreal, PQ             Jefferson Charles Birchall, Calgary, AB
          M. Catherine Anderson, Simcoe, ON           Roy Blachowitz, Saskatoon, SK
           Gregory A. Antoniadis, Branchton, ON       Michelle Blagdon, Quebec, PQ
          Mark Antoniuk, Edmonton, AB                 Johanne Blais, St-Ludger, PQ
           Samuel Appavoo, Drumbo, ON                  Philippe Blais, LaPrairie, PQ
           Sonia Arcadi, Vancouver, BC                Francois Blouin, Montreal, PQ
          Dominique Archambault, Montreal, PQ         Mario Blouin, Charlesbourg, PQ
          Wallace S.B. Archibald, Bridgewater, NS     Renee Blumenfeld, Downsview, ON
          DouglasJ. Arnold, Calgary, AB                Sharon M. Blyth, Calgary, AB
          Howard Aronson, Calgary, AB                  P. Christopher Bockmuehl, Vancouver, BC
          Jacky Arroyo, Quebec, PQ                    Louise Boily, Laval, PQ
           Sylvain Arsenault, Louiseville, PQ          Pierre Boily, Ste-Foy, PQ
           Frederick Edward Arthur, London, ON        Emilia Bordalba, Richmond, BC
           W. Joseph Askin, Calgary, AB               Anne-Louise Boucher, Cap-de-la-Madeleine, PQ
           Robert Alan Athey, Mississauga, ON         Nathalie Boulanger, Montreal, PQ
           Maureen Atrens-Sharko, Sherwood Park, AB    Sylvie Boulet, Lachine, PQ
           Nathalie Auclair, Verdun, PQ               Donald Boulianne, Chibouganau, PQ
           Marie-Claude Auger, Montreal, PQ           Marie-Lyne Bourassa, Beaconsfield, PQ
           Grace Auyeung, Ottawa, ON                   Sophie Bourbeau, Cowansville, PQ
           Rui Lino Avelar, Toronto, ON
           Elisabeth Azuelos, Ville St-Laurent, PQ    Joanne D. Bourcier, Ottawa, ON
                                                      Christopher A. Bourdon, Winnipeg, MB
                                                      Bill Bradley, Halifax, NS
           B                                          DanielJ. Brink, Barriere, BC
           Ibrahim Badawi, Saudi Arabia               Maryleen Brouw, Trois-Rivieres ouest, PQ
           Harjinder Singh Badhan, Brampton, ON       Edward M. Brown, Toronto, ON
          Abdoulaye Bah, Sept-Iles, PQ                Malgorzata Buczek, Ottawa, ON
           Praveen Bansal, Mississauga, ON
           Douglas W. Bartel, Langley, BC             C
           Sharon Michele Barton, Burnaby, BC         Louise Cadoret, Charlesbourg, PQ
           Gary Barwitzki, London, ON                 Bonnie Cairns, Agincourt, ON
           Mourad M. Basta, Winnipeg, MB              Theresa Clare Campbell, Quesnel, BC
           Christiane Beaulac, Quebec, PQ             Alain Cardinal, Beauport, PQ
           Lucie Beaulieu, Quebec, PQ                 Catherine Margaret Caron, Chelsea, PQ
           Gaetane Beaupre, Pont-Rouge, PQ            Dominique Caron, St-Jean-Chrysostome, PQ
          Liliane Belanger, Charlesbourg, PQ          Stephane Caron, Port-Cartier, PQ
          Marc Belhumeur, Charlesbourg, PQ            Daniel Carpentier, Lac-St-Charles, PQ
           Louise Bellavance, Rimouski, PQ            Brendan St. John Carr, Ottawa, ON
          Luc Belleau, Outremont, PQ                  Daniel A. Carrier, Lauzon, PQ
          Joy Bellinger, Etobicoke, ON                Mona Cassis, Calgary, AB
          Adele Marie Belliveau, Halifax, NS          Luc Chagnon, Fleurimont, PQ
          Jacques Benisty, Montreal, PQ               Kitty Chan, Mill Bay, BC

1798 Canadian Family Physician VOL 37: Awust 1991
1991 List of Certificants in Family Medicine
 Richard Charbonneau, Montreal, PQ            Antoinette Di Maria, Etobicoke, ON
 Claire Charron, St-Charles-de-Drummond, PQ   Kenneth V.J. Dick, Steinbach, MB
 Benjamin Chen, Roxboro, PQ                   Kirk Dillon, Chatham, ON
 Connie Chen, Toronto, ON                     Benoit Dionne, Chicoutimi, PQ
 Andrew Ming-Hui Cheng, West Vancouver, BC    Jean-Francois Dionne, Chicoutimi, PQ
 Sheldon Cheskes, Richmond Hill, ON           Edward Dobyns, Brentwood Bay, BC
 Dalhia Chiche, Chomedey, Laval, PQ           Andre Doiron, Sillery, PQ
 Gaetan Chicoine, Rigaud, PQ                   Louise Dostie, Charlesbourg, PQ
 Jae-Hoon Cho, Montreal, PQ                    Linda Doyon, St-Nicephore, PQ
 David P. Chodirker, Toronto, ON               Paul N. Draper, Calgary, AB
 Seong Dong Choe, North York, ON              Catriona H. Drosdowech, Kingston, ON
 Michael Wen Kan Chu, Toronto, ON             Marjolein C. Drybrough, Winnipeg, MB
 Sun Yung Chung, Agincourt, ON                 Howard B. Dubarsky, London, ON
 Shari Claremont, Kelowna, BC                 Charlotte Dube, Riviere - Heva, PQ
 Martin Clement, Quebec, PQ                    Pierre Dubois, Lauzon, PQ
 Michdle Cloutier, Batiscan, PQ                Richard Dubois, Ste-Foy, PQ
 Michele H. Cloutier, Outremont, PQ           Andre Dufour, Montreal, PQ
 Dwayne E. Coad, Espanola, ON                 Johanne Duguay, Laval, PQ
 Marie-Josee Comeau, Gatineau, PQ              Nathalie Duguet, Laval, PQ
 Aoife M. Conway, Sundre, AB                   Helen Dumont, Sillery, PQ
 Emily Conway, Burlington, ON                  Charlene R. Dunn, Calgary, AB
 Lucie Cote, Sherbrooke, PQ
 Stephane Cote, Chicoutimi Nord, PQ           E
 Charles Coulombe, Sherbrooke, PQ             Danny Ebert, Nepean, ON
 Lesley Anne Coulter, Calgary, AB             Christopher G. Edwards, London, ON
 Jennifer Sue Cowley, Regina, SK              Antony Saul Egnal, Wilmington, DE
