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									Northeast Society for Human Resource Management
Bobbie Helwig - President

July 2009

July Lunch Program!

June Board Minutes NESD SHRM Board of Directors Meeting Tuesday, June 30th 2009 The Drake
PRESENT: Julie Mollenhoff,
Tammy Davis, Heidi Schooley, Bobbie Helwig, Sheila Mennenga, Laurie Gates, Julie Plunkett, Julie Mollenhoff, and Karen Raml.

Paige Sullivan - Past President

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS! Tuesday, July 21st 12:00 noon - 1:30 PM LATI Tec Bldg. , Room 514

Tammy Davis- President-Elect

tammyd@tcdcinc.com Cindy Day - Co-VP Programs cday@smithequipment.com Laurie Gates- Co-VP Programs mailto:lgates@escomfg.com Karen Raml- Certification Rep. kvraml@yahoo.com Heidi Schooley- VP Membership hschooley@national.edu Sheila Mennenga-Legislative Rep. smennenga@watertownmu.com Julie Plunkett-Diversity Rep. julie.plunkett@terexutilities.com Leigh Kuecker --Foundation Rep. glkuecker@wat.midco.net Shelly Ebbers - Treasurer sebbers@watertownsd us Paige Sullivan -Secretary paiges@humanserviceagency.org Julie Mollenhoff -Workforce Readiness julie.mollenhoff@state.sd.us Laurie Gates -/Newsletter Editor lgates@escomfg.com ____________________________ Page 1

In a major disaster, it may be several days before vital services are restored…
What would you do until help arrives? Plan to attend this informative luncheon program to learn how to manage:  Fire Prevention:  Layperson first responder at your facility:  Natural disasters planning
Speaker: Don Rowland has worked for Watertown Fire Rescue since 1992, and currently serves as the Captain on A-Shift. He's the State first responder instructor (fire/EMS), PAD program facilitator, and Pandemic Flu Coordinator for the Tri county area. Wendy Fransen, Benchmark Foam will be onsite to answer questions.

Helwig, President

MINUTES: May Minutes,
motion to approve by Tammy Davis, seconded by Heidi Schooley.

passed out an article titled, "The Walkabout" which suggests to leaders that they spend time out on the work floor to not only earn/give respect, but also in order to stay in touch with the issues affecting their work place. Tammy also mentioned that she and Bobbie participated in a conference call which focused on the needs of smaller chapters, and gave

Program Sponsor: Boen @ Assoc.
* Worth 1 Recertification Credit

Program Cost:
*Free – NESD SHRM Programs Plus Members *$10.00 – NESD SHRM Members *$20.00 – Non- NESD SHRM Members *Includes Lunch RSVP no later than Friday, July 17, 2009 R S V P : P lease RSVP under the "Meetings and Events" tab on the NESD SHRM Chapter website: http://nesd.shrm.org


suggestions for retention strategies.

presented the May report in Shelly's absence. The revenues were $989.95, and included memberships, sponsorship, and meeting revenue. The expenses were $1,258.89, and included program meals, speaker fees, and the legal/accounting fees from the Chamber. The Board decided that Bobbie and Shelly would try to meet with Mindy of the Chamber before our next Board meeting to discuss some possibly changes in the reporting format.

the feedback was positive. They are keeping busy at the Career Center with new applications for unemployment, and summer stimulus incentives.

SHRM Foundation
SHRM Foundation News: Student Scholarships The SHRM Foundation supports the
development of future HR leaders through a $50,000 academic and certification (PHR/GPHR) scholarship program for SHRM student members. Ten undergraduate awards ($2,500 each), four graduate awards ($5,000 each) and ten certification scholarships ($500 each) are available. Only national SHRM student members are eligible to apply for these scholarships and the application deadline is October 15, 2008. In addition, the SHRM Foundation recognizes the important work of SHRM chapter advisors by supporting the annual Advisor of the Year Award. The SHRM Foundation also partners with the HR Division of the Academy of Management to present four $5,000 awards to support the dissertation research of promising doctoral candidates. For more information on these and other SHRM Foundation-sponsored awards and scholarships, visit the SHRM website (www.shrm.org/foundation/education grants.asp)

mentioned that only two people responded to the recent survey that they would like to participate in a certification study group. She suggested that Bobbie send out information to the chapter on the study group to be held this fall in Brookings. We wouldn’t have enough numbers to put together a study group in Watertown this year.

MEMBERSHIP: Heidi reported
that we are currently sitting at 53 members.

PROGRAMS: Cindy said that
the only new program to the list is the January program on diversity titled, "Can Geezers and Whippersnappers Really Work Together?. She added that the Holiday Social and 2010 Board Elections will be at the Goss Opera House this year.

FOUNDATION: No Report. DIVERSITY: Julie Plunkett
reported that the Diversity program, titled "Who's Your Neighbor", will be held on November 5th at the Goss Opera House. There will be a morning session for businesses, and then it will be open to the public in the evening. More information will follow in the upcoming months.

reported that 27 businesses have participated in the 2009 Compensation survey so far, but that there are still several outstanding. We should have good participation this year, and a good representation of the various industries of the area.