 Marcus Coxon, Oakville, ON                   MichaelJ. Eldemire, Saskatoon, SK
 Janet E. Craig, Edmonton, AB                 Karen Lee Eldridge, Kingston, ON
 Thomas Peter Crichton, Sudbury, ON           BarryJohn Ellis, Mississauga, ON
 Percy Crocker, StJohn's, NF                  James Warren Ervine, Sackville, NS
 SuzanneJ. Crocker, Parry Sound, ON           Daniel Etcheverry, Saskatoon, SK
 Joan Croft, Vancouver, BC                    DavidJ. Evans, Winnipeg, MB
 Korwin R. Cromwell, Edmonton, AB             Robyn Evans, King City, ON
 Celine Croteau, Levis, PQ                    Marven George Ewen, Melfort, SK
 Susan Crouse, Dieppe, NB                     Alison Eyre, Ottawa, ON
 D                                            F
  S. Michele Dalgarno, North Vancouver, BC     Robin L. Fainsinger, Edmonton, AB
 Al-karim Damji, Don Mills, ON                 Rejean Falardeau, St-Redempteur, PQ
 Alexandra Dansereau, Quebec, PQ               Paul Farnan, Prince George, BC
  Elizabeth Daviault, Montreal, PQ             Vivien Fellegi, Ottawa, ON
  Carolyn J. Davidson, Ancaster, ON            Susan Fennell, Ottawa, ON
  OlgaJ. de Sanctis, Ottawa, ON                Susan Claire Fenzl, North York, ON
  Patricia Anne DeMaio, Oakville, ON           Daniela Ferigutti, Charlesbourg, PQ
  Raffaele Dell'Aquila, Gatineau, PQ           Francois Ferron, Bromptonville, PQ
 Marie-Josee Demers, St-Romuald, PQ            Maciej J. Fiedler, Toronto, ON
 Allison M. Denesuk, Calgary, AB               Lyne Filiatrault, Ottawa, ON
  Bruno Denis, Beauport, PQ                    Sharon Fisher, Edmonton, AB
  P. Jean Deong, Brandon, MB                   Stephen Paul Fisher, Ottawa, ON
  Linda M. Deppisch, Mississauga, ON           Karen Elizabeth Fleming, East York, ON
 Vikas Desai, Nepean, ON                      Jorge A. Fontg-Walmsley, Montreal, PQ
 Jacinthe Desroches, St-Felix-de-Valois, PQ   Annie Fortin, Gatineau, PQ
 Dominique Desrosiers, La Baie, PQ            Gilles Fortin, St-Eugene, PQ
 Line Desrosiers, Montreal, PQ                Louise Fortin, Sherbrooke, PQ
 Louise Dessureault, Montreal, PQ             Charles Fournier, Alma, PQ
 Anoop Dev, Scarborough, ON                   Christopher Frank, Kingston, ON
 Carla M. Deys, Edmonton, AB                  Angus Le Roy Franklin, Mississauga, ON
 Amin Dhalla, Willowdale, ON                  Gregory Michael Franklin, Regina, SK

                                                                 Canadian Famiy Physician VOL 37: August 1991 1799
       1991 List of Certificants in Family Medicine
           Lisa Beth Friedland, Toronto, ON             Christian Hobden, Montreal, PQ
           Carl Friedrich, Kingston, ON                  Stephen R. Hodgins, Orillia, ON
           Daniel R. Fritz, Owen Sound, ON               Lori Hogg, Calgary, AB
           Donald M. Fuller, Stratford, ON               Philip Kim Holmlund, London, ON
           Angelo Fuoco, Montreal, PQ                   Jeffrey Thomas Hovey, Ottawa, ON
                                                         Ricky Y.S. Hsu, Willowdale, ON
                                                         Genevieve Huard, Ste-Foy, PQ
            G                                            Mary Anne Huggins, Toronto, ON
            Ginette Gagne, Montreal, PQ                  David L. Hughes, Toronto, ON
           Jeannine Gagne, Outremont, PQ                 Ivy Yuk Chee Hui, Richmond, BC
           Lenard Zephirin Gagne, Edmonton, AB           Virginia G. Hurdon, Thunder Bay, ON
            Stephen Gagne, St-Redempteur, PQ
           Natalie Gagnon, Sherbrooke, PQ
            Sylvie Gagnon, Longueuil, PQ
                                                        Joanne Lynn Irwin, Vancouver, BC
            Denise Gallant, Ste-Marie-de-Kent, NB       Laurie Lee Itcush, Castlegar, BC
            Keren Ganshorn, MooseJaw, SK
            Dana Lynn Garden, Medicine Hat, AB
            Charles E. Gauthier, Banff, AB              YvesJalbert, Quebec, PQ
           Nicolas Gauthier, Charlesbourg, PQ           Mary-Alice ElizabethJanzen, Edmonton, AB
            Corrine Mary Gehrels, Willowdale, ON        GerryJaworski, Vancouver, BC
            France Gelinas, Sherbrooke, PQ              AjanthaJayabarathan, Halifax, NS
            Marvin A. Gelkopf, Thornhill, ON
            Rene Genest, St-Thuribe, PQ                 Carlo Jean-Louis, Pointe-aux-Trembles, PQ
            Ronald George, Redvers, SK                  David Johns, Dundas, ON
           Jane Catherine Gibson, Hamilton, ON          Astrid Marina Johnson, Okotosk, AB
            David Gile, Hamilton, ON                    David W. Johnson, Willowdale, ON
           Manon Gingras, Port Cartier, PQ              Pamela Joy Johnson, Thunder Bay, ON
            Pascale Gingras, Black Lake, PQ             Bronwen Anne Jones, Halifax, NS
            Louise Girard, Longueuil, PQ                Michael Khi KhongJong, Goose Bay, NF
            Linda Giroux, Charlesbourg, PQ
            Paul Donald Gladman, Calgary, AB            K
            DavidJ. Goldberg, Winnipeg, MB              Richard Edwaed Boris Kalnins, Scarborough, ON
            Lynda Gormley, Charlesbourg, PQ             Lorna C.H. Kan, Vancouver, BC
            S. Maureen Grace, Ottawa, ON                Elizabeth Kim Karry, Hamilton, ON
            Lawrie J. Graham, Toronto, ON               Cristina Acosta Kiai, Saskatoon, SK
           Louis Gravel, Montreal, PQ                   Marilyn Kieffer, Toronto, ON
           Carol Lynn Greentree, Kingston, ON           Frank D. Knoefel, St-Bruno, PQ
           Alain Grenier, Dolbeau, PQ                   Laszlo Kontur, Toronto, ON
           Lise Grenier, Mont St-Hilaire, PQ            Susan Konynenbelt, Edmonton, AB
           Louise Grenier, Laval, PQ                    MichaelJ. Kordyban, Edmonton, AB
           Monica T. Griffin, Quesnel, BC               Susan Kostovcik, Toronto, ON
           Wendy Griffin, Brampton, ON                  Mark Anyhony Kovacs, Calgary, AB
           Angela Patricia Guderian, Waterloo, ON       Maurie-Lynn C. Kozak, Sherwood Park, AB
           Jean-Pierre Guimond, Saint-Quentin, NB       Hani Kozman, Pointe-Claire, PQ
           Annilea F. Gunn, Winnipeg, MB                Nicholas C. Krayacich, Windsor, ON
                                                        Valerie Denise Krinke, Edmonton, AB
                                                        Stanley Douglas Kurisko, Thunder Bay, ON
           H                                            Agnes A. Kuskowski, Ancaster, ON
           Raju Hajela, Gloucester, ON                  Anola Lee Kutash, Edmonton, AB
           Eliane Hajjar, Montreal, PQ
           Daphne Eugene Handanos, Montreal, PQ         L
           Rajeshwar Hanmiah, Winnipeg, MB              Lynda LaChance, Montreal, PQ
           Patricia Christine Harason, Burlington, ON   Luc Phillipe Lacroix, Vanier, ON
           Christine Hardy, Longueuil, PQ               Moyez B.A.M. Ladhani, Toronto, ON
           Harry Peter Hausler, Mississauga, ON         Peter Lake, Sidney, BC
           Kevin M. Hay, Wainwright, AB                 Christian Laliberte, Mascouche, PQ
           Genevieve Helie, Lachine, PQ                 [ipin Lall, London, ON
           Sr. Sylvia R. Hicks, Port Alberni, BC        Dominique Lalonde, Laval, PQ
           MaryJ. Hinchliffe, Kaledon, BC               Sy Sheung Ying Lam, Calgary, AB

1800 Canadian Family Physician VOL 37: August 1991
1991 List of Certificants in Family Medicine
 Daniel Lamontagne, Levis, PQ                  Thomas C. Martin, Saskatoon, SK
  Sylvie Lamothe, St-Louis-de-France, PQ       Frank Martino, Toronto, ON
 Claude Lamoureux, St-Hubert, PQ               Rui Martins, Toronto, ON
  George Lampropoulos, Calgary, AB             Anita Martosh, Toronto, ON
  Sam Lang, Richmond, BC                       Fergus Mason, Port McNeill, BC
  Grace M. Langford, Hamilton, ON              Diego G. Mastronardi, Hamilton, ON
  Nathalic Lanthier, Montrcal, PQ              Maryse Mathieu, Beauport, PQ
  Andrew Philip Larder, Edmonton, AB           David F. Mattice, Ottawa, ON
  France Lauzon, Laval, PQ                     David Alan Mayer, Peterborough, ON
  Denis Lavigueur, St-Laurent, PQ              Kimberley C. McCallum, Northbrook, ON
  Catherine Lavoie, Chicoutimi, PQ             Susanna McCarthy, King City, ON
 Jennifer Alice Law, Calgary, AB               Ruth McConkey, London, ON
  Daniel Lebel, London, ON                     Randall McGinnis, Calgary, AB
  Rejean Lebel, Roquemaure Abitibi oucst, PQ   James Stuart McKay, Espanola, ON
 Jacinthe Leclerc, Cap-Rouge, PQ               Shelagh Margaret McRae, Gore Bay, ON
  Michael Lefson, Cote-St-Luc, PQ              Adrien Melanson, Moncton, NB
 Annie Leger, St-Mathias, PQ                   Sophie Menard, Montreal, PQ
  Carmen Ehrengard Lehmann, Calgary, AB        Gregory P. Mercer, Corner Brook, NF
  Moe Lerner, Winnipeg, MB                     Sameena Merchant, London, ON
 Jean Lessard, Chicoutimi. PQ                  Sandra Mergler, Canmore, AB
  Sharolyn R. Lesser, Kingston, ON             Kimberly L. Meyers, London, ON
  Eric Levasseur, Saint-Basile, NB             Peter E. Mezciems, Guelph, ON
  Normand Levesque, Rimouski, PQ               George Michael, Montreal, PQ
  Nirvair Levitt, Vancouver, BC                Brenda Millar, St. John's, NF
  Suzanne Levitz, Montreal, PQ                 Maria Dawn Miller, Winnipeg, MB
  Tomer Levy, Toronto, ON                      Natalie Mills, Pierrefond, PQ
 Jackson M. Lin, Etobicoke, ON                 Michele H. Montgomery, Hamilton, ON
 Julie Anne Lipcsei, Toronto, ON               Madeleine R. Montpetit, Ottawa, ON
 Ann Elizabeth Loewen, StJohn's, NF            Lisa J. Moore, Ancaster, ON
 Nancy Ann Lohuis, Toronto, ON                 Natalie Moore, Waterloo, PQ
  Diane Ruth Loland Thomson, Burnaby, BC       Kathleen M. Moquin, WVinnipeg, MN
 MichealJ. Longval, Sherbrooke, PQ             Barbara Morris, Ottawa, ON
  Charles Frederic Lortie, Edmonton, AB        Lisa Morrison, Edmonton, AB
 Anthony C.L. Low, Richmond, BC                Kim M. Moshurchak, Edmonton, AB
                                               Miriam Moss, Toronto, ON
 M                                             Margaret Ann Muirhead, Montreal, PQ
  ColmJoseph MacCarthy, Glenboro, MB           Michael Munoz, Roxboro, PQ
  Susan Marie MacDonald, Burlington, ON        Alison Murray, Calgary, AB
  Christine M. MacKinnon, Richmond, ON         Andrew Murray, Rossland, BC
  I. Donald McLeod, Calgary, AB                Lucie Mutchmore, Hull, PQ
  Kim MacLeod, Halifax, NS
  Sean Richard Mace, Calgary, AB               N
  Susan J. Mackie, Vancouver, BC               Maryse Nadeau, Prevost, PQ
 Jessica Mary Macnab, Halifax, NS               Laurence Nedelec, Sherbrooke, PQ