Upcoming Events:
July 21 - Emergency Preparedness LATI - 12:00 - 1:30 Speaker: Don Rowland Sept. 8 - Wage Survey Breakfast Forum- LATI, 8:00-9:30 Speaker: Bernie Moran

LEGISLATIVE: Sheila said
there is a lot of pending legislation in the works, but nothing finalized yet.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting
was adjoined at 12:55 PM. ________________________ Do you have questions on FMLA? Please check out the link below for a great FMLA summary from the DOL: http://www.dol.gov/esa/whd/fmla/fin alrule/NonMilitaryFAQs.pdf http://nesd.shrm.org

Julie mentioned that Paige Sullivan and Laurie Gates spoke at one of the Career Center's job search workshops, and that Page 2


NE SD SHRM Chapter’s purpose is to advance the Human Resource profession by providing educational opportunities, legislative updates, informational programs, and a network to facilitate ideas, as well as promoting and encouraging membership and professional development through participation in the National SHRM organization. __________________________

Crisis Management, Disaster Planning, and Business Continuity Employers can be brought to their
knees temporarily or permanently by all manner of emergencies -- natural disasters, power outages, mass transit strikes, and even contagious diseases such as swine flu. Large-scale crises pose legal issues that must be considered and addressed by HR and management. Every state and region of the United States is subject to some kind of natural disaster such as floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards, lightning, explosions, cave-ins, and fires. And the threat of a swine flu pandemic that could wreak havoc on business and their employees continues to make news.

About SHRM:
The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the world’s largest professional association devoted to human resource management. Our mission is to serve the needs of HR professionals by providing the most current and comprehensive resources, and to advance the profession by promoting HR’s essential, strategic role. Founded in 1948, SHRM represents more than 225,000 individual members in over 125 countries, and has a network of more than 575 affiliated chapters in the United States, as well as offices in China and India. SHRM's Members to become a national SHRM member go to: http://www.shrm.org/application/

Some of the employment-law and HR related issues employers must consider when creating a plan to handle emergencies and get the company back on its feet afterward include the following: * workplace safety * employee leave, including sick leave * employee privacy, such as what questions an employer can ask about an employee's health * communicating with employees before, during, and after an emergency Many crisis management plans and business continuity plans include changes to employees current work schedules or locations. Some employees may already be working a compressed schedule or telecommuting part of the time.

Employers must plan ahead if they expect to survive these emergencies and keep their businesses running. Crisis management and business continuity plans must be expanded from isolated company-specific disasters to plans for massive regional damage such as the total collapse of the telecommunication infrastructure that followed Hurricane Katrina. In addition to natural disaster, illness, and utility and transportation problems, businesses' crisis management and continuity plans must address the threat of workplace violence. All targets of major terrorist attacks in the U.S. have been workplaces -- the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, and media outlets and government offices that received mail laced with anthrax. And some of the most deadly shootings have been on school campuses -- which are also workplaces. Employment issues to consider when creating a crisis management or business continuity http://nesd.shrm.org

The Top 10 Reasons to join National SHRM:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 24/7 SHRM Info. Center HR Magazine HR News TeleSHRM HR Legal Report MembershipNet Annual Conference Government Representation Prodigy Job Bank USA, Credit Card Services, Group Life, Rental Car & Subscription Discounts

During an emergency, employers may be forced to close temporarily. Some employees may not be able to do any work if the office is closed. Others may be able to continue working but must work from home. Another issue that can arise is if employees are called in and asked to work extra hours after an emergency to clean up or get machinery or computer systems up and running again. All of these scenarios bring up wage and hour issues, such as overtime. Being prepared ahead of time and having a plan in place is key for businesses to survive emergencies and keep their companies up and running. Although it's impossible to imagine every possible crisis that might arise, it is possible to develop plans that address major employment issues before disaster strikes.

Join SHRM National today for $145 by entering code: CHNCD (first time enrollees)

https://ecom.shrm.org/TimssSolution Site2004_tpro/EBusinessJoin.aspx

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Take the HR News Quiz!
1. How many employers worldwide have business continuity plans in case a pandemic strikes? A. None, they are illegal. B. 59 Percent C. All, they are required by law. 2. What form of bias will it be harder for employees to prove under a June 18, 2009, Supreme Court ruling? A. Bias against older workers. B. Bias against people who are left-handed C. Bias against obese workers.

3. What did an arbitrator decide in the case a former iFreedom employee who claimed unpaid commissions? A. The former employee had to pay the company $4.1 billion B. The former employee was granted full ownership of the company. C. The former employee was awarded $4.1 billion. 4. Which country has designated 20 cities as model hubs for international outsourcing business? A. China B. Germany C. Afghanistan

5. How many U.S. men would consider a pay cut of 10 percent or more to spend extra time with their children? A. 0.4 percent B. 94 percent C. 40 percent

Answers to this week's quiz:
1. B. 59 percent. 2. A. Bias against older workers. 3. C The former employee was awarded $4.1 billion. 4. A. China. 5. C. 40 percent.

How does your HR knowledge stack up against other HR's around the country?
(Statistics from SHRM.org - June 23, 2009)

Question Number 1 2 3 4 5

How many people answered this question 1079 1079 1067 1077 1078

Correct Answers 892 896 867 829 826

Percentage of Correct Answers 82.67% 83.04% 81.26% 76.97% 76.62%

Wrong Answers 187 183 200 248 252

Percentage of Wrong Answers 17.33% 16.96% 18.74% 23.03% 23.38%

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