  Daniel Terence Maher, Montreal nord, PQ      David Ness, Edmonton, AB
  Rachel J. Maisonneuve, Timmins, ON           Patricia D. Ng, Winnipeg, MB
  Marta Maksymec, Kingston, ON                 Stephen S.L. Ng, Willowdale, ON
  H6elne Malenfant, Charlesbourg, PQ           Leslie A. Nickell, Stouffville, ON
  Paul Malon, Montreal, PQ                     Violetta Niesobska, London, ON
 Jaclene Marie Mannerfeldt, Calgary, AB        Jane E.M. Nixon, Brampton, ON
 Vincent Mannion, Glendon, AB                  Paula C. Norman, Toronto, ON
 Celine Marchand, Montreal, PQ                 Christopher Nussbaum, Don Mills, ON
 Yves Marineau, Chateauguay, PQ
 Bonnie Marshall, StJohn's, NF                 0
 Colette Martel, Outremont, PQ                 Gerard T.A. O'Brien, McCreary, MB
 Karen Ann Martin, Kitchener, ON               Mary O'Connell, North Vancouver, BC
 Keith L. Martin, St-Lambert, PQ               Mary Louise O'Driscoll, Prince George, BC
 Kelly M. Martin, Ottawa, ON                   LindaJane O'Neill, London, ON

                                                                  Canadian Family Physician VOL 37: August 1991 1801
       1991 List of Certificants in Family Medicine
           Ian C. Oliver, Ottawa, ON                          Gita Ramamurthy, St-Lambert, PQ
           Nathalie Olivier, Ste-Foy, PQ                      Mohamed-Iqbal Ravalia, Twillingate, NF
           Wayne R. Olsheski, Toronto, ON                     Marie-Claude Raymond, L'epiphanie, PQ
           Leonard M. Omichinski, Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, PQ   Ann Reed, Quebec, PQ
           Lloyd B. Oppel, Vancouver, BC                      David B. Reid, Armdale, NS
           William Edward Osmun, Little Current, ON           James Neil Reid, Belleville, ON
           Helene Ouellette, Victoriaville, PQ                Zev Remer, Montreal, PQ
                                                              Francois Rene, Louiseville, PQ
           p                                                  Jean-Guy Ricard, Montreal, PQ
                                                              Fredrykka Rinaldi, Medicine Hat, AB
           Peter Palma, St Albert, AB
           Marc Paquette, Montreal, PQ                        Alec H. Ritchie, New Westminster, BC
           Francois Paradis, Sept-Iles, PQ                    Kerryn Lee Roberge, Calgary, AB
           Chryssi I. Paraskevopoulos, Ottawa, ON             Janet Roberts, Calgary, AB
            Francois Parent, Trois-Rivieres, PQ                Patricia F. Rockman, Toronto, ON
           Joseph Park, Toronto, ON                            Roy W. Roebotham, Valleyfield, NF
           Nima Patel, London, ON                              AllanJohn Rombaut, Canning, Kings Co., NS
           Annette Paul, Port McNeill, BC                      Maryse Rondeau, Rigaud, PQ
           Monique Payette, Montreal, PQ                      J. Louise Rooke, Ottawa, ON
           Andy Peiffer, St-Romuald, PQ                       John Patrick Rowen, Montreal, PQ
           Denis Pelletier, Riviere-Du-Loup, PQ                Steven Bruce Russell, Oakville, ON
           Gilles Pelletier, Trois-Pistoles, PQ
           Chantal Perreault, Montreal, PQ                    S
           Jean Perreault, Boisbriand, PQ                     John Ernest Saar, Ottawa, ON
           Isabelle Perusse, Quebec, PQ                       Assunta Sabatino, Vancouver, BC
            Louise Phaneuf, Cap-Rouge, PQ                     Linda M. Sabetti, Mississauga, ON
           Wayne Phillipson, Hamilton, ON                     John P. Sader, Sherbrooke, PQ
           Angelo Piacentino, Mississauga, ON                 Manya (Maria) Sadouski, Kingston, ON
           Christian Picard, Quebec, PQ                       Mukesh C. Saini, Unionville, ON
           Luce Picard, Trois-Pistoles, PQ                    Christine Marinof Saint-Dizier, Carignan, PQ
           Maria-Elisa Picard, St. Nicolas, PQ                Anthony J. Saly, WilUowdale, ON
           Roberto L.G. Piemontesi, Melvile, SK               Daniee Samson, Levis, PQ
           Barbara Ann Pilarski, Toronto, ON                  Bruce James Saunders, Abbotsford, BC
           Marie-Claude Pinard, St-Elie-D'Orford, PQ          Louise Sauve, Duvernay, PQ
           David H. Pinkerton, Kingston, ON                   Elyse Savaria, Boucherville, PQ
           Judith Plante, Deep River, ON                      Gregg D. Scheirer, Edmonton, AB
           Patricia Plaxton, London, ON                       Gregory A. Schmaltz, Calgary, AB
           Marc J. Poirier, Moncton, NB                       Gwynne Schwartz, Toronto, ON
           Richard F. Poole, Hudson Heights, PQ               Blair A. Scrivens, London, ON
           Zahir Poonja, Port McNicoll, ON                    John Sehl, Waterloo, ON
           Nathalie Potvin, St-Bruno, PQ                      Ian P. Sempowski, Kingston, ON
           Vitiya Pou, Montreal, PQ                           Mark Shafir, London, ON
           Marie-Josee Poulin, Duvernay Laval, PQ             Suzanne Dawn Shephard, Kingston, ON
           Stephane Poulin, Ste-Foy, PQ                       S. Lance Shepherd, Osoyoos, BC
           Renee Prince, Montreal, PQ                         Daniel Shink, Lauzon, PQ
           James S. Proctor, StJohn's, NF                     Kumar Shivdasani, Scarborough, ON
           Francois Provost, Montreal, PQ                     Sheryl Shoham, Dundas, ON
           Rhoda Zoe Pullan, Winnipeg, MB                     Eric Sicard, Montreal, PQ
           Debra C. Putnam, Calgary, AB                       Randy William Siemens, Mission, BC
                                                              Daniel Sigouin, St-Jovite, PQ
                                                              Karen L. Silver, Dartmouth, NS
            Minh D. Quan, Etobicoke, ON
                                                              Patsy Skene, Black Cape, PQ
                                                              Danuta Skowronski, Burlington, ON
           James V. Quinn, Ottawa, ON                         Katherine Ann Slinger, Oakville, ON
           J. K. Quong, Vancouver, BC                         Dana R. Smith, Edmonton, AB
                                                              Faye E. Smith, London, ON
           R                                                  Preston A. Smith, Moncton, NB
           Andrew Ragula, London, ON                          Tom Smith-Windsor, Saskatoon, SK
           Hussain Rahal, Ottawa, ON                          Barbara Smyth, Edmonton, AB

1802 Canadian Family Physician VOL 37: August 1991
1991 List of Certificants in Family Medicine
 James Snodgrass, Charlotte County, NB
 Patricia T. Snozyk, Calgary, AB
                                                Jan Urban, Victoria, BC
 Gultaj Somani, Surrey, BC
 Anne Song, Gloucester, ON                      V
 George Sparks, Calgary, AB                     Caroline Vachon, Quebec, PQ
 Norma Lorraine Spence, Calgary, AB             Christiane Van Dyke, Montreal, PQ
 Helen Spenser, Hamilton, ON                    LisaJ. Van Schie, Vancouver, BC
 Christos Spirou, Tecumseh, ON                  Anik R.M. Vandewaetere, Ottawa, ON
 Line St-Gelais, Chicoutimi, PQ
 Maryse St-Gelais, Chicoutimi, PQ               Stephane Vanier, St-Leonard, PQ
 Lorraine St-Germain, St-Hubert, PQ             BarbaraJ. Vari, Toronto, ON
 Lehlia Stanton, Ottawa, ON                     Michele Vaughan, London, ON
 William T. Stanton, Oakville, ON               Christian Vinette, Sherbrooke, PQ
 Wesley B. Steed, Calgary, AB                   Manjit S. Virdee, Brampton, ON
  Bart Ernest Steele, SaintJohn, NB             Michael Vonniessen, Montreal West, PQ
 Andrea R. Steen, Ottawa, ON
  Gregory Steffens, Hamilton, ON                w
                                                Heidi Walk, Parry Sound, ON
  Susan Lesley Stephenson, St John's, NF
  Lisa M. Stevenson, Vancouver, BC              MarieJeanne Walsh, Calgary, AB
  Marie Stevenson, Calgary, AB                  Jodie C. Wang, Kitchener, ON
  Lindsay C. Stewart, Ottawa, ON                Frances Warkentin, Winnipeg, MB
  Christopher J. Stitt, Vancouver, BC            E. Janet Warren, Oakville, ON
  Robert Stokes, Baddeck, NS                     Karen R. Weyman, Toronto, ON
  Valerie E. Stott, Calgary, AB                 Janette E. White, Oakville, ON
  Robert L. Strank, Winnipeg, MB                Nancy White, Hamilton, ON
  Lucille Stuart, Sillery, PQ                   Mark E. Whittaker, Dryden, ON
  Kathryn Suh, Ottawa, ON                       Deborah Irene Wiens, Calgary, AB
  Donald F. Sutherland, SaintJohn, NB           David Williamson, Calgary, AB
  Andrew A. Swinton, Red Deer, AB               Itta Winter, Halifax, NS
 Jason T. Szabo, Edmonton, AB                   Della D. Winters, Winnipeg, MB
                                                Nadine Wirsig, Toronto, ON
  Malgorzata Szott, Saskatoon, SK               Brenda L. Wollin, Saskatoon, SK
  T                                             Andrew Wong, Toronto, ON
  Irene Tal-Cohen, London, ON                   David Glenn Wong, Calgary, AB
  Nathalie Talbot, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, PQ    Moira Elizabeth Wristen, Ariss, ON
  Shee-Chang Tang, Timmins, ON                   Patika A. Wurtele, Waterloo, ON
  Alain Tanguay, Verdun, PQ                     Andrew Wynne, Coquitlam, BC
  W. Lisa Tarshis, Toronto, ON
  Marie-Claude Theroux, Laval, PQ               Y
  Harvey Thommasen, Bella Coola, BC             Linda Yolles, Toronto, ON
  CarolynJ. Thomson, Halifax, NS                Bruce William Young, Calgary, AB
  David P. Thow, Toronto, ON                    Carmen Young, Edmonton, AB
  Christina Ting, Nepean, ON                    Mitchell R. Young, Mississauga, ON
 John A. Tobin, Charlesbourg, PQ
 J. Allison Tompkins, Bath, NB
  Maureen Helen Topps, Milk River, AB           Joie Ann Zeglinski, Ottawa, ON
  Dawnelle R. Topstad, Edmonton, AB             Hor Ven Zung, Edmonton, AB
  Van Cuong Tran, Fleurimont, PQ
  Chantal Tremblay, Laval, PQ
  Sylvie Tremblay, Montreal, PQ
 Tracy Tresoor, Winnipeg, MB
 Julie Trottier, Lasalle, PQ
 Marielle Trottier, Boucherville, PQ
  Smiley Tsao, Willowdale, ON
 Khue Tu, Longueuil, PQ
 Sara Turcotte, Chicoutimi-Nord, PQ
 Hubert Turenne, Montreal, PQ
 Alison Cecelia R.A. Tweedie, Harrowsmith, ON

                                                                   Canadian Family Physician VOL 37: August 1991 1803
   septicemia; age less than 3 months or             Acknowledgment                                     scales under the microscope will reveal
   more than 2 years (increased risk of              We thank Dr Alan Daneman, Chief of Radi-           short rods and a collection of spores.
   lead point and thus difficulty in reduc-          ology at the Hospitalfor Sick Children, Toron-         A Wood's lamp exam-iination will
   tion and increased rate of recurrence);           to, Ont, for supplying the films, and thank Dr     show a yellow-orange fluorescence of
   duration of symptoms longer than 24               Rubenstein and Dr Shulman at the Sunnybrook        the involved sldn. The infection often
                                                     Medical Sciences Centre, Toronto, for assis-
   hours; severe dehydration; and small              tance with manuscript preparation.
                                                                                                        starts in the follides and then the lesions
   bowel obstruction pattern on plain                                                                   spread out, often joining to produce a
   films   1-3,8                                     References                                         diffuse area. In some the deeper pene-
       If the patient is not amenable to ra-         1. Bisset GS III, Kirks DR. Intussusception in     tration of the follices leads to itching.
                                                       infants and children: diagnosis and therapy.
   diologic reduction, then surgical reduc-            Radiologv 1988;168:141-5.
                                                                                                        Under unusual circumstances, such as
   tion must be performed. The major                 2. Paes RA, Hyde I, Griffiths DM. The man-         parenteral nutrition, Piymsponmn orbicul
   advantage to radiologic reduction (hy-               agement of intussusception. Br J Radiol         has been found internally in the lungs
   drostatic or pneumatic) is the reduction             1988;61:187-9.                                  and in the blood.2
   in morbidity associated with laparoto-            3. Gu L, Alton DL, Daneman A, Stringer DA,             The most successful treatment for
                                                        Liu P, Wilmot DM, et al. Intussusception re-
   my. The major disadvantage is the risk              duction in children by rectal insufflation of    this condition is the use of topical sele-
   of bowel perforation.6 This risk has been            air. AYR 1988;150:1345-8.                       nium sulfide (eg, Selsun). It is applied
   estimated at less than 3%.2 Other po-             4. Merine D, Fishman EK, Jones B, Siegelman        from the neck downward and left on for
   tential complications include reduction              SS. Enteroenteric intussusception: CT find-     5 or 6 hours. It is recommended that
   of ischemic or dead bowel, incomplete               ings in nine patients. AJR 1987;148:1129-32.     this be done on three or four separate
                                                     5. Johnson JF, Woisard KK. Ileocolic intussus-
   reduction with subsequent delay in                   ception: new sign on the supine cross-table     occasions, 3 to 4 days apart, to prevent
   complete reduction, and missed lead                  lateral radiograph. Radioloy 1989;1 70:483-6.   recurrence. Scrupulous hygiene, such as
   points. The risk of recurrent intussus-           6. Franken EAJr. Nonsurgical treatment of in-      washing all clothing and bedding after
   ception is low with both radiologic and              tussusception [commentary]. AIR                 each treatment, can prevent reinfection.
                                                        1988; 150:1353-4.
   surgical reduction, usually less than             7. GuoJ, Ma X, Zhou 0. Results of air pres-
                                                                                                        If reinfection is occuring, oral ketoco-
   50/ol                                                sure enema reduction of intussusception:        nazole, 200 mg, can be used daily or ev-
       The young girl whose radiograph                  6,396 cases in 13 years. I Pediatr Swg          ery other day for several weeks.3'
   is presented in Figure I received a bari-            1986;21:1201-3.
   um enema. Figure 2 demonstrates the               8. Phelan E, de CampoJF, Malecky G. Com-           References
                                                       parison of oxygen and barium reduction of
   barium column outlining and reducing                ileocolic intussusception. AJR
                                                                                                        1. Potter B, Burgoon C, Johnson W Pityrospo-
   the intussusception, and Figure 3 reveals                                                              rum folliculitis. Arch Derml 1973;107:388-91.
                                                        1988;150:1349-52.                               2. Wyre HW, Johnson T. Neonatal pityriasis
   reflux of barium into the distal and              9. Miles SG, Cumming WA, Williams JL                 versicolor. Arh Dennatol 1981;117:752-3.
   middle small bowel, evidence of com-                 Pneumatic reduction of ileocolic intussuscep-   3. Urcuyo FG, Zaras N. The successful treat-
   plete reduction. The child did not have              tion in children. Pediair Radiol 1988;18:3-5.     ment of pityriasis versicolor by systemic keto-
                                                     10. De Campo JF, Phelan E. Gas reduction of          conazole. J Am Acad Denatol 1982;6:24-5.
   a recurrence and did not require a la-              intussusception. Pediatr Radiol 1989;19:297-8.
                                                                                                        NOTES D'EVOLUTION
                                                     ANSWER TO DERMACASE
   Conclusion                                                                                           suite de la page 1807
   Intussusceptions occur most often in              cotuedJifn page 1705
   patients younger than 2 years, and                                                                   membres auront plaisir a visiter. Sans
   most of these are idiopathic. Intussus-           2. Tinea versicolor                                compter que nous sommes entoures
   ceptions that occur at a later age are            Tmea versicolor is a very superficial re-          d'hotels confortables et de bons res-
   usually associated with a pathologic              current fungal infection usuaily involving         taurants. Pour ceux qui ont le goiut de
   lead point and are more difficult to re-          the upper chest and upper back areas               la vie trepidante du centre-ville de
   duce. Diagnosis is usually made by                of young adults.' It is characterized by           Toronto, un systeme de transport pu-
   clinical history, physical examination,           multiple red-brown macules, which be-              blic commode et efficace vous permet
   and abdominal plain films. The plain              come white when the area is exposed to             I'acces au metro.
   films are helpful to rule out perfora-            sunlight. The lesions are found on the                  Le personnel apprecie tout l'espa-
   tion. Most cases in young children                face infirquently, although they appear            ce, le confort et les facilites du nouvel
   can be reduced radiologically, either             on the neck and the forearms at times.             edifice. Nous comptons ainsi pouvoir
   by hydrostatic (barium) or pneumatic                  The organism was originally named              offrir un meilleur service a nos mem-
   (air) reduction methods. If radiologic            Malassezia ftqfiu but the organism is              bres. Si vous vous retrouvez dans la re-
   reduction is unsuccessful or if compli-           more correctly designated as Pivmsponan            gion de Toronto, faites un detour et
   cations are present, the patient will             orbiculare. The organism is readily diag-          venez nous rendre visite. Nous y tra-
   require surgical reduction of the                 nosed from scrapings taken from the                vaillons, mais c'est vraiment votre
   intussusception.               Uf                 skin. Potassium hydroxide-treated                  demeure.                               U

1806 Canadian Family Physician VOL 37: August 1991
I         I

                                                                                            arborant les armoiries du College,
                                                                                            oeuvre de Mme Eileen Blake de Port
                                                                                            Credit, Ont. et de Indian Harbour,
                                                                                            N.-E. A droite de l'ere de reception,
                                                                                            se trouvent les bureaux du College
                                                                                            des medecins de famille de l'Ontario,
                                                                                            puis la salle de d6tente et la cuisinette
                                                                                            du Colkge, avec un patio exterieur
                                                                                            donnant vue sur le parc. Nous avons
                                                                                            prevu un immense vestiaire pour y ac-
                                                                                            commoder les membres qui arrivent
                                                                                            de l'exterieur avec leurs bagages, et
                                                                                            un ascenseur adjacent bien identifie'
    REG L. PERKIN, MD, directeur general                                                    vous menera tout droit aux bureaux
                                                                                            du College.
                                                                                                Au deuxieme &tage se trouvent la
                                                                                            salle de conseil, une deuxieme salle de
                                                                                            r6union, la bibliotheque, le departe-
                                                                                            ment des publications (incluant les
                                                                                            bureaux du Medecin de famille cana-
                     Le mois dernier, le      ront droit au stationnement vaste et          dien) et les bureaux de la direction.
                     Co!llege des miede-      gratuit du College Square et A un ac-         Notre magnifique salle de conseil est
                s cins de famille du          ces facile aux principales autoroutes.        spacieuse et vous permettra de mieux
                       Cnada (CMFC),          Si vous arrivez de l'exterieur de To-         vous meler pendant la pause-cafe; elle
                     Le Miedecin de fa-       ronto, vous n'aurez plus A vous aven-         est aussi equipee pour les presenta-
                     mile canadien, et        turer dans les rues congestionnees du         tions audiovisuelles et la traduction si-
                     notre Section de         centre-ville ni A tenter de vous trouver      multanee. Vous reconnaitrez la table
      __            ~~~l'Ontario, le Colle-   un espace de stationnement. Lorsque           du conseil, qui a subi une cure de ra-
ge des medecins de famille de l'Onta-         vous quitterez Toronto, vous n'aurez          jeunissement, mais les chaises sont
rio, sommes demenages dans notre              simplement qu'A vous diriger dans le          neuves. Nous avons fait placer des ap-
nouvelle demeure, au 2630 Skymark             sens contraire de la circulation lour-        pareils telephoniques a l'exterieur de
Avenue a Mississauga, ON, L4W 5A4.            de. Et, si vous utilisez le transport en      la salle de conseil pour repondre aux
Notre nouveau numero de telephone             commun, on vous deposera A deux               besoins des membres qui siegent a nos
est le (416) 629-0900 et celui du teleco-     rues du College Square.                       comites.
pieur le (416) 629-2761.                          A votre arrivee, vous etes accueilli          Je tiens a remercier les nombreux
     L'edifice porte le nom de "College       par un magnifique edifice moderne             membres du CMFC qui ont fait une
Square" et est construit sur la propriet      de sept etages d'une superficie de            contribution au Fonds de soutien
acquise par le CMFC en 1987 au nord           8 100 m2 (90 000 p.c.), en verre et en        pour l'achat de livres et autre materiel
d'Eglinton Avenue, une artere princi-         granit de couleur bordeaux. Les bu-           educatif destines a la nouvelle biblio-
pale est-ouest de la region de Toronto.       reaux du CMFC occupent 50% du                 theque.
Au sud, il fait face au Parc Centennial       rez-de-chaussee, 100% du second                   Les departements d'administra-
Etobicoke, un espace vert qui incorpo-        etage et 50% du troisieme etage, pour         tion, d'education et de recherche oc-
re une pente de ski, un terrain de golf       une superficie totale de 2 250 m2             cupent 50% des espaces du troisieme
et autres facilites recreatives. L'Aero-      (25 000 p.c.). Le CMFC a une option           etage. L'architecture ouverte permet
port international Pearson se trouve          sur les espaces restants en cas d'ex-         aux rayons du soleil de filtrer l'ere de
juste au nord, les aerogares etant situes     pansion future. Nous disposons aussi          travail du personnel clerical. Les tein-
a cinq minutes de notre porte. Les            de 270 m2 (3 000 p.c.) pour range-            tes dominantes sont de couleur terre,
membres des diffkrents comites du             ment dans le sous-sol de lFedifice.           ce qui donne a l'environnement de
CMFC en ont fini avec les longs depla-            Lorsque vous entrez dans l'edifi-         travail une ambiance calme et repo-
cements cofiteux en taxis sur la 401 et       ce, le bureau de reception du CMFC            sante. Un systeme d'insonorisation
la circulation dense de Toronto aux           se trouve en face de vous, et juste A         permet de retrouver quietude et inti-
heures de pointe potir prendre l'avion        l'arriere se trouve un escalier en spira-     mite a l'abri des bruits derangeants.
qui les ramene chez eux.                      le menant au second etage. Votre re-              Le nouvel edifice national est un
     Ceux qui se deplaceront en auto-         gard se portera immediatement sur             immeuble clair et moderne, que nos
mobile pour venir a nos bureaux au-           une merveilleuse carpette suspendue                               suite a la page 1806

                                                                                          Le Medecin defamille canadien VOL 37: A6ut 1991 1807
                                                                                                cians, and beyond that the College's
                                                                                                lounge and lunchroom with a
                                                                                                walk-out patio overlooking the park.
  Your new home                                                                                 A large closet has been provided to
                                                                                                 accommodate members' coats and
                                                                                                 luggage, and an adjacent designated
                                                                                                 clevator provides easy access to the
                                                                                                 College office space.
                                                                                                     OIn the second floor are located the
                                                                                                 boardroom, a second meeting room,
                                                                                                 the library, the publications depart-
                                                                                                 ment (incorporating the Canadian
                                                                                                 Family Physician staff), and the executive
   REG   L.   PERKIN, MD, Execufive Director                                                     offices. Our beautiful new boardroom
                                                                                                 has ample space for mingling at coffee
                                                                                                 breaks and is equipped for both au-
                                                                                                 dio-visual presentations and simulta-
                                                                                                 neous translation. You will recognize
                                                                                                 our existing boardroom table, which
                                                                                         .l      has been refinished, but the chairs are
                        Last month the               ing at College Square and easy access       new. Telephones are available outside
                        College of Family            from the major highways. If you are         the boardroom for the convenience of
                        Physicians of Can-           coming from out of town, you do not         CFPC committee members.
                        ada (CFPC), along            have to venture into the traffic con-           I wish to thank the many CFPC
                        with Canadian Fami           gestion and parking problems of             members who contributed through
                        ly Physician and our         downtown Toronto. If you are com-           the Sustaining Fund to provide books
                        Ontario Chapter,             ing out from the city, you will be trav-    and other educational materials for
                        the Ontario Col-             elling in the direction opposite to the     our new library.
   lege of Family Physicians, moved into             rush-hour traffic. If you use public            The administration, education,
   the College's new home at 2630 Sky-               transit, it will deliver you within two     and research departments occupy
   mark Avenue in Mississauga, ON                    blocks of College Square.                   5000 of the third floor. An open de-
   L4WV 5A4. The telephone number is                    XVhen you amive you will be              sign allows sunlight to permcate the
   (416) 629-0900; the fax number, (416)             greeted by an attractive, modem             secretarial office space. The color
   629-0893. The 800 number is un-                   seven-storey 8 100-mi2 (90 000 sq ft)       scheme is predominantly earth tones,
   changed (1-800-387-6197).                         glass building with maroon granite          which makes for a restful working en-
        The building is called College               trim. The CFPC offices occupy 50%           vironment. A sound-masking system
   Square and is constructed on the prop-            of the ground floor, 100% of the sec-       provides privacy and freedom from
   erty purchased by the CFPC in 1987                ond floor, and 50% of the third floor,      disturbing noise.
   on the north side of Eglinton Avenue,             for a total of 2250 ml (25 000 sq ft).          The new national office is a bright,
   a major east-west thoroughfare in the             Our lease provides ample options for        modern facility, which our members
   Toronto region. To the south, we face             additional space in case of expansion       will enjoy visiting. Comfortable hotels
   Etobicoke Centennial Park, a large                in the future. The CFPC also has            and good restaurants are nearby. For
   green-belt area that incorporates a ski           leased 270 m2 (3 000 sq ft) of storage      those who like to take in the excite-
   hill, golf course, and other recreational         space in the basement.                      ment of downtown Toronto, there is
   facilities. To the north is Pearson Inter-           As you enter the building, the           convenient public transportation with
   national Airport, and our front door is           CFPC reception desk is directly in          connections to the subway.
   only a 5-minute drive from the termi-             front of you, and behind this is a              The College staff members are en-
   nal buildings. Gone forever for CFPC              curved stairway to the second floor.       joying the space, comfort, and effi-
   committee members is the expensive                Your eyes will immediately be drawn         ciency of the new office. W\le look
   cab ride across Highway 401 and the               to a beautiful hooked rug of the            forward to the opportunity of provid-
   hassle with the Toronto rush-hour traf-           CFPC Coat of Arms created by Mrs            ing an improved level of service to the
   fic as you head back to the airport for           Eileen Blake of Port Credit, Ont, and       CFPC mcmbership. If you are in the
   the flight home.                                  Indian Harbour, NS. To the right of         Toronto area, please drop in and pay
        For those who drive to the new na-           the reception area is the office of the     us a visit. WVe work there, but it is truly
   tional office, there is ample free park-          Ontario College of Family Physi-           your home.                                V

1808 Canadian Family Physician VOL 37 1991

